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After 18 hours of operation, a certain handsome doctor died on the operating table, only to wake up and discover that he had transmigrated into an alpha’s body.

A pitiful omega sat next to his bed. When the omega noticed him waking up, his small face immediately turned pale!

Jiang Yunshu: I used to treat you badly?

Bai Tang trembled and didn’t dare to talk.

Jiang Yunshu: ….

Jiang Yunshu: It won’t happen again.

Jiang Yunshu found that Bai Tang’s body was covered with wounds, and his left arm was fractured.

Jiang Yunshu: I used to hit you?

Bai Tang turned pale and whimpered: No…

Jiang Yunshu: ….

Jiang Yunshu: It won’t happen again.

Jiang Yunshu found that Bai Tang didn’t even attempt to dine at the table at home since the original owner would not allow it.

The original owner forbade him to eat meat because it was tasty. He couldn’t sleep in bed because the original owner didn’t like him. Jiang Yunshu also found out that something was amiss with Bai Tang. His gland was utterly f*cked up.

Jiang Yunshu, who hardly cursed: f*ck.

Later, Jiang Yunshu also learned that every time the original owner domestically abused Bai Tang, he would say the same sentence, “It won’t happen again”, but the next time he’d only hit harder.

Jiang Yunshu: Bastard!!!

But luckily, Jiang Yunshu is a patient man, and as a doctor, he’d be able to gradually nurse this beautiful but broken omega back. He even went so far as to spend his entire life proving to Bai Tang what he meant when he said, “It won’t happen again.”

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6 Reviews

New 7starkiller9
Jun 17, 2022
Status: Completed
Novel not recommended to read.

Summary: Doctor MC crosses into a scumbag A with same name and deals with that scumbag’s abused O. MC spends absolutely zero time figuring out what the scumbag A’s life was like, or trying to familiarize himself with the world, and latches to the story that he has amnesia. MC thinks this is fine anyway and is weirded about by the O. Story continues and MC spends all his time instantly obsessed with the abused O and trying to get his old job as a doctor... more>> back.

There’s no real romance here and MC doesn’t confess the truth to the O until much much later. (O is finally able to figure it out despite the endless details of how weird MC acts in this world). Mostly author just writes, “O has painful abuse flashback, ” and “MC looks angry that scum A was scum, ” and then “MC wants to treat O well.” This continues for quite a while as author reveals how scum A was extra scum, and MC spends all his time revolving around the O. At no point does MC ever try and figure out what the O is thinking, mainly giving up anytime they have conversation, and then immediately finding other doctors. This is exceptionally useful, as the MC has zero common sense due to being a doctor and must rely on the other people’s advice who all think MC is scum for abusing O.
Yet somehow life is perfect for the MC running a design company without working, and he can easily get his old work back as a doctor even in someone else’s body. There’s no real set backs except for Mc’s own s*upidity in not taking care of himself. Within a few days of crossing MC is already bloodshot eyed and looking strange. The MC can even convince some rando guy that he’s a different person, but doesn’t want to talk to the O about it, with the excuse that O won’t believe him? MC knows that abused O doesn’t trust him but oddly MC doesn’t give abused O much security, instead suddenly trying to change everything.

There’s really not much to the story elsewise, relying solely on the reader’s goodwill towards abused O and the perfect MC. There’s also an incredulous amount of people who despise MC when they see abused O and tons of cannon fodder over the story’s course who MC righteously despises. This world is exceedingly a crummy place where the rich MC oddly doesn’t want to do anything to improve it (other than donating money to reassure O).

The story becoming exceedingly drawn out as the chapters go by, with a very weak ending. The romance was rather instant, from the start MC just liking ML due to their looks (even while they were all beaten and broken) and then ML finally deciding to trust MC as if they don’t they’ll just become a s*x s*ave (still without much security).

A shallow and empty story: -900Quintillion/10. <<less
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New Melange
May 31, 2022
Status: Completed
This is a short albeit realistic novel about mutual love and healing.

MC is a workaholic surgeon who finds himself transmigrated into an ABO society as the abusive spouse of the formerly optimistic young omega ML. Unlike most novels where MC magically heals ML and becomes the light of his world, MC in this novel realizes that he must assist ML in overcoming the physical and emotional trauma on his own without becoming codependent.

At the same time, MC faces his own struggles coming to terms with the fact that sometimes it's... more>> okay to not be okay and that he doesn't have to be perfect all the time.


This becomes important once MC faints from overwork, prompting ML to attempt suicide in fear that he might lose MC and/or that his original spouse might come back.


There is also a nice side CP involving a staunch progressive omega who never lets his alpha partner mark him, showing the world that he's in charge of his own body. <<less
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Feb 06, 2022
Status: Completed
Heartbreakingly sweet. This story reminded me a lot of Light Tea and Sweet Wine and while there are graphic depictions of abuse, this is ultimately a story of healing for both our leads.

The ABO world depicted in this story is very dark and unequal. Omegas have almost no human rights and are pretty much just considered as prized pets to be flaunted or birthing machines to be exploited. Everywhere omegas go people will ogle and accost them making it hard for them to even take a walk down around the... more>> street alone. As a result of this brutal and unfair society, before the MC transmigrates, the ML's life is hellish. Though he loathes his husband beastly immoral POS legal spouse who deserves to suffer a million deaths, he's too scared to actually leave him because he knows that marked omegas are taken away to state owned "fertility clinics" where life is worse than death. Even after the MC arrives, it takes the ML a very long time to slowly overcome his PTSD, crippling anxiety, and depression. This might make the story seem too dark and angsty for some readers but rest assured that there is a satisfying and happy ending for both the leads who are so endearing and honestly deserve nothing but nice things.

The MC is mature, responsible, righteous and very considerate of the ML. Once he finds out truly how warped this world is, he joins an organization that fights for equal omega rights and later on he and the others in the organization manage to build a protection centre for displaced omegas and work to get the inhumane fertility clinics shut down. At first the relationship between the leads is a little imbalanced because the ML is entirely dependant on the MC who he considers his guardian angel but as the story progresses, the ML gradually becomes a stronger and more confident person and is able to protect and shelter the MC who has his own issues in turn. Their love is so incredibly moving.

I'd highly recommend this story to all. It's a tearjerker but every tear was worth it and eventually, there are spoonfuls of sweetness to satiate the soul. <<less
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Mar 08, 2022
Status: c42
This story handles abuse and recovery in a nuanced and respectful way. Would not recommend it for anyone sensitive to these sorts of topics though, because some of the descriptions do get graphic.

The healing is slow, and it takes a lot (rightfully) for ML to trust MC. This is not a novel where MC is the only key to fixing all of ML's scars, he just facilities things like therapy and provides a safe environment for him.

The romance is a slow burn due to the topic, but in a way... more>> that feels realistic and not drawn out. MC is so sweet with ML trying everything he can to make him comfortable in a world where omega are little better than pets. Can't say much about how they are as a couple yet, but MC is so patient and treats ML as his equal even without ML noticing.

MC does not keep his identity a secret, only really concealing it for the sake of ML who can't really distinguish between what is true becasue his abuser liked to trick him.

ML eventually figures it out anyways and finally learns he can trust MC becuase he is not the abuser. This does involve a scene where ML risks his safety while MC is in rut, but I am hesitant to give ML too hard of a time about that given his past.

Permanent concealment is always something that bugs me in transmigration novels, and the author strikes a good balance.

Not many chapters out yet, but MTL is actually very easy to understand (and I say that as someone who struggles with other supposedly easy MTL reads). The only downside there is that the host site does not accept foreign currency so you have to rely on free methods.

Overall definitely recommend to anyone who enjoys whump. This story is both heartbreaking and lovely. <<less
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Apr 22, 2022
Status: Completed
I laughed and cried. This is not the story of one person's actions, this is a story about bringing together people from all walks of life and making a positive change on society. Amongst the story of our main character's growth and love, we see them begin to step out into their world, seeking help, especially psychiatric help, and overcoming their traumas. They eventually are able to help others and try and make a difference on the ingrained to, as of the world they live in.

The horrible part is how... more>> many lives had to sacrifice themselves to be heard and to be free.

I think the author did an amazing job. I respect them for the work they have done and the nuance given to this story. <<less
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
May 18, 2022
Status: Completed
So good, made me cry. The issues raised relate to our society, domestic violence, discrimination and harassment. If you have a severe enough trauma, be careful reading it because it can trigger bad memories and emotions. I think the emotions that this novel brings are quite heavy because of how relatable it is to our society. May we always be able to fight for our rights and happiness.
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