Hold On, You’re Something Else


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Rong Jing is an easy-going person. After transmigrating into a book, he tries his best to avoid the inevitable ending of a cannon fodder. Instead of provoking the book’s protagonist, he quietly stays as an Alpha though he is actually a heavenly dish within the circle.

The protagonist in the book is a heartthrob omega. He is born into a poor family but is constantly striving to improve himself. He’s talented and all, like he basically has a cheat in life. His career is very important to him.

Lots of big shots are attracted to him and want to bow down to him because of his bewitching pheromones. The more they like him… the crazier and more perverted they become.

Rong Jing didn’t finish reading the book so he wasn’t aware that this book is a wicked revenge story and that the protagonist suffered because of his beauty.

Then one day, he got drunk on those very same fascinating pheromones all night.

The next day, as he watched the crying, red-eyed protagonist, he proposed to work hard to learn how to be a good financial backer for him for one year.

A year later, when he decided to break up with him for good, the protagonist slapped him with their agreement. Even his fans scolded him fiercely saying that he should take responsibility.

Hold on!

So was he only acting innocent?!

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New ahumbleshopkeeper rated it
August 5, 2022
Status: --
Very healthy CP. You really see why ML falls for MC so quickly, considering his circumstances, but even disregarding them, I think MC is the type of guy that would be easy to fall in love with.

Anyway! While I do recommend this novel, I have to give some warnings as well.


ML is an omega that has pheromones that make him "irresistible". This plot device lures in several alphas who spend the entire novel doing some really creepy, invasive, inhumane shit. Honestly, some of their actions made me so uncomfortable I had to stop reading at times. MC really seems like a Saint compared to them. Almost anyone would. R*pe is the least of it.

So if that bothers you, I'd suggest skipping this one. I don't regret reading it myself, but it was admittedly really hard to get through sometimes.

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bvngtn rated it
May 10, 2021
Status: Completed
Important Note: This novel is a HE! A definite happy ending! All the loose ends get tied up, no open endings. the MCs get a complete happy ending. If you're concerned about something another review said, then no worries, that scene was just the last extra that the author wrote. It was more like something the author wrote for a laugh than something to be taken for an ending. The real ending was more than satisfying enough. The extras are just there to give the readers more fluff, laughs, and... more>> a little extra background. And yes, I'm talking about the scene of

MC, ML, and MC's brother showing up in MC's original world. The confused alpha brother being stuck in an "unscientific" two gendered world nearly made me laugh my lungs out.


Up first is a review I made in the forums - I had just finished reading it, and it was still untranslated at the time. I still stand by everything I said. Afterwards I address some concerns that readers have raised, so if you're interested in or are also concerned about that, then skip over to the end of forum review line! ^□^

[I just finished binge reading it and oh my god it's so beautiful I'm crying- The plot's progress was just right, not too fast and not too draggy. Every single character, from our lovely main characters to our cute little gang of side characters, were very three dimensional. They each had their own unique characteristics and backstory. The antagonists, including MC's original body's slag ex, had this sense of... realness. That's the best way I can describe it. They didn't feel like paper villains made only to disgust the readers and drive the plot forward. They're still annoying, and you'll still despise them - but they felt real. Such a thing is pretty rare in a lot of novels these days.

As for our MC and ML - aaaah they're so, , perfect together oh my mother - the progress of their relationship is oh so sweet - despite the MC being a straight male at the beginning, there are no s*upid misunderstandings and no slightly homophobic comments in the story (let's be honest, there's a fair bit of bls out there that give dubious commentary on homosexuality). They work through their feelings in their own way. Their IQ and EQ is online most of the time.

Unlike how it usually goes, the things that hinder them from figuring out or acting on their feelings isn't a drastic drop in IQ. ML falls for MC first, and he falls hard. ML's many traumatic experiences and feelings of being unworthy and dirtied hold him back from pursuing MC at first. MC was a straight male at the beginning, but his gradual bending wasn't at all rushed, neither was it filled with irritating and dense denials.

And even when he figures out that he likes ML, he still hesitates to act on his feelings because he doesn't want to be one of those scums that always lust after ML - at that time, he was still unaware that ML already liked him pfffff


My point is, the conflict and critical plot points in the story don't stem from magical situations created out of thin air by the author. Everything connects very smoothly.

The side characters!!! God, I love them. They each get their own character developments and fair share of screentime MC's relationship with his big brother is so warm and wholesome I'm dying fjdhjdfhjd I just, , I get very very attached to side characters easily (sometimes even more so than the MCs) and everyone was so... lies down and wails

(I'll probably end up copy pasting this review to novel updates when the times comes tbh hint hint )


(I was honestly rooting for Ice Cube Big Brother and Not-So-Little Fish to get together but... a reader can dream. Besides, their brotherly relationship is also pretty sweet as is.)


PSA: Xue Ling deserves all the happiness in the world. Mom, I love him. He's my son t_t]

-end of forum review.

Addressing some readers' concerns about MC's brother, XL: MC only ever has a good, familial relationship with his big brother, and vise versa. Didn't pick up any sus vibes at all.

They are purely brothers who have a warm relationship and are supportive of each other from beginning to end. I'm not sure how readers ever saw a red flag when it comes to their relationship, since I honestly never thought of them as possible in that way. There was never any suspicious vibe. XL is just a tsundere overbearing CEO who only wants a younger brother to spoil in his own awkward ice cube way hhhhhffttt-


Maybe some of the side characters will be off putting to other readers- but they're meant to make you feel that way! You're supposed to think, "Wow, he's really scummy". The author never defends nor justifies their actions. From the beginning, the author's intention was to show the complicated relationships between good people and people who aren't necessarily... good (Not XL though! He's the goodest boy!!). Of how someone may not be worthy of redemption, and how someone may choose to settle down or have a civil relationship with him despite all their grievances in order to keep the peace. Their actions aren't justified, but they aren't face slapped for it either. They just... deal with it like how ordinary people wishing to lead ordinary lives do.

Ah, I'm mainly talking about familial relationships here. The scum gongs get their just desserts, rest assured!

MC's father, for example. God I despise him. Ahead are some spoilers about the complicated family dynamics mainly between MC's brother and father, with some mentions of the grandfather. They're nothing too spoiler-ish, I think. Mainly things you'll already know pretty early on in the story and me speculating about them:

My poor son XL got such a hard childhood and even lost his mother because of his father's tr*sh, dandy ways... ugh. Honestly would've loved it if this particular character got kicked to the curb, but I guess having a cordial relationship with him is also good for XL's piece of mind... bah.

In most novels a scum father would immediately be faceslapped bloody, but here... the portrayal is more realistic. It might not be satisfying for some - god knows it was frustrating as hell for me - but to be honest, if such a situation happened in real life, it probably would have ended the same way. I'm in a similar situation and that's honestly just how it is. Sometimes, we just don't want to bother with getting retribution. It's far too tiring. Wouldn't it be better to enjoy the warm and happy things we finally earned, instead of ruining all that with retribution that would stir up chaos?

And the grandfather... putting all of that responsibility and pressure on a child, for god's sake. My feelings about him are very complicated. I've seen too many similar situations in real life. When the grandfather cried and apologized to XL for putting so so much pressure on him, for practically taking away his childhood - I honestly hurt for XL. And wanted to give his father a good slap for being so useless and pushing all the responsibility on his young son. And the grandfather - couldn't he have threatened to break his useless son's legs or something? Why indulge him so much? Bah.


Anyway, in case it's not obvious, XL is my favorite character in the novel and I'd give him the sky and all its stars if he asked for it.

Another concern is one of the scum gongs who ends up becoming part of MC and ML's group of friends. I'll be going into him quite a bit so only click on the spoiler tab if you've reached this part or don't mind getting spoiled:

Wu Fuyu in the original story was definitely a scum, there's no denying that. In the original plot he was pretty... insane. And did some irredeemable things. In an extra, we do see that Og!Wu Fuyu knew he was in the wrong and basically let MC get revenge on him without putting up a fight since he knew he deserved it. To quote, "He knew that this was everything he owed Gu Xi; even if he wanted his life, then so be it".

Now, I'm not saying that OG WF was worthy of redemption. But that scene did show that he wasn't as whack and psychotic as the other scum gongs. He at least had the capacity to realize his sins.

Now, on to the current WF. We have a bad impression on him from the very beginning. At first glance, he was the paragon of a rich second generation who unscrupulously did whatever he pleased, regardless of morality. But unlike the OG WF, he became better. His character developed, and developed in a direction leagues better than that of OG WF. You could say that he developed into the good man that he had the potential to be. He is no longer the OG WF. He and the original developed in completely different directions. You cannot condemn him for something he has never done.

In my point of view, an individual has many potential outcomes. They have the potential to be bad, and they have the potential to be good. OG WF was scum. Current WF is an alpha who learned to slowly let go of his prejudiced views and gradually cultivated his own moral code. I think it's safe to say that it's impossible for current WF to do the same things that OG WF did, even if he was placed into the same situation.

Don't write him off because of his deeds in another life. Isn't that taking away the point of rebirth? MC's arrival breathed life into the original characters of a dogblooded, sadomasochistic plot - he gave them the opportunity to develop into something different from what was written in stone, to go against destiny. WF just happened to be one of the ones who became better.

I had the same concerns as you at first. I had my own misgivings about WF. But as I read further, I found that my worries were for nothing. The author really handled his character very well. I hope this analysis was of some help to you!


Oh, and let me just say: the big villain at the end is not what you'd expect it to be. This story loves its red herrings, and it pulls them off beautifully.

I know that everyone has their own tastes, but I really love this novel. If this isn't the type of book you usually read, then please give it a chance; if you end up not liking the novel's story, then so be it. I won't deny that this novel does have a fair bit of plotholes. But I hope, from the bottom of my heart, that you enjoy this novel and our salted fish, dazed and ignorant Straight Male but with an IQ™ MC as much as I did. <<less
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Qwex rated it
May 8, 2021
Status: Completed
Minus two stars for the worst ending ever.

I'm so, so disappointed!

But let's start from the positives.

... more>> The best thing in this story is a MC. This is a story where MC seems really good against despicable everyone else (a common thing in a story with top MC and unusual setting - like ABO and Zerg). I let it slide here because this time MC is genuinely good. He 100% is boyfriend goals. Kind, considerate, respects boundaries. 10/10, would date myself.

ML is interesting. He has some baggage, he is suspicious, nearly paranoid. Life did not treat him kindly, but he is a fighter. He is stubborn and does not give up no mater what. I respect him.

Their relationship is also very interesting to read about. For once we have a story where both leads does not behave like scum.

Positives finished :)

MC's big bro annoyed me to no end. Because the author is under impression that he is a good person who have never done anything wrong. Well, the author is very wrong about it.


Big bro and the original owner (of MC's body) had bad relationship. They are step brothers, OO's mom married into the rich family and both of them are children from previous spouses. It is introduced as if OO were constantly misunderstanding bro's intentions. Like, "oh, he was dreaming of having a little brother, but OO was scared of him and avoided him. IF ONLY he wasn't like this".

At that time big bro was in his twenties and OO was 10.

Imagine being a grown ass man and blaming a 10 year old child for being scared of new people. And we are constantly reminded about how he finally has a brother who loves him. I'm not impressed.

But that's not all :)

Big bro misunderstands that MC is gay (Alpha who is into Alpha) and was like "I have nothing against gay people, but...". Apparently he decided that "the world is too cruel to gay people, and I will be your first obstacle". The first thing he did was to bribe MC's best friend so he would spy on MC and tell him his every move. The second thing he did was to bribe OO's ex, who used OO and discarded him like tr*sh afterwards, to seduce MC to turn him into a "normal" person.

At some point MC and ML had to sleep in one bed (bro was staying in the next room). The next day big bro, who suspected something, started sniffing MC's dirty sheets - what if he was sleeping with a man Alpha?!?! Ew. Just ew.

I remind you, all of this is written with an attitude of big brother being a just concerned, nothing wrong done here.


Another thing that made me very uncomfortable, is that in the story one of "big shots", who tried to r*pe ML, became a recurring character. He is also the Alpha who turned out to like other Alpha. In other words, in this setting the only gay character is a rapist and comic relief.

I'll let you judge whether or not the author is homophobic.

Now, about this awful, awful ending.

In this story there is one character, who is just... the worst. He helped antagonists to torture ML. He covered them, he provided them with tools.


He put a tracking device into ML's body. He wanted to experiment on ML. He repeatedly tried to kill MC.


Every time he was on screen I felt dirty. I was so looking forward to him paying for what he did! Well...


In the end of the novel he became the most powerful being in the world. In this novel there is some kind of power that rules over everything. This power should belong to ML (the protagonist), but for some reason it was divided between ML and this piece of shit. ML has no idea about this, but PoS knows about this and knows how to use it. MC is even respects him and grateful to him (for some inexplicable reason).


But this is not even the biggest slap to the face. Oh, no. The real disappointment comes in the extra "real world". The very last chapter. After wedding, after everything we are treated to this gem of a plot twist.


PoS invites MC for a chat and tells him that he has a surprise. Without asking MC's opinion, the next day MC wakes up in the real world in a hospital with no memory about his travel to the other world and no memory about ML.

ML appeared on the street of the real world without memory of MC, where he is and who he is.

Big bro was also standing in the middle of the street in a pajama with no idea what is going on (I was serious when I told that for the author Big Bro is the best sh*t ever).

The end.

I'm serious. This is not a cliffhanger that is supposed to keep us guessing what is going to happen next. This is the finale, what we were moving to for 118 chapters.


I have no words in my native language, much less in english, to tell you how disappointed I was. I regret every cent spent on buying this novel. All struggles, all character development, all relationships - in the end, they didn't matter.


Forgot to mention, this finale is even more insulting because the whole arc of MC in this story is him finding a place in the new world. In the beginning he felt like a stranger and couldn't connect with this new world. By the end of the novel he found new friends, new relationships, ML. He was finally content with his new life. And the author wasn't subtle in introducing this theme. It is impossible to miss, and it takes a lot of this novel. The finale destroys this character development. I was invested in his struggle, and now I feel cheated. What a big slap in the face.


I also think that I should mention that this novel is also is not that well written. There are some things that are just lazy writing and also things that were attempts at foreshadowing but felt like plot holes up until the reveal.


Why did the paranoid ML started trusting MC? Because he (ML) has a superpower that allows him to read minds. Not all the time - only when it is plot convenient.

ML has a very close friend, basically, he raised ML. They are (supposedly) very close, but they very rarely communicate - only when plot demands them to.

In the very beginning of the story ML sneaked into a party to look for his sister (who is married and kept under house arrest). He also has a dear younger brother who he loves very much and who is working overseas. The sister is never mentioned again (not even once), little bro is rarely mentioned, and no contact with him (not a single phonecall). It turned out that the sister is long dead, ML is delusional and little bro tries not to agitate ML. It read less of "oh, that's why!" moment and more like the author realized that they forgot about some characters and are covering their ass.


In conclusion: 3 stars for a good person MC and interesting ML. But if I knew how all of this ends, I wouldn't've read this. I invested my feelings and time into this novel only to be disappointed in the end. If you read under spoiler cut and think that it is not a big deal - go for it. If you did not read spoilers and deciding whether to read or not - to not read the last chapter. Without it, it is an ok novel. <<less
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Wolvelyn rated it
May 8, 2021
Status: Completed
Wow, I have to say, this one is quite surprising. The main pairing has one of the healthiest ABO relationship, which I like, because toxic relationship is not my thing.

The first time the MC transmigrated to ABO novel, he was in a state of disbelief especially when he saw the toilets for 6 genders (men a, b, o, and women a, b, o). He had no idea how to differentiate each genders, which is realistic and relatable. I mean, I would be the same if I were him.

The novel supposed... more>> to be a sadomasochistic love story between the original omega and 5 original alphas (crazy I know). But, the MC, being the gentleman he is, accidentally saved the omega ML before the first sadistic scene started. Since then, the trajectory of the story started to change.

What I like about this story is how there’s no misunderstanding between the main pairing. They trust each other a lot, and both are strong in their ways. They both went through a lot, and the MC is always on the verge of being erased and replaced from the novel world by the ‘God’.

The side characters are really cute and the ending is pretty satisfying. I HOPE THERE ARE MORE EXTRA CHAPTERSSSSS..... <<less
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YoriMei rated it
August 17, 2021
Status: Completed
I really liked it, but it had a really strong start and a much weaker ending that gets a bit grating. The whole deal about this story is that ML is literally the world's most desirable Omega, and he's in absolute hell from people (Alphas) that are obsessed with him. Cue MC whose the most upstanding Alpha in the entire universe. MC and ML make a really sweet couple and it's nice watching ML open up to MC. MC's interactions with his big brother are really cute too, I loved... more>> reading their banter. Literally 90% of this novel is ML desperately throwing himself at MC, so do be warned that if you're not into pining. It took until about chapter 85-90 for them to actually get together, you could sum up almost half story to "I am the World's Hottest Omega, why won't the love of my life have s*x with me?". Pining is my favorite though, so it was a plus for me and watching ML do his best to fall into bed with MC only to be foiled by MC's upstanding morals is a hoot.

But like I said, it gets really weak towards the end. For example ML's mind reading powers just disappear, there's a ton of loose plot threads or off screen events that just get hand waved away (for example ML's little brother and sister basically never appear in the story but they're important to ML in the beginning). A lot of the side characters are pretty under developed or are just pop up out of nowhere only to be forgotten later, even the MC's personality revolves a lot around just being "the world's best alpha". The villains have no real explanation as to why their so infatuated with the ML besides "pheromones" either. The biggest thing that bugged me honestly, was the way they treated Wu Fuyu (spoilers) :


So I kinda hated the way they treated Wu Fuyu like he was a crazed weirdo just because he ended up falling for MC (aka gay in this universe). Don't get me wrong, I can take a joke if it's funny or there's a point to it (ex: needed for the setting), but with Wu Fuyu there was literally no point to him being gay. Wu Fuyu could have just become a friend of MC and literally nothing would have changed; instead he fell for MC and proceeded to blow up his phone repeatedly with friend requests, pestering MC, bickering with ML and just act like minor nuisance/stalker. When he was straight he was taken seriously and regarded as a danger, but as soon as he turns gay he's just this bratty child in the background panting over MC? I despise the fact that he was the only one who was treated like an incompetent joke just because he was the gay one, when none of the other four psychos were regarded as anything less than a danger.


Overall it's a story that had a really nice start to it, but the longer it went the more it started to lose shape. Characters are constantly forgotten or left out and almost everyone is underdeveloped in favor of the romance, which is admittedly really nice though. I do appreciate that it didn't drag on for too long at the end, but if you don't like pining then I would honestly suggest finding another story. However, if you can overlook the faults of this story still I think it was enjoyable and suggest you give this one a shot. <<less
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May 19, 2021
Status: --
Y'all don't let some of the reviews fog your mind, this is definitely worth the read! The first five translated chapters piqued my interest so I went to read the raws and WOW WOW WOW!!

There indeed are some bastards who tried to make things hard for our dear baby Gu Xi (Shou male lead) BUT BUT BUT!! Rong King (gong MC) comes to always protect him everytime <33 not to mention that Gu Xi knows some self defence so even if some bastards tried to take advantage, he'd kick their... more>> ass!

Rong King is literally anyone's dream man. Respectful, gentle, kind, that type of guy that will never harbor any I'll intentions towards you. Also one of the reasons why Gu Xi fell for MC.

bc although MC Doesn't show his emotions in his expression,

Gu Xi can hear other people's minds. He knows MC doesn't look at him or think of him with any type of disrespect or lust, unlike other people. He viewed him as different and then eventually fell for him


I also like how ML acts all spoiled and would low-key seduce MC from time to time, wearing thin clothing to show off his sexy figure, aaaaahhhh those are my favorite comments!! And it's also hilarious how the netizens think they're the least likely CP but l got face slapped!

anyways, worth the read!! One of my best couples, and one of my most favorite Gongs!! Love this troupe. Please give it a read!

I'll definitely read this again once the translation is done, the translator did a good job with the first few chapters, my head got a bit dizzy with the sudden change when I mtl'd, hahaha <<less
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08YeNna rated it
August 1, 2021
Status: Completed
Review at c39:

F*ck this novel is so awsome!!!


... more>> I'm very happy that they do not become a couple or become close because of impulse of their pheromones. And also for the first time, I think? That MC (seme) does not treat ML (uke) special when they are strangers. Because most of the novels I read I always feel that even the leads had just met, you know that they will become couple. Plus, I like that fact that MC does not fall for ML because of pity.

MC's character:

I thank the author did not give MC an aloof and cold personality, that kind of aloof and cold of an immortal, as if they already experience that vicissitudes of life and now locking himself from worldly matters. And I appreciate very much the details about his reaction on the sudden transmigration and how he adapted to it.

Side characters:

I like that the annoying ex-boyfriend doesn't occupy the sceeentime just for drama. And also the brother, I like that he has reasons on why he dotes on MC, not just because of the excuse of he lives his little brother. The Wu Haiqin (do I remember that right?) is very charming at the same feels dangerous that everytime he appears, red alarms rang on my head. The beast that was attracted by ML's beauty are so freaking annoying that I always fear at the next second someone will jump on ML and r*pe him.


As far as I have read, I can see the foreshadowing which always make me feel I'm walking on a thin bridge. The pace is just right.


Finally, this is what I find I like the most...? Although I am reading MTL and is not that appropriate for me that compliment the author for it, but I still want to say the writing is very good. I can feel the undercurrents between the characters, like that Wu Huqin, he is very handsome and charming (from what I imagine), but everytime he comes out I feel goosebumps. And I feel not suffocated in it, because sometimes or the other novels I read is all on the perspective of the MC, and feels restricitng for me. You know the feels when you are muddled and feeo blank in the world, and the only people you observe is the people who wants you (.. agh it's hard to explain).

Wait there's more pala.

I like that I can see the disgusting beast-like Alpha, controlled by their pheromones, not just tell.

And and

I just want to share that I kinda felt fear when I read the story because I can clearly feel the toxicity of society here. Mind you, sometimes I felt disgusted by ML fans (maybe some of them) because I always felt that if the ML suffers on something they will not stick to him and even will become a black fan.

Review after completing:

There's a lot of twist and turns here but for me it was not drag off. But still, I can't help being annoyed cause everytime I thought they are gonna be together there are problems to solve first. However, I also appreciate it because all tangles in their heart were untied so they can have equal, open-to-communication and sweet relatuonship. When Rongjing finally started to accept his feeling, their were lot of things that made his feelings go round and round in circles. That when they were 'the actual confession' I have lot of vigilance in case they will be another interruption, hahaha.

When they confessed to each other finally, O said to my heart: F*ck, Allelujah, Amen!!!!!

Hahaha sorry for being vulgar. I don't know proper reviewing, I want to share the feelings reading this story. Despite all the misunderstandings, the foreshadowings, the denials, the hiding scumbags, it all end well in a very satisfactory manner.

There are times I blank out and do not understand few scenes because I mtled it. Oh, by the way, one of the stories, I want to read slowly so to appreciate it. I don't know if it's because I am usually not into quite few misunderstandings because my heart can't take it [:P] and I need to take it slowly, but anyway, it's good.

Now the only thing I'm looking for is their journey to being tip in entertainment industry. I want to see their lives as actors, chuuu [ °3°]. <<less
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October 9, 2021
Status: Completed
It's 6AM and I don't know what I am typing anymore but remember future me, revisit this series for more updates! Chapter 18, stopped at chapter 18.


Rong "Gas Mask" Jing Appreciation Corner

... more>>

He was not apathetic even though nothing first anchored him to stay in that world. He did not reject that world's laws and ideologies of the ABO, even though he's long used with only two genders. All he learned, Rong Jing stayed true with his morals. He was a gentleman, not just for the females and omegas but for all people. He is very nice and most of all, he give respect.

All prejudice that should have been embedded on his mind as the original JR's memories flow into him had not blinded him to give chances. His sweetness reminds me a little of Ye Sui from FOG.


Gu "One Yuan" Xi Appreciation Corner


The best testament of his character growth is Gu Feng finally moving on at Chapter 109. Everything you need to know and missed were written here.

Gu Xi knows what he wants, and he's afraid to act on it; however, after realizing that he can't defeat the charm exuded by Rong Jing's gentleness, he made several acts to make his crush fall into his trap. He knows defense and his physique did not make him fall short of his masculiness, instead, it highlighted this feature more because of his defiance to the norm. Even if he takes advantage of Rong Jing, it does not cross the line since he still tries to catch up and want to also provide for his beloved.


Xie Ling Appreciation Corner


Although I feel bad for the original Rong Ji, it cannot be set aside that Xie Ling truly cares. It was just unfortunate that Xie Ling's upbringing and the influence of the mother of Rong Ji greatly affected their misunderstanding and distance.

It was just sad that in the OG timeline, his end was being betrayed by the brother he tries to get along with. I'm happy that he was given the chance to reconcile with his family ties this time around and get to know about the normal interactions along with interest and not be stuck in a dull routine: work-home-meeting-morework.

When he was told that Jing Rong was gay, Xie Ling was of course taken aback and wanted his brother not to stray off the path. What made this great was that, he was not disgusted with his brother but instead full of worries at the expected turmoil Jing Rong would have received from the public if it was revealed. It was a wrong action but when they talked, he put attention to Jing Rong's choices in the end.


Wu Fu Yu Appreciation Corner


The character growth I seen: Wu Fu Yu. He was introduced as a malady to common folks, self-centered and just plain violent. He was used to getting his way and when he fell for the accidental charm of Rong Jing, even when he was trying to get in the way of Gu Xi and the person he like, he did not accept the offer of his pest cousin. Freaking heck! He was able to slowly heal from some of the trauma he received when he was young, now he is slowly opening up again, returning to his belief/attitude. He is still a brat through and through but he regained his good morals.


Xie Zhanhong Appreciation Corner


Okay, so initially I was really viewing this man as a bad person. The story unfolds and it made me turn on his wife. He was a much better father compared to his wife being a mother. At least when he make fun of his kids, it was clumsy but he shows that he cares. The mother? All she saw was Yuans. He did not blink an eye when Jing Rong was suspected of being gay, instead he even put Alphas instead of Omegas. In an ordinary time, I would have been angry about this move but I was just too occupied by thinking this guy is funny and dumb.

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Shruti kumari
Shruti kumari rated it
May 12, 2021
Status: Completed
I really like this novel so much it was very adorable. In this MC treated ML so sweetly and cared about him a lot always protecting. I really find it hilarious that every time ML tried to seduce MC at first ML thought that it was him who was dirty minded and think that ML is innocent and would refuse him or start telling him that alpha is wolf, you should protect yourself or don't trust alpha and ML would be like is he a monk.

there was a time when ML went with his bestie to a club and a middle aged man wanted to mol*st him then he beated him and broke a wine bottle to scare him but as soon as he heard MC talking with manager and coming he directly have the broken bottle to that mol*ster and shrank in a corner pretending to be a white lotus who was really scared so that MC would sympathise with him and ML bestie was like who is this person I don't know him.

as for those villains I don't know what should I say cause they were too disgusting I don't even want to think about them they had done so much disgusting thing to ML it was good that he found MC who cared about him though from the original plot two of the villain changed and one fell for MC and became good for better and other I dont know what to say about him I don't even know if he good or bad he always behaved nicely with MC and ML and often helped them when they needed them afterward it was found that he hust likes to play nice has no interest in anything except MC, his son and ML (because of his pheromone) and always likes to control things around him. As for the side characharacter some got their happy ending and some didn't and the plot was left at a point where you can just use your brain to make up your ideal ending
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
lux_be rated it
July 9, 2021
Status: Completed
I personally found the MC to be rational and liked his respectful nature which the ML found and also fell for. I mean if after so many years you only have creeps that do weird things to 'possess' you and not really like you for you, this was a fresh breeze amid the stink.

I especially like how after he transmigrated the MC stayed to observe people or actually learnt the core of the place instead of running another person's life but not really bothering to understand the world that they... more>> are in! It makes so much sense, it prevents misunderstandings and the life would be smooth (but I guess authors will loose a lot of possible plot if they were like this :P). Introducing the ABO characteristics of this world is useful, many novels though have some common points do have some different and unique characteristics too!

The MC's step dad was it? Is just a s*x addict wanting all his sons to feel the pleasure out if the act and actually shoves in some dude into his son's room (without telling him in the middle of the night when dude is sleeping). Shit, I'd have called the police! No one is normal in this world, except maybe the elder brother! But I'm not too surprised the original novel in which the MC is transported in is also dog-blood filled with abuse and more abuse. Calling the original story dog abuse and tr*sh would be understating the levels of insanity in which the ML had to live in.

Though there are a lot of dark elements in this, I loved the way the author showed the light and even helped the MC get on track

though he is a talented moviestar in the real world, the original soul being scared of cameras still remained and he had to practice really hard to overcome that. It wasn't a 'all-round great soul that can rule the world' kind of a thing

. It had lots of sweet moments and hilarious moments!! I loved this book.


The alphas were crazy and there were so many of them!!! F*ck even just recalling snippets of the original novel pains me for that character!! The uncle was super creepy to have had a tracker planted and it rubbed me off the wrong way similar to all the other alphas running around wanting to 'possess' the ML

I loved the alter that existed to repress the insane moments that the ML has to relive in his lives over and over and the fact that he fades out (merges) after he finds a safe space. I think it was pretty cool to have a person managing the world. Though the uncle was creepy and did his best to keep the world going like the OG story, even in the end he supported the MC, well after a a proper business-like discussion though.

The story ends in a very anti-climatic and abrupt way where they are transported to the real world and then the end. Heck it seems unfinished but that's it. That's how it ends and it frustrates me to no end.

6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Melange rated it
June 12, 2021
Status: Completed
This is probably around a 3.5/5.

MC gong is a well-rounded good Samaritan who catches ML shou's attention after saving him from the novel's circumstances. Since MC doesn't come from an ABO society, he is basically immune to ML's charms, and prefers women. This results in ML desperately wooing MC.

If you're looking for a novel where the MC is eclectic with a wide range of interests, then this novel might be for you.

My biggest gripe about this novel is the high amount of novel magic that the author churns out.

... more>>

Somehow the creepy uncle has some weird magic voodoo that allows him to see and change fate? Then there is a period of time in which MC phases in and out of consciousness while he's taken over by the foreign soul of not!MC. At the end they... went to the modern world? And then what? They never came back?? I keep checking the publisher site to see if the author wrote another extra explaining what happened but... still nothing?!

6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
periperi rated it
May 13, 2021
Status: Completed
5 stars

MC is one of the best out there and I really love the romantic development even though it's so slow burn you could have had 10 meals in the mean time (no seriously, the whole book is a very slow progress on their relationship).

MC is just such a gentleman that even ML got frustrated but gosh the development is cute despite all the shady stuff happening on the back and all the obstacles thrown their way.

I think what I particularly liked is that in the original novel, MC is... more>> really jut a passerby in the novel.

He's not even a cannon fodder scum gong like in other novels. He's literally a cannon fodder that is not even mentioned by name in the book. So at first his priority is very realistic in just living and being a salted fish. I loved how this almost no connection between him and ML beginning still led to their entanglement and his sweet bafflement to their progression (and how ML just keeps trying to hold on to his man!!).


Villain wise, there are many dubious and scums out there as expected but I loved that

there's a redeemable one like Wu Fuyu. He didn't start out good but gosh by the end I really liked him. The sudden AA attraction was hilarious and dang I wished he had a happy end but none was written. But the rest can rot in the bottom of a pit for all I care.


Side characters are good, such as Xie Ling (the ice on the outside, warm on the inside brocon but gosh he did just love his family), the assistant like Zhou you (hint hint side couple alert with another chara but alas it's not a satisfying one in my opinion because not much development, felt like a random toss in by author towards the end).

Regarding major plot point of the transmigration:

it was a doozy. Like was it ever cleared up if MC DIED in the real world? The beginning of the story started with him just plonked in the book world already. And it's kind of sad cos throughout the book you can see him clearly missing his old family. There wasn't a clear break from his old life that just makes it, well, SAD. I didn't read the extra so I'm not too sure about the whole plonking them in his ori world that I see some reviews mention? Tbh I speed read towards the end when things started going loopy about MC VS the powers of the world. Because dang they really wanted to get rid of him as they view him as a "bug".


But overall, still 5 stars for one of the best MC I've read. <<less
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JunkVulture rated it
May 4, 2022
Status: c27 part2
Autistic MC! It's really refreshing to have a protagonist I can connect so well with. He doesn't have super strong symptoms and it's not very obvious but the mentality is there. Especially his behavior and thought process, he has a "is it worth my energy and effort to alter my own behavior in order to match The Rythm of everyone else right now?" mindset and 9 times out of 10 the answer is "neh"

Ring Jing is unexpressive and analytical in everyday life, he won't smile and shake hands and preform... more>> all those other tedious social rituals unless he weighs the pros and cons and decides that he has to.


it's even mentioned he's "slightly autistic" during the flashback where he remembers an event from his childhood. Staying in place for hours alone because he was told to, even after realizing that he was forgotten about. I've certainly done that a few times myself as a kid.


The Autism isn't a big part of the plot and it's not necessary to know anything about autism to read this. I just think it's neat. <<less
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
January 21, 2022
Status: Completed
Okay, first of, I just wanna point out how genuinely good the MC is. He is very respectful and regards consent as the as a very important of their relationship. He is not weak and certainly not a pushover, I like just how healthy their relationship is and you won't always see this kind of relationship build up on an ABO world.
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Passerby Soysauce-sama
Passerby Soysauce-sama rated it
May 8, 2021
Status: Completed
Another well-done seme protagonist!

I agree for most parts with Wolvelyn-san upstairs. Btw, I dug the fanwais on many sites (MTLed). There's more than two ✧ (>o<) ノ✧

The most notable points in this novel are:

... more>>

• The villains are NOT unreasonably yandere.

• The side-characters. *Chef's kiss* Author-sama really put in a lot of effort and consideration on character specs and growth. Looking back, the development is really shocking but still within rational range.

• The couple chemistry! Not just the main couple, each and every one of them. I even shipped a cutie AxA (I cling to the hope that it shall sail *at least in my mind)

• I don't know if I missed them due to MTL-ing but there's hardly any noticeable plothole or loose ends.


I'll definitely read this again after accumulating chaps mwehe.*Sets up camp in Second Life Translations*

Edit: There should be many uncomfortable tags here (which are yet to be added). The premise is sadomasochistic omegaverse so expect a lot of disturbing plot development, and yanderes lurking around. It's originally a drunken world of suffering centering on the 'novel' MC (wc is ML in the post-transmigration). Author-san clears up the worldly hows and whys as you read deeper. The revelations are nicely done.

I do think that the way things developed here was similar to breathing into life the originally illogical and unreasonable sadomasochistic characters.


5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Blackflames123 rated it
May 14, 2021
Status: c4 part1
Istg I haven't even read till ch 10 and I am shaking in excitement, it's so good !

So good in fact that I want to mtl but am restraining myself because I don't want to degrade the quality of this novel.

There's not much to say rn because I am on ch 4 rn but I can already tell this novel is a gem. So pls try it out !!!

However I read the other reviews and the ending..... NOOOOO WHYYY I THOUGHT I HAD FOUND IT, BUT NO 😭. Istg I... more>> am still gonna read it but ik I am gonna have to drop it eventually... <<less
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
May 8, 2021
Status: Completed
One of the best gentlemanly and sincerely caring MC I've seen. Even the shou is like "how are you so considerate" when MC kindly resists the shou's many seduction attempts.

The dog blood factor in the original story is definitely disgusting, so fortunately our ML and MC work together to deal with the psychotic scum that follow the shou. There are many other plot holes, but the reviewer before me has talked about it. Overall, awesome healthy relationship goals with ML and MC who respect each other's career and values in... more>> life. Read for fluffy, heartwarming interactions.

4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
LunaSolis070 rated it
April 19, 2022
Status: Completed
Our Seme MC is too lovely I would like to be a sister fan since I'm not old so I can't be a mother fan 🤣

Here we have the Shou ML who has a crush on our Seme MC. We also have an older brother who gives the seme MC milk instead of wine 😭🤣 and has a teddy bear or cute pillows so when MC is with him there will be pillows and snacks. 🤣🤣 (This is how the elder brother treats MC because he has not treated... more>> anyone like a brother. It's his first time. So he treats the MC as a child. I don't know the height of the MC maybe it's 190cm HAHAHAHAHA)

We also have cute supporting characters and mobs. <<less
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passingby_reader rated it
February 12, 2022
Status: Completed
It was a really good abo novel.

I really liked the way MC (here seme protagonist) understood all the pains of ML and tried to help him.

ML was a good and their love wasn't abrupt

So yeah it was a good novel to read when bored
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
ThisLaozi rated it
May 25, 2021
Status: Completed
At first I thought that this is like a combination of Accidental Mark and Film Emperor's secret marriage but it's actually soo much more different. The plot can be unpredictable and predictable in the same time but it just keeps you tense and waiting what will happen next.

I also really love how seme MC and shou ML are on equal grounds and supports each other during their vulnerable time.

The plot development and character development is exquisite and very solid and reasonable

Overall, this is a very good book and worth reading!... more>> One of my fave books now <<less
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Moraxella rated it
May 22, 2021
Status: Completed
This is definitely a gem. The plot summary sounds really typical but once you read it, it’s definitely not one of your run-of-the-mill celeb / ABO / transmigration stories. The characters are stellar, the plot twists are definitely very unpredictable, and the plot points are tied up nicely. It’s a very enjoyable read.
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