The Foolish Gong was Reborn


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Outsiders all say that Xie Zhongxing had hit the jackpot marrying the prince of the Qin Enterprise, Qin Zhongyue, even being treasured and favoured for five whole years. They were well-recognized as a loving couple.

However, they didn’t know that Qin Zhongyue had a lot of dissatisfaction with this marriage. He complained to his good friend, “He micromanages everything. Won’t let me drink or smoke, won’t let me go clubbing, and he even set me a 10pm curfew!”

“I have to hand over all my salary and bank cards and he would only give me a hundred yuan a day! Only if he is in a good mood, he would give me a few hundred more!”

Qin Zhongyue felt angry and wronged, “And I even have to wait on him!”

“If I ever get the chance to do this again, I will never marry him! I used to get eight million yuan a month as spending money!” The prince said this to his friend.

The day after he said this, Qin Zhongyue found himself reborn to the time when he was seventeen.

The Xie Zhongxing at this time was eighteen years old and poor to the point where he only had one set of old clothes to wear, holes in his socks and a pair of dirty shoes with its soles peeling off. Even if he had a nice-looking face, he was despised and looked down upon, and known in the school as a pauper.

When Xie Zhongxing’s parents came to handle the withdrawal procedures for him, Qin Zhongyue only then found out that he was a study tyrant ranked first in his grade, receiving scholarships every year, and that he was a seedling with good prospects the school had high expectations for and not the ‘useless high school dropout who didn’t like to study and only has money in his eyes’ as claimed by his younger brother.

Qin Zhongyue couldn’t bear the sight of this. He pulled Xie Zhongxing into his arms, angry, “Continue studying! Our Qin family has never had a top scorer before, you must keep studying!”

Xie Zhongxing raised his eyes and looked at him in confusion. The look in his eyes seemed to ask: Who are you?

Qin Zhongyue thought of Xie Zhongxing’s dictatorship after their marriage and shuddered. He then maintained a look of righteousness, “I am just a kind-hearted person who does not wish to reveal his name!”

Later, Qin Zhongyue asked Xie Zhongxing shyly, “If we get married, can you give me a thousand yuan a day as spending money?”

Xie Zhongxing, “?”

Qin Zhongyue, “…..Five hundred is also okay.”

NB: The actual title is literally “The Sand Sculpture Gong was Reborn”. Sand sculpture (沙雕) is a homonym for 傻屌 (Sha Diao) which is a derogatory term for an idiot/a fool. Sand sculpture is often used with a more humourous/joking intention to describe something or someone as silly or foolish.

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68 Reviews

Nov 15, 2021
Status: Completed
I had a really great time reading this, it was really good and fluffy. But because there's only 2 chapters released when I found it on KK translates' website, I went straight to the Chinese websites and MTL'ed it even with my thesis due in 4 days just to finish reading (help TTwTT).


ML marries MC because of ML's father. ML is s*upidly innocent. He drunkenly complains to his friend about his wife managing his affairs and allowance and swears not to marry MC again if he was given a chance.... more>> He wakes up being 10 years younger. He still ended up meeting MC accidentally, initially chasing MC to be his friend instead and protect him, but still ends up together with MC LOL.

Anyway, here's my review.

    1. Plot - IMO, the pacing was just right. The scenarios are fairly reasonable, there are some plot holes, but they are not so obvious and can be disregarded. It's fluffy but in some parts, my heart really ached for the MC. There's not much drama, there's some dog blood but compared to other novels it's very, very mild. The humor is also great for me.
    2. MC - The MC didn't just fall in love with the ML at first sight like other novels. He developed feelings for ML like a normal person. A person is very nice to you, treats you better than they treat other people, and always radiates an aura that makes you feel you are loved, and naturally you'd like such a person. For me, his feelings and character growth can be clearly seen, specially with the MC's past life thoughts in the extra chapters. Overall, I think he is 3-dimensional and relatable, he can be insecure at times while also very confident in another.
    3. ML - I love hiiim. His character is the same throughout, but that is what I love about him. The misunderstandings he had about the MC in the past life were resolved one after another as their relationship in the current timeline progresses, and the fact that his feeling for MC also further developed despite him saying he'll stay away in the beginning is cute LOL. His mouth that always ruins the mood always made me laugh.
    4. Side characters - Some characters like ML's father and Shi Yanyu were 3-dimensional as well. For Li Jun, I kinda wanna know how he became the way he instead of just because he's a rich 2nd generation. For others, like the tr*sh friends who only used ML and MC's family, their circumstances were properly explained and the reasons for their actions can be said to be valid and logical.
Overall, I really loved the story. This is one of those stories you'd love to read when you're tired of all the dog blood, and mind-boggling sh*t from other novels, though IMO it's still a good read in itself. I kinda want more chapters on ML's father and mother tho. Initially wanted to do a short review cause I just got vaccinated but ended up making a long-ass review at 3 AM (to hell with my priorities lol). Anyways, that's all, Imma do my thesis now

. <<less
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Natchan Chanie
Natchan Chan
Nov 14, 2021
Status: --
Firstly this is an excellent novel. The characters and the story are captivating to the heart and soul, you can cry while laughing while reading it. The good point of this novel is ML with his slightly s*upid brain. Can't really be called s*upid but that's how he is. Plain or innocent that is very funny and cute.

ML complains to his friend about his stingy wife, gives him some pocket money, he says if he repeats time he will not marry this wife. Other than because he was forced into... more>> marriage by his father. Then he literally replayed the time when he was 17 years old. Very determined not to marry his wife and be dominated by others. ML here is very s*upid and whiny, he will not be able to see his future wife being bullied, he will cry for his wife and complain to his father, asking his father to take revenge, I think this is the most interesting part, it is very rare to find ML with a mouth without brakes who likes to complain to his father. <<less
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Feb 15, 2022
Status: Completed
I particularly like seme protagonist and dying to read more of this genre, ,

This is good and so foolish, ,

I can relate to Qin Zhongyue's mouth very much and his sunny personality, , I mean, ignorant is a bliss, , only an idiot can feel such pure happiness and positive outlook of life, ,

... more>> I want to be too but I still can't got to his degree, , I am still minding other people's thought about me so much, , it's suffocating, ,

Anyway, , I like this novel's progress so much, , fyi, tho it's unscientific, I like an instant love, , the kind where fated or destined, , love at first sight plot, ,

But sometime there also novel that so sweet, your teeth will rot, and too much sugar added, , this is the novel, ,

I only came to BL for fluff and love, , I want to eat many dogfood not dog blood, ,

I want to be free... but not so free.

Update: reading my own comment makes me embarrassed 😳

Anyway, after reading a second times.. it's still good. But now I'm more recognize a few characters, u could say just side kick or lil villain, that are interesting.

At first I was thinking to say about how the author didn't continue a certain side character's story... and then I realize every side chara doesn't have their ending.


Fu Dongling: he just regret after being beaten and realize his family bankrupt by his own doing. The end.

Zhong Ziming: confess to ML and then didn't find other boyfriend.

Teacher Wang: single for life.

Xie Family: regret and done.

Lin Jun: broke up and that's it.

Seniors with game company: they did come to wedding but well..

Qin Xianqian: does he go back with Zong Ning?

Qi Yaoming: in terms of psychological, I'm interested in him as they say he choose to side with Qi instead of take care her mother. But just think that he was a child too, having insane mother and lucid father who show off his illegitimate child all the time. He was suppressed and depressed. His personality become twisted.

Song Haiyun said she was take care of Yaoming but she notice how he grow become more and more like his father so she stop caring altogether. But, just think at that time she miscarriage trice, in near end story she even said she hoped that Yaoming also got miscarriage too. I'm sure that's not the first she thought that, instead she think like that all the time she saw lil Yaoming.

How can a child didn't feel it?

I don't mean to sympathetic more to Qi Yaoming than Xie Zongxing... I just don't want to antagonist him so much.

But if you think again, ML must have realized it too as to why he gave the last advice to him...

I'm just thinking that Song Haiyun really not being fair to Yaoming. But well, I guess she is forever 18 🤷


Only Jin Rui and Hua Rong that has proper told ending. I'm glad I could hear that they got married 🤣 <<less
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Feb 25, 2022
Status: Completed
Before I knew it, I already finished reading this novel. This is the most relaxing, fun, and sweetest of all the BL I had read, plus it has a quality writing and translation. QZ and XC are both precious. I'm very happy to read their story. I want to witness more of their daily lives, but I shall leave these lovers alone now.

RECOMMENDED! 100% ლ (╹◡╹ლ)
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Sep 24, 2022
Status: Completed
More like a 3.5, this was a cute, easy to read novel full of fluff. I just wanted a little more growth from our MC and a bit more from our ML. More time progression as well, the rebirth only really encompasses MC from age 17-about 21, most of the story is about MC age 17-18. The MC is arrogant, naïve and silly, he is like a golden retriever personified. He will say the right thing but then immediately mess it up with 1 more sentence and at the beginning I found his character funny, but I wanted him to grow through the novel and instead he got worse. Also you have to just ignore that he lived until 27 in his previous life and never grew up or grew at all, seriously he shows more understanding and growth in the 1 year he rebirths.


I know part of it is the ML's fault as in his previous life ML was more closed off and awkward, but he had his dad straight up telling him to dig deeper and MC spends 5 years married to ML with all sorts of s*upid misconceptions.

In his do-over he does realize somethings but only because the answers smack him in his face while he gets to know young ML. His brains and mouth, however, never grow up, he still just relies on his dad and the ML for everything. The crap that comes out of his mouth becomes more and more s*upid and the author makes him obsessed with s*x to the point its all he talks about in some chapters.


ML was fine, he showed more growth than the MC for sure. There was just something that bothered me about him, I can't exactly put my finger on it, but I didn't love the ML. Their relationship didn't feel all that balanced to me, ML had all the brains and now the money so not sure what MC brought to the table. Really felt more like a master and his pet golden retriever.

The side characters were a bit WTF. Both the MC and ML mom's were meh. The whole bit with the ML's mom was boring to me and didn't make much sense and I really felt bad for the half brother.

ML's mom was forcefully separated from ML's dad which indirectly causes the dad's death. Mom is then forced to marry some rich guy to save the failing family, she was already prego with ML, gives birth to him and he is stolen from her and given to ML's uncle to raise.

She becomes extremely depressed causing multiple miscarriages until finally getting pregnant with ML's half brother. She then spends years trapped, getting beaten and ignoring the half brother, because she said she saw the same personality in her sons eyes as her abusive husband. Like wtf you could have raised him to be a caring individual but instead you keep trying to commit su*cide and blame him for the character he ends up with. Not once does she take responsibility that maybe she messed up with the half brother, she literally tells him he isn't her son anymore. Not like the ML is all sugar and candy, he is cold hearted and vindictive, but in her eyes this is okay because he came from the man she truly loved. It was so messed up and I hate weak woman like this. The poor half bro was forced to be a villain by the author and we were supposed to just hate him


The MC's mom wasn't as bad as the ML's mom but I'm not sure she even likes the MC

MC's mom divorces the dad when MC was only 7 or 8 years old so she could go research in Germany, he then never hears from her. She only gives him money on a card to spend how he likes. He gets into a prestigious college and he doesn't hear from her, he has his 18th bday and doesn't hear from her, he gets engaged and still doesn't hear from her. When he finally does she just like oh hi I'm busy, need money, bye.

She eventually comes to visit but she doesn't really interact with the MC and its just the dad trying to get back with the mom. It's so weird, I'm thinking the author doesn't have a good relation with their mom.


MC's dad was amusing I liked their banter. The friend in high school was a good addition to the story, and I loved how the conflict was resolved. MC's friends where meh even the one he makes new in this life.

Translation was good, MTL was passable, some parts were really hard to decipher. I would suggest waiting for the translation to completely come out if you can. All and all it wasn't a bad way to waste some time, it really had some fluffy and funny moments, but I probably wont read it again.
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Nov 22, 2021
Status: c82
4 stars

I rate this 5 stars for ML because he is an adorable fool, very loyal in all aspects and MC's number 1 supporter. He is almost a little too foolish but MC tries to correct his ways such as giving money freely to his friends. I also like the slow progression of the relationship, it's not insta-love on MC's end and they start out as friends even though ML is so puppy like and overprotective. There's also some very satisfying face slapping.

I really don't like some of ML's childhood... more>> friends who use him but glad

he gets a clean break from some of them.


As of c82

there's some plot points I got genuinely annoyed at, despite the positive points and they are more or less together already so I think I'm good to stop here. Also not sure what lese can happen with 40 more chapters to get through.


So why the minus 1 star? Points that I did not like:

First was a short thing that nearly happened and I would have been VERY upset if it did happened but when it was first brought up, I was on instant dislike. Another ML childhood friend/rival (I can't read his chinese name lol), brought up to MC a plan to pretend to woo MC and pay MC to cooperate in some messed up way to be ML's friend. TBH I have no idea how the plan would have endeared ML to that friend but MC took the number, making it like he was agreeing to it. And ML has been so good to MC this whole time. Ofc, they aren't together at this point, feelings are confusing and all that but I don't condone messing with someone's feelings like that esp since MC knows ML is a little foolish and pure. Thankfully, this plan didn't exactly pan out but the fact that MC seemed to even contemplate it upsets the story for me. Maybe he didn't, but it sure seemed like he did.

and also MAJOR spoiler but


MC's birth mother is a very weak individual who was forced to give him up at birth by her own mother but loved him (ofc). And now, she is like a prison in her own home, ab*sed by her husband. So ofc MC finds out and will save her and will recognise her as his mother despite being strangers in the past 18 years. This part is a little overly cliche for me (but blood ties are indeed thicker than water). Though can be said the face slapping is also cliche (those do have a more satisfactory feeling).


So overall, I still love the love story aspect and face slapping but am satisfied at the part I stopped at. <<less
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Nov 27, 2023
Status: --
So I finished reading this story in two days.

Even though I didn't have high expectations for this story before (In fact, I've bookmarked this story for a long time, but every time I want to read it, for some reason I hesitate because I read other reviews about this story) it turns out the story is pretty good and the plot is also pretty neat and dark.

This story also doesn't have a fixed MC, often the point of view changes between shou and gong.

BTW, I saw a lot of reviews... more>> saying that they didn't like Shou's character, but imagine if you had a partner who had a circle of friends who kept digging into your partner's money, and kept trying to pass women on to him... would you still be patient like shou???

It's a good thing that Gong parents understand the shortcomings of their child who is too innocent + easy to take advantage of, so they never forbid or interfere with how Shou manages Gong to behave, because if not, then their relationship will definitely end in complete chaos.

However, this story is very good and easy to read... There are times when I really want to cry when reading this story, and there are also a times when it makes me laugh out loud

In the end, you won't be regrets for reading this story. <<less
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Apr 08, 2022
Status: Completed
Silly and adorable MC gong with beautiful, accomodating (lovingly mother type haha) powerful ML shou~~

Wonderful couple here that's it ^^
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Oct 22, 2023
Status: c120-126
Hahahaha... this is truly a gem. Sigh.

To say that this is a fluffy story is absolutely right but it is so much more than I expected. The story is well planned and has solid writing. The characters are pretty well fleshed out and make you like our dislike them just right. The reasoning is basically sound.

Story: MC here is a "foolish going". A doted upon single child of a super rich dad. Although he walks in bad company (2nd gen rich childhood friends) he contains his pure heart and... more>> body. He is kind of super naive and big hearted but absolutely not s*upid. You could say he sees the world a bit different and tends to condensate on the wrong points.

Since MC is not fit to manage his father's imperium, he was given a competent wife. A good looking man, cold, wearing suits and glasses. His wife became his love and his bane... taking all his money away, only giving 100 yen a day to spend. Not allowing him to go out with his friends, drinking, smoking.... so when he woke up 10 years earlier it was like letting him fly free again.

Then he met his wife on the walkway... was he bullied? Such a cute little wife. How can he let his wifey be bullied? They still could be friends! So he changed schools to protect the former wifey and started to learn everything that he never knew....

To be honest it is kind of a wild ride. ML had no good life in both lives but MC jumped to a point where it would have gone downhill for ML in a bad way. So he basically " protects" his wife in his own way. He is either strait forward and defending him or, if he lacks the power, sending his daddy forward to bankrupt the enemy. It is kind of hilarious sometimes. Along the way, MC realizes what would have happened if he wasn't there to protect ML... that his all powerful cold Wife was just a 18 year old child, mistreated and without backer... he learned through what kind of hell he went in his first life. He started to understand the wife of his former life and how much he did for himself. This life around he kept him safe and became his heaven earlier, so that ML can shine as he is supposed to and not losing his smile. Warming the person before he got cold.

There were a lot scenes you might start to tear up but before you really can feel distressed for ML.... MC is treating up and crying. A 1, 90m big gong is tearing up. The situation comedy in this novel is really well written. MC is sometimes annoyingly dense but also absolutely loyal and has a pure heart. Thanks to that there are no real doogblood dramas.

I like how MC and ML grow together. At the beginning, ML is already a bit introvert and has basically no friends but he started to warm up under MC. He learns to laugh and communicate. You can see a real progress for both of them and they become a perfectly good couple that loves each other deeply.

I enjoyed this novel greatly and recommend to read it. It is on the lighter side but has enough depth and charme to never boring me. <<less
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Nov 18, 2022
Status: Completed
I've read it around January, so my memory of this novel might not be complete and feelings lacking, but I checked my notes and they simply say "although silly, but cute" ahahaha

Qin Zhingyue goes back 10 years, this time he thinks he won't follow the last path and won't get entangled with a person his father found for him - Xie Zhongxing. But things did not turn as he thought they would. It started from their encounter when he couldn't believe seeing younger version of XZX, but in these poor... more>> clothes and lacking the image of his confident and adult self. Teen QZY found and saw the true story and past of his wife. What he thought was an established person and ready-made president and worker who brought entire Qin enterprise on his shoulders were now only a poor teen, who lived a life worse than a dog on a narrow balcony, was exploited to the fullest by his "parents". And something inside of QZY moved. Although he's a silly like a dog and not very smart compared to XZX (can't help the settings), but he still couldn't let his wife go and slowly started realizing what path he led and why he agreed to his father's proposal, why he is so frugal, why he has all those requirements.

Their previous life conflict I think grows from the fact that they never actually got to know and love each other truly. QZY as someone who grew with a golden spoon in his mouth had his own temper and was dissatisfied being married almost against his own will, not to mention that this person told him this and that all the time, his allowance was so low and ti was almost shameful. He never really knew who this XZX was and I think because he was like this XZX as taciturn as he was wouldn't throw himself in other's arms and won't open his heart.

In this life things were different because QZY finally had to see by himself and not hear others' stories that his wife was practically ab*sed from kid to teen. He involved himself in the life of his wife and basically prevented some of the things of previous life from happening, especially XZX being sold. In this life some feelings from the past and new feelings from the future united on a deeper level and he could fall in love like this. He realized that frugality came from the bad life, his personality isn't the best because his past was tr*sh filled with abise, his stipulation of not drinking, because his friends were nothing more but dog friends who instigated him left and right, there were so many reasons he never bothered to find out, but now he knew.

QZY is described as silly, open-hearted and basically generous, he is really bad with business thus his father found him a daughter-in-law in the face of XZX. His father is actually a really fun character, but he also loving, thus he found XZX for his son for this reason, a capable person who could handle business, while his silly son continues to be who he is. Load of his silliness came from him ruining the mood actually with things he said, this was cuteness and fun of this novel, though XZX surely didn't think like that :'D

It totally wasn't a perfect one, I think author described the characters they wanted to describe and did a good enough job. They are who they are and so are all secondary characters. I know it's all subjective, but despite some drama, especially concerning XZX's origins, it was quite cute. <<less
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May 18, 2022
Status: Completed
Must read if you are looking for angels who shine due to s*upidity!

Real funny and fluffy romance! ML deserves an angel like MC.

MC gong is really good at ruining the atmosphere and making the other party speechless!!
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Mar 02, 2024
Status: Completed
Great Story!

Plot - It doesn't have a focused plot, more like a growth type or slow paced. It did not delve unto the deeper continuation of other side characters cause it was more on the MC and ML. It build's their foundation and emotional line. For me, it's well done.

Characters - So muuch love for both the MC and ML. They are precious little babies. MC is such a cutie and his innocent character is ks well built and consistent. On the other hand I have so much frustration and... more>> pity to our beloveed ML 😭.

He didn't deserve what happened to his first life. Knowing that all his hopes are just to go to university to be free but it's ruined just because of some fvcking 1.9 cm teenager who feel that every thing should revolve around him. WTF! He literally ruined someone's life.

Although our main characters have a very detailed and dimensional persona, I think other side characters also have potential to be delve with. For example, Li Jun with so much hints about his personality, I think he have so much potential to be flesh out.

Qi Yaoming, I have read in the reviews the different views on him. As someone who grows up on a mess up household, I think his character have so much potential to be explored. But here are my take, it may really happen to shape our personality depends on our environment but in his case I think what to him at the end of the story will all be up to his hands there on. I get it, Song Hui didn't gave him a maternal love as a mother. But, that is in normal sense in normal circumstances. Do you really think she can give him a normal love in that kind of household? I'm not justifying a mother not loving her son at all okay. I'm saying is Song Hui can be viewed as someone who is not willing to gave birth at all, as she was force all into this, she may not be a normal loving mother as others expected her to be. After 3 miscarriage that I don't think she voluntarily wanted. (Pregnancy). Her mental health also won't be well. Plus her husband not yreating her as a human, do you really think she can love him wholeheartedly when his father is abusing her in all forms? Again, this is a messed up household. Qi Yaoming, as expected grown up to be someone who have twisted views. As other feedback said his father also deliberately oppressed him using his mistresses and illegitimate children. But again, what happened to him when he's an adult will be up to him. Although he grew up twisted, he has the resources to open his eyes to the world. He has so many times to think and dwell on what's truly happening to their family, but what did he do, humiliating his mother and treated her Iike how his father did. Using her when she has a use. Whether he is irredeemable or not depends if he is willing to change.

Song Hui character in which I think needs to be defended. I have seen many times that it's partly her fault for what happened to Qi Yaoming. Which I think in normal sense is right, BUT IN THEIR CIRCUMSTANCES NO!. She is the victim of the greed of her family. Imagine what happened to her? She has the right to move on. I don't view her as mother or what I just see her as an individual. She has the right to be happy. But I also did get that children are innocent. But when they grew up, it will all be on their choice what they wanted to be. They might influenced or brainwashed but at the end of the day they will have time to think about it. It's up to them to sink or move forward. Last but not the least, I will not judge Song Hui for what she did to Qi Yaoming when he was a child or even when he's grown up. She love him maybe not the way Qi Yaoming wanted her to be. Maybe she did not fullfil her duties as mother to him but what do you expect anyway. We have no right to judge. 😓 Overall it's a good read, fluff with a good amount of plot. 🥰 <<less
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May 21, 2023
Status: Completed


It's Absolutely Fluffy and Cute and Heartwarming novel. But doesn't mean it without Drama...

... more>> Our ML had gone through hard life... So our MC loudly and boldly helped him by the power of his Devotion, Affection, and the most important is his background.

Our MC truly absolutely and ONLY has his eyes on ML. His thoughts only about ML. Don't believe in his words of not wanting to be with ML in the beginning, when everything he can think was only about ML. And all his actions was Dedicated to him. He love his Wife without realise he Love his Wife and can't live without him. One part of his Naivety.

Another part of his Naivety was how he didn't realise how Toxic almost all his childhood friends were. In the past life he thought ML was too controlling and didn't allow him to hang out with them. But in this new Timeline he finally learns many things of all the WHYs things happened in the previous live. One of it was about the Rich friends he previously like to hang out with.

The progress of realising the toxic part wasn't sudden or thrown in just one part. The author did great job at writing this progress. Through one friend to one problem to FINALLY the somewhat climax.

Those part good development also because ML was firm with his 'Words' (the reason of his dislikes and when he also praising MC for learning from past mistakes and won't try to make another one) and won't let MC waver.

Anyway this novel was Cute and Heartwarming, but really No Drama Free. Both side of ML and MC does have complicated plot going on.

But we can thanking MC's Father for being THE RICHEST MAN IN CHINA in this novel AND A SLY FOX WITH BRAIN but also the most important thing is A CARING FATHER AND SUPPORTIVE FATHER-IN-LAW, because without THIS GOLDEN BACKER, MC and ML won't have smooth sailing at solving problem and their development in relationship.


I pray sooo hard the rest of the story is Satisfying!!! Please 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

Updated at 30 August 2023:

Oh my god our ML actually super insecure inside!

But good thing is MC's Father is the BEST PERSON EVER!!!

And there's another friend who actually help MC realise what ML actually need in their relationship!!!!

I'm glad ML get another realization that MC was... Just a silly s*upid person in this relationship thing. But he also won't let him keep staying s*upid.

Of course without force changing him to suit his need whatsoever. It's a Healthy and Epic Love Life novel, okay!!!


Oh My God it revealed 😳 ch 104


FINISHED at 12 October 2023:

This Novel is One of those Unique very Very Good Heartwarming Feel Good Novel and the Best thing EVER!!!

All conflicts solved and cleared very Nicely and in characters with their personalities!

And the Extras was Truly Perfecting Everything!

Our MC truly Unreliable Narrator as in not just about he can't tell what ML truly feel, but he didn't even mentioned how Absolutely Loyal Dedication Devoted he is toward ML. It took 'past' ML 'investigate' to actually get our MC's 'FULL & CLEAR' Point of View.

I'm glad the 'Previous Life' of their Marriage Life is Not Miserable. And we actually get to know that their Timeline still continuing. I'm somewhat relieved. So in All Timelines I believe they both would Live Happily Ever After.

It was the Greatest Satisfaction to know that.

I'm Beyond just Loving it. I'm Absolutely Forever with my Eternal Live and every part of my Soul LOVING IT for Eternity and BEYOND in Any Universe!!! <<less
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Jan 15, 2023
Status: Completed
The tale of a husband coldly dominated by his spouse to the point where when he woke up reborn 10 years earlier his first thought was: dont get married to that person again.

And at the very first opportunity he proceeds to involve himself in his spouses life.

The zany and confused things our lead says will make you laugh. The genuine affection that guides all his choices will make you sigh. The way he influences both their early lives to be better and in doing so improves the lives of all... more>> their nearest and dearest is satisfying. The fact he does all of this without a filter or conscious thought is mind boggling. But the author makes you believe it.

His spouse is very cool and desperately in need of our leads brand of unflinchingly raw affection.

Highly recommend if you feel like a slice of life school age silly romance. <<less
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Jan 28, 2022
Status: Completed
oh this was truly enjoyable... the title says it all... we have a foolish gong... a silly but endearing gong... a very lively character and sometimes it feels like he's almost autistic, but still very endearing... our gong is foolish and a softie at heart especially for his shou... he sets out to avoid marrying the same person but ends up falling madly instead... MC and ML perfectly balance each other... it's not the fluffiest but it's sweet and endearing... if you prefer the sexy domineering mysterious gong, please do... more>> not pick this up as you might end up having a bad day because of just how foolish the gong can be... <<less
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Dec 13, 2021
Status: Completed
Definitely a fluff and comedic story with a slight dog blood drama.

MC (Qin Zhongyue) is really the silly and s*upid type (in a adorable way) and easily fall in love over heels towards ML (Xie Zhongxing). Sure he still thought about himself that he was a straight man even though he married ML and have papapa with him just to not marry ML again but that thought left the drain immediately. ML at the beginning is cold and detached due to his past ab*se but with MC's protection... more>> he learn to smile and laugh which makes the MC rethinks his choice again.

It's a lovely story and I want some readers to read this even though there are some clichés parts or some plot holes but definitely a worth novel to read <<less
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Nov 18, 2021
Status: --
Well it is not bad story with so much fluffffff!! And don’t forget the innocent or s*upid (I’m not sure hahahaah) ml.

I liked the MC so much like he is just how he should be and he loves the ML so much!!I couldn’t find the chapter after 120 but I’m sure I would recommend it!!
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Jun 12, 2024
Status: Completed
I clearly always avoid reading stories related to transmigration, rebirth, dogblood drama and business. Because more often than not they tend follow the same fundamental basis as the driving plot. But I'll gladly turn a blind eye towards my preferences for this novel. I have to applaud the author for mastering this genre the way she did and giving life to the story so beautifully and throughoutly. It's sooo good.

And our henpecked husbun xiao yue is such a cutie himbo gong!!! It's a fresh breath of air seeing this kind... more>> of gong!! I love him!! He's so s*upid and foolish but in a endearing way. He loves sooo unconditionally.. with such pure and sincere heart.. really makes me tear up. But I don't even get the chance to shed them cuz he starts crying before me!!! I feel so aggrieved. BUT HE'S TOO PRECIOUS AND PARTICULARLY TOOO CUTE SO I DON'T MIND GETTING STUMPED WHILE TRYING TO CRY.

Our dear shou, xie zhongxing, started of rather as a typical cold type guy but later his character got very fleshed out. And my heart really hurts for him. That family of his is hateful, too much to the point of being unreasonable. I LOVE HIM TREASURE HIM AND I WANT THE VERY BEST FOR HIM EVERY SECOND

And papa qin... oh lord he's the best!! He's like the gurdian angel, as steady as mount tai, guarding his dear son and son in law and always having their back. He's such an amazing person, amazing father, amazing father in law, amazing business man and also such a silly guy. Like father, like son truely.

Some people in there are so vile and vain, I almost got high blood pressure. But there are just as many amazing people. Especially shi yanyu. My man is such a cutie attractive dorky tsundere!!! Zhang yiming too. Such a great guy. <<less
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Jan 18, 2024
Status: c6
The first few chapters I read were already so irritating. The MC appeared to be absolutely lacking in maturity as well as skills. He was threatened by his parents and most likely due to his lack of abilities to become independent, he had to mary to inherit his father's company and then turned around and complain about his partner.

After his rebirth, he did not do anything to improve himself but instead, his life revolved around having fund and thinking about how to hook up with the ML (the same... more>> person he was complaining about in the past). Such a waste of space. <<less
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Nov 27, 2023
Status: Completed
The theme was really not my taste and there were some loopholes but if felt good to read. The writing was good. The story was sweet. And even the foolish gong might not be that foolish. He seems more like a nice person who wants to be nice to others all the times. It is not that he doesn't understand. He just tryna be nice till he can.

Overall good experience.
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