Why Do Yandere Girls Like To Find Me?


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Sometimes it can refer to those people with special characteristics of which they had a initial good impression of you leaning towards a ‘dere’ state, and had eventually becoming mentally unsound;

But generally it refers to those people who were already mentally unsound, but were so strongly attracted to something to the point of unrelenting infatuation.

And……..when a group of yandere girls come to look for you, there’s nothing afterwards already.

Note: “there’s nothing afterwards already” means “a bad end”

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procrastination_day rated it
May 9, 2020
Status: c10
This is pretty much what the label said. Not sure where this story is going asside from death because of MC being abused by those mu*derous girls and I'm frankly not interested.

Give it a try if you're curious. Move on if you're not. Drop it if it's not to your taste.
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