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Do you like Yandere girls!? Of course there’s yankee dere too.
A pure love story smeared in love and madness!

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Yanderu ai gekijyou suki datte ittekuratoyone….
ヤンデレ愛劇場 好キダッテイッテクレタヨネ・・・・
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violetbroom rated it
September 16, 2017
Status: c3
YLT's setting is on modern Japan with character from junior/senior high shool. This story is writen well and at least I don't find any obvious inconsistency. Each chapter will have different MC and each story can be said to be finished at the end of chapter. Some character from other chapter may appear besides the new MC, but they will became side character. Each chapter also longer compared to webnovel which I usually read (Kuro no Maou, Arifureta, Tate no Yuusha, etc).

For stories which focused on yanderes, I've... more>> only read several title: Kuro no Maou, The Shaman Can't Became A Hero, These Girls... Jeopardy, and maybe one/two which I can't remember. In this review, I may compare it to those stories.

Plus point of this story (my opinion) :

+ I like this story not for romance, but for the moment when the heroine starts to show her madness.

+ I like suspense which appear whenever the heroine gone berserk, but I hate it when it's prolonged. I hate it because it made me think "someday, our MC might be killed by this woman" and made me unable to enjoy either comedy/slice of life/romance/etc. which appear in the story. At the end of chapter, you will know wether it's happy/bad/whatever ending, there is no need to worry about MC's fate while waiting for new chapter.

+ Long chapter. each chapter maybe 2-3 times longer than Kuro no Maou or Tate no Yuusha.

Negative point of this story (my opinion) :

- The heroines madness only appear when the story near it's end and resolved shortly after that. I hope the madness part start to appear bit by bit a earlier, not just suddenly appear and resolved.

Overall it's a good story.

I hope someone would continue translates this series. <<less
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