I Reincarnated, but I Think the Prince (Fiancé) Has Given Up


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The Prime Minister of Noin Kingdom, Duke Zariel has a single daughter.

She was a beauty who possessed silver hair and eyes as clear as amethyst, Christina.

Her fiancé from her childhood friend who was the First Prince of Noin Kingdom, Alberto.

Having fallen in love at once after they were engaged, she overbearingly demonstrated her love, but before anyone noticed she exhausted his civility, and without even meeting her on her fifteenth birthday, only the present arrived.

When she saw the gifted hair ornament, she suddenly realized. This different world was from a dating simulation game she played, and she wore the role of the love rival.

And now where she was at this point of time, she was in the middle of the route where her beloved Prince was stolen away by the dating simulation game’s protagonist, Clara.

The intersection of jealousy and pride leads to agony, a heartrendingly naive romance between a love stricken maiden and a young man.

※Will be published by Ichijinsha’s Iris N E O on 30th January 2016. Main story completed

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Tenseishita kedo, Ouji (Konyakusha) wa Akirameyou to Omou
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Arie Sun
New Arie Sun
February 20, 2020
Status: --
Readers have to bear with the childish writing and the numerous plot holes. It's too much and while I did turned off my logic, the way it's written worsen it. I never cringed this hard either. The plot jumped around like sugar-high bunnies.

I thought I should give this a chance even with the low rating, not worth it unless you can bear them and have a lot of free time.
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New Jolin rated it
February 1, 2020
Status: --
dang. To be honest, there were too many plot holes in this story.

... more>>

the male lead was so in love with her to the point where he basically manipulates her and to think that just because our FL spilled tea on that Clara's dress along with other villainy shit, he suddenly lost all POSSESSIVENESS towards our FL? Nah. People like him who can't even bear to be apart of their soulmate would never find any fault in their significant other. Let alone immediately leave them for some uneducated chick. Even he himself said that Clara was ill-mannered. He clearly had zero interest lmao. So why the sudden change? Overall it was okay I guess. 4/10. Won't really recommend it but give it a try if it intrigues you.

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Ars rated it
November 15, 2017
Status: --
I reincarnated but I think the Prince (Fiance) has Given Up is nothing stellar, but may satisfy your immediate cravings for self-aware otomegame villainesses. The target audience is very young - say, 10~17 years old, and you may be able to enjoy it. If you're older than that or if you've read enough stories to know what you like and don't like, this one will most likely fall into the "don't like" category.

For a light novel, the prose can be considered on the average side. It has enough setting, backstory,... more>> and description to give you a firm understanding of where the story takes place and what's going on. The pacing goes a bit fast and skips a lot of introspection and build-up. For plot and action purposes that makes things easier to read, but the characters and their personalities greatly suffer.

The female lead (villainess) is decently likeable - after regaining her memories she reflects on her previous actions and amends them in order to protect her integrity as a person. The antagonist (heroine) is also decent in her role of instigating trouble and forcing the scenarios to march on. They aren't given enough time to think to go beyond their tropes, but they're effective enough to carry the story forward.

The problem of this story lies in the male lead, who is accidentally written to be an extremely flawed, shallow, and lustful man. He avoided his fiance, Christine, after she started trying to impress him by dressing up, but once she regained her memories and started looking at him as if she wanted to break down in tears, he immediately regains interest in her and starts teasing her. Evidently, he doesn't care at all about what she's feeling or going through, but instead just likes how she looks when she's sad and insecure. The more depressed she gets, the more excited he becomes.

Furthermore, every other line he speaks is some incredibly cringy attempts at flirting that attempt to sound cool and heart-thumping, but instead come off as crass. After reading so many doujins and web novels you'd think I'd have built up a resistance to poorly-written dialogue, but Prince Alberto is simply too powerful. Examples:


"You are such a bad girl, Christina. Doing such mischief, showing me such face, are you doing it on purpose?"

"You are such a bad girl..... To trouble me like this"

"If you keep on being so cute..... sooner or later, I'll eat you, you know..... ?"


The main things he does in the story is 1) molest Christina 2) flirt with Clara, so I'm not sure what his appeal is as a person or as a love interest.

If you're on the younger side, this kind of story may be fresh and new enough to excite you - but once you've read better-written villainess stories, or better-written smut, then I Reincarnated, but (etc) just falls flat. If you've read this story and enjoyed it, power to you, because I wish I could have as well. <<less
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Lotus200 rated it
December 8, 2017
Status: v3c12
In the typical villainess story, the FL becomes aware of her role as the villainess, act differently from the original plotline and thereby captures the heart of the ML. This story differs in the fact that the ML has been in love with the FL since the beginning, and this I why I hate it.

... more>>

The ML is extremely possessive and jealous. He has been in love with the FL since they were children and would do everything to keep her by his side. Everything with the heroine is a misunderstanding. He spends time with her because his friend is in love with her and he has difficulties rejecting her because he as the prince has to be courteous. In the original plotline, the ML fell out of love with the FL, because she out of jealousy was mean to the heroine. In this plotline, the FL endures the provocation of the heroine and this allows her to keep the ML.

ML: "If there is any man around you, I want to kill him. And if you were to choose any man other than me, I will kill all of the men you chose, so prepare yourself" (v1c3).

The existence of the original plotline makes me hate the ML. And our insight in his possessiveness makes me hate him even more. If his love for the FL is so strong, then how could her display of jealousy be enough to make him abandon 10 years of love and marry another woman? Why is he allowed to kill all the men around her, while she can't even splash tea at the heroine without falling out of favor? Besides, he knows that the heroine provoked the FL to act that way. In this plotline he is even surprised that the FL is able to remain calm.

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DeanRae rated it
March 25, 2017
Status: v2c2
Well I liked it but there were some things that didn't make sense to me. First, even though it says she remembered her past life, it was only limited to the knowledge of the game - nothing else, not even modern women common sense. Next, the whole ending that was supposed to happen in the game. The next part is a big spoiler since this is a pretty short story so be warned ---> ... more>>

If in the actual game, the prince married clara and all that jazz, how could he suddenly be so yandere love with christina???? Like wtf, if he was in love with her all along then how did he even marry clara in the game ver. And if he was so in love with her that he would kill anyone who threatened their love or whatever, how come he was all good with her marrying the merchant in the game????!!! Omg. Personally don't like the dude, he came off as one big perv but I guess his pov stories are pretty cute so idk anymore this story lol sigh.

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Kimchi759 rated it
March 3, 2018
Status: extra 4
I'm going to preface this with an admission that I dropped this after reading up to v2ch3 (& then up to Extra 4). Also, I dropped this a while back and my memory is more than fuzzy.

However, looking back at my comments on the chapters, I understand why I dropped it, and I have subzero inclination to pick it up again. Re-reading or continuing would be torture.

The male lead is plain Trash. And the female lead is frustratingly, idealistically "feminine". This label includes all the terribly misogynistic stereotypes about the... more>> female gender.

Here's a quote I haven't seen in the reviews thus far that does much to reaffirm my decision to leave this in the bin:

“Those kind of words, you know, Christina. To the men that attended the party, those are the kind of compliments that they’ll easily say to anyone, anywhere. It is an old trick that men use to persuade women to sleep with them.”

This line sounds more than suspiciously like the lies abusive a**holes forcefeed their SOs to make them feel worthless/unattractive/undesirable. They do this so their victims lose confidence & independence.

This was in the same chapter as the quote about killing all other men interested in her, btw.

Plus, Albert is unsettlingly aggressive in his sexual advances. It's her fault if she turns him on so much that he loses control and can't listen to a "no" - that kind of aggressive.

i don't expect much from WNs/LNs, and I expect even less from series tagged with "yandere", but. This is too much.

Can't recommend, in good conscience. 😰 <<less
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keima rated it
April 24, 2017
Status: --
A very cute romance between two nobles. If you want a cute, warm love story this is for you.

... more>>

From the tags it seems the MC was reincarnated in an otome game she played in her past life, but it was not explained clearly since it was mentioned she cannot remember most things in her past life except the game she played. In her past life, game memories she is the main love antagonist, and her fiance which is the prince, will fall in love with the game protagonist named Clara. At first she couldn't accept it since she's in love with the prince but on a party when she saw the prince and the Clara she decided to resign to her faith, to give up the prince.

7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
March 17, 2017
Status: --
A cute romance that is put together nicely. I read the series before it was translated, but the translation quality is also nice. Somewhat atypical for a 'otome game memory recall' storyline, the main character's personality doesn't completely change after realizing that she is in the rival role. She still acts like a noble, not a clueless Japanese girl with crazy marketing schemes.
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AC253 rated it
September 27, 2017
Status: --
References to the story throughout my spoiler, so skip if you want to read it with fresh eyes.

This story plays out like a typical shoujo manga, sparkles and flowers and all. Not my favorite genre, but it was nicely done. To be honest, the author should've taken that reincarnation bit out. The main character rarely references back to her past self, and the main source of ~~~drama~~~ is her insecurity, not the overarching Otome Game Plot. The plot itself is simple and bland done countless times over. Though the male... more>> main character appealed to me on paper, I never got why he fell for the MC. Personally, I'd like something more down-to-earth, but that's my preferences talking.

Extra star for the amazing translations and prose that turned this novel from bland to semi-likable for me. Not my taste, but I'm sure some would like it. All in all, if you're a shoujo fan or just want a simple, cute romance with sprinkles of k-drama cliches, it's worth your time. <<less
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shouahang58 rated it
July 8, 2017
Status: c4
The otome game tag really has no big involvement in the story. But still I enjoyed reading this, plus I'm glad the misunderstanding was solved pretty quickly instead of dragging it for a long time.
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PhoenixVII rated it
November 4, 2018
Status: v2c3
This story is about the toxic relationship between the duke's daughter Christina and the hypocritical, perverted, yandere prince, Alberto. Alberto is a playboy who couldn't care less about Christina until she regained her memories, then she looked sad and vulnerable thinking that she'd lose him which turns him on and renews his interest... wtf?! And even though he's a playboy, he talks about how he would kill any other man that pursues Christina, or any and all men that Christina falls in love with... wtf?! Need I remind everyone that... more>> the prince got angry at her in the original game just because she threw some wine at Clara yet here he's talking about killing any man that gets involved with her? What a friggin' sociopathic hypocrite! As for Clara, well, she's little more than a plot device here, but in the original story, she just gets away with breaking etiquette far too much, yet the king allows her to marry the prince anyway... wtf?! And the female character is just your typical naive lovestruck protagonist, ugh.

Anyways, y'know, it's not like I hate yanderes all the time but a story that intends to be a fluffy romance story is no place for them... and doubly so when they're as painfully hypocritical as the prince is. <<less
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Grace.tjhin rated it
March 13, 2017
Status: c4
Its a short romance story.

For me personally its interesting how the two main character have misunderstanding and at the end they solve it.

Its fluffy and cute. It also had its heart break moments. If you want a short fluffy romance story then this is the one.
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Yuukinoa rated it
September 8, 2018
Status: extra 14
This novel is honestly incredibly frustrating for me. The translator has done a marvelous job. The basic prose is pretty standard for a light novel. There’s no complex twist or deep meaning and that’s fine. The rushed pacing also isn’t that bad. Unfortunately, the characters are incredibly flawed as pointed out by other reviewers.

Most of the story is originally told from the perspective of Christina, our female lead, but she is an incredibly unreliable narrator. First of all, there’s absolutely no reason at all to write her as a reincarnation.... more>> The only thing that she gains is the knowledge


that her fiancée is supposedly going to betray her and the cruel actions that she takes in her jealousy will push him further into the arms of the protagonist. Alas, even this is an unreliable narration as you can later gather that the prince is a yandere in love with her who would not even have started a passing relationship with the protagonist if not for our female lead acting out of character because of the sudden remembrance of her past memories.


However, this could have easily been written without that knowledge. Otherwise, the FL is completely unable to properly understand the thoughts, feelings, and actions of those around her. She’s a classical sheltered girl who,

Rant here:


can only react to the prince’s aggressive come-ons with tears and trembling. Even when she tries to stand up for herself her will is quickly overwritten when he takes advantage of her.

It’s disgusting how the prince ignores her, fails to communicate, and is constantly failing to control his lustful urges. The author has honestly written examples of the worst kind of man who takes advantage, and the worst kind of woman who lets him. I find it disturbing that anyone could praise this kind of toxic relationship. It could probably be forgiven if they were a stupid lovey-dovey married couple, but the problem is that they act like this even when the other person in the relationship is supposedly cold to it.

It’s quite irritating to me, because it gives both men and women a bad name. This novel is absolutely full of the worst kinds of stereotypes. The ML is expected to lavish the FL with expensive gifts and has no ability to control his lusty nature. The FL doesn’t understand anything going on around her and can’t stand up to the ML’s sexual assertiveness.


However that’s my personal opinion and a light novel like this isn’t meant to be taken too seriously. So if you want a dramatic, but ultimately lighthearted novel about a girly FL and a wolffish prince then you’ll probably enjoy this. Even then, I suggest stopping at the end of the 2nd novel since the extras after that are actually a long arc that involves more unpleasant characters and drama. Just not for me. <<less
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
sleepingjay rated it
April 8, 2018
Status: v2c3
It's a cliche but well-written misunderstanding story. MC is a proud and dignified noble girl but very pure and innocent inside. ML is handsome and slightly cold but is actually a dumbass (and yandere) in love. I liked both of them, though I also wanted to punch the ML in the face a few times for being a dumb teen (a f*ckboy, to be exact).

... more>>

But inside the story he got told off with everything I wanted to say, so all is well. It was very satisfying. MC might be willing to let past misunderstandings be the past, but her family certainly won't until ML learns to not let this kind of situation develop again.


The misunderstanding felt natural and since the story is short (4 ch), it wasn't stretched to ridiculous proportions. Both MC and ML had understandable reasons for their actions that worsened the situation. Although, some of ML's actions still made me want to punch him and tell him to man up and stop being a coward. What I liked however is that the author made it clear that MC's bias of knowing the otome game's ending is causing her to suspect the Prince where there is no reason to. As a reader, I could tell that ML is teasing her/is head over heels for her/is a goddamn pervert for her, but MC doesn't see it because of her bias (and because she's an innocent pure maiden, bless her).

The resolution to the misunderstanding was also satisfying. Aside from obtaining a clear explanation from ML and reconciling with him, she also obtained closure for that alternate future in the otome game. She knows now that even if this first love fails, it doesn't mean the end of the world. She's not alone and doesn't have to endure the suffering; she has her family, and she will eventually find another love.

Another thing I liked is how it's shown that the original otome game was too rose-colored and biased towards the protagonist and doesn't actually depict the reality of nobility. MC's "villainous" acts in the otome game is perfectly within reason (if slightly inelegant), while the original protagonist's actions breach etiquette x1000 over. It can be said that the original game was from the point of view of commoners, a fairy tale.

The reincarnation and yandere tag doesn't actually play much of a role. The former is only a plot device to prop the misunderstanding on MC's side and doesn't have any other effect on her (she does not gain another personality). The latter is basically casually thrown in by the author a few times.

In conclusion, while the story doesn't do anything new, it's quite well written. It's worth a read, especially since it's quite short anyway.

Edit: I did not like the additions after the main story. It kind of made it seem like ML didn't learn at all from previously and didn't take any decisive precautions. Also, her family turned from smart and supportive to brainlessly meddling. <<less
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niconico100 rated it
December 10, 2017
Status: --
The plot is amazing, however it's too fast. I actually got emotional when the whole thing was just a misunderstanding and the FML was ready to break all ties with the prince, but whatever Kami suddenly existed and flushed all my climaxed emotions when the prince suddenly confessed that he loves her. (-_-'')

The FML didn't do anything yet to win the prince's affection and your telling me that he fell in love with her because they knew each other since young and became infatuated after meeting..... bruh. I thought... more>> the story was suppose to be the prince falling in love with the protagonist, Clara, AND THEN when FML regains her control will she do something miraculous.

Sorry, but I can't seem to continue reading this. Don't get me wrong, this is only my personal opinion and I respect your decision of liking this novel... so please don't talk about getting me to like this and whatnot *sigh*

P.S. atleast I gave it a 3 star, lol XD <<less
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Langwidere rated it
June 30, 2019
Status: epilogue 4
It's a short and simple read with a cute story even with the epilogues that provides more meat to the story. It has all of the usual set up for the 'reborn into an otome game/romance novel as the baddie' but doesn't really rely on it which may have hindered the story moreso than helped. I will explain in the spoilers.

The whole misunderstanding parts are actually done well as compared to some stories were it's very obvious and only a fool or some supernatural force of nature would cause it... more>> to carry on.


The rebirth into an otome game plot point wasn't needed as it only provided a set up for how Christina as the villain will eventually lose her fiance Alberto to otome heroine Clara due to love at first site.

In these usual stories the reborn villainess does something that counters the game plot/destruction flags, or inadvertently draws the interest of the male target towards her while she work to just to come away from things happy. In this Christina just gives up and has a sort of pity party as she resigns herself to the fate of the game's plot.

With the exception of making sure that she doesn't bully or act out against Clara she does nothing but reflect on how Alberto is now in love with someone else. Even when she knows that the events of the game will still happen she doesn't put much thought into them and just carries on.

And although she never do anything Alberto never becomes attracted to the heroine because 1) Clara is immature and annoying on her own 2) he has always been in love with Christina and his feelings never wavered in the first place going against the plot of the game with no effort on Christina's part at all (unless not wearing one item had the butterfly effect and changed everything).

So she never had to do anything, there was never anything at stake. The few remembered events of the game that Christina refers to means nothing other than to further the misunderstanding between them. I was left wondering why even mention the otome game when there was never a chance of it happening given once you read the epilogue you learn that Alberto was madly in love with Christina for a long time as in long before she ever had memories of her past life and the condition of their world. Also I had to keep reminding myself and be reminded that Christina is supposed to be the main villain in the otome game but looks and her actions before and after the recovery of her memories never gives hint to a villain.

This comes down to the whole point of knowing about the otome game being pointless or Alberto's love for Christina was easily swayed in the otome game.

It really would have been better had the otome game not been mentioned and Christina just feels insecure and deluded into thinking her fiance has fallen in love with someone else.

3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
macy2 rated it
November 8, 2018
Status: c16
Is a typical plot for a story of the otome genre. Although that plays a very small part of to the actual plot. So far there are 2 arcs to the story; the otome one and an arc regarding the prince's little sister, which is still in the midst of being translated currently.

Do I like it? I don't feel any particular strong feelings (I didnt expect much in the first place) but I wouldn't say I like it.

The characters are all annoying in their own way (sheep, an idiot, doesn't... more>> think before they act, etc.) Furthermore, the plot armor is pretty strong in this novel. Events and hurdles are driven on the sole fact that no is apparently able to communicate, characters are conviently looking the other way to problems (problem avoidance really), they are all idiots, and there are really convient situations.

In short, this an easy lighthearted read for anyone interested. The translation is well done. However, this is not a read for anyone looking for a fleshed out plot and characters, or for something with some substance (there is nothing to 'sink your teeth into', or become immersed in; nothing really happens.) <<less
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
SomnolentSorrow rated it
March 6, 2019
Status: v5c2
The story seems rather lackluster honestly. I don't care for the ML in the slightest. I don't mind yanderes, but he's just off-putting. If he holds this yandere love for her, his actions in the original plotline don't make sense. In the current plotline, he shows his obsession but it's not endearing in the slightest. His lines are probably intended to be "suave" and "sadistic", but they only come across as cringey. Quite frankly, he basically molests her and she just goes along with it because he's her "beloved Alberto-sama".

The... more>> heroine herself isn't bad, but I find her incredibly frustrating at times. Despite being reincarnated, she has no common sense or knowledge. She's so, so naive and she can't do anything by herself. Because of her status as the prince's fiance and his own actions, she's weak to advances and blushes at every little thing. The relationship, if you can even call it that, is completely toxic and I sincerely hope no one wishes for this kind of romance. I'm giving it an extra star simply due to the quality of the translation. <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
November 12, 2018
Status: v5c2
For those who like simple and sweet stories, I recommend this story.

I like this story.

Especially there are Pov MC and ML from their respective perspectives. At the beginning I didn't like ML but the writer could make this story a sweet romance between them ~~~
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
AriettaPen rated it
October 22, 2018
Status: v2c3
The original story regarding the protagonist's love is a delightful read. I don't really like the Prince since he's not even an exciting Yandere to me. His lines are rather lame, but the protagonist's grief made the read worth it as I am a sucker for the jealousy she feels towards her love rival.

The after story regarding the Prince's sister's love is a bit boring. I recommend the story to the completion of the Protagonist's love, otherwise it feels like a story that has gone past it's prime due to... more>> popularity. You can read on if you want, but I'm not that interested. <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
September 9, 2018
Status: --
Reincarnated ? Fluffy love story? Nah!

The ML is just plain trash/scum and egocentric.

The MC are so naive and weak to the point that its really irritating.

It’s unacceptable to see the ML flirts around and then treat the MC like she’s some kind of easy women that he can push/pull around. And the so called undying love that the ML has for the MC is just a plain joke.
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Marikosebas rated it
July 15, 2018
Status: --
What is this googly eyes shit. (The characters) They don’t have an ounce of common sense. *Caution brain mush hazard*⚠

I gave it up before and I did it now too... I will not pick it up again, it’s in my never to return file (why did I return!? Orz) The characters are sooo one dimensional/stereotyped that it is just plain boring and one can see the author dragging the spent horse that the story is by adding so many “extras”.
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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