What Can I Do, I’m Not Human


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The cover is the character design of the protagonist.

Chu Shi Ci was bound to a system, which tasked him with saving those destitute male leads. However, he himself is not human. What can he do?

First World – ABO Story (Completed) Su Zheyan was originally a highly decorated general until the day his disguise as a Beta pretending to be an Alpha was exposed. He was thrown onto an abandoned planet to fend for himself, with only a small robot toy left behind by his father as his companion.

Suddenly, his toy came to life. [CP]: The destitute high-ranking general and his lively robot toy.

Second World – Campus Story

The top student and the clay figurines he molds.

Third World – Post-apocalyptic Story

The secret agent and his little assistant.

Fourth World – Supernatural Story The snake demon and his little monk.

Fifth World – Blind Painter and his intelligent speaker

Sixth World – Reclusive Wizard and his wicked doll

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New HiddenHermit rated it
February 18, 2024
Status: Completed
I liked this novel but it contains a lot of cruelty. Although MC, Chu Shi Ci, and his system provides levity... the environment and situations were cruel, with lots of s*xual abuse mentioned. A small spoiler, MC and ML never get r*ped but there are several attempts.

I read this story in parts along with a lighter novel to clean out the negative emotions. It is an interesting, layered plot. The translation is inaccurate at times but I could still get the gist of it. There is a happy ending. Overall,... more>> a recommended read if you aren't emotionally vulnerable.

This spoiler is a real spoiler. It's for me to remember so the mystery will be ruined if you read it.


ML, Shen Lianzhe, was schemed against by the new president. ML was sent to MC's original world to "ensure that the original plot can run smoothly" but MC's small world was illegally created to trap ML into breaking the law.

ML was suppose to only observe but ML had grown attached to MC since he watched him since he was a baby. ML interceded and prevented many horrible things from happening to MC. These intercessions were against the law so ML was sent to the punishment world. During this time, ML had already fallen in love with MC.

ML had his own system (let's call it Boss). ML asked Boss to watch over and protect MC while ML was in the punishment world. Boss then removed MC from his world and found a naive system to bond with MC. Boss then sent them to ML's punishment world to help ML... also hoping that MC will fall in love with ML.

Then Boss, regrouped ML's subordinates, overthrew the new president, and rescued the couple. All this was in the background while the main story covered the details of the punishment worlds.


1. General and robot: ML's name is Su Zheyan. The big villain is the AI called Mastermind. It had gone back in time from the future to try to wipe out the betas. It thought betas were of no use to humanity.

2. Student and toy figurine: ML's name is Mingzhe. The big villains are a criminal gang with a group of psychiatrists. They were trying to brainwash kids for child trafficking and other gross stuff. The hidden villain is the psychiatrist that was trying to get close to ML.

3. Agent and system: ML's name is Gu Yunzhe. Aliens were using humans to make money. ML had become a modified human that could be controlled remotely by aliens. However, ML discovered a material that could jam the signal so the modified humans can regain their freedom from the aliens. ML's memory loss was caused by the high priest of the White Dove Church since ML wanted to commit su*cide at that time. He wiped ML's memory in the hope that ML wouldn't kill himself.

4. Snake and monk figure: ML's name is Xunzhe. Big villain was a stone carving spirit that ML used to be a part of. It had also gained consciousness and wanted to ascend. It colluded with a deity and the King of Hell to entrap ML and gain merit.

5. Painter and speaker: ML's name is Shen Xiuzhe. Villains are the prison employees, ML's adopted father, and Brother Liu. ML was trying to collect evidence of crimes committed by the prison, ML's father, and others. However, Brother Liu, who was originally on ML's side, turned traitor after ML got the evidence. He hid the evidence and wiped ML's memory.

6. Sorcerer and doll: ML's name is Ji Huaizhe. The villains are the school principal, vice principal, and leader of the beast tribe. Hidden villains are the royal family and Beast King. The vice principal had summoned ML into the world. They then lied to ML and wanted to use him as a vessel to contain ten demons kings and eventually control these kings through ML. They wanted to conquer and rule the world.

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New Reading rated it
February 17, 2024
Status: Completed
One of those BL stories that I would add to my reread list. Most of the QT novels I've read are usually fast and vague, only focusing on the romance between the MC and ML. Although there is a focus on the romance between the characters in this novel, you can see that the author tried their best to flesh out the stories. The characters are also lovable — a ML who cries, a MC who cries, a System who drools over the crying CP, and Boss who questions System's... more>> intelligence. I love the story and I really enjoyed reading it. The translators did an awesome job too! If not for them, I don't think that I would love and enjoy the story as much as I do now. <<less
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Risingray rated it
October 24, 2023
Status: v1
"I took off my pants and you show me this" is a slang /idiom... it doesn't literally means he took off his pants lol... even though I am not Chinese nor English speaker I got it,....... but to rate a novel low because of just one sentence you don't even understand is a new level of pettiness I witnessed......

Now about the 1 arc...... MC's main task is to help ML emotionally so that ML can complete the task..... ML was literally close to commit su*cide after many difficulties and MC... more>> helped him even though he was also on the verge of losing his mind... MC find his existence in ML's dependence on him and ML overcome his difficulties so that he could create a peaceful world foe MC..... it was a heavy concept so inbetween humour or say adult humour adds a little breather from the heavy subject..... for me it was a good read

Someone also commented that ML is a crybaby...I mean what's wrong with people....... ML was depressed so he cried to his partner for emotional support what's wrong about it..... maybe people nowadays are born without tear ducts that they don't know to use it.... <<less
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Meatshield rated it
December 10, 2023
Status: Completed
Holy crap.

I cl**ked on this series very casually and lightheartedly as I was in the mood for a world hopping redemption story but NOTHING about this story is lighthearted. This story is gripping but it gets EXTREMELY dark and there are some descriptions of cruelty and injustice that are so vivid and so bleak that I often found myself weeping from the despair. While each arc has a happy ending and the novel itself eventually ends happily, this plot just isn't for the faint of heart. Even I myself, thought... more>> about dropping it at some points because I just got so depressed reading about all the suffering the characters were experiencing but alas, I pressed on because I needed to know that the leads would be happy.

As a person who's now been through the fire and though a little emotionally scarred, has emerged from the other side, let me highlight some reasons why I think you might like and dislike the novel.

Why you might like it:

  • The leads are phenomenal. In some ways it feels like they're a mass of contradictions but that's what makes them oh so real. Both are mentally and emotionally tenacious enough to get pass hurdles that would crush most people but secretly vulnerable and in need of love and companionship just like anyone else. Neither are OP because they're both capable in some ways but helpless in others. What is most admirable is that they're kind-hearted at their core and steadfast in their morals so even when it seems like the world is full of darkness, you know they'll fight to rectify it. Outside of the leads the two systems are hilarious and provide much needed comic relief.
  • The world building is incredibly intricate, complex and unique. You can tell that the author created each world with much care and consideration because each feels like a hyper realistic dystopian nightmare and the inhabitants of each world are fully fleshed out no matter where they stand morally. Each world has its own set of history, politics, and cultural norms and there isn't much overlap with other stories even if the initial premise of "rescuing a designated target" is cliche.
  • The author is exceptional at crafting mysteries and creating a heightened sense of suspense. The tension in each arc had me nearly chewing my fingernails clean off. In every arc the leads get caught in some grand evil conspiracy that they have to slowly unpack and overcome in order to survive and live with dignity. The difficulty level is always in hell mode and even when success looks like it's right around the corner, something will happen that'll make the leads doubt everything. The story has many insane twists but they're never illogical as the author is a master at pacing and giving us the right amount of information at the right time.
Why you might not like it:

  • Like I said, sometimes this story gets so dark and heavy that it's hard to continue reading. A lot of the subject matter could also be triggering for some people. The second arc personally gutted me the most because it was the closest to our modern world. In response to the despair in each world, the leads often cry which could be unappealing for some as well.
  • The MC spends most of the time in each arc as an inanimate object, that may or may not have a humanoid form, and sometimes before he regains his human body, him and the ML have already established a romantic relationship. In some occasions this leads to them engaging in adult behaviours before the MC has a human form
    It could also bother some that the MC and his system are very liberal about bedroom matters and can appear really thirsty at times.
Overall, I earnestly admire how well this text was written but I can't say I would recommend it to everyone because it's not the kind of story that everyone would enjoy. This story very much reminded me of Why Is It Possible For This Type Of A To Also Have An O? in that it is a story that deals with a lot of abuse but is ultimately a story of perseverance, justice and healing.

Finally, I don't know if this will be helpful but here are some major themes I picked up on while reading that might give you an idea of whether this story will be for you:

  • Not all parents should be parents and not all parents love their children
  • Technology is dangerous when its use is left unchecked
  • Being overexposed to depictions of s*x and violence leads to emotional indifference, an increase in criminal activity, and eventual social instability
  • The police are righteous and well-intended but not always competent
  • Power imbalances often leads to discrimination and exploitation
  • People need companionship and a sense of belonging to be mentally healthy
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July 5, 2023
Status: c35
World 1

... more>>

Ex-General Beta Gong x Small Toy Robot Shou

- ABO world where beta's are discriminated against. ML was the protagonist of a no-CP world who disguised himself as a beta to join the military, before being banished to a barren planet full of criminals and exiles when his identity was exposed.

- MC eventually acquires a human form. MC is a gay bottom who's read/watched his fair share of p*rn and isn't afraid to admit it lol

- ML actually shows emotions (crying, happiness, possessiveness, anger). He's not just an eternally stoic ice block.

- System is likewise not an emotionless machine and has personality

- Non-explicit, implied s*xual activity


World 2

Trigger Warning:

su*cide, su*cide Attempt, Cyber Bullying, Pedophilia, Child Abuse

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CoffeeForMyLazySelf rated it
July 28, 2023
Status: Completed
A very very interesting and fun novel to read. If you're not fond of tragic worlds this isn't for you, each world MC went through are all tragic in their own way.

Dont worry tho-

... more>>

Our MC doesn't experience the tragic stuff that happend in each world, the ML experience them but when MC arrives, it becomes a healing experience for the both of them♡


The novel has a total of six arcs/worlds and each world has a unique and interesting plot setting that it could be a whole novel on it's own! Each world tackles a subject that is quite depressing. But even so, the interactions with MC and ML provides us the heartwarming feeling and comedy we need!

Whether it's HE or BE:


It's a happy ending!


This novel is definitely worth reading! It is funny, heartwarming, tear inducing, and very interesting. Definitely 5/5. <<less
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JustAki rated it
October 23, 2023
Status: c40
I have school tomorrow and I'm crying tears.

P.S. As for the comment of Lolcharacter above, I don't think they read a lot of BL or possibly might be a troll. Pulling down pants is a chinese slang (which I have forgotten what the specific word is) that means the the person has already seen so much but why did it end so early? Like something along that expression.

But anyway, it's a slang. Don't take it too seriously, chinese novels revolves around using slangs, idioms, expression and etc.

Correct me if I'm... more>> wrong (I'm sure the expression was somewhat like that, I just forgot the specific meaning for it) since the last I've read novels has been a year ago.

Another edit:


Usually means: you already pull down your pants (prepare for hot stuff which in context, system just wanted to see his CP sail) and then it's gone due to the mosiac. <<less
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mmatss rated it
October 15, 2023
Status: Completed
I just finished this and it was so good. It easily become one of the best quick transmigation novel I've read. All the arcs are unique and different from the usual.

I love the relationship between the MC and ml. I love the personalities of MC and ml. The system is also very cute and the interaction between it and the MC is funny.

What I like about the ml:

... more>>

He cries. I love it coz that's such a rare thing for mls in novels and it makes me feel more about his circumstance


The arcs are full of mystery. They are so deep and confusing and I can't help but wanting to skip to the end of it just so I can get the answers and know the mastermind but I also don't want it to end coz I love the novel and I need more lol. One thing I didn't like was how the ending of the arcs

feels short. Especially in the fourth arc I kinda want to see more about the evil guys getting their retribution and also I wanted more story of the npc protagonist of the fourth arc. I just feel bad for him. Poor guy didn't deserve that life: (.


Spoiler for arc 3


MC is like a slime thingy. And I really love it coz this is the first time I've read where the ML did MC in slime form haha.




it's HE! :)). Also super satisfying to know the explanation why MC transmigrates to help ml.


Extra Chapters:


MC and ML became kids to re-live the life of MC and turn his unhappy past to happy memories


Anyway this novel is worth reading! I hope you guys give this a chance. <<less
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lammynoxfox rated it
September 22, 2023
Status: c1
I didn't expect much when I looked at this novel to be honest.
But now that I've read the first arc, I have to say: I LOVE IT!

Our MC has a lot of rough edges. He is not the classic OP character who can do everything. But he's also not (as is so often the case) the type who keeps his orientation a secret or tries to keep the original plot going by any means possible. He is who he is and he stands by it with all his strengths... more>> and weaknesses.

Also our ML... what can I say. I just love him. Yes, he is an iceberg. Yes, he is a one-man army. But he also has weaknesses, feels lonely or suffers and although he seems cold and aloof most of the time, he also shows his loving and vulnerable side to MC.

In the course of the story, you notice how both grow from their experiences. Especially our MC. I swear, I was so taken back by the first arc. Because on an interpersonal level you can transfer many of his worries and fears into real life.

And last but not least, one of my highlights. The system!
In so many novels (which is not meant to be a criticism of the stories) the system often gets on my nerves. Either it interferes and makes everything more complicated or it is useless or annoying or just a tool.

Our sweet system helps our MC within its means. Even if he is not OP (at least so far) he helps a lot, at least emotionally. And he fires up the love between our MC and ML :D It's so incredibly funny as time goes on. I had to laugh so many times.

All in all, the story has everything you could wish for. In the course of the story you have to deal with really tough issues, which I never expected.
So you don't only have sweet love but also really serious topics as well as funny moments.

The only thing I personally didn't like: The end of each arc is, for me, too fast? Towards the end I feel like everything is done quickly and poof end. It's not bad but not that satisfying for me either.

In this sense, I hope that people will give the story a chance and I would also like to thank the author and the translators from the bottom of my heart. Great work! <<less
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Today Also I Chug Vinegar
Today Also I Chug Vinegar rated it
July 17, 2023
Status: v1
I haven't read many Novels where the ML and MC are so lively and specially the system.

The comedy also kicks off very nicely. From the cover, I actually expected a tragedy. Which was some-what true.

For a QT, Its hard to find Novels where MC isnt OP from the start. I suggest that people do not run over expecting something too logical, but also this isnt brainless fluff. Some parts will have you at the edge of your seat.

... more>>

The dynamic of the system judging MC to be fair and harmless even with His cobra tattoo and dyed hair is also pretty funny. Their interactions remind me of ones from Urban Legend and The Villain Has Been Coveting.


I think that stories where the Host and System have a mutual understanding and comradery is pretty charming. And the ML isnt very Typical, but he is very ambitious to the point of s*upidity. Little Introduction to the Trios personality

System "How are you, My treasure?"


The system was probably a part-time employee at some shady place before. If you disqualify its current job. Sometimes it acts like a reliable big brother, other times its just this creepy friend too much invested in the CP it follows and MC's s*x life. But System is System, if someone dislikes the System, then you are outside of my Friendly System.


Male Lead "I'm a firm MaTerIAliSt"


Hahahaha even in the world of Gods and Demons, ML is still ML. MC thinks he is fake ice block, what he doesnt know, is that that treatment is very much a reserved quality available to ML's Wife. But at the same time, Male Lead is like a deep fried Tofu Block, Crispy outside, Soft inside, Maybe a water melon? He cares about others very much. Even when people misunderstands him, instead of blackening, he just beats himself up for things, and sometimes even takes stuff out on MC. Which is dislikable. If there is the character Yan in a characters name, Understand that that is ML. I dont like him as much I like system though.



Systems Boss [Male leads system] "Our's is not a black company"

Cool and mysterious, the systems wife. Ml's system. He can only be described as cool and cool, domineering and smooth.


Main Character "My taste's are quite heavy"


And they are! MC's antics sometimes make me go 'WOW' other times he makes me feel sad and soft inside, if ML is a fried tofu, MC is a Bomb Blast candy, he is also a soft stretchy Mochi. He has very low self-worth, which improves a little later. He is kind of like a therapist friend, if he can see and solve other's problems, why not his own? I like MC's wilfulness of standing by his Yan-ge's side, but also he makes me angry at the ML and himself. He is playful at times, and while he was very badass in character before, and still is, once ML appears he goes docile. Typical of QT, but MC is still likable as a character. I feel like, we don't know much of the MC yet even though his background story has already been revealed.

Other side characters that are mentioned in the story are also quite dynamic. They don't stick around for too long though. So it's better not to get too attached to them.


I feel like what pulls you into the story is the first chapter and the MC and systems interaction of

"Am I dead?"

"Yep. Died suddenly, Very much dead."

Almost MTL'd it but decided not to haha

Recommend it as a light read. Don't expect too much, Don't expect too little. <<less
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aml.1908 rated it
September 19, 2023
Status: v3c20
Love Love Love this Novel !!!

I just adore the dynamic between MC and ML.

The relationship between the MC and the Sytem is also super cute. They are totaly on the same wavelength lol.

... more>> Every world deals with some very heavy topics, but the novel is still very enjoyable to read. Probaply bc the relationship with the MC and ML ist super fluffy! They keep eachother warm in cold times.

I am really enyoing this and am suprised that not that many people have read this novel.

I also have to thank the translator for picking this up and translating is so well ❤

You should defenetly give this novel a try! <<less
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TheIsekaiConsumer rated it
November 27, 2023
Status: v5c1
Stopped before Arc 5 because I really don’t want to MTL this so I’ll wait for more translated chapters before continuing.

The Translation:

Awesome! I don’t think I would have enjoyed this as much if not for the translator/s superb work. They managed to translate the humor, jokes, and plot really well. Their updates are pretty regular too and I love their little notes in each chapter.

... more>> The Plot:

Absolutely brilliant. Each world is so alive and complicated that I feel so immersed each time. The author manages to organically introduce information, which a lot QTs fail to do. Information and world-building are presented in a way that progress the plot, defines character quirks, and develops relationships.I usually read Chinese novels with my brain turned off but this story forced me to turn it back on. I can feel my brain cells being nourished with every chapter.

The Characters

Gahhh! I love them all to bits. As soon as the first arc was finished, I KNEW I was gonna read through this novel even if the rest of the plots were sh*tty because the author has managed to make me care about these two boys + the system. I forgot to read the tags to this story so I thought it was a light-hearted comedy romance AND it was at first. It lulled me into a false sense of security and then BAM! It broke my heart and mended it and then broke it and then mended it.

MC - a bloodthirsty shou, ready to maim and kill. He has really good brain cells but he prefers to let ML do the thinking. An insecure crybaby.

ML - a clever and strong gong who tries to be domineering and possessive but blushes easily at the slightest innuendo. Also an insecure crybaby.

System - honestly reminds me of a 30-year-old housewife who’s watching a telenovela and commenting at every plot point while sewing her children’s clothes.

Oversimplification of their characters, honestly, but summarizes what I love about them.

The Prose

As I mentioned, author knows how to tell a story in a way that doesn’t infodump like other QTs do. There are many mysteries at the start. Now, I have a short attention span so I really hate it when things drag on BUT author knows when to release information to get your attention once more. Each scene serves an important role (either giving information or developing the relationship) and not just a boring filler.

Now, this story delves into heavy topics. I was almost tempted to skip Arc 2, tbh, because it was getting too heavy. But author knows how to provide a breather for the readers without breaking the tension. I’ve read a lot of stories where they use comedy and fluff to lighten the drama and most of the time, it just breaks the seriousness and detracts from the earnestness. This story provides breathing spaces but still keeps you immersed. And the catharsis you’ll feel at the end of each arc is so good.

Overall, super recommend for people looking for a high-quality and plot-heavy read! <<less
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Rollandx rated it
February 9, 2024
Status: Completed
I love it. Each arc is well made, has a sense of novelty, is not cliche, and does not follow other QT templates. I gave it 4 stars because of personal preference, in Arc 1 and 2 I could still survive, but after the next Arc I started to get annoyed because of the tragedies that kept happening to ML. I was very annoyed every time I progressed to the next arc because of the tragedy that ML experienced and it made me stop for a moment every time I... more>> went through an arc, my heart couldn't stand it. <<less
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Netsuyume rated it
October 16, 2023
Status: Completed
Aaah, this story is so good!!! It has it's fair share of angst, but both the MC and ML are interesting characters, and the plot is also exciting despite the fact that the main focus is still on the feelings (both normal and romantic). Also, this is the first novel I've read where the transmigrating MC actually goes to therapy after being traumatized. I can't wait to find out every little backstory detail! So exciting!
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Fisukisuki rated it
February 15, 2024
Status: extra 2 part2
It's... A lot...!

This novel have all the taste, man... The Sadness and Pure Happiness. Cuteness and Horror. The Solving of BIG Mystery as part of Plot! And things that made you so bewildered it makes you probably chocked in confusions where you either want to laugh or cry??? Funny and Weird (the 3rd Arc bruh). But one thing for sure... The Psychological Genre Does Not Lie!

Sometimes it took me a moment to keep remind myself WHY the each world was Dark Beyond 'Normal' Reason for ML. Because it mean... more>> to be a Punishment.

So if each of you get Frustrated with what ML had been through... Well... That's LITERALLY THE PLOT. The Punishment... the Tragedy that he had to gone through.

But... With all those Pain, we also get the Sweetness and Cuteness from our MC in his None Human Form giving all his Best and Love for ML. And that's Precious!!!

This Novel is Literally a Story of both MC and ML Saving Each Other's Heart and Well Being.

Okay, put the seriousness aside, I LOVE how the author wrote the characters!

ML is someone with Facial Paralysis who is mostly Aloof and Cold but also a 'Crybaby' (literally cry from heavy grievance). Another Rare BL novel where the ML GONG doesn't have problem with Crying and let out his real grievance. MC would sometimes cry together with him.

No Spoiler, because it hard to explain, but MC's Character Growth was Splendid in Comforting way.

And the System... Well, I Love this guy! Truly the Best Partner and Best Friend for our MC! Without needing to have the 'Human' characteristic to do a Sympathy like Human, IT being Equally Yellow like MC, but a Fun guy to be Around, and have Enough Concern for MC's well being too. Seriously, one of the BEST System I have ever read EVER!!!

Okay... All in All this Novel was something that I doubt you would ever expect!

It's Both HEAVY but also FLUFFY but beware for many Trigger Warning. I Love it but also Happy for it to be Over!


The Translator already did Awesome Job... The rest is Up To You Reader! <<less
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twobada rated it
February 15, 2024
Status: --
This one gets DARK. Pay attention to the content warnings.

I love how the author wasn't being preachy nor perfunctory with the treatment of depression. With every arc, we are shown the many different ways a person's depression can manifest, how it changes them, and how different people react to it differently. We also see how much work is needed to get out of it.

The logic and setups of the worlds were also varied. I can't say they were masterfully set up since there were indeed times when the author had... more>> to rely on plain narration either to speed up everything or to tie up all the clues together. But despite that, the times when the MC is still gathering clues and trying to figure out the situation were still engaging.

Another thing I really enjoyed was the interaction between the system and the MC. I love how they started from two confused people to becoming best friends. The system wasn't OP and it didn't need to be, because what the MC was also a friend who could sustain him while he goes out to save the ML. <<less
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