Transmigrating into a Demon Spirit to Blow up the Entire World


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Chen Tong is punished by a demon god to go to each world to be various kinds of spirits, fortunately regardless of what to cross, he is good at using demon spirit magic, healing, prophecy, psychic, all kinds of strong flaunting off isn’t good.

Thus, warlord and his little mirror, imperial prince and little fox, alliance head and little peach blossom, chief-executive’s little kitty…… having lived a life (chicken) full (flying) of blessing (dog) and beauty (jumping).

Only, –“Baby, when did you change into human form?” The man who is chasing after him regrets asks, “human form can then pa pa pa ……”

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ResidentialPsycho rated it
June 11, 2019
Status: c62
This is a violent transmigration/torture/abuse/BL series that demonstrates one of the most nightmarish, horrific relationships one can imagine--except, it's treated as "love and affection" in this series, which is complete nonsense. If you or someone you know has a relationship similar to the ML and MC, that is a serious warning sign that that person is in an abusive relationship and should probably make an escape plan or go to couples' therapy. This is not love, and it is not romance. Anyone who treats another person this way without any regard to his or her feelings or freedom does not love that person. Someone who loves someone else absolutely would not treat them in such a way.

ORIGINAL: I have mixed feelings about this series so far. I'm currently in the... more>> third arc. The MC is a naive teenager without much cunning and is simply working on his tasks as he's told. Very little information has been given about his life before this started, and the plot is just kinda thrown out there without any buildup. He has to act like certain demons in each arc, but this isn't difficult or challenging.

I hate the ML. Their "romance" is more of the ML instantly becoming obsessed with the MC and absolutely refusing him to leave his side or have a life of his own. There is no development leading up to this "romance." Although yanderes can be fun depending on how they're used, this is the creepy rapist type of ML who isolates the MC from everyone else, which is very characteristic of abusive relationships. He really grosses me out. I'm not sure if the MC has Stockholm Syndrome or if he likes being so restricted and limited while absolutely being forbidden a social life and independence or what. Even though the MC gets r*ped, he still enthusiastically searches for the ML in every world so far without any hesitation or trepidation, which feels incredibly unrealistic, even for a fantasy series. I can't see the ML as anything more than a villain, and I hope the MC breaks away from him, even though that's unlikely with this type of plot.

All of the side characters are incredibly flat and essentially only exist as ornaments without substance. That said, neither the MC or ML really have enough depth to satisfy me, which is frustrating.

The original world background hasn't been revealed in the slightest. The first world's background appears to be China around 1900-ish, which was very confusing for me to try to figure out since the social customs and technology appeared so incongruent. However, the explanations for the worlds improve each time, and the setting for the third world is very interesting. Although I've read a ton of similar novels, I can honestly say I've never come across one with this type of original setting, and it's rekindled my interest.

This is great because I came very close to dropping this series in the second world because

the ML becomes the MC's father but is incredibly lustful toward him, utterly insulting the name of parenthood. He strongly reminds me of the child s*xual abusers who r*pe their children, adopted children, or foster children. He acts this way without a hint of hesitation or moral restraint. The weirdest part is, everyone is seemingly okay with him having a s*xual relationship with his son who couldn't be more than a few months old. Like, what the hell, sci-fi world?


There are some funny moments, such as when the MC goes on a very memorable shopping trip in the second world without the ML. However, it feels like a lot of these character-building and world-building moments were replaced with forceful smut, which is quite a disappointment.

Like I said, my feelings are mixed so far, and I'd think thrice before recommending this to someone. Whether I stick with it or drop it depends on how engaging the third world will be.


In the third arc, the ML uses mind control to manipulate the MC. The ML isolates the MC from all of his friends by attacking, threatening, or trying to kill them. He essentially imprisons the MC in their home and frequently injects a sedative into him to make him weak and unable to move in order to hold him prisoner. He grips the MC by the wrist enough to leave dark bruises and literally drags him through their house. When the MC tries to get a moment to himself to think about things in the bathroom, the ML breaks down the bathroom door and attacks and r*pes him. He nearly forces the MC to have a miscarriage (note: the MC is a tree, so he's a natural hermaphrodite). The MC has to struggle for his life in order to run away and makes many attempts before he finally.

After all that, the MC peacefully returns to the extremely abusive ML with their young child. Not everyone in abusive relationships develops PTSD, but why hasn't the MC learned at all?! This isn't a romance series, this is a torture and abuse series! Worse yet, he's putting their child in that same situation? What the hell, dude? Did turning into a tree give him mulch for brains?

I reduce my rating to two because it's taking such an unhealthy relationship and treating it as normal. It's fine to have torture and abuse in a series, but it should be treated as torture and abuse, not some fantasy romance. This is not romance. This is not love.

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rhianirory rated it
March 18, 2019
Status: c30
so yea, this is a story with a naive, sheltered, innocent MC who has the mental acuity of a 10-13 year old and a possessive, domineering ML who treats him as a pampered pet/child and molds him into the perfect "wife" for himself. It's the same formula for many "light and fluffy" novels (both bl and bg). This is a quick wear novel and those usually have a normal MC with normal intelligence (often the MCs have a high IQ in world hopping novels) so the idiot-child MC in this... more>> novel makes it a little different from most in the genre. I thought this story would be good because of the non-human angle but I really don't like this kind of MC, I much prefer it when the two are partners. The rest of the story is completely overshadowed by my dislike for this type of MC so I can't say much about it. Its a 2.5 for me but i'll round it up. <<less
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housyspecial rated it
December 8, 2018
Status: c85
So cute, lots of fluff & drama. The storyline is very creative.

... more>>

Our main character is normal 17-year-old youth that was forcefully bounded to a system that had him do tasks that revolve around getting good feeling points from targets. Each world, the main character's body will be a type of demon. For example, first world, he was mirror spirit demon, second world, he was fox demon, third world, a tree demon and where I'm currently at, the fourth world, he's a cat demon.



Main character is so good at selling cuteness while he's a cat demon. ^_^


Male lead in every world falls in love with him and grows possessive of him each time. Lots of jealousy when main character interacts w/ other males, but that's just one of the best parts, his reactions make your heart throb. You could feel the love overflowing.

Main character is sometimes naive, sometimes proud, but always very lovable. You have to applaud the humor from him too! <<less
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idkvan rated it
November 5, 2019
Status: c110
I would like to thank the translator for putting in so much time and effort translating this story but I just can't bring myself to enjoy it.

All my favorite elements of a story is in there but the MC just RUINS it with his childish, self-centered, spoiled ways.

I honestly couldn't understand how after so many worlds the MC never changes, grows up or reflects on his behavior. The ML did some pretty terrible things to the MC and I could see why people would hate him but at least he... more>> reflected on it and CHANGED. (Hurray for character growth) It's just the MC was always so willful and selfish with his love that it honestly felt really onesided and I kinda wished he'd suffer a little rejection from the ML. The MC is the type of lover that you get tired of because all he does is whine and demand without really considering the other persons feelings. Honestly 80% of the misunderstandings couldve been cleared if the MC would just communicate instead of holding everything in and throwing a tantrum when things don't go his way.

I did enjoy the creativity of the novel. The worlds were pretty new compared to some of the typical worlds you get in these quick transmigration stories. Also I liked the idea of him becoming a demon cultivator in each world as well. <<less
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Darkness7913 rated it
July 18, 2019
Status: Completed
Translator here!


I'm giving it 4.5 star because even though there was a bit of drama near the ending and the annoying attitude of the MC.. (yes I got annoyed with his attitude while translating) but it still ends in a satisfying way... Our MC is a willful 17 y/o youth, which frankly doesn't matter since he acts pretty childish and spoiled, anyway, the MC travels to different worlds as different demons while fulfilling some tasks because of offending a demon cultivator... ML is in each and every world, at first... more>> you find that MC act too mischievous? self-centered? towards ML or tries to make it hard for ML but the ML actually deserves a bit of this because...


IRL MC is a phoenix while ML is a snake demon, there was an instance where MC saved ML by giving his heart to him, yes MC's heart regenerates he's a phoenix after all, ML didn't know of this and then asks a drop of blood from MC's heart (because of some qualities in the blood) but no heart = no blood, so... MC doesn't bother to explain anything... so misunderstandings all over (due to the instigation by someone)... The whole transmigration is the MC's trial that a phoenix must go through, ML follows.. so tadah the whole plot... I forgave ML later after he groveled and asked for forgiveness after he realized those...

MC is described as someone who doesn't show his feelings on the outside but loves wholeheartedly (he gave his heart after all)...


In the end... I'm just trying hard to finish translating this novel which I liked at first... but now it seems I have to rethink my opinion in this.. with how childish and annoying the MC and how annoying the system's mission is which causes a bunch of misunderstandings..

So read this if you like:

  • demon spirits
  • light story with not much schemes
  • transmigration
  • and... uh... possessive ML
  • Misunderstandings... a lot of it is due to the system
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Silver_Lotus_Under_The_Moon rated it
August 10, 2019
Status: c56

If anyone is against r*pe, or are sensitive to a softhearted MC being - just barely subtly- manipulated by the ML, then I warn you to tread carefully. The first arc is fine; there's a lot of cute fluff between the MC and ML, however things start to take a more... darker turn. It doesn't show at first, as the story is very lighthearted - however, the r*pe tag is on this story for a reason. The possessiveness that the ML holds is borderline strange, and somewhat suffocating, even for me. ML is practically obsessed with the MC who, despite being 'loved' without consent-, very much adores the ML.



While there were some unpleasant moments, the main ones being ML with his forcefulness and isolating the MC because of his jealousy, I find myself enjoying the story; although I skip parts of some chapters because I can't handle the s*xual tension. What can I say? I'm a natural vanilla, I can't handle smut.


The story is well translated, with the added notes clarifying things that I could not, for the sake of myself, understand. The fluff makes up for some unsavoury moments, and there will be a few moments where you won't know whether you should laugh or cry... Depending on how you are; it might just be both!

This is a nice read-through, and although there are 20 chapters in each arc -a little more or a little less, depending on the arc-, it's a great way to spend your time. I gave 3 stars because of the great translation, I took away 2 from 5 because of the less than favourable way the ML treated MC.


Although I await for next updates, I will read the Raws and, if ML grovels for his wifey good enough; I shall forgive ML for his lusty urges.


Cheers to the Translator for their great work!
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Muaaimoi rated it
March 13, 2020
Status: c30
So the reviews for this seem kinda all over the place so I thought I'd comment.

Its very much in line with what is only recently become to be acknowledged as obsessive behavior, which most people do still think is romantic (I.e all the Edward Cullen apologists).

Honestly it was a no for me because of the sinple minded naive nature of the MC. Frankly the overbearing psychotic ML is only bearable to me when paired with a fully functioning adult that chooses that. Like if the MC was a whole adult... more>> with real life experience or perhaps even a past that could explain why hed be so forgiving/excusing of such behaviors (I.e: being an orphan, being betrayed by a lover etc) it doesnt excuse the ML's actions but there is a certain logic to it. As it is this MC is basically a sacrificial lamb to this ML's psychosis.

Other than that the arcs lagged for me and seemed kinda gratuitous on MC abuse.

It was however a really fun idea and just not well executed considering the characters. I thibk the translator did a good job tho. <<less
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Potatoes rated it
January 13, 2019
Status: v1c20
This is a very heartwarming fluffy bl novel, the MC is very lovable and somewhat naive, and the ML is possessive and is tank full of vinegar.

The way the novel is being translated is great, so there's no confusing areas. The emotions and events were clearly described. Also, the flow of the story suits my tastebuds.
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.moondance rated it
October 20, 2020
Status: c48
The ML became a hard no for me, just because of his overbearing possessiveness. A little bit is okay - I like a little possessiveness! - but this is flying over the yandere line. Confinement, r*pe, emotional isolation... the main problem I have is that the MC is kinda... dumb. Naive. A ML like this is best matched with a fully functioning adult MC who enjoys the dark room play (like the MC from Strategy to Capture that Scum Gong), not someone who passively accepts everything because they can't fight... more>> back. It makes me uncomfortable how all MC's objections are overruled. And no, the ML grovelling for forgiveness afterwards doesn't make it better. Consent is sexy, kids. <<less
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May 14, 2019
Status: --
So I read up to chapter 22 aaaand, well, the chemistry between the two seems flat. Like super flat.

For instance, the ML likes the MC but the Mc's EQ is so low. So low to the point where it seems like he doesn't love the ML but still passively allows the ML to do what he wants.

It makes it seem like the ML's forcing the MC but then the author throws in a sentence that it's "love".

Uh sure buddy, I'll continue reading later but the first arc really put me... more>> off and the tasks (lile the goodwill points) are completed only because the MC looks attractive <<less
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TWWY rated it
March 24, 2022
Status: Ch139
Okay, it's not ALL r*pe and imprisonment. The first arc was decent (the best arc out of all the arcs in my opinion), the second arc was unintentional r*pe (I skipped most of this arc) and then the third arc... it went downhill from there (only arc three has intentional r*pe but the rest of the arcs were still almost as bad) .

How do I say this? Umm... this novel is not that good. Yeah I agree with most of the reviews here. It's just the same plot? over and... more>> over again but with different world and character settings. The story is very repetitive and predictable, making it boring after awhile.

One thing I personally hated the most was the unnecessary third party that liked the MC. Even without that, the novel is still not much of a good read. Oh yeah, and don't expect much out of the MC and ML. MC is a naive dolt and that fact will never change no matter how many worlds he travel to. It's as if his mind resets as soon as he enters a new world. No character growth whatsoever. Same for the ML. He stays possessive and paranoid throughout the worlds. Yeah, the no memory thing has something to do with it too, but like, it gets worse as the story progresses. At first it was the usual possessiveness any standard ML would have for their MCs, but then it became the type of possessiveness that disregards their partner's feelings; doing anything and everything just to keep their partner by their side (false imprisonment) . You could say their relationship was toxic, 'cause it was. The MC never learns from the ML's possessiveness no matter how many times it was shown, creating all these misunderstandings that would have been easily resolved if the MC actually listened to the ML or, I don't know, inferred from the previous worlds and ML's personality (communication was also an issue here) .

The MC is shit. The ML is shit. But, the translator isn't as they did a great job at translating the novel for us. In conclusion, the author is to blame here for making the novel the way it is. They wanted to project their fantasies on their own novel and I respect them for doing so even when there was a possibility the quality of the novel would downgrade. Oh yeah, one more thing I forgot to mention. Any and all side characters, no matter how many times they were brought up, were irrelevant in the grand scheme of things. They were just there to add to the drama. Don't waste your feelings on them.


The thing about the MC is that he only refers the MLs in each world as the person he (ML) was in the first world.

It's as if he only ever loved the ML from the first world and was looking for a substitute in the MLs in the other worlds.

For example, the first thing he notices about the MLs in each world was that they had similar appearance with the ML's appearance in the first world. When the ML doesn't have the same/similar personality in a world as he had in the first world, MC would immediately doubt whether or not ML was actually the ML. It makes it seem as if the MC didn't like the ML as a whole, but only the part of him shown in the first world.

If ML didn't have similar appearances in the worlds, MC wouldn't even be able to tell apart ML from an ordinary passerby or an annoying cannon fodder.

It can be shown that the MC doesn't fully know the ML no matter how many worlds they go through. The only thing MC knows about the ML is that he is shameless and pampers him (MC) a lot. Possessiveness? What is that? Can it be eaten?

Jokes aside, MC thinks that ML's possessiveness is due to jealousy. Its true to a certain extent, but that doesn't even cover half of the reason why ML is possessive towards MC.



Just a little rant.

I HATE the sixth arc. The MC's BROTHER (adopted) sexually assaulted him. Imprisoned him even. And when the MC was saved by the ML, he was like, 'I still trust my big brother. Pretty sure it was the booze that made him do all that to me. I still trust him with all my heart even after what he did to me 'cause he is my brother.' Freaking ridiculous. How fcking s*upid can someone (fictional) be? Naive? This is not naivety. It's s*upidity. There's a fine line between naivety and s*upidity and this is just all out s*upidity. Calling MC smart is just a lie 'cause he ain't. Did big bro have to go all out and r*pe you for you to wake up from your s*upidity?

And author, come on. You could have just made the big brother as your usual bro con type of big bro. You didn't have to twist their previously pure relationship this way. The first thought I had when I read that the big bro was adopted and he had bro con was that he (big bro) had feelings for MC. I was hoping... no, PRAYING that it wasn't true. Only to be disappointed as I read on.

I HATED the fact that the big brother had disgusting thoughts about the MC even though the MC trusted him as a brother. I knew that big bro would make a move on the MC like the third parties in the previous worlds. And I knew I would hate it too. But I wanted to give the novel a chance (and 'cause I had nothing else to read). And then, surprise, surprise, big bro made a move on Lil bro. In the worst way possible. This was the last straw (plus the MC's s*upid thoughts after getting saved). That's why the one star instead of two.

Oh yeah, and big bro faced no conscequences even after the rough treatment he had done to his Lil bro. He only went overseas out of guilt and Lil bro was like 'Big bro, take care! I'll miss you!'

f*ck this! I'm so done.


Edit: I forgot the phrase 'love rival' when writing this review. Third party=love rival. <<less
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Friendship is magic
Friendship is magic rated it
November 14, 2021
Status: c63
I even made an account to made this review

In my humble opinion I think that both of them really suits each other because the ML is a madman and the MC is a whiney bi***

I read until arc 3, I don't even know why I did it although I know the relationship is not normal. I mean yeah not every relationship is healthy but at least you should try your best to be a nice partner to your other half.

In arc 1, I kinda like it because the ML actually... more>> try to curb the jealousy inside him but when I get to arc 2 it gets worse. The ML looks like pe*ophile. I get it the MC is older mentally but he just hatch a few months ago although he grows up quickly that doesn't mean he can do that. Not only that there's r*pe scenes 🤢 (is this a spoiler?idk, sorry if it is) and the MC I think just treat Nicholas as a substitute 😑.

Spoiler alert

And lastly, in arc 3 the ML is not normal, I mean I get it he's been abandoned and been abuse and I also get it that the MC did not want to open the wound in his heart by asking BUT he still expect that the ML will grow up normally. I know a lot of people hate him because I don't really like him too, but the MC did not actually reassure the ML and instead doubt him whether he's the ML or not🤦‍♀️, and I thought that MC know that the ML is not human because he can make hypnosis to the MC and having vertical slit eyes (?) but when he come back years later an knowing that ML is a snake he blame the ML for not telling him. Like bro Wtf, you also didn't tell the ML you're not a human too, I mean there's not such a thing as free lunch but you guys are in a relationship, in a relationship you need to trust each other. Is confessing not a thing? Confessing is hard yes I get it it's never easy but bro why not.

Anyway, thank you for the translation the translation team did a good job👍

And I'm sorry my English is not that good. 😁 <<less
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September 23, 2020
Status: --
OMG, some people really have a pit in their head, they call this cute and fluffy, wtf?!?!?

This its a abusive, torment novel of a yandere going full throttle with all the bad sides of yandere´s for their so simple minded that might as well be a child "beloved". To each their own but dont call this novel for sadist/masochism readers (depending of who their sympathize) fluffy, its a travesty.
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kkaral7 rated it
March 10, 2019
Status: c34
cute cute cute! MC is forced to transmigrate to different worlds to complete tasks by a system, the plot isn't anything new but as someone who reads tons of transmigration stories, the arcs are actually fresh and unique and very funny. ML of each world is super shameless about his love for the MC and its super funny to read

If you like fun transmigration stories definitively give this one a try
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JaqiONwbqi rated it
July 27, 2022
Status: dropped
Read Arc 1 and stop. I beg of you. I am traumatized

Arc 1: 4/5 stars - good start, fell off at the end

... more>>

I really liked this take on non-human MC, A "demon" mirror spirit was a good break from the typical cat or fish mcs.

enjoyed that ML had a previous connection with the mirror, definitely a purposeful move on the system/authors side to give our MC his 'tutorial'. I didn't like the ending though, It should have ended with ML being a lonely widow. making MC "just sleeping" for 7 years felt like a cop out to get them to have s*x before ending the arc.

Honestly I was expecting ML to be a bit more f*cked up, he was definitely possesive and obsessed, but not to the extent I had expected him to be (yknow with the whole "my only support throughout childhood was the mirror that kept me company locked in a closet" thing).

The pointing MCs gun to his chest and almost traumatizing our poor MC was f*cked up though - but as with all things ML does, he did freak out when he saw how MC reacted and did genuinely feel bad and try to make it up. He never once did something that would make MC sad on purpose (even stating that he cared more about MCs feelings than his own possessiveness) - love a self aware queen lmao.

Honestly though ML is kind of pitiful with how in love he is, especially since MC didnt actually respond to his feelings - and no, im not counting that random s*x scene in the extra, MC never agreed or showed any love back and I genuinely dont understand how he suddenly agreed to have his v**ginity taken by dude he didnt even care for past his mission. I mean, he even stated that he was only going with ML up the mountain because he needed to protect his owner for his mission, and then he protects his owner, accidentally falls asleep for 7 years, wakes up and decides "actually, id like to have my ass rammed by this guy bec he waited 7 years for me. what? am I gay? ofc not, I dont even love the dude lol.". Yep no thanks, MC has never stated verbally, or even shown physically that he loves ML - only "proof" you could pick out would be him getting embarrassed by ML doting on him, and even I get the same reactions from compliments lol.


Arc 2: 0/5 stars - What the actual f*ck.


ML feeds medicine to baby MC via a mouth to mouth kiss, tongue action included. thinks to himself that the noise baby MC makes from the action is "heaven", and that he enjoyed all the joys of parenting in one night (???? french kissing a sick infant is not part of parenting bro)

ML bathes the baby MC in fox form, MC tries to get away when MLs hands move to his g**itals and accidentally brushes a paw against ML, ML then gets aroused by MCs paws briefly touching his dick, and forces struggling MC (still in fox form) against his chest as he jerks off.

MC ages up into his 16 yr old form and ML literally does not even last an hour before forcing a kiss on him and asking to be in a relationship.. here is a literal excerpt from the scene.

[ The little fox that had just taken a breath gasped and immediately widened his eyes, "Y-you, just two days ago claimed to be my papa..... "

"En, " His great Highness shamelessly nodded, "Baby can continue calling me papa if you want, I won't mind." speaking like a big tailed wolf touched his chin, with a bit of regret said: "Unfortunately, I still haven't heard baby call me papa..... "]


so ignoring that whole mess, ML gets drugged with an aphrodisiac that can only be cured by "releasing control" (otherwise power riot, more chance of death the higher ur power lvl yada yada yada basically s*x or die). Except ML doesn't know this. the fact that there can even be a power riot means that whether you "give in" or not is still up to the victim. get where im going with this? the aphrodisiac doesnt make u have s*x, u still have control over whether to act on the lust.

ML complains to himself about how he wanted to force himself on MC and explain it away by being drugged and then goes "nah.. ill just kiss him a bit", then changes his mind when he goes to kiss and forces himself on MC anyway.

Heres a nightmare of an excerpt for you:

[ just a while ago, he actually wanted to use this drug as an excuse to forcible possess his little fox even pushing all the responsibilities to the drug, using all kind of methods and even his own bitterness to gain the little fox's forgiveness. ]

queue a bunch of monologue about ML feeling bad. He also feeds MC medicine by mouth again, while MC is still suffering from nightmares about being r*ped. Like bro, you know there are other ways to feed people medicine than kissing right?

Straight after this, MC wakes up and tricks ML into a hug and bites him, blood and all. ML proceeds to get hard and use MCs ass to get off while cracking jokes about how MC doesnt need to mark him to be lover's. This is the first time theyve interacted since MC was r*ped, and ML, despite being oh so sad and very terribly distraught by what he did, then mol*sts MC while taunting him? The author tried really hard to play up ML feeling guilty about raping MC and then pulled this out of her ass - really? how can you expect anyone to believe he actually felt bad when he didnt even try to apologize or even talk before using MC to get off.

Remember where ML said this?

[ just a while ago, he actually wanted to use this drug as an excuse to forcible possess his little fox even pushing all the responsibilities to the drug, using all kind of methods and even his own bitterness to gain the little fox's forgiveness. ]

Yeah, so that was a complete lie. He didnt even try to "gain the little fox's forgiveness". ML, at this point, regards MC as nothing but a f*ck doll with fox ears on top.

Yeah. So. MC still doesn't love ML, and ML is a dirty pe*ophile rapist who gets off on fox cubs.


Final Thoughts:


I dont know how a story could degrade so much in literally like 4 chapters. How did this happen. Its not as if ML in arc 1 blackened and it carried over into his next life, MC and ML are implied to have stayed together until they died. there was no BE for Arc 1. So how the f*ck did ML become a degenerate so fast? I mean ML had his shortcomings, but he wasnt this f*cked up ever (forcing a kiss deserves a good beating but it is not comparable to mol*sting your adopted child/baby). Compared to Arc 2 ML he could be said to be a f*cking nun even.

Anyway, im dropping off - cant handle whatever the f*ck happened here - maybe Author died and got their identity stolen by their evil twin. I dont know. But from other reviews it doesnt seem like Author regretted ruining ML.

Read if you want, but I would recommend stopping at Arc 1, unless you want to read about a 20 something yr old man french kissing a 6 month old and somehow getting progressively worse. <<less
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Nyaa.23 rated it
May 24, 2021
Status: v3
Finished arc 1, skipped arc 2 and read arc 3 halfway. This novel feels like a badly written fanfic from watts. The characters feel flat. The relationship between ML and MC is like this in the first arc : ML met MC - ML become obsessed - ML and MC together.

It's such a turn off for me. There's no progress whatsoever. The characters are that way just because, they got together just for the sake of the story. Tbh, there's better QT nivel out there with better characters development and... more>> better relationships <<less
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Saliayne rated it
April 11, 2021
Status: --
IDK why some of y'all ain't liking it, The ML is doting as f*ck (but kind of manipulative and possesive) The MC is cute.

Anyway I've enjoyed reading it.

10 out of 10
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Kazekun rated it
July 29, 2019
Status: c54
This is meng ah, love it. Quick-transmigration pattern always interesting to read if you are such a quick-to-be-bored person. Also, black-bellied and possessive ML towards cunning and sly MC really a masterpiece.
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SchaYen rated it
March 14, 2023
Status: Completed
Îf you are able to ignore the r*pe scenes in ... more>>

arc 2, 3 and arc 6 (desktop pet, second half)

it's actually quite the good story. I especially liked the backstory behind everything, even though some explanations and big plot points/devices came kinda late.

Tbh I also nearly dropped this due to

them introducing his (non-biological) elder brother as a love rivatl/2nd ML sooo late into the story. And then they made the elder brother SA/r*pe the younger brother and MC just glosses over him bc he thinks his brother got bugged... And I guess it's not a big deal for the author bc the elder brother "didn't do the final step". This part of the story really makes me give the story a 1/5 and I dropped this for some time, but I finished the story when I was bored.


I really liked the backstory in the final world. Big spoiler:


Turns out MC is this naive and silly partly because he is suffering some sort of punishment and going through reincarnations als a phoenix high immortal. MC dug out his heart to resurrect ML, who did not know about this and misunderstood MC, accidently really hurting MC. MC then wants to cut of his relationship with ML and 2nd ML comes into play and manages to mess up stuff further. In the end MC takes some sort of punishment (for ML I think?) and does these reincarnations, pretty much killing himself. ML, after knowing the truth, ist devasted and regrets very much. He uses half of his power to protect and accompany MC in his reincarnations + splitting parts of his soul. After some twists and turns MC and ML get back together and it's HE.


I honestly love this kind of backstory and if the author didn't have to add these messy r*pe scenes I def would have given this kind of story 5*. Would still recommend this if you can accept/gloss over the r*pe scenes and like very possessive, black belly MLs, who place MC above everything in the world and act like the most loyal dog to MC only. <<less
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Cookie11213 rated it
November 8, 2022
Status: --
Edit: You know what no. As I was writing this review I actually looked back on the story as a whole and oh no. Don't get emotionally invested as I did. The writing is Steller, can pull at your heart strings like an experienced puppeteer but if you actually look at this relation ship its bad. Please don't read. The stars I give are for the writing alone. If you want to read my intimal review it's still below.

I'm going to say this. This novel is not for everyone.

There are... more>> parts in the little peach blossom arc that I had to skip over and I recommend you do to.

But if you can make it past all the terrible terrible terrible way this relationship is built and maintain at the end at least I said F it the emotional story rules.

Again. THIS is a terrible terrible terrible terrible TERRIBLE example of relationships, physical and mental abuse abound. The only reason I finsished reading this was because I could understand where the feelings came from and skipped over the serious dub con. <<less
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