The Author Reincarnated?! ~I’ll Become an Amazing Villain!~


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Ryousuke, an aspiring light novel writer who posted novels on a free posting site on the internet finally gets his novel, 「Yuusha Tensei 」, turned into a light novel, but on volume one’s day of release, he meets with an accident.

When he comes to, he finds himself in the world of the light novel he wrote,「Yuusha Tensei」.

He has reincarnated as the hero’s greatest rival and the popular villain, Carlo-De-Medici.

This is five years before the hero will be reincarnated.

Ryousuke resolves himself to play the villain perfectly as Carlo, and lead the yet unfinished story of his creation to its ending――

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Sakusha ga tensei?!~ Rippana akuyaku ni natte yaru!
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ShiroSandstrom rated it
December 12, 2016
Status: v2c18
TL;DR: I can't stomach the MC, they rest is okay. But since I don't like the person who all this is about it gets a bad score.

Edit: Dropped the series, I just can't read this. It's like the author believes not using polite speech is villainous, it's honestly idiotic.

I was quite thrilled when I read the description to this novel, I like ones were the protag isn't just a goody-too-shoes. So I hoped for this one to be good since he's the supposed antagonist. To my surprise even though he... more>> uses the justification of being a villain to just squander money (Even the translator says it hurts) and doesn't even do anything remotely villain like. I'm just very annoyed with the protag. The setting is good, nothing new. The writing, nothing to complain about. Main character, can I reroll this MC? Please. No? A'ight then. I can't give this novel a good review because I have to stop reading every once in a while to just stomach what he's doin', don't just do stupid sh*t and say"Because I'm a villain" that's not how things work. I don't like the protag because he's supposed to be evil, but evil people have a reason for doing things and usually don't do unnecessarily stupid things. Lastly the protag isn't even a villain he's just unlikable. <<less
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Krakens rated it
December 19, 2016
Status: c25
So far Nothing good.

Typical timid, perverted, shallow MC.

No villainy, just being nice and calling not being overly nice evil. The author offers no descriptions of scenery and it's the same for the action, it's all just mentioned in passing. This just feels like the bare minimum was written.

Update: This novel feels extremely lazy.
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admira rated it
May 16, 2016
Status: c4
Hmmm...I don't even know how it's possible for this story to already have 6 "1-star" ratings out of 24. It's not the absolute best, but I think it's a bit more original than the other stories where the main character comes to inhabit another character's body. Especially since it's the author inhabiting a novel villain's body, and one who was supposed to become rehabilitated from his villainy to boot.

There are only 4 chapters translated for now, but I'll put it at 4 stars for potential.

EDIT: I went ahead and... more>> read some raws a while back, but didn't bother to knock down the rating. 3 stars for irritating MC. It's "OK", which is the 3-star tooltip. <<less
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Khader rated it
May 12, 2016
Status: --
Well since no one has commented on this yet. This story is quite different from other villain MC stories. Just that instead of other person the author who created the story ends up being the villain of his own story. Which lead's to interesting plot developments so please read it to find out more
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razgallo rated it
January 18, 2017
Status: v1c7
The story is so-so, the main character wants to be viewed as a villain but as a Japanese he doesn't seem to be well fitted for it. He is your same old main character from every web novel that Japan churns out.

I could not get past the mentality that he should be a villain and I should do evil things, but wait what are evil things? His behaviour as a villain is nonexistent, so it is a misleading title there in itself.

Character development? You shouldn't expect this kind of things... more>> in web novel, there are a few web novels out there that have this but not here.

It's slow by the way, like all Japanese novels they should just add Slice of Life to all of these Japanese web novels. But it's not a detriment.

What irritated me the most is the translator, look I know it's hard to translate this and that but seriously please don't ruin the story further by inserting "translator's note" in every other paragraph just because you think its cool. The story is already average as it is.

If not for the amateur fan translator who could not clean it's "translator's notes" I would have kept going. Translator's notes should be kept where it belongs, in the footnotes. <<less
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readerz rated it
January 11, 2017
Status: c27
The story is just very ordinary. The setting is just "European medieval" with no details given so it's totally uninteresting. The plot is very lazy, with the simplest type of magic system (the basic four elements, plus light and dark), and even the spells are just "fireball" or "firewall" with no creativity. Characters are also boring.

There just isn't anything to love or hate with this story.

Also, this didn't factor into the the rating but the translations are problematic. There are supposedly three different translator names, hosted on three different websites... more>> but I suspect they were all done by the same person since they all have the same style of translator's notes.

Why do so many translators feel that their "witty" comments have to be inserted in the story? It's very annoying. <<less
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UnknownSaint171 rated it
February 2, 2017
Status: v5c2
Do give this a shot. I have no idea why people are hating. He is a Villain but a good one. He does good things but appear bad to people. Its all humor. I love it and its funny. I really enjoy and see a lot of potential in this Novel.

But there are some disappointments and hard things to understand. Even so for complaints for the MC. Don't forget he's a inexperience Otaku. So you can't blame his personality. There are worst Japanese MCs and this one is not perverted.... more>> Just timid trying to get used to girls....

These are the Flaws I see.

I wish he would learn more magic and call Knof his Teacher a lot more and do more experiments with her. I wish he was more OP and show off more of his knowledge. I really don't like Felicia or Elsa.. We need more moments with the Maids. Also he gives free things too much. I wish he'd try falsely getting angry at Crescent Moon... at least tease her. She's robbing him too much. What about the little girl with free school? Don't just give things for free dammit. I hope these free things are actually seeds and a investment for the future. I think things would be a lot better if he wasnt such a timid Otaku..

The author needs to be a lot more clearer... Its to soon to fully rate this as I don't know where the Romance lies... I can only hope this wraps up well. <<less
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NoobaLoob rated it
January 10, 2017
Status: v3c1
Ok, I overall liked this novel but here are some loose spoilers if you are thinking about reading it.

1- The MC is not a villain. For example, he raised taxes quite a lot (villainous), but it was in order to build a levee system to drain the marshy lands around his villages/town to prevent flooding/disease. Everything villainous the MC does is for a greater purpose, he calls it 'villainous' because the people around him may not see the long-term benefit.

2 - There is no sense of dread/urgency to the story.... more>> For example, the MC was the author of the book this world takes place in, he KNOWS the hero will defeat the Demon King. No question about it. So a lot of what the MC does is paving the way for the Hero.

3 - This is the only novel I ever read where the MC actively marches towards his own destruction flags. He literally WANTS to be cuckolded by the princess, he WANTS to lose his nobility, and he WANTS to lose his supporters. It makes no sense. Maybe that ending was a good result in the book he wrote, but it is a stupid idea for him whose living as the antagonist.

4 - The MC got powerful without much work. He trained for like 2 months and can go toe-to-toe with the strongest Knight in his territory. He has a high-level fire spirit he got from basically doing nothing but asking the spirits to "come to me". At his rate of improvement, I can not see how it's logical for the Hero to beat him, even if the Hero uses water magic and MC uses fire.

5 - Annoying female lead. The main female lead is a masked mercenary who charges the MC an EXTRAORDINARY amount of money for just about anything. Funny? Maybe until you realize that the money he is spending is like tax-payers dollars. It would be fine if he were ACTUALLY villainous, but as I said before, he isn't.

Anyways, the novel is good enough to read and enjoy. It's nowhere near as good as it could be though. <<less
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Llamia rated it
May 18, 2016
Status: c5
I like the story. I have a feeling he will end up like the MC of My Death Flags Show No Signs of Ending and fail miserably at his villainous image. There's another one with a female heroine that has a similar setup. She wants to be the villian, but fails because of her deeply honest personality (Albert Ke no Reijou wa Botsuraku wo go Shomou desu). Those of some other titles to look at if you end up liking this.

As for my review, it has 6 chapters out, including... more>> the prologue. I like the setup so far. We have an author who wants to bring his story to an end by acting out his character, Carlo's role. This is all because he didn't live long enough to finish it and he's regretting it. He already had a set route planned for the end of the story and he seems to want to build up to that ending, even if it has some "not so good" role for him. <<less
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Iris Lazuli
December 25, 2016
Status: v1c27
Although I like this type of story for some reason I can't really like the personality of Carlo (Mc). I know that he wants his unfinished work (novel in earth) to be realized in this reincarnation and he wants to be the best villain ever but seriously he admits on some chapter that the novel that he made have some plot holes that appeared on the world he reincarnated but he still want for the supposed yuusha to follow the original story, look not everything you want will happen just... more>> like a character not being there. So how can he be sure that hero will do it according to the script imo that hero is a sufferer of chuunibyou and that's the worst outcome for me

Edit: MC wants to be a villain but his 20's heart can't take it so... be the judge of it <<less
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Tully rated it
August 29, 2016
Status: c7
Ah another treasure needing to be cherished. Woah sounded so perverted there.

Anyway. Here's the real review: This novel has great potential. The premise is good and the MC is likable, rational and level headed. No harem making here, only a villain trying to go down the beautiful path of villainy (my biasss). The translation is good and the flow of the story is smooth. I like how the MC, although being the author, doesn't exactly know everything that's going on since reality filled all the gaps in his actual novel.... more>> It adds the thrill. I'm looking forward to future translations :) <<less
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Upheaval rated it
May 18, 2016
Status: c6
I have to say that the description is a bit bad, and at first the novel didn't attract my attention. However after reading the prologue and the first chapter I have to say that it wasn't what I thought it was.

Reading further I have to say that it's well written and while it's a bit early to say that, the premise is interesting. It's a pity that the novel seems to be on hatius reading the COO here on NU.

The story is about a novelist that has published the first... more>> volume of his novel and is killed by a passing car. He wakes in one of his character's estates and decides to become the best villain so he can complete the novel as he wanted it to end. However I think that he is raising flags left and right and it won't end as he wanted, but we have to wait to see more of the story to be certain.

Before discarding this novel, I suggest reading at least the first chapter to have an idea of what to expect from it. It's pretty weird that it has so many "1s" in the rating. <<less
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N0r rated it
February 15, 2019
Status: --
The premise is sooo interesting and I really want to know how it plays out, but the writing is subpar and the translation is weak. Even though I want to know how the story progresses, I just can’t continue reading. It’s especially grating because of how badly I want to know what happens.
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Garret25 rated it
April 29, 2017
Status: v5c8
As you can see based on votes, either you like it or hate it. The good part is that you'll be excited to see the results of the villain's actions and what is really happening while he sets up all of his plans to be "villainous" 5 years before the story (the time the hero shows up and beyond). ... more>>

With his actions throughout the story, you get this funny perspective that (you can guess already when you read it) He's the hero's secret no.1 fan, financer, follower (what I call 3F) while being not conscious about it, since he's the story's villain! Come on, the story already explained where the hero got his super expensive sword and this might continue to other stuff.

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dwiggity95 rated it
May 15, 2016
Status: c3
So far, I've read only up to chapter 3. And I like the premise of the story. I'd like to see how the author acts to make himself be the best villain (though I think he will fail a lot in the way - authors cannot necessarily act)
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