I Have a Secret


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Huang Dan’s pain nerve is innately different from the ordinary people. A little tore in his skin can cause him to sweat all over his body painfully to the point of him unable to make a word out.

Somehow, he began to cross world, following Mr. System to do the tasks…

In the first world, Huang Dan realizes what it means to die painfully and to live to die again.

TL’s summary:
MC suddenly transmigrated and is bind to a system, requiring him to solve mysteries. Born with a higher degree of pain sensitivity, he met different people in the different worlds and learns what kind of emotion smiling is.

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Whitesky rated it
April 1, 2019
Status: Completed
I only recently finished reading this novel in Chinese and its still fresh in my mind.

This is one of the best danmei novels I have read and one of the reasons is its very atypical.

It is a quick transmigration novel but different from all other ones I have seen. In each the MC has to solve a mystery: usually murders, robberies etc. The MC is extremely calm and seemingly emotionless but in fact isn't at all. Please read on as I explain.

All the way until maybe the very last arc,... more>> the storylines are quite realistic... in the first arc both MC and ML are ordinary villagers, in another they're housemates in a shared house, even the one where the MC is a rich young master in a historical setting he doesn't have much power and is restrained by the realities of his time. Hence there is no overpowered MC and ML in any of the arcs. The only one approaching the unrealistic setting of most danmei is perhaps the last arc and their real lives howver even that is more realistic than most.

Because of this realism, the writers writing style is the closest approaching literary that I have seen in a BL novel. Her style is extremely restrained but at the same time makes the emotions stronger. Ill give you an example. In the entire first arc the MC's feelings for the ML are never described. Its clear that the ML is desperately in love with the MC but MC who is lacking in emotions just seems to be going along with it. But in the second arc when MC constantly recalls things about the ML such as the brand of cigarettes that he used, you come to realize through his actions how deep his love was.

The love story between the two is super super epic. All the more so because they are ordinary people. Oh the MC is always described as extremely good looking if that helps haha, but his position in life is ordinary mostly. However his love for MC isn't and as you keep reading, you find out how much the MC loves him too.

Sometimes the mystery each arc is a bit mundane and resolved somewhat quickly but doesnt detract from the atmospheric strength of the novel. The secondary characters are all sooo realistic and I have to give props for the realistic portrayal of women: from the sister-in-law with a university education trapped in a village, to the prostitute with a seemingly careless attitude towards her life.

Warning that I think 70% of the arcs have sad endings as MC cannot control when/how he exits each world, and several of them had me breaking down in tears. The final ending is very happy though and the last parts/arc are probably the only fairytale/unrealistic parts of the novel. But thats okay. Who doesnt love a happy ending. Particularly with how gruelling it was to get there.

Please give this novel a chance. Its extremely atmospheric and for those who enjoy light/fluffy/fairytale type BL may find it hard to digest at first. But if you give it a chance you will find a hidden gem that you will come back to time and time again. <<less
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redxx rated it
April 1, 2019
Status: c50
A more realistic BL world hopping with no OP MC and likeable ML.

Story started with MC being transmigrated into another world where he took on the body of a farmer and tries to solve who murdered his fellow villager. There's something wrong with MC's nervous system so he tends to experience more pain then the rest if he ever get injured.

MC's bland reactions will be explained.

... more>>

and I thought it will be very angsty due to his nervous system but I was wrong !!! MC is such a tease.


So far until chapter 25 in term of the story (no spoilers) :

Story's quite paced, not too rush nor exceeding slow as each chapter revealed different possibilities.

The author did a fantastic job of writing each characters! Really brings me so feels? Especially ML, I am not even sure why but his character is really appealing. One of the best ML I ever read. (My humble opinion)

In term of romance,

Currently 2 arcs in, MC and ML's interactions being adorable and real. No straightaway falling in love and jumping to bed, but though cause and effect, especially in the case of ML.

But somehow, to me, it give of the feeling of eating a candy laced with blades in it. Especially

When it so obvious ML loved MC, you can really see it in both arcs but what bout MC? But author havent never written any obvious signs of MC loving ML, feel like MC is loving for the sake of loving. Thats what the first 2 arcs revealed. But, in the end, I am pretty sure MC love ML alot. Like how he thought about ML's smell, and how he stayed by ML's side til he die, very subtle hints hanging in the writing.


The ending of the second arc.........

reminds me of ending of the second arc in how to die as heavy as mount tai ahahahahaha WTF why is it so sad..


PLUS POINT : text always describe ML as a hottie %

I love this story alot. <<less
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DhiVhi rated it
May 17, 2019
Status: Completed
This is one of the most amazing fast wear danmei that I've read.

Just like the reviewer before me, there is no OP MC/ML. So, MC really used his brain to solve the misteries. In here ML doesnt act as golden finger but a great supporting role in helping MC. Really satisfying and somewhat cute seeing MC & ML interaction and how MC always like to see ML butt every first time they met 😂. Not all of the arc is HE but the way the author conclude each arc is... more>> really good & I also crying so hard in some moment where MC & ML has to separate.

All in all, this is a really great danmei & I think one of the danmei who worthy to have a title 'Must Read' for every danmei sect <<less
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ylial rated it
May 16, 2019
Status: c25
Great story. MC has hyperalgesia. The task given to him by system is to solve d cases on each arcs. I like the ML too, not the usual overbearing president that can be found in every danmei stories but is still reliable and good looking 💕🤣

The story arc1 killer is somewhat predictable except

cousin zhang is accomplice of cui Ling. Also the mc's mother past in the arc1

and the "past stories".

will rerate after I finish the story
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Doytch Magient
Doytch Magient rated it
September 3, 2019
Status: --
I simply love the cp, ML was so sweet and shameless lol a lil bit tsundere too. The system didn't require MC to die after he finished his job, and didn't tell him not to love ML as long as he didn't OOC. The part I love the most is the lewd scene was written very ero-ero well, and it's cute everytime MC told ML not to hm hm.... (lol it's kiss what did you think;3) too hard and started dropping tears bcs it's very painful to him. Aaaaagh too... more>> cute. Too sweet. Simply Pit of dog foods🌈. <<less
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