All-Rounded Strategy Game


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Jiang Li was accidentally bound by a system, which is the ‘All-rounded Strategy Game’, after starting, he found out that the male lead was getting angry in various ways every day.

Jiang Li: “It’s as if I’m trying to capture a pufferfish.”

Male Lead: “???”


1. Gong is the same person in every world, also named as “The Male Lead is Always Angry”.

2. Fictional Universe, Sweet Story

Associated Names
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All Raiders Game [Quick Transmigration]
Capturing all the Gongs Game
The Almighty Gong Game
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hukofrim rated it
September 27, 2021
Status: Completed
One of the best quick transmigration novels I've read in a while. Good to read if you want something to heal your heart. It's fluffy and funny. It doesn't have dog-blood plots, braindead antagonists, or unreasonably OP characters. What it does have is an ML with an actual personality. In a quick transmigration novel, even.

MC is very cute, but not dumb. He's doesn't take any sh*t from anyone, even the ML, and gets pretty shameless with his antics.

He transmigrates into an eunuch and ends up kneeling in front of a naked ML in the bath. He sees the ML has a well-formed pp and cries out of mourning for his lost b***s and the ML (who is a moody prince) is like "??? What is this little product doing?" and MC goes on a tangent praising ML's 'majesty' so he doesn't get kicked out of the prince's palace.


MC also pretends to be a weak chicken in front of ML all the time, but

he has super strength from a system mall item

so he ends up overturning all the time whenever the ML barges in late to save the day. He's quite smart and he deduces it early on in the 2nd world that it's the same ML. He's also very stable mentally and he doesn't go into the dog-blood hole of faceslapping his bodies' tormentors to death. He just lives a life trying to fullfill his bodies' dying wishes, but doesn't let antagonists step over him. I really like him because he doesn't try to desperately stay in-character, but neither does he go on a vengeful rampage. He doesn't beat around the bush and just solves the problems efficiently and with least harm.

ML is a tsundere who desperately needs blood pressure medication with all the antics MC subjects him to. You can summarize his reaction to most of MC's actions as "???". He loves MC but he isn't a brainwashed dog who thinks the sun shines out of MC's ass. He's one of the best MLs I've read. His first impression might be typical hard-mouthed soft-hearted guy, but his personality is explored very well so he doesn't get bland (except maybe for the interstellar arc). His personality is very distinct and the MLs of different worlds have that same nature, but grows up different based on their environment and circumstances.

ML is subjected to a lot of MC's shameless rainbow fart and shenanigans and he gets hurt sometimes (especially in the first arc where they're still falling in love), but they communicate (huzzah!) and get through it. Also, one of the most emotional MLs ever.

He and MC have a cat who he has a love-hate relationship with and he childishly competes with it for attention, but he's the one that cries and mourns the most when the cat dies.

He's not some kind of god who knows everything about the MC immediately in every world and has a flowchart detailing how to get the MC to be with him. He's still a typical hot handsome male god, but his relationship with MC is very sincere in every world (except for the interstellar arc. I really did not like that one).

Personal comments on the arcs


1: Domineering president x Movie emperor

The best arc because it is the arc where they fall in love. The emotional development was really touching and the arc would really be good as its own standalone novel. The MC and the ML enter a typical entertainment genre gold father relationship and fumble their way into an actual relationship. I shed a few tears for the ML at some point.

2: School bully (not really) x Bullied student

Not too fond of campus arcs, but this was okay. MC's body gets bullied (not by ML) because he's poor, from a bad family, and it was revealed that he was gay. MC transmigrates and later beats up the bully. ML does some mental gymnastics and arrives to the conclusion that MC likes him after he saves MC from drowning once he hears the rumor that MC is gay. ML has a lot of brain tonic in this arc, very cute.

3: Alpha prince military student x Omega war hero military instructor

MC's body cuts out his gland in a mission to prevent himself from going into heat. Very hardcore, much respect. MC transmigrates after the original body dies from blood loss. ML is a student in the military class filled with hedonistic rich kids. MC gets assigned as an instructor because omegas aren't allowed in the army, but he's also technically a war hero or smth. I wasn't too fond of it, but the MC was really badass in this arc and destroys ML's headboard in the dorms in his first day of teaching. ML was particularly shameless in pursuing MC in this arc.

4: Unfavored prince with useless legs x Eunuch

MC transmigrates into an actual eunuch. I'm not very sure if it's his pp or b***s that were cut off, but one of those is not there. ML is a miserable prince who was thrown into a palace to die and is given the bare minimum resources. MC was very funny with his rainbow fart as an eunuch and ML's blood pressure was off the roof. MC does his best to heal ML's legs but it takes a while. Somehow the most comedic arc despite being set into ancient times and having the most pitiful ML.

5: Rich hermit master calligrapher who is out of touch with technology x Crossdressing livestreamer

Personally my favorite arc. The character settings are ridiculously amazing. MC is a rich young master who ran away from because his parents can't accept he's gay and ends up crossdressing and doing livestreams where he answers any academic questions (using his advanced foundation knowledge from insterstellar era) and playing games during break in between answering questions. ML's brother is a game-addicted youth who was impressed by MC's gaming skills and uses up all his allowance as rewards. ML gets called in to manage his brother's addiction to what they think is a game anchor (but is actually livestream tutoring with gaming on the side). ML grew up being taught by a master calligrapher in a mountain villa and is out-of-touch with modern tech. He has an assistant show him the streamer that his brother likes so much and ends up getting addicted himself lol.

6: Monk x Scholar

ML is a bald monk who MC seduces out of buddhism. ML is an emotionless monk who gets tossed around by the emotions MC brings out of him, while MC is an aggrieved baby who hates that ML always forgets him and even ends up as an ice-cold monk in this world. This arc wasn't really as fun as the other arcs, especially following the livestreamer arc.

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Sugaminny rated it
November 18, 2021
Status: c38
BL World-hopping stories like this I think have 3 main focuses: the MC/ML plus their relationship, the individual worlds/settings and last but not least the system/world-hopping mechanic.

The MC/ML in this novel are average and not special or particularily interesting, the worlds and setting as well as the "story" is average and cliché. With this I would've given this novel 3 stars, but the 'system' is so not thought through at all, that I have to subtract a star, because it bothered me a lot while reading.

These are some examples:

  • System says when X happens MC will be punished. X happens but MC doesn't get punished. (This is the short version. It's worse in the story, the punishment is actually quite a big topic)
  • System sets up milestones for MC that don't get any focus and are partially skipped through time jumpes
  • In the middle of the story a side mission gets mentioned that is neither set up or concluded (?)
  • System gives presents for MC achieving certain milestones, but the novel only shows us 2 of these presents while MC should have gotten 4. And it takes some time expanding on the 1st present, which made me think those would at least get mentioned.
  • The system casually mentiones a point system where MC can buy stuff. We are not introduced to this point system, we don't know how MC gets points or how many he has. We also don't get to know the point store. It's just introduced for a one time minor convenience in the first arc.
These aspects were in the end bothering me too much, so I had to drop this. If you do world hopping and a system it doesn't have to be the focus and I don't mind an average cliché system... but if you as an author set sth up (like achievements, milestones, punishments etc.) you can't just... more>> ignore them... <<less
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miumiumiu rated it
March 26, 2022
Status: --
f*ck.. I f*cking hate hypocrites so much.. the ML is *barf*

... more>>

you looking down on someone sleeping with someone for benefits.. BUT YOU ARE THE ONE PAYING FOR SEX?!?! WHY U TALING ABOUT MORALITY!!!! even saying "i prefer virg*n boys :|" !!!! GROSS

b*tch?! and... u f*cking 32... the MC is way younger.. I f*cking hate tsunderes so much what is this emotional constipation and egomaniac who thinks things must go his way and cater to him including the MC... man... im only on chapter 8 too... had such high hopes... disgusting guy fr


edit: I have nothing else to read so I skimmed through quickly and yes maybe I overreacted yes I am projecting this tsundere ML who is s*upid and childish and not in a cute way, , , bless the MC for being so patient like an angel...
Also I don't like how it feels like they're (ML and system) forcing MC, , on top of ML being more powerful already, he has control over the system's favourite rating so MC has to please his ass and be sweet (of course MC has no issues but imagine this pimp scam game and system forcing their players to have kinky s*x and reach 100 favourable points with a person they don't like.. :/

i love stories where I dont need to think abt reason or logic but thats why I lurk around the 2/3 star areas u know? I didnt expect that here at 4.2 stars <<less
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KshinT rated it
September 13, 2021
Status: c43
It was quite cute at first but to be honest it got boring after the 1st arc. Since the ML already has an attachment to MC and recognises him when they get together there is no excitement because the story is written in a way where you don't actively root for the couple since " oh well since they are already in love in the past world its just a matter of fact for them to get together in this world" like there is no uncertainty, or anticipation of a... more>> emerging relationship which makes the story quite bland also the action is kinda lacking and the characters are uninteresting so I pushed but gave up. Since I didn't get to the ending I can't say much about overall plot but the characters are blander then an unseasoned chicken breast. <<less
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July 28, 2021
Status: Completed
So much fluff and dog food I love it!

A very easy read too without any drama. Simply could not put the novel down!
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report rated it
July 21, 2023
Status: c91
Well, the story is kinda meh. It gives such a 🤷‍♀️ energy. After the first arc the story had become predictable and very boring.

I'm not the type to write a review, but wow I can't even force myself to read to the end. The interaction between the MC and ML are okay-ish, nothing to write home about, the background characters is like a blank piece of papers and only serve as a comedic fillers and barely there. I don't get how this novel got such high reviews especially in... more>> comparison to some other transmigrations stories.

I want to give it a 3.5 star but its not that bad in comparison to other brain dead novels in the same trope. <<less
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KatarinaCitcat rated it
October 3, 2022
Status: c77
Been looking for a new good QT novel for so long, and I finally found it!!

I never thought I would love this novel so much. I was kind of like "eh" after the first chapter but HOLY that first arc was amazing! And the thing that especially actually made this novel stick out to me was how MC is an actually, emotionally realistic person. Most QT novels (Perfect Destiny, Scum Gong, Everyone Knows I'm a Good Person) have really interesting arcs and characters but the thing is that MC plays... more>> with ML's feelings like a sociopath. Like "oh he's in love with me hehe well I'm done getting my points now I'm going to kill myself now to skip this world." If you spend an entire life with someone (even if told to by a system) there should at least be SOME actual emotional attachments involved, which I feel this novel actually portrayed.

In the first arc, there was a scene where ML protects MC from a car accident and MC gets knocked out and imagines that he went back to his original world. He was so distraught and scared that when he woke up, he went to ML's hospital bed and cried for the first time. Later on in the second arc, after he finishes his life in that world, he still maintained some of his habits with ML and was depressed that he was no longer with him. He even said he wouldn't fall in love with the new "target" the system had T_T (all targets are ML, he just didn't know it yet)


Also, about ML, he's actually pretty great. A cute tsundere, a little possessive but not yandere. He fully respects and loves MC.

In the first arc, MC's original body sold himself to a higher up in order to get the original's boyfriend an acting role. When ML found out he was furious, not because MC (original body) had a previous affair, but because MC (original body) didn't respect himself enough.


Anyways, if you're looking for a sweet QT novel with a strong MC, I highly recommend this one! <<less
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erialolita rated it
February 2, 2023
Status: Completed
More like 3.5 but I rounded up for the fluff and the MC.

The arcs are decent, not the best QT, but definitely not the worst. I was getting pretty tired of the story by the calligraphy arc and found the monk arc redundant and out of place. The author does spend a while on the real world, so kudos to that, but didn't answer all the questions.

I almost dropped the novel in the first half of the first arc because I didn't like how frivolous the MC was and how... more>> dumb the ML was, it got a lot better after MC realizes his feelings.

MC is shameless, in a fun teasing way, but not over the top teasing. And I loved the running jokes through each arc.

ML is likable in most arcs. I found him meh in the ancient arc and the monk arc.

The side characters are fun. There is the goofy sidekick friend to ML and the cat. Loved the addition of the cat. The system isn't in it a lot, but I liked MC's and the systems interactions, they felt like friends.

Thoughts on each arc in the spoiler


Arc 1- entertainment
MC -actor

Didn't like the arc at first, MC seemed to frivolous and ML too judgemental. They both grow and I ended up really liking it

Arc 2- school days
MC-abused forgotten teen
ML- rich 2nd gen

This arc was fun, I'm not usually for high school stories since I'm a little out of the age range, but I liked that MC was the smart one who forces ML to learn.

Arc 3-interstellar ABO
MC-omega general
ML- alpha student

Interesting ABO story, was okay, I liked it, but the Mecha parts were boring to me and I wished the author spent a bit more time on them in the end.

Arc 4-ancient
MC- eunch for the crown prince
ML- crown prince

Meh, I'm not that into royal intrigue plots, so I found this one boring. It did have some good parts, but the whole thing with regrowing his balls was ridiculous. Not that he could, but that he didn't ever tell ML until he accidentally showed it and all the while lying to ML to empathize about ML legs.

Arc 5- modern
MC- cross dressing streamer/exam student
ML- calligraphy maaster

This arc was okay, but I was getting a little done with the story. I did like the live streaming, but it didn't stay for long, and the cross dressing was meh. The author wasn't giving enough hints about what was really going on to keep me invested. This should have been the last arc, ML starts remembering his past and it would have been a great segue into the real world.

Arc 6- ancient
MC- scholar

Didn't really like this arc. It felt forced and the ML was too wooden. This could have worked as maybe the 3rd of 4th arc and I might have liked it more.

Arc 7-real world
MC- himself (retired actor)
ML-himself (CEO)

The real world was all about making things fair I guess? The author makes MC lose all memories from the game and ML had to persuade him... kind of. The persuing happened in like 2 paragraphs. MC recovers memories slowly and many questions never get answered. I was actually really bored with the real world.

Come to find out ML was a player of the game but MC was actually a forced NPC, he wasn't ever supposed to get out of the game. He was in a coma in the real world with no hope of waking, but ML uses most of his points to bring MC back. Points he was going to use on his legs, but those also get fixed. Then there is some body to a cultivation world at the end?

The extras are messy and not sure what they are for. I skimmed them and only liked the one mini one about the system.


All in all strong start, boring middle, and a sloppy finish. Maybe will read again when it's all translated. MTL was easy until the real world when their names are 1 letter different in English, Jiang Li vs Jiang Lin. Translation was great from what I remember. <<less
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Doodoo rated it
October 28, 2022
Status: c82
This was great! It reminded me of a mix of all the best BL quick transmigration stories, but with a touch more realism and emotional depth. Some settings are pretty cliche, like actor and ceo, emperor and eunuch, but don't fix something that isn't broken right? They were good regardless due to the author's high standard of writing.

The MC is smart, witty, over powered and very caring. I loved his characterisation because too often in quick transmigration novels the world's are treated as fleeting games. This MC acknowledged that the... more>> people he met had their own lives, and treated people with respect. His relationship with the ML and his cat are adorable and heart warming. The only gripe I have is that he kinda doesn't have close friends of his own.

The ML was very cute and wholesome. Prickly on the outside but soft and sweet on the inside. His internal dialogue was very funny as well. He never forced anything and I liked how the author waited until the characters were of age for nsfw things to occur.

Other characters were also well written and pretty realistic. Nobody had intense grudges for no reason, there wasn't any s*upid drama and misunderstandings are explained immediately. This novel focuses on the emotional and romance aspect so don't expect some deep profound system game type thing.

Lastly the translation is phenomenal and easy to understand. The jokes were well translated and made me laugh. Read this for a good time! <<less
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Katielicious rated it
September 23, 2023
Status: --
The start almost put me off because it seemingly had two pet peeves of mine

  • A controlling system that denies all autonomy
  • An undeserving ml
But really it's a fluff story. This kind of takes away from the potential because it lacks depth.

  1. High-school arc
-only about them getting into college

-the ending of mc's parents was super anticlimactic

2. ABO arc

-absurdly cruises through the romance

... more>>

-it upsets me that no significant changes were made to the lives of all omegas. I thought that mc's very existence would be proof that omegas don't have to be excluded from the army. MC got his benefits and that was it


3. Ancient arc

-couldn't get into the Prince x eunuch dynamic


-so pissed that the emperor got to retire so peacefully after ruining his wife & child's life


-the political drama was so contrived

Anyway its not bad to mindlessly read about a couple finding each other in every world. Don't look for anything else. <<less
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LeiFan rated it
June 12, 2023
Status: c31
So far I have read the first arc only which was pretty good for a quick transmigration. It didn't feel rushed or short or underdeveloped like some arcs in QTs usually do. One thing I really appreciated in the first arc was the ML. Idk if it's a bl thing or a danmei thing but ML always borderline force themselves on the one bottoming or go until the other faints which I am not a fan of reading. The ML in this novel though was extremely considerate. I loved the... more>> hinted aftercare in the mornings and small details like avoiding s*x the day after a rough night to care for the body. You can really feel the gentleness and care which I found adorable and attractive at the same time. I can go on and on about these tiny details but I am judging based solely on arc 1 so this is not a review of the whole novel.

So far I also appreciate the MC, his personality, banter, and reaction to the system (who is indeed a cutie).

I love how developed and fleshed out the story was for a short arc and am optimistic about the chapters ahead! <<less
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Fisukisuki rated it
September 5, 2022
Status: c76
A very very good QT Novel so far!!!

We get to see ML being Tsundere/Puffer fish multiple times. Doting but also keep being Teased by MC as much as he can. Very Cute!

MC himself are great character! He wasn't the Apathetic, Indifferent or too playful. He's not OP either even though he's Pretty Awesome already. But so far it was shown in reasonable size.

MC treat ML pretty well. He didn't think it was a Game or anything. Since beginning he treat him as his Lover who he finally get to have.... more>> But sure he still tried to get the Point he need from ML's affection. Anyway, he treat ML with mostly sincerely even until he know he really Love him.

ML is not perfect, but MC will make him learn if he make mistakes. And ML will really learn from it. And he never went too far or too long.

Seriously Pretty Cute and Very Enjoyable QT Novel! Especially to someone like me who have been stressed in the past 2 weeks and stills *sobs* and lost appetite towards so many novels already (aka getting bored not even half way of story) even though I know those Novel are pretty good, but apparently not 'Exciting' or 'Intriguing' or 'Distracting' enough to get me away from stress. So yeah, this Novel is Pretty Awesome for me! I Adore and LOVING IT!!!

Pray so hard the rest of the story is as Great and the translation will keep going till completed!!! 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 AMEN <<less
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Xiu_er rated it
July 11, 2022
Status: Completed
Rating: 4.5/5

This novel is basically about a cheeky shou going out to capture his tsundere gong in various worlds, raising a cat together and sprinkling dog food until the end of each lifetime. Throughout the world's there are a few repetitive themes that show up which are used by the MC to recognize the ML as the ML has the same soul and thus has the same habits and reactions to the same things. The repetitive themes are not limited to the ML's and the MC's insider jokes but also... more>> other characters who transmigrated along the main CP.

I don't have any major complaints about the plot, just a few minor ones. Mainly, how the author seemed to build up points of tension, only to pass over them and resolve them offhandedly like a sidenote. It's anticlimactic and breaks me out of my reading immersion each time it happens.

Then there is the real world arc...

I just had to roll my eyes when the ML got his legs cured after all even when he gave up his wish that was originally reserved for healing his disability to bring the MC back. Talk about plot armor.


Either way, I still ended up enjoying the novel overall. Plus points from me for not dragging out the extra chapters. Whenever I see a novel have too many extra chapters, I wanna run/dread reading the novel because I am not into "no plot, just fluff" or side CPs. So few extra chapters are a good thing in my eyes <<less
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Stefh rated it
February 6, 2022
Status: Completed
The book is quite entertaining, for someone who wants to relax from so much drama (like me) of the books this is perfect, all the worlds are well designed and it is not as others say that they do not explain everything, at least where I read it they explain everything about the system, rewards, prizes and punishment in the first arc, which I do. In general, I like it a lot and it's not boring in my opinion
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Catastrophe3905 rated it
September 19, 2021
Status: Completed
It's pretty good. The main focus of the story is on their relationship. Not a lot of drama. Some parts are realistic, some not so realistic. But either way, it's fluffy and cute. A nice read. If you're into quick transmigration and are not into the mood to read drama, this would suit you perfectly.
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WallEyeKnee rated it
January 31, 2024
Status: Completed
This novel was addicting because it's so funny and warm. It also stirs your emotions with it's stories and plots in each world.

There's also travel companions our Cat Jiang Nuomi and Our Yu Friend.

I really love MC and ML's relationship, it's fluff and also sweet and sometimes the emotions of pain too.

... more>> People should give ML a chance, he has his story and will be very different after he found himself in love then looking at his pufferfish personality will be very funny.

Each world has a different flavor and you never get bored, each world MC also his own strength to become a great person in that world. ML's temper and each world's personality is also very funny.

This is a one of the good transmigration novels. I enjoyed it alot <<less
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florana rated it
July 20, 2023
Status: Completed
So after reading the translations (thank you translator for that, they are amazing), I couldn't wait and mtl-ed thru the whole novel.

I really love the MC and how sly, clever, teasing and powerful he is, kinda an all rounder, who won't fall for him. I like how he misses the ML from previous world's, remembering the moments they had, and giving importance to each, honestly cried in heart when he expresses his overwhelming love for ML in all the worlds. ML is also really good, quite funny with inner monolgues... more>> and outer tsundere, all worlds have kind of different personalities yet, the essence remain the same. A big tsun, with all his love for MC. I love the interaction they have with their pet cat Jiang Nuomi, and how he is an important part of their family. His love-hate relationship with ML is something to look forward to in all the worlds, poor fellow being a light bulb. But we can't forget the biggest light bulb of all, Shen Yu, ml' brother. He also followed thru the world's and I also love his comedic presence, like a family. I will give special presence to Little cutie, our system, honestly one of the best systems out there

I love how it comes beg to say goodbye, spending all its points. I also wanna know more about its story with the main system, a bit is shown in the extra in the end, but not enough ahhh


The side characters were also good, I really wanna know all the stories that happened between some


For eg.- the relationship between the mechas, Kate and Pasiya, and also the story of original Jiang Li from the abo world who transmigrated to Ling Mo


Overall, I enjoyed quite a lot! Recommended~ <<less
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February 4, 2023
Status: c88
Might wait for the translation, but overAll it has a good story plot per world. I like that some close people of them are not 2d like Ml's friends per world. Although they faced each oyher via coincidence due to circumstamces for the 1st world, they're already adult and knows what they are doing.

Mc's been a great actor (profession) so he's calm when facing situations, and good in coaxing ML hahaha. The novel has some comedic instances and theirrr pet!!! Anyways read it yourself^^ at chap 88, 3rd world
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seasaltxx rated it
December 3, 2022
Status: Completed
Probably one of the cutest one ive seen. I love the MC and the ML. Also I liked the worlds that they transmigrated to.

Probably also the only QT (ive freaking read lots of QTs) that has not just one not two not three, BUT FOUR characters transmigrating together. Only the MC retains the memories though but its so f*cking cute how its like a family unit supporting each other.

The worlds were all interesting also different from most QTs, MC is not given a *plot* only memories. He takes over from... more>> the moment of death and so he has the main goal and the side goal but we as readers dont know the future and dont know what possibly might be the counterattacks. Makes it more interesting though I still love my plot QTs.

Also I loved the real world arc (i usually hate the real world arcs) the situation got reversed and I loved that (vague I know but no spoilees but im pretty sure u got that lols) <<less
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Ouryane00 rated it
May 23, 2022
Status: c65
I love the first arc, I love how unrestrained they both are with each other, I love how the ML always get speechless because of MC haha

I'm just at the second arc and it's also good, not as good as the first arc (because the first arc is just where everything began) but it's also has a good flow

Looking forward to reading more of arc 2 and the other arcs! 💛

Arc 2 starts at chap 39

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