Wasn’t This Supposed To Be a Strategy Game?


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I possessed a character in a notorious game with a 0% clear rate, ‘The Last Kingmaker.’

In addition, the character I possessed is a hidden character, a low-level priestess!

There’s only one way to escape.

That is to clear the game.

To do this, I must ensure that the 3rd prince, who is extremely likely to become a tyrant, ascends as an emperor and bring peace to the nation.

It’s a terrible situation, but I have no choice but to accept the game with tears in my eyes…

“Then, I will trust you from now on.”

The 3rd prince with a 90% chance of becoming a tyrant,

“You’d better give up on that plan.”

The chancellor who was called a young genius and was known for his harsh words,

“Priestess, did you use me?”

The cunning grand duke,

“Strangely, I feel something special about the priestess.”

The holy knight who is good at spitting with a smiling face,

“You promised me you’d come back.”

Even the archmage who will eventually explode and destroy the empire said that to her.

Why do I feel like the characters who should lead the empire to peace are obsessed with me?

I’m sorry, but wasn’t this supposed to be a strategy game?

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이거 전략게임 아니었나요
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