Heroine On Strike


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The once famed and affluent patissiere had become Luciella, the duke’s beloved daughter and the novel’s female lead. There, she was determined to live a life of elegance and luxury. She would no longer toil laboriously as she’d done in her past life. But in the process of doing so, she learned that her fiancé was having an affair. Luciella immediately threw her hands in the air and declared that she would leave the palace and end their engagement.

Not long after, her ex-fiancé Cladis stood in front of her with melancholy asking her a favor to mend their relationship.

“Just give me one year and I will do my best and prove to you my faithfulness, love, and loyalty again.”

Will Cladis successfully win Luciella’s heart back? And was she willing?

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여주인공은 파업 중
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moto rated it
March 10, 2022
Status: c59
Its another otome novel but with a twist where the heroine and villianess tropes reversal reversal.

Heroine is MC and villianess is the antagonist but the villians is trying to alter the story to be the heroine.

Its a very interesting story and so far a fun read.

Characters aren't cardboard and more than 2 dimensional.


prince is a dumbass and ends up regretting it very much.

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Krnovel lovers
Krnovel lovers rated it
July 17, 2022
Status: c108
I have never cursed this much in my life. All this because I read this novel. It was the first time I felt like throwing up my guts in disgust even though there was no foul smell. And in the middle of the novel I had a stomach ache. All because of ml. But honestly it's a really good story when you patiently read to the end. It's so good that you can't comment on the plot, storyline, and cause-and-effect logic, all perfect. MC is also very realistic and smart.... more>> I only advise people with high blood pressure not to read this, because it will relapse when reading it <<less
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hereforyou rated it
November 30, 2022
Status: c83
This novel isn't terrible. It's just incredibly frustrating to read. All the actions taken have logic and the characters are believable. So believable you want to slap them. Nevertheless, if you have the fortitude to read it to the end, perhaps it pays off?
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7starkiller99 rated it
November 6, 2022
Status: c81
Novel absolutely 100% not recommended to read.

MC is a nearly 40 year old lady who crossed into a pampered fiancée of the crown prince. MC proceeds to slack, act OOC, bemoan and whine about her plight while enjoying the good life, tease and attempt to seduce young men, immediately acts OOC and claim she had mystical dreams about the future, fight with a loser fellow transmigrator woman, be extremely petty and frankly act like a woman of severely low intellect with her scum crown prince marriage partner, and now mess... more>> around with some fellow near 40 year old scumbag master of the magic tower.

This novel is complete garbage when it comes to character interaction, story believability, integrity of the MC and possible future ML, Mc's useless family, and any sense of sympathy for the MC is immediately wiped out by her ridiculous and frankly s*upid actions. She's a clear bundle of scummy jealousy and selfishness.

The people who think this is a good story with all the nonsensical plot twists are extremely deluded. Grounded? Hah! The MC is a s*upid moron who can't even manage to figure out if she has money or even how to avoid a dumb teen prince. Even the reason she wasn't originally found to be OOC is medicore author plot armor saying she can just magically act similar to the original Ella.

A total waste of time reading -900Octillion/10

P.S. Note to author: you can't just suddenly have the MC give up her previous choice of integrating into her family over petty jealousy with another woman and make her act insanely OOC and even talk to the magic tower owner about her being a supposed transmigrator. This has 100% killed the novel. <<less
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Aurayleah143 rated it
July 13, 2022
Status: c110
You will find the prince veeeerrrryyyy annoying at first. I just went to the spoiler page and he is getting a lot of hate. But, just wait for a little longer..... it def gets better. You'll even want to forgive him yourself if you stick long enough.
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February 8, 2023
Status: c78
This is an odd one. Overall it's fine, assuming you like generic transmigration fantasy romance. But there are various things about the way it's written I find very frustrating.

It's repetitive. The FL will spend 3 paragraphs saying the same thing in different words and then repeat it all again every few chapters. I couldn't be any more clear about how she feels about Cladis, because she's explained it so often I have it memorized.

It says the FL is super busy running around doing serious save-the-world stuff, but then it spends... more>> 4 entire chapters focused on the FL's incredibly trivial power plays with shopkeepers over which VIP room she'll use. Then she rushes out early without quite doing what she went for.

Plus, the way it talks about her relationship with her brother Evan is creepy as hell! She's constantly thinking about his wonderful scent and clinging onto and cuddling him. It genuinely comes off in*estuous. <<less
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Nightkiss49 rated it
November 29, 2022
Status: c177
It's a book you love as well as hate. I was finally glad that someone (FL) stood up for themselves, but the end made me frustrated.

I don't know if ML is dumb-s*upid or naive or loves drama or playing the victim. He does act like Henry VIII, (Anna Boleyn, sorry for being this historical character but it's a bit related, stop blaming only other women when you also are equally a part of it) who was manipulated by the female (in this case Clara).

I do understand other things but... more>> FL's brother I wish to slap him. <<less
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tocinomasarap rated it
October 23, 2022
Status: c154
You guys judge wayyy too early! This novel has a grounded plot with twists and turns. Initially its focus was on the affair of the ML, and it made me curious HOW did that even happen? Then BAM it's deeper than I would have thought. Especially, the reason for her transmigration.

Why Cladis cheated:

... more>>

I wouldn't necessarily say he really cheated since he was swayed by the 'GUEST BUFF' which is one of the powers foreign souls gained. (Clara is one of the people who transmigrated in the novel) Since he's described as an intelligent character, he's confused why he was dragged along so easily by Clara and from the peer pressure. When he tried to remember his memories with Clara, it comes up as blurry/murky. He never initiates any form of intimacy with her, be it holding hands or anything at all. It was always Clara who's desperately seducing him, finally realizing the difference between MC and Clara b*tch.


How many potential MLs are there?


There's Cladis, ofcourse. There's Vylun, a knight from his family (friend of Eric) and finally, Xyle, tower master. If you're asking who I want her to end up with? Idk. They're all good for me 💀


Why was she transmigated?


Well, she was dragged into the world so she could save it lol there are administrators within the world that brings souls from other worlds so they could their own world from collapsing. It wasn't just MC who was dragged, there's Clara, too (and others). BUT it was a huge mistake for the administrators to bring Clara because what happened originally (without Ranhee MC transmigrating) is that Ella went insane from the affair of Cladis and Clara and went down the evil path (Cladis sided with Clara). In the end they still got married bc of the Emperor's will and Clara went nuts too to bring down Ella. So MC Ranhee was brought to fix their mistakes

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