Flower of Steel


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Ten-year-old Marina’s destiny began when she met the teary-eyed boy at the Imperial Palace. The time she spent with him playing chess was like a fairytale, sweet but short-lived. It had become a faint memory of first love.

Betrayed by her fiancé at eighteen, she decides to fulfill her lifelong dream and work in government office. Much to her dismay, she soon learns that life at the Imperial Palace was just too exhausting. There were so many twists and turns! But she held on; she hoped to see the boy in her youth once more, even if only for a little. Turns out that the boy had always watched her from afar.

And so begins a complicated love affair at the Imperial Palace! Will Marina be able to find happiness?

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강철의 꽃
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Fiis10 rated it
April 15, 2022
Status: c41
I am enjoying this. FL is a classic Mary Sue, so don't read if this bothers you.

Otherwise, join the cult of Marina and watch her storm to the top, while trampling over scummy rivals on the way.
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axcel19lim rated it
April 12, 2022
Status: c21
It’s alright to pass the time

... more>>

although it’s a bit confusing how the MC took first place in a political exam yet takes on her peers in a petty manner


The characters are a bit bland and seems to be cardboard cut-outs


such as the cousins who just adores the MC even if the MC treats them like servants 1, 2, &3 yet MC just abhors the same cardboard cut-out ‘dogs’ of the antagonist, Elise


The plot is also quite cliché with a little tweaks of a strong female lead although the execution is passable.

Honestly, give it a try if you are bored and have a lot of time to spare. You’ll need a lot of patience though, especially on the first chapter that just describes the kingdoms and world building stuff. <<less
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Leysen rated it
October 20, 2022
Status: --
I Like it ❤️ Cheer Up Girl you

So such a very young 18 yrs old

So much Pain all of you're Effort to be good and helper to Kyle

... more>> 💔 Him ambitious position the Government very mistake he so selfish person cheater fiance and mistress 👿 plan to using you until the position came and Marina going tr*sh 🗑️ bothem

s*upid Couple 😢 Kyle and Eli's

Marina Let Go him and don't believe any say to you 🙏 it's Lie

Kyle Never ever Love you 💔

Kyle interest Marina using plan that's all 💔 💔💔

Marina Find you're Happness 🙏 and Love you're Self and Own Family supporting you ❤️ that's real love enjoy the single life 💕

Forgiveness and Forget if you're Heart fully recover Past 😢 8 yrs loving Kyle and the End will Break Up 💔 Promise is gone <<less
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Korraa rated it
August 31, 2022
Status: c117
I genuinely enjoyed it. There could be more depth to Marina (the FL) but I love her either ways. There's just something refreshing about this novel. Marina is a good protagonist. Even though she can be classified as a Mary Sue to some extent, she's still bearable. I think it's super enjoyable tbh. I binged it all, and even though I have a habit of skimming through chapters I read this one properly. It's pacing is great, it's not too fast nor is it too slow.

I have a problem with... more>> the current antagonist though. I can already predict how that antagonist would end and I hope the authors wouldn't go down that route. <<less
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