Light and Shadow


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It’s a rude insult when lowly and headstrong servant Edna comes to marry Duke Eli, instead of the noble daughter he expected. But the ambitious maid hides an even bigger secret behind her obvious ruse – one that could change the kingdom’s very history. Can the two find freedom, redemption – and love – without drawing their swords on each other?

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빛과 그림자
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10 Reviews

Mar 21, 2019
Status: --
As a reader of the webcomic, I expect the story to be also great! Both leads are indeed amazing, no unnecessary drama and great development. Thanks you so much for picking this novel, dear translator. I wish you well!
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Feb 04, 2022
Status: Completed
Hm, so we're just gonna ignore that the ML is a rapist, huh? It's all fine and good because they 'fall in love' at the end, but he assaulted her right at the start and continues to make untoward advances on her throughout the story. Something we're just supposed to be okay with. Which, by the way, is so strange that the FL is depicted as being this strong and powerful woman, raised as a man and all that, but now she has to lie down and take this kind... more>> of mistreatment? What's the point of being strong if you can't even earn that tiny bit of respect for yourself?

Also, the FL, Edna, is boring; full stop. Yes, she's strong and capable, but what else is there? She kicks the bad guy's butts, manages to be strong and skilled with a sword....... and that's it. There's literally nothing else of value or substance to her character, but the over correction into Girl Boss heroine makes authors think so long as they make their FL's physically strong, then they can just forgo any other amount of characterization. And based on the other reviews on this novel, that halfassed writing is apparently enough to entertain people, which is a shame. We should honestly be pushing for better character writing than this.

Being strong =/= Being a well developed character.

It's such a huge bummer because when you look at her back story, there's so much character value there, so many opportunities to further flesh her out as a living person existing in her world, but the author took no chances there. They just tossed a sword in her hand and was like, 'meh, good enough'.

Disappointing. <<less
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Mar 13, 2019
Status: v1c1
Despite it being early, I do enjoy the webcomic and really look forward to future chapters!

Both the leads have developed stories, and I like how they have their own strengths and how they eventually accept each other.
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Jan 26, 2020
Status: Completed


Anyone who loves "LUCIA" will love this novel too, just like me.

... more>> If the MC of Lucia is like a "Real Lady" then our MC in Light and Shadow is "A Lady with a Crown-Prince's Capability". She can do swordmanship and politics but she is still our Princess and Lady. I just love her character very much!

The story is a mixed of romance, a bit of fantasy, and action (yes our MC is the best).

This novel deserves more love!! As much as people appreciating Lucia, I hope more people will read this novel! Great novel for a happy read! <<less
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Jun 21, 2019
Status: c3
Hope someone pick this up. Although the translator did a great job on the first chapters, I understand that s/he might not have the time for this. : ( This has such a great story it's short and based on the manhwa a bit fast paced but not too much wherein you didnt know five years has passed like some chinese manhwas ive read. Reading the novel, I think its better as I think the description gives more details on what is happening and what the characters are feeling.

Based on the... more>> manhwa, it doesnt really have that big conflicts or deep politics. The story centers more on the rebuild of the town under the duke's reign and a little conflict with another territory near them. Romance is cute but not too fluffy. Just a fun light read. <<less
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May 20, 2019
Status: --

The characters are built nicely, and the story is going in a steady pace (realtively a fast paced story compared to most).

The main leads trust each other although the FL does keep secrets about her true identity but the ML waits until she's ready to tell him because he's so in love with her lmao. The FL is also badass and smart.

Although the story is unexpectedly quite light and have comedy (in terms of character interactions), I do have to warn... more>> about the *dark and disturbing undertones* of the novel, mostly in the backstory/history of the characters. And it's heavier in the novel than in the webtoon, so far I've seen. <<less
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Apr 04, 2019
Status: c90
What's with the low rating? I read the webcomic for this novel and let me tell you, the MC for this novel, Edna is strong, smart and talented in sword fighting. She is one of the best MC in any novel that I've read so far, because she is not a damsel in distress, just waiting to be saved by her knight in shining armour. She saw a problem and solved it in her own way. And I love the fact that ML is not shy in showing his love... more>> for the MC, unlike other asian novels where the ML is a always cold and having a bit of trouble to express his feeling towards MC. The only thing that I kind of hate is the first meeting between the MC and ML.

where the ML forced MC to be with him the first time they met, regardless of the fact that they are going to be wedded the next day.


Apart from that, the novel itself is sweet, heart-wrenching and the plot doesn't drag for too long. <<less
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Jun 27, 2020
Status: Completed
This deserves a rating higher than 4.5 imo

Leads are very likeable and although I felt sad at how fast the pace was sometimes, I really really really loved it!
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Aug 31, 2023
Status: Completed
-Written based on manhwa, as the novel translation has been taken down
It's a charming story, on my third read now and I still love it.
I remember vividly of first reading the plot twists and turns, and I still squeal over the main couple's romance. The side couples are also adorable.
That being said, naturally there are some loose ends that weren't properly addressed, but you can pretty much guess what path they would have taken.

All in all, a classic for the genre, though do mind the smut tag.

PSA after reading ancientmagus' critical 1 star review (Note that they only leave negative reviews) :
1) I won't defend... more>> that the ML did r*pe the FL
It is intentionally an uncomfortable scene that first causes the rift in their early marriage. To say that he *continued* to assault her is a blatant lie though, did we read the same story? I don't recall him advancing on her afterwards at all sexually. At most he does show his hostility at her suspicious actions.

Further IMPORTANT explanation but spoiler because *context* is important:

You didn't even add that he *does* later apologise to her sincerely, and actually even regretted treating her as he did IMMEDIATELY the morning after. Doesn't make it right, but it's a lot better handled than many other comics out there. Not to mention if you consider the fact that he has just been told he'd been humiliated by being sent the wrong bride, and has also just returned from war. Again: he is not unguilty of the crime, but he does apologise and treats her sincerely afterwards.


2) They said the FL is boring, them over 8 other reviews that gave this manhwa shining reviews.. so to you who reads this you decide for yourself by actually reading this. I won't refute because that's a subjective opinion everyone is entitled to.
3) Quote from them:"... Which, by the way, is so strange that the FL is depicted as being this strong and powerful woman, raised as a man and all that, but now she has to lie down and take this kind of mistreatment? What's the point of being strong if you can't even earn that tiny bit of respect for yourself?" What.

Spoiler alert:

Did you forget she is a former prince in hiding? Also, you complain about girlbossing yet also complain when she shows signs of weakness. I will admit that she could've shown better strength and independence but also consider she has lost her only support: her mother the queen, and is stripped away from her male persona entirely. Her only motivation was to live to see the next king die as instructed by her mother. She was a living ghost until she met the ML, proven when she later explicitly said "I am alive again because of you" or sth to that effect. Plus, the country was in ruins, not sure what you expect a runaway-prince-turned-commoner-girl to be able to do and continue to "girlboss" since she also mentioned having nightmares of hearing the people who sacrificed their lives for her to escape.


Again, context. If anyone took a second to consider her perspective you would understand. Not everyone can always be confident, especially not when they know just anyone could turn them in while on the run if they recognised her face. Not to mention that upon regaining status (which, we know how historical stories prioritise for someone to have any ability) she did her best to help people despite the risk of exposing herself rather than continue to standby. Sometimes all we need is a push which was how being with the ML helped her.

4) Another quote: "And based on the other reviews on this novel, that halfassed writing is apparently enough to entertain people, which is a shame. We should honestly be pushing for better character writing than this." How about you write your own strong FL? I agree we should *encourage* authors to write better characters, but not PUSH them lmao. They are NOT your s*aves. They may be getting (varying amounts of) money from their labour of love, but they owe you nothing. The fact you even shamed other reviewers for enjoying something you didn't (which, in my opinion, is worse so because you yourself misconstrued the story so..) is appalling. The fact you also called this half-assed writing when there were good and unique plot points..

5) ".. There's literally nothing else of value or substance to her character" I'm getting tired of rewriting the plot. Sure, the story could've shown more scenes to show development for readers. Perhaps this is further explored in the novel, I wouldn't know as the novel has been dropped and removed from the internet. In the manhwa, however..

MAJOR Spoiler, TL:DR I list MULTIPLE points countering the "she has no substance" comment.


+1 FL, a child, learns to step up to the cruel king to save another innocent child despite being terrified. +2 and how to forgive herself of the deaths that were caused for her to escape from the palace during the siege, eventhough it isn't exactly her fault. +3 She later learns that she is worthy of love (and thus to love and even have a family with the ML). Their sacrifices were orchestrated by her mother to ensure her child's safety.


[Ginarmous spoiler ahead]

+4 She also later promises to return to her son after the final war in the story, and she swore not to be like her mother who was unable to return. +5 overall at the end she was able to protect her people, which she was unable to do while she was the prince and when she was forced into disguising as a commoner.


Athough I am biased for the story, I actually do agree that the story could've been further improved, but that is the same for any and every story. Any writer or editor knows that there's no such thing as a "perfect" story. As it is A STORY FROM 2014 it is unfair to say the FL is a typical girlboss. She was one of the few manhwa girls done right at the time, and I very well remember the plot twist being very unique for its time. I read this maybe in 2015, so it is unfair to compare it to newer standards. <<less
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Jan 26, 2023
Status: Completed
I tried to find the novel translation but sadly, I couldn't find it so I just left the review based on manhwa version first.

I actually really enjoy the manhwa version a lot despite of the first few chapters being a bit unbearable to read (that's why I took out 1 star from my rating).

... more>>

Yes, that's where ML rap*d her when they met for the first time.


I don't have any words to defend ML's action because he was indeed a j*rk at that time. The reason why I continued to read this till the end was because later he changed for the better. He also treated MC as an equal even though she technically only a "maid" in name.

And MC, I love her. She's not only strong but also kind and righteous. It's really a pity that she couldn't become a queen in her life because she would be a wise monarch who loved her people.

The plot itself wasn't that complicated and the villains were easily defeated. And it's a happy ending. <<less
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