I’m Not the Final Boss’ Lover


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When our protagonist becomes the game character Jun Karentia,

she thinks she has it made.

She may be just a lowly support mage but with her knowledge of the game, she knows she can find her way to the good ending, following around the main character, Fabian.

The problem?.. This game doesn’t end after one playthrough.

Jun is prepared to guide Fabian through the second playthrough to the true ending when… Fabian abandons her.

Now Grand Duke Mayer Knox—captain of the Dark Knights and the secret final boss—is determined to have her join his party.

Can Jun turn the final boss into the main character?

Why is Mayer Knox so intent on having her at his party?

And when will these rumors about being his lover stop?!

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It's a Misunderstanding I'm the Final Boss's Lover
최종 보스의 애인이라니 오해입니다
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New znukhsoc rated it
June 7, 2023
Status: Completed
WARNING: The shoujo tag is misleading. The focus is FULLY on dungeon clearing stuff.
2 stars just because I enjoyed it for a while. First, here are the things I appreciated:
-FL decides not to jump on the conclusions based on what she played before, real quick.
-tr*shy family stuff was cut short.
-ML is a softy for FL from the beginning.
-Side characters are diverse and lots of fun.

Here are the negatives that made me nearly drop this novel:
-I can't see how FL's ability is a low-skill one.... more>> The story is a bit weird about that. A support type has more talents than anybody else in the universe. It didn't make the slightest sense.
-I wish they could focus on romance drama a lot more than fantasy-rpg stuff. Especially after ch 150s, I was so bored of it that I started to skim the story.
-Fabian is so petty that it's hard to take him seriously. I don't get how she saw her as a hero in the first round.
-I expected some romance in action but none was delivered. Well they confessed and all but it felt like it was all in the background. I don't know if the romance stuff was delivered in side stories because I couldn't care less to finish them. I just wanted to close this book.
-Really loved the characters but the story didn't satisfy me at all, there is danger constantly but all the action was underwhelming: Supposedly physically weak FL goes on 6 month missions "constantly" and comes back unharmed and not even tired. Sure they have a healer but even healers have limits in this story.

Nobody "good" was really harmed so the illusion was broken.

That's it, I'm very sad about the fact that I found this story bothersome to finish. <<less
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New Nixie_pixie rated it
May 23, 2023
Status: Completed
Really good story. I love all the characters. All of them have depths and their stories were told clearly. It will really hook you up and make you a part of their world. 😍🥰🥰
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36nugget rated it
April 5, 2022
Status: Completed
Really liked this one!

  • The relationship between Mayer and Jun is nice and healthy wherein they respect each other, communicate, and work through their misunderstandings
  • While they are special to each other, their worlds aren’t narrow and they have meaningful friendship and relationships with the rest of the cast
  • MC and her superstar team are so cute😭🥺 they honestly deserve the world and you definitely root for them as the series goes on
  • Its enjoyable how it shows the process of MC and her crew getting stronger, how they put the time and effort into training, etc. And how not everything is easy even though it’s MC’s (technically) third life
  • The characters experience setbacks, doubts, uncertainty, etc. But overcome it and become stronger (oftentimes with the aid of their comrades)
  • Everybody’s got each other’s backs. If you’re a fan of found family you’ll love this!
  • I found it refreshing how at the end MC lets her half-brother and family go by erasing their memories of her. In usual plots like this MC will either kill/imprison/exile them, or the half-sibling falls under the care of MC and abandons their family. Idk I just thought it was a nice touch.
  • Wish there was more about the Goddess and the Demon King though, especially since it implies the Demon King only tried to end the world to be together with the Goddess
  • Mayer is such a sweetie 10/10
  • Mayer + Jun avoiding each other as they awkwardly navigated their feelings? I felt that
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kyoshijiro rated it
February 27, 2022
Status: c64
Really loving this story.

Great translation quality, interesting characters, interesting worldbuilding and abilities.

MC transmigrates into the body of a generally weak member of the cast of recruitable characters in an rpg game (i sort of imagined it something like fire emblem or dragon quest?). With her knowledge of the game she strives to help the games protagonist and his crew grow stronger. She goes above and beyond the line of duty to prepare for defeating the demon lord, with the knowledge that the world will reset for the second playthrough the... more>> first time you defeat the boss. The story starts at the beginning of this reset, where she waits for the game protagonist to come rescue her, except it's a different person that comes to her rescue. The final boss! He who carries the core of the demon lord, will become the final boss after the demon lord is defeated. How will she escape the bad ending now? <<less
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Aurayleah143 rated it
August 5, 2022
Status: --
The book itself is amazing. Especially if you like dungeon type stories.

But, the translator has divided each chapter into 4-5 parts. It's showing 120 chapters now, but it's only like 20 something chapters. I feel so cheated😢

Oh, but the translation quality is quite good.
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Meishou rated it
April 16, 2022
Status: c76
I gave it a 5* for the nice reading experience and a good, eloquently explained plot. Tbh, it is not a solid 5 if you are looking for complex world building, epic battle of skills and wits, but if you are looking for a entertaining, short yet intriguing story in-between your other novels, then this one is highly recommended. There are quite a few cliche, but it's given lol

The FL, Jun Karentia is a support-type mage with many dungeon diving skills up her sleeve, but not absolutely over powerful, her... more>> cheat comes from her information and her wits are her weapon. At the first few chapters, she can come off a little annoying but she get better, fast. She is definitely the strong type MC despite having no physical strength or offensive magic of her own. <<less
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Eilanzer rated it
September 23, 2022
Status: c40
One of THE worse ML I had a distste to read! Shes passive and like cucumber water, tasteless!

The pace of the novel is HORRIBLE, 8 chapters in to start moving from the first scene! For gods sake NOTHING HAPPENS and her monologue is pure PAIN!

Shes a vice-captain and let low ranked soldiers talk bad around her, doing NOTHING... again Just more monologue and no action, nothing to put respect she need in such high position.

Fabian was right, I too would dump her at first oportunity!
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thebowja rated it
August 7, 2022
Status: c120
Initially tried reading this because the setting was interesting. But the rest of the story was disappointing.

There was a conflict with the villagers in the first few chapters but the resolution wasn't very cathartic.

Does not dive deep enough into dungeon/party play for those who might be interested in this.

... more>> Little progress on romance on the emotional side so far. No clue the specific reason why the ML is acting so favorably towards the MC.

Most importantly, it is extremely frustrating reading about the ML's repeated childish jealousy and overprotectiveness and also the MC's worthless arguments with him about it.

Well. If you like that sort of ML, then this novel may be the one for you. <<less
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TeaPlease1717 rated it
September 15, 2022
Status: c104
Cute story and excellent translation. This is good if you need something entertaining that is not too plot heavy or angsty.

The story is unique. The FL transmigrates into a video game that she played back in her world. In the game, the story follows a hero as he fights the demon lord. During the play, the game resets after the first play and the hero has to start over again training to defeat him a second time on a harder mode. It's during this reset that the FL is abandoned... more>> by the hero.

With that as the premise, I thought the story would be about the FL getting revenge on the hero who betrayed her but its not really about that (at least as of chapter 104). Instead the story focuses on the FL and how she is going to make the ML's companions grow in strength. She doesn't seem intent on revenge or any other goal but beating the demon lord and being on the winning team which makes the story a bit one dimensional.

The ML is cute. I love how he has regrets and shows his pain and fears to the FL. I also love how oblivious he is that he is head over heals in love with the FL.

Overall, however, because the FL and ML's relationship is a bit too slow for my taste and the plot is shallow washout much angst or emotion I only give this a rating 7/10. <<less
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sparklingmote rated it
August 12, 2022
Status: Completed
FL/ML relationship is very good and they actually communicate which was very, very refreshing. ML a little slow on the uptake but once he realizes it, he's able to clearly and verbally convey his feelings to the FL pretty quickly. Romantic misunderstandings pretty much stop as soon as ML makes his confession and doesn't become a stumbling block for them. Satisfying relationship, satisfying ending. I thought the overall pacing of the story was quite good too.
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yumigination rated it
April 5, 2023
Status: c100
Chapter 100 onwards isn't free on word excerpt something website so translated changes.
the new translation website: continue from chapter 53.

okay, now for the review.
frankly I didn't start this novel for the romance. (s*upid right? It's literally a romance novel). But yea, I clicked on accident and decided to give it a go cause I was bored and had no intention to prepare for finals. And here I am binging it now.

it's is a MAJOR SLOW BURN so if you are not the type to enjoy that, I'll... more>> ask you to think again before starting.

The world building is great. The focus is mainly on the main characters but the involvement of others is also there and makes it interesting.
The world building and the slight comedic aspect is what got me hooked honestly.

id say give it a go and you'd know if it's your type or not.

Edit: guys. I definitely do think you should give it a go but I started a few other romance novels too along with this and after reading about six of them, it turns out romance genre is not for me... so yea I'm dropping this... I really loved the world building and all but all the very slight romantic elements are cringing me out... <<less
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misto713 rated it
March 20, 2022
Status: c67
great story so far!

FL has a unique personality, unlike most romantic fantasy novels. She's kinda cold, calculation and just plain pragmatic, but definitely not a villainess but someone who is simply very determined to 'win', to kill the demon lord. Both main characters are interesting, I like the storyline and world, even though there hasn't been much worldbuilding aside from "this is an RPG game".

it's well worth the read.
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keikomushi rated it
February 24, 2022
Status: c2
A solid translation for a promising story. Alas, the chapters are a tad short. If you are able to accept the chapter-length, you'll probably enjoy this story a lot if the first two chapters are anything to go by.
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flqr34 rated it
April 22, 2023
Status: Completed
The significant points, for me, are:

  • Upper tier translation, way above the usual (for me?) badly edited mtl mess.
  • Story simple an straightforward, a few hijinks, and nobody has a such obvious plot armour that being dense as a brick does not blow up in their face immediately.
  • likeable characters on the whole.
  • No insufferable misunderstandings.
  • Protagonists actually know how to communicate what they feel.
I would have liked more chapters on the team grind, to flesh out the kids, the world and the relationships, even with Jun, though. I like there was no bs, but... more>> in retrospect, the setting is a bit dry and flat.

Also, It didn't really bother me, but one funny dumb premise here is that support mages, defined as "cannot heal, attack or defend, plus tr*sh stats" would be looked down upon, when boy, they can at the very minimum cast damage absorption, damage reflection, xp boost, percentage stat boosts, illusions, plus some attacks attribute enchantments, and that's only what we've seen, because based on the definition, they would also get stuff like levitation, teleportation, invisibility, the works. They are the most broken teammate a seven-player party would want. And our heroine is of course even more broken than that. <<less
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maims rated it
April 15, 2023
Status: season pass 2
This is the best. No question. I really really love the healthy relationship between the two leads. I love how the ML has so much FL energy while definitely bring an ML, and the FL has so much ML energy while being distinctly FL. I remember reading a comment about how KR MLs can have any hair color but they always have red eyes. Our ML has golden eyes, it's our FL with red eyes.

Our ML is the empress and he's the one who plans their wedding, while it's our FL whose the emperor, and is so busy she brings her work to her wedding dress fitting. While the ML and the designer bicker about the skirt being half an inch too long.


I love the FL. I love how our FL is so mad about efficiency that everyone, unanimously (to her utter bafflement) titled her



I love the ML. I love how he is always, completely and unapologetically himself. I love how he asks the FL what her type is and then sets out to check off every point, and continue doing that even way after they're married. I love how when she mentions that she likes

obedient men, his reaction is basically, ahhhh I have no experience with that!!! Well, I'll give it my best shot anyway.


I love the side characters. They are so well developed. I love that they show that there's a whole world out there, that no one has only one relationship.
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boozZze rated it
April 8, 2023
Status: season pass 2
I haven't read anything this good in a while. I even binge read the whole thing 🤣

It's got great balance between romance, adventure, and fantasy—like, the story gave us enough fluff with interactions between Jun and Mayer. But also, we can see how she's as strong-willed as she presents herself to be and just as capable as others, even as a support mage—both in her previos round expedition and the next. The adventure and fantasy? *Chef's kiss* decent and interesting enough to keep you wondering, and things get revealed and... more>> resolved in the end. I've got no problems with the lack of tension and boring villain that some might mention, because honestly, I wasn't expecting much from a rofan with a tinge of adventure. This one proved me wrong though, so I thoroughly enjoyed the ride. And! Not to forget the comedic aspect of the story, which made the whole read lighter and easier to digest.

Again, very very satisfied. Highly recommended. 5/5 (I'm generous haha)


The darker side of me kinda wished she stayed dead. Would've made things more interesting. LOL But I guess Mayer WAS pitiful and that getting Jun to live again was author's way of making him happy. Also, we wouldn't have gotten to see the twins if that didn't happen. So thanks for that!!

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Lulu2003 rated it
March 10, 2023
Status: Completed
I really love this story!!

The FL is strong, ambitious, talented and believes in herself!💓❤️‍🔥

The ML is STRONG, and also really cute☺️

... more>> The characters are also pretty good and each one of them has its own personality and characteristics which made it really easy for me to tell them apart😌

If you like FLs with really REALLY strong personalities then this novel is definitely for you!👍

p.c.: there's not that much romance in the main story cause the FL focuses on becoming stronger and making the people she cares about also stronger.

I'm not sure about the side stories cause I didn't read them🫣😳 <<less
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Tasear rated it
January 3, 2023
Status: c162
Almost done and got to say this series was nice that it really put in perspective of support role part in dungeons. How they are unappreciated while they also guide in background.
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Mangafyend rated it
December 23, 2022
Status: c120
I’ll be honest. I’m a full time isekai romance reader. If the romance is to slow or not really there I won’t read a story. But I had this on my maybe list for months taking it off and stumbling back to it, and when I finally decided to read it I found it to honestly be such a good read

It’s very entertaining. The MC is smart but also well portrayed on not believing in herself on relationships because of her past. It’s so well done. And there is constant... more>> cute moments between the MC and the ML that even though the romance is slow it’s still so enjoyable. I was skeptical about reading this but it’s so interesting and well done. <<less
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Arrange rated it
November 18, 2022
Status: --
I read till the third book and boy I'm loving every second of it.

The fluffy misunderstandings, fluffy mostly in the reader's view. And the absolute duality of teddy bear Mayer and big bear Mayer is to die for.

And the comedy is just up my taste buds.

... more>>

I absolutely love seeing reverend August's exasperation towards the realization that his superior has absolutely zero EQ while going jealous husband mode towards Jun.

My boy Mayer is someone with, unexpectedly, low self-esteem and zero knowledge about love due to his tragic childhood. And seeing him slowly learning about his feelings towards Jun is just so cute and moving I totally feel like a mama bear.


The RPG aspects are really well blended together with the reality of the world.

And I'm glad we're starting with the second playthrough of the story instead of the first one. Can't even bear the thought of her getting that cruel and neglectful treatment. <<less
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Mcnegar rated it
November 5, 2022
Status: --
You guys lied to me this story is straight right shit乁⁠༼⁠☯⁠‿⁠☯⁠✿⁠༽⁠ㄏ so I heard it was slow burn right no worries I read a little slow burn bit*h it's 182 chapter girl there's no such thing as romance in this novel the ML was not loved as a child but most of the time when they find someone that treats them different even if it's not love for them we can cleary see he's inlove right the ML is kinda a coward he feels for jun but when she brings... more>> up wanting a lover he suggested introducing her to someone ┐⁠ (⁠´⁠д⁠`⁠) ⁠┌ wtf jun is open minded and I don't think shed mind dating him the only thing so far was a kiss and mayer wasn't and still isn't aware that he kissed her the story is Soo boring it's painful it's so detailed for no reason and dragged out for no reason I'm only still reading it cuz I invested my time to be caught up and I'm gonna stick around to see how they fall inlove the beginning of the story... haah the villagers tried to sacrifice her so that the dungeon monster don't come for them 🕴🏿 I don't rec unless u want to sleep <<less
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misora rated it
May 17, 2023
Status: c177
First the good. MC is fun, reasonably active, competent and smart. ML is fine and there is a good number of interesting side characters. The overall premise is also pretty enjoyable.

Now that bad. The pacing. As of c99, nothing has been done. Our MC still sits in the ML organization base and is yet to venture out to get any achievements. Next, repetitiveness. The number of times a side character went 'Wow, captain is doing X (handholding, complimenting, etc.) ! He never done this before!' for a paragraph or so... more>> and then FL retorted 'no, it can't be' is probably above 50.

Next, I personally have a problem about handling 'stigma against enchanter supports.' The way the abilities are presented, it's completely justified. It is 100% not worth to bring support mages like our MC into dungeons. Numbers are just too low and there doesn't seem to be buffs that can affect the entire party. It can only benefit parties with hypercarries like ML or OG ML, but then all the glory inevitably goes to hypercarry which brings us back to step one.

Edit: gets much better after c100 when things finally start happening. C100 by first translator, so about c60 by second translator. <<less
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