Villain Heal: The Villainess’s Plan to Heal a Broken Heart


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“In this life, can I fall in love once more?”

As if having your best friend steal your fiance wasn’t enough; I died by falling onto the road from an accidental push.

I, who had just graduated from medical school, suddenly found my status changed by this ‘Devil-in-God-skin’ or ‘Hades’. He sent me to be reincarnated into an otome game that I once played. I found myself becoming the vampire villainess who has the doomed fate of being killed by her vampire fiancé.

If you think that this will make me surrender, then, NO WAY! No longer will this happen to me, and I will never ever let myself die because of some man.



“The captive character is feeling ill?”

“It can’t be helped, I will nurse him until he is healthy again.”

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Villain heal ปฏิบัติการเยียวยาหัวใจของนางมารร้าย
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New Kailyria20 rated it
January 17, 2020
Status: side story 8
Sigh, Gigantic sigh...

Ok it started well, kinda, the translation is legible, just some grammatical errors but not enough to not understand what's going on and it ended on a bitter note for me for the main cp.

It was going well until halfway I was bombed with total bitterness... the other 3 CP barely let me pull thru to the end because I almost dropped the story in absolute fury.

3 is because of half the story, the translator's effort and the other 3 CP, the other 2 lost stars are because... more>> of the author's decision for the main CP to sacrifice the innocent to make her point how one cannot go against fate.


The big giant sigh is for the dog blood the author dumped this story with, in order to prove one cannot go against fate, she sacrificed the supporting male lead and their child.

Really, author you didn't have to go that far, I don't hate the ML because he's a sweet slightly yandere but I feel absolutely miserable for the7 also very sweet supporting male lead and their pitiful child.

She parted them when the child was only 5 years old, and gave them hope when MC woke up again several years later due to her child wanting her back and then parted them again for all eternity this time and the worse part is, MC doesn't remember one bit of it... she doesn't know what she lost.

I have to say I absolutely HATE memory wipe for the sake of convenience, yes supporting male lead probably did something wrong trying to cut the fate of MC and ml, but ML asked him to take care of her and fate stupidly made it so that ML would die w/o every getting together with MC for TWO LIFETIMES!

Can I blame the supporting male lead for wanting her to not be in pain and grief for the rest of her life and so he severed her memories and connection to ml... I can't because he didn't do it entirely for selfishness.

But to go as far as to wipe her memories of her child, really f*cking great, I feel so damn bitter and fury at this, her child did nothing wrong, did he deserve to be forgotten forever by his mother? f*ckING NO.

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Haruko rated it
April 5, 2018
Status: c31
I do disagree with LazyDays, I wouldn't say that story that is full of S & M and alltogether a bit perverse characters is from typical side.

True, it does have villainess noble girl story elements which are seen many times already but they can be expected from the genre from the begining.

Translation is ok, some spelling mistakes but overall easy to read.
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The Lazy Slug
The Lazy Slug
April 8, 2018
Status: c9
There's just something about the story and the world that ticks me off. Typical Mary Sue MC, a bit standoffish in a sense that, as a reader, I really cannot feel her at all, and rather arrogant for my tastes.

... more>>

For example: I mean, it is one thing to say, "the tutors were surprised and all praises with how quick this ojou-san learns" but another thing to put that plus additional MC-perspective lines like "I came from a good family, finished doctors, was very successful and learned everything in just one week that the only bad thing that happened was that my boyfriend who had the same social standing as I am cheated on me." Then again, it turns out even that cheating is "alright" because "I am successful anyway so I can find someone else. Besides, I think that boyfriend only love me because of my money anyway" even though she just stated that they were from the same standing?! So like.... I don't get the logic...?

I would've reallly appreciated a humble MC. They have a certain charm to them, and not to mention make them easily likeable in my opinion.



As for the translation, it is average at best. Then again, I've seen that translator-san tried his/her best in doing the translation, and I salute the efforts. Moreover, the translation wasn't fragmented and actually understandable, so it didn't impose any difficulty for my part. This lazy slug is lazy in learning new languages, so I'm happy someone took the effort to translate it and share it with me.

Then again, going back to the world building.... AHAHAHA :| Well, one thing I'm really looking for in a story is a story that can pull me in to its world. This would have to depend on the narration, the development, and ofc the MC. But then, as mentioned, MC did a poor job at that... imo. And the story.... uhh, sure, the premise is mighty interesting but I'd have to say there's really something about the development that's... weird and unnatural. There's just something... wrong with it.


First, the only reason this story took form is because, after MC died, because she was sooooooooo good, the person who guards purgatory or something can't put MC yet to heaven because of some problem or whatever so... send her to another world as a villainess instead to push her to do evil! Or test until what point can she remain "good." Yes, a very convincing plot.

Another, for example: In the "debut" scene where MC visited the palace for the first time, after running and hiding behind a bush in order to escape those "social-climbing" nobles, once MC was finally able to gather her bearings, she looked down and realised she stepped on someone! And stepped on that someone real hard. And I was like "Is this supposed to be a poor attempt of an M? A sad excuse of an encounter?" Apologies but it's not working. I mean you'd have to be really soooo detached from your surroundings for you to not notice that you were already stepping on a person. Like hello? A change in ground elevation? Change in "texture"?

But, lo, of course that person turns out to be the capturable prince so it's alright. But then, next thing that happened was that prince insinuating that MC cared for him. Like... huh? Idk... but he did keep on asking and insisting that "Why do you care about me? Why do you care about me? I just want to know!" The person just asked you if you're alright and did CPR because your heartbeat stopped and it already becomes an abnormal, romantic kind of caring? Well, that scene did pretty much make me feel that way. Yknow... kinda like those typical cliche scenes where ML kept on pressuring and asking MC why MC cared so much for the ML until MC ends up confessing and they get their happily ever afters? The only difference is that that should happen after considerable progress had happened between MC and ML, not on their first meeting! :| Worse. I actually wouldn't be surprised if that's what will happen. Happy ending. End of story. lol :|

Also, I don't understand... MC is just about 5 years old, but going to the palace was already considered her "social debut"? Sorry, but when the debut was mentioned, I automatically thought that it was the same kind of debut as to that that should take place when ladies turn 15 or so. Even how good they are. Even if they're already engaged to a prince. It's always somewhere 10+. So uh... if 5 is the norm in this world or if it's just because MC is sooo good hence the obvious advance for her case so.... I'll just give it the benefit of the doubt. -_-


Borrowing LazyDays' words, "has potential but it's not sticking so far." There's just something about the "common sense" and progress of this world that threw me off. Not to mention the contradictory parts.


Early on, it was already mentioned the new world was from an otome game someone close to MC played. Of course, it's not MC herself because playing games was beyond her, she had no time for such things because she was soooo busy studying and making money. But! A few chapters later and you get something like "The Prince route was like this and that. And I chose the Prince route because of this and that, " as if she was the one that played it. So umm... what?

If the start was any indication as well, she should be avoiding the prince (she did imply she'd do so) but in all their meet-up scenes only showed her submitting to whatever Prince do to her... like bite her neck for example. She's complaining, but she's not doing anything herself!

Also, she's supposed to be a doctor. So I actually thought there's some medicinal development involved, like a medicinal explanation of the prince's condition for example. Then, lo, of course, MC diagnosed everything was just psychological after all! So one way to learn more about and/ solve it? Teach him basic fear! Blindfold him, grab a belt and do whipping sounds to stimulate excitement fear. I really don't understand this development.

This just ++ convinced me that author-san doesn't know what to do and is just putting in random 'good' things he/she could think of just to start the suggestive M scenes. Idk. Irdk. Hah, I'm tired. :|


Apologies if this review is full of criticisms. Then again, you could take this as a warning... or with a grain of salt, considering I might've been a bit cynical while reading this thing (and the fact that after reading too many novels, ahh my standards and reviews became severe). Or maybe because I took this way seriously than I should. If you cannot find anything else to read, then I guess this one's good for a light one. Overall, I still hope it improves. There's plenty of room for it.


Also, did I forget to mention after prince did an insisting-pressure-questioning if whether or not MC cared about him, he also asked her to grope him next? So... yeah. Whatever.

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Nebulae rated it
July 31, 2018
Status: c40
I’m honestly really enjoying this story. The S&M stuff is usually portrayed in a more silly manner, and makes me laugh, and I adore the MC/ML interactions (ahhhhh, the ML is such an M!)
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Kurobito rated it
April 7, 2019
Status: --
Seriously, the story could have been better than this. The synopsis attracted me but the content of it disappoint me. The story feels that it has no depth at all. Maybe I read too much otome game transmigration stories that I find this not up to my standard. The love between MC and ML is sooo shallow. Like I can't really feel the love between them.
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BobChan rated it
May 31, 2019
Status: c13
To be honest, I really tried to read it but the story was really killing me. It's written in a first person aspect (as most otome game novels are) but the writing level at best is mediocre, not to be mean. The story is cute, but it's just how the author words/ portrays things that just kills everything.

The first thing is the MC.

... more>>

she's someone who is supposed to have no sin, but as far as I could tell... She should have 'pride' as a sin. Plus there's no way that someone is as pure as to have committed no sin, unless you didn't live at all. It's not like she's humble or modest, you can say. She blatantly blows herself up at any chance she gets, constantly reminding us, readers that she's a 'great' doctor and has lived for 20 + 2 years. It's too a point where it is the ticket for her to go the Imperial Palace (I forgot what it's called.) so that her father can go show her off to people. But when they get there, she's abandoned by her 'doting' father and is left to the wolves, who only want her as to climb up the hierarchy.


Another issue is the MC's action with her age. She's... 22 mentally when we first read about her in the otome game world but she acts and thinks as if she's a preteen that had yet to reach puberty.


Not only did she decide to hide in a rose bush that would have stabbed you and left many holes, she stepped on the ML and act as if she's never experienced contact with a body before. Also, her 'doctorly' actions were poor and you probably wouldn't want her as your doctor.

Moving on from their initial encounter that was crudely done, it goes onto the MC's and ML's interactions that are as flat as Salar de Uyuni. The ML's attraction to the MC is that she makes his blood 'pump' because he has a condition where his heart isn't normally pumping blood. (Makes you kind of wonder how he's survived this long) Meeting the MC and drinking her blood (which tastes like chocolate (strange to say)) triggered the attraction. Then it turns strange but isn't bad, where the ML is an 'm'. The sounds of whipping made him feel excited. Just prostrating himself on his knees before her was making his blood pump faster than normal for him. *cough*


Mustn't forget that she's only two in the otome game world initially and only three years had lapsed since then, making her only eight.


She then gets a 'wicked' idea after that little part to bite him as he wanted her to, to scare him. (Like... Did you forget that he's an 'm'? You're basically gifting him a present there 😂. Her luck is as bad as ever, getting caught by her father as she straddles the ML. It really makes you wonder what the f*ck is actually going on and does the author remember that they're very young children?


Secondly, is the introduction and how flat the parents are.


Not only did they make up in the worst kind of way ever (with the MC acting totally OOC and not for her age), with a pointless red blanket/ sheet thrown over her father and her mother coming in to see this... like that's another sin there already for the MC, deceit. Ahem, but going on... aren't you a vampire? So how could you not tell that your lover is dead or not? Not only did you fail to use your senses, the make up was just a 'total misunderstanding' with both side not wanting to speak to each other...


There's some more issues but too lazy to write and go back to it.

Overall, it would have been a one star with the one too many unrealistic and incomprehensible ideas but the translator tried their best to translate the story... And they deserve a standing ovation for sticking with the story and trying to translate it.

Character Development: 1

World Environment: 1 (basically almost nonexistent with barely any information given to paint the picture)

Translation Quality: 3.5

Story Development: 1

Recommendation? No, unless you have a lot of free time and a big brain, then perhaps so. <<less
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winterprison rated it
December 27, 2018
Status: c49
It's cute and I love the concept. But for me, there's a real problem with the grammar/the way it's written.

Maybe it's because of it's how it's written in its original language, the tone and the dialogue feels awkward at times so I can't really blame the translator for trying. But it gets so unbearable to read at times I had to skip and skim through the chapters instead.

It's a shame, otherwise it could've been a really enjoyable story.
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linnil rated it
November 17, 2018
Status: Completed
This is so good. It is the villainess theme I want to read.

There is many CP in the story and it not that out of main story too much.

The story is short and I like both Chiwa and Luler. Their personality match and it Hilarious reading their S & M gag.

All the loop holes in the beginning have the answer in the end.

The ending is so satisfying. (I read in original thai language so... he he)

... more>>

This is super spoiler!!



Aye, the heroine of the game is a reincarnator too. She is that two face best friend in MC's previous life.

She try to kill MC because of you know... same old habit but got punish in the end. And Luler X Chiwa is happy ever after~~

5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Riellana Louella
Riellana Louella rated it
February 25, 2019
Status: c68
I read this novel because of its "Villainess Noble Girls" tag. At first, I thought that this was your typical cliche one. I was suppose to stop reading it but my friend told me that it's good and should try to finish it. So I went ahead again to read it, and as I am reading this one, I got hooked. Yes, I got hooked, the characters are just so lovable and some of them are too mysterious that I couldn't help but read some spoilers, like Hades, MC and... more>> ML's origin.


It seems that the three of them knew each other. It all started when Hades was punished to live his life as a mortal being and then he, being a child tried to suicide to go back to the Underworld, then a female child rescued him and he. Hades, became her foster brother. The MC was betrothed to her childhood friend which is the ML and the three played together. Soon a war broke out, ML and Hades has to go to the war and ML died protecting Hades, telling Hades that he needs to take care of MC now that he's gone. Hades knew that the ML and MC are destined to each other because of the red string of fate that is connecting them, so when he told the MC about the ML's death, MC cried and fell into depression. Hades then ask our MC if she would like to forget her lover. She said yes, because it is too painful for her to bear, so Hades, with a scissors of the Underworld that could cut the red string of fate, cut hers, so that she could forget all of her past memories and was sent to the Underworld. There, she didn't remember anything and Hades told her that they were lovers, they became together, she then got a son with Hades, the son then went to a "closed room" and was found by our MC touching the scissors of the Underworld that Hades hidden, but due to some sort of accident she cut herself with it and Hades came at that moment. Hades knew that the soul of MC will now go to the "Circle of Reincarnation" but he stabbed half of the scissor to MC's body, in that way, her former body will stay in the Underworld, their son then cried not knowing why his mother collapsed and why did his father, Hades, stabbed her mother's body. Then, Hades encountered White which has the soul of his former wife, he then decided to send MC's soul to a world where she's going to die fast, in that way they are going to reunite together in a faster way. After that, he then encountered the soul of MC's fiance that died after White because he couldn't live without her which is the ML's soul and thought of sending him to another world but when he saw that the ML and MC's soul has the red string of fate, he remembered his childhood friend and sent to him to a world where White was sent, there, they became Luler and Shiwa. Also, I think it's heavily implied that both Luler and Shiwa had that destiny to be together but Hades butted in. Hades is once again trying to butt in between Luler and Shiwa.


This is really good and interesting, so much plot twists and surprises. Also, you'll feel really bad on a certain character called Hades, I could clearly feel my heart shattering for him. I wish there is someone who could mend his heart. I'm glad that I decided not to drop this, I should really need to thank my friend for encouraging me to read this again. <<less
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siska rated it
May 29, 2018
Status: c20
Love this, it's cute and have some fetish plot in some way lol ≧∇≦. Quite diffrent than any other otome novel. Really hope other chapter to come soon. Translation quality is good. Cheer for the translator-san ~\ (≧▽≦) /~
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LazyDays rated it
March 30, 2018
Status: c6
Typical "reborn into another world and plans to live life their way" kinda story.

Translation sucks in the beginning, but it's getting better.

Has potential but it's not really sticking out so far, besides the modern (?) -fantasy elements.

The best part is probably MC/ML interactions. As kids, it's kinda cute, if you ignore the reincarnated woman with a legit little boy part.


There's a palace and royalty. But there's also a car? Probably modern fantasy?

4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
reed_wei_wei rated it
May 5, 2018
Status: c12
I just read them and falling in love with them because they just give you the moe~~ feeling.

You might just feel that it take the same route like others transmigration novel aka the villains comeback but hey... it just they few first chapter... it's worth the wait to see the how the development varies...

I will update my rating later after the novel continues a lot more...
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
aaeiklm rated it
July 20, 2019
Status: c80
The story is great!... Until it wasn't. White, our female lead, leads a great almost perfect life until she finds her fiance kissing her "best friend" where as a result she gets into a car accident and proceeds to be reincarnated into an otome game as a villain because she's too nice and it wasn't her "time".

And in this life she manages to of course not just accidentally capture the main lead, but the other characters as well. BUT she doesn't gain a harem instead she matches the capture targets... more>> with their respective fiances. I loved that! I even beared with the cringe facing the fact that they were like 13 for majority of the novel. BUT THEN the author just pulls this ridiculous plot twist out of nowhere that made me think they had a major writer's block after writing the extras' stories more than the main leads.



I mean, come on! Hades warned her not to mess with fate but he was actually the one who messed with fate? To the point where he had a freaking CHILD with her? To the point where he cut the red string between the main couple and literally stabbed her with the scissors he used. And I read a spoiler that the heroine was actually the conniving "best friend" of White reincarnated. *sigh* There are only a few chapters left and I doubt we'll see character development or retribution from her.


I just can't continue. Hey, try it out you might like it. Personally, the twist was just too complicated for what seemed like a light story for literally 70+ chapters. <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Aqua Leila
Aqua Leila rated it
July 14, 2019
Status: Completed
I don't know what to say.

I like the idea of this novel but it's entirety is...

At first, I thought its only reincarnation. Like those 'reincarnated into a villain in an otome game and reversed/change her fate' novel with some weird fitishes (bdsm and all that) involved. I would have loved that if it's only THAT!

... more>>

Around the ending it became weird! Like, What?! She had a son?! And What?! She had a fiancée even though she had a son?! And all those mysteries (ex: Noir) left by the author unfinished!


I was really left speechless by this novel! And while I was left speechless the author ended it just like that with an antagonistic and hanging ending with some extra pages for shipping others. You serious?!

I really felt sorry for two, no three people.

1. Hades

2. Hades's son (forgot his name)

3. The heroine


They were hit by the collateral damage.

Although I'm really not sure with the 3rd if I'll feel sorry for her or not. But she was still a victim.

'Cause if she wasn't reincarnated with her past memories and had a fresh start she would have been a different person. Also, she was used for a plot/scheme to make the MC go back to the Underworld. In a sense she's pitiful.....?

Anyway, the third was doubtful, however the other two was what really made me weep, hard.

Why would you choose other man over the King of the Underworld?!

And you also had a son with him!

You sure you have the right screw girl?!

Even though I know that a story with all happy-all-go-lucky ending is a little biased. But I can't help it! The story itself is biased too!

Like, Are you for real?! Aren't they just high school students?! And they can have s**. And I was like, WHAT?!

Oh my three views!


I don't know how to rate this. (But let's just give 3 for now)

'Cause in a sense I do like the plot (the beginning and half, not the end) and its extra bdsm bonus. But..... this was the first novel that gave me the most complex feeling I ever felt since I started reading in NU. <<less
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Honey B
Honey B rated it
July 7, 2019
Status: Completed
Kind of cute and kind of irritating. At first I was intrigued. But later you realize there is another layer

... more>>

Hades stole her from her destined partner.


I wondered why the author added all those d*mn side stories that had little to do with the underlying plot. The only thing those side stories told me was that Shiwa/White is a busy body.

The second thing that irritated me was


Every female in a relationship in this story was romantically challenged. It's all duty, nothing more. Are you telling me none of these females had a romantic bone in their body. 😑 I understand if it's one or two but all the leading females?!?! They might as well be the same character.


While the main story was pretty good when the author got around to telling it, I pretty much skipped parts just to get to the main event. I mean seriously, this story was fifty percent fluff that had me screaming WHYYYYYY!?!?! 😫

Oh, and if you read the author notes at the bottom of each chapter, it's basically the author confessing how irritating the story gets... ummm... WTF!!! 😱 <<less
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The1Rin rated it
June 24, 2019
Status: Completed
I really enjoyed this novel, started reading it long ago so I waited until most of the chapters came out to re-read it and I loved it just as much. There was a lot of important character so I often got confused who was who but I didn't hate anyone...

... more>>

Expect the "heroine".

It had a pretty slow start and near the end was faster as the MC finally realized her feelings so I was hoping the epilogue and side stories would be about the future of the MC and ML but nope, it was about the friends hanging out and it followed the fox and wolf romance even though they already liked each other since the middle part. All of a sudden their engagement was broken and the rest of the chapters were about them getting together even though they already liked each other, I didn't mind it and it was sweet but I wanted more from the main couple before focusing on others.


I loved this novel, it had an end of the antagonist but there were no wedding bells or future at the end. So I would have left a higher rating but the end ruined it as I spend a long time waiting for a happy end instead I got an incomplete side story because it the MC and ML story doesn't feel finished <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
jazzykinns rated it
August 13, 2019
Status: Completed
This book is a rollercoaster. At first it starts off with some standard ideas - villainess, school for nobles, parents separate because of dads supposed cheating...

But some half way through it plot twists, love twists, dimension & time twists the characters. There are layers of romance - every kind of romance - you can support.

I don't know about everyone else, but I bawled my eyes out for the pitiful boy with no red string of fate through the whole story.

Yes, it is bdsm. Prepare yourself for tying people up and... more>> drinking their blood.


I feel for you Hades.

1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Nana1412 rated it
August 1, 2019
Status: Completed
The story is nice... quite similar with other villainess novel. But this one is unique because of the BDSM between the MC and ML. Actually it was quite disturbing when the BDSM started when they were very YOUNG.

So overall, it's a nice novel to read.
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
onlooker rated it
July 14, 2019
Status: c68 ss 8
Rating 2.5-3.0/5

If you are interested in reading this don't expect anything similar to 'Common Sense of a Duke's Daughter' or any of those stories transmigration/reincarnation stories with heavy plot & intrigue. Not to say it's a bad thing, so I hope readers will read this with lightheartedness.


The story is interesting with quite a few funny and sweet moments but I think this story should be rated at least r15+. There are many racy scenes throughout the story ... more>>

implied scenes too

so if this makes anyone uncomfortable keep this in mind if you're interested in reading this. The plot has its charm and can keep you wanting to read more of the story but once you hit the arc where the last couple gets introduced in the story it kinda went downhill from there. There was one arc I kinda found unnecessary and it ruined the mood for me, so the ending gave me mixed feelings even though its a HE (Happy Ending). Overall its a good story to pass the time.


NGL I like the main protagonist of the story (not the otome MC) her relationship with ML is refreshing for once, I don't have to read another story with another whiny sub bi- *cough* I got a bit carried away there. Anyway her and ML are cute together and they're really fun to read. The supporting cast are ok, I don't have a favourite among them but they're cute in their own way. I do have a side character I like but their story kinda ruined the overall plot for me, because like I said their arc was unnecessary.


To reiterate, approach this story with lightheartedness and it'll be enjoyable. The translation is good but later chapters could use a editor/proofreader BUT it's not jarring like if you MTL the novel. <<less
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Ferry Shirogane
Ferry Shirogane rated it
March 9, 2019
Status: c71
Oh yeah... if I have to think that the story is really fantastic... if I have to judge the story then this is a perfect value 😍
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Eclat123 rated it
March 3, 2019
Status: c73
I was looking for a light isekai romcom, got great laughs and heart flutters along the way, yet the author broke my heart to pieces in recent chapters. Would somebody please add a tragedy tag to this novel?
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