Unruly Phoenix Xiaoyao


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The fat cat Black Tubby said, “Supreme Commander is a good person, meow!”

The bird Grandfather Sparrow said, “Supreme Commander is a good person, chirp!”

The little mouse Oil Jar also said, “Supreme Commander is a good person, squeak!”

Furthermore, the weasel Great Immortal said, “You and Supreme Commander are a match made in Heaven~”

All of the little animals told Ning Xiaoyao about Supreme Commander, Supreme Commander, Supreme Commander! So, Ning Xiaoyao believed that this Supreme Commander named Lou Zigui had to be a good guy. As to whether or not they were a match made in Heaven…

The fat cat Black Tubby clawed at Ning Xiaoyao. “You wrote the decree sentencing Supreme Commander to death in the execution grounds, ah! You fatuous, self-indulgent ruler!!!”

Ning Xiayao replied, “…”

Ning Xiaoyao is a genetically evolved army doctor from a zombie-infested apocalyptic world. One day, she transmigrates to the past as the next emperor of an ancient country. But wait, isn’t she a girl?!

As it turns out, she’s a disguised stand-in for her baby brother under the “loving” care of the empress dowager, her mother and future mu*derer. Faced with her impending death, Ning Xiaoyao must thwart the schemes of her family to survive in a palace allied against her. But how does a zombie-killing expert with supernormal strength, healing powers, and the ability to understand animals deal with the intricacies of court politics?

“If nothing else works, I’ll just beat them all up!”

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Diaoman Xiaoyao Huang
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bakanishi04 rated it
February 23, 2018
Status: c139
I can't continue reading this. At each step, the male lead usurps the female lead's authority, and she's constantly looking to him for cues. Even her personal guards disregard her commands and listen only when the male lead orders them. It's even observed by the characters at several points. The final straw for me though was when the male lead bargains for a prisoner's freedom in return for some acts to be carried out, pressures the prisoner using the emperor's name, and then after he lets the events unfold, causing... more>> even a death, he lies to the female lead and tries to get her to agree to freeing the prisoner after he's already gone and done it. He fails to disclose the gruesome details that resulted from his actions and yet he tells her that there would be no harsh consequences. This is pure manipulation, and in no way is this a healthy relationship. I realize this makes it possible for character development and growth, so once I calm down, perhaps I'll come back to the series. But I doubt it as much as I doubt that there will be character growth. <<less
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Sheddy rated it
May 11, 2019
Status: Completed
Like everything about the story except some of the mc's personality, she trust people too easily and let her subordinates (ML) step over her head. That kinda annoys me.

And the male lead... hoooooo the MALE LEAD..a real lame excuse of a human being. He don't deserve the MC at all.

... more>>

i dislike him the moment I met him, though there are some funny and cute moments between MC and ml, but the fact that the ML always acts on his own while using MC authority without telling her kinda infuriates me, and he doesn't care about lives at all, including innocent ones which isn't suitable with the mc's personality at all, the moment where I truly hate him was when he hesitated on whether or not to save the MC when northern hu and the rebels invaded the capital...i mean HE HESITATED, he wanted the throne but he also wanted her, so he chose to abandon her so that he could fight for the throne with his army after the emperor is dead, and she was also pregnant with his child!!!... But he did come and save her only to be a day late because of his hesitation, when he arrived the news already spread about the mc's death (which would be true if it weren't for her superhuman abilities. He lost his right to be with her the moment he hesitated in whether or not he should save her. In the end he became the emperor and the MC is "dead", he was devastated (you deserve it). MC went to save ml's brother and nephew, then find her real family (duke of yue's household) during his devastation. She gave birth, became a local doctor... ML heard news about MC being alive and he rushed to find her, duke of yue hate him for what he did to the MC and lied to him, he went home (sob sob) but then the white wolf (mc's pet) came out and bit him... once he realized the MC is alive he went and pester her like a f*cking pest. Does he still thinks that he deserve her?


in the end, the MC forgives him and became his empress, yay! Happy ending for the male lead. (which I think he doesn't deserve at all) he wanted the throne, he wanted to save his brother, he wanted the MC... and he got everything, what kind of a f*cked up bullsh*t story is this? Who exactly is the main character??? He wanted the throne, so he didn't deserve the MC at all... the author just want to put them together don't you? Eventhough he's a piece of shit.. And the MC wanted to escape the royal life so why did she accept to become the empress? It's like she completely forgot that she hates being in bound to the palace in the first place

The male lead gets everything he ever wanted, he deserve to suffer a few more years for making her suffer like that, he was the one who beg her to remain as the emperor, put her life in danger several times especially when he planned to have the empress assassinate the MC (to make the empress feel indebted or something), when he saw the bloodied up MC he gets nervous and worried.... YOU'RE THE ONE WHO MADE HER DO THAT IN THE FIRST PLACE, WHAT GIVES YOU THE RIGHT TO BE WORRIED? Then, in the end he decided to abandon her to get the throne (eventhough he did decided to go and save her like I said before)... she was basically a tool to him, so what gives him the right to have her? The author should've just give him the throne, and part where the MC saved his brother and nephew are quite reasonable since she promised. But why does the author have to put them together in the end? That so unreasonable? Just because they are the female lead and male lead doesn't mean that they should end up together.

what I would have wanted as ending :

He should suffer a few more years and the MC deserve to marry someone better, then the ML founds out that she was still alive, he went and found her but she was already married a good man and have several kids... He beg and beg for a second chance and the MC would ignore him, then he spend the rest of his life as the emperor alone without any descendants while feeling regret... and his subordinates regret suggesting him to abandon the emperor (especially that fang tang, ungrateful filthy little shit, he was like "the emperor is nice but we should abandon him because we want his throne") the MC deserve a happy ending with a good man, and the ML deserve the ending that he chose (he wants to be the emperor, then he gets to be the emperor... you reap what you sow)

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Hanawie rated it
June 4, 2017
Status: c167
My current favorite historical transmigration novel and I highly recommend it to everyone. The author writes in a very simple style so it's perfect for people that know Chinese but aren't well-versed in the language. Occasionally, the novel acts like a manzai comedy where the story characters will do/say/think something s*upid ("boke") and the author will "tsukkomi" in with a line and emoticon.

... more>>

Since the female lead has the ability to talk to animals, there are a lot of animal side characters and her interactions with them are hilarious (especially the fat black cat: Big Black Boss or otherwise lovingly nicknamed as Black Fatty *the translator might translate these names differently). The animals all have their own personalities and they cooperate with the female lead by giving her information on her enemies so the conflicts are usually resolved within a few chapters. It's really light and unstressful, good for people that are sick of intricate scheming that sometimes go nowhere.



The main couple's interactions with each other are utterly adorable due to the differing social values between the male lead and the female lead. The author illustrates this difference super early when the male lead and the female lead have a one-night stand together. (I thought it was funny how the male lead was all "must take responsibility" while the female lead was all "whatever, people do this all the time back in my world".) Since the female lead's common sense is completely different from the historical common sense, it makes for hilarious situations where she completely disregards the rules and just does whatever she wants. My favorite example is when the Empress Dowager tries to keep her out of her courtyard by shutting the doors and the female lead just decides to force-open the doors with brute strength. These scenes would make for a great comedy if this novel ever became a drama.

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WildLily_367 rated it
October 15, 2018
Status: --
This review is going to include spoilers. But I am not going to tag it.

For those considering to read this novel, even with the positive reviews, BEWARE. (The kind I mean is the kind that will kill. With its cringyness.)

"Ning Xiaoyao is a genetically evolved army doctor from a zombie-infested apocalyptic world." Only one chapter of this. Then it jumps into the MC (FL) transmigrating into the past. Next is going to include a list of things the MC does. DO read and ask yourself if you want to... more>> read this nonsense of a novel:

MC talked about how she lived in a zombie apocalypse MC wakes up in the (female) emperor's body and does a f*ckIN body check to see if she's got a pen*s in front of the court
MC hears from the animals that the general is gonna die and the animals call her an idiot
MC goes to save the general and picks up some of his men along the way ML is being sliced and diced on his shoulder but not making a peep
MC comes up after ML got sliced and even eaten by the subjects
MC goes and heals the ML a little and threatens to get naked (and prove that she's a girl) in front of her subjects
MC manages to bring him back and is like "how to do??? This place??? Work?" and takes ML to her private room.
MC meets her mom and then meets her 'wife' in name MC hears from the animals that the food is poisoned with an aphrodisiac and MC actually believes which bowl is the one not poisoned, MC drinks the not poisoned one on the way to ML, then, ML and MC both drink the aphrodisiac and get jiggy w/ it.
MC flees from the f*cking window and ML is just like "0.0 what?"
Also, MC sort of has his own camp of people who are happy that ML got saved cuz they are ML's men
and then a bird comes to MC and is like "SAVE MY MASTER" and she's like "Ya, sure." after she questions the cats and remembers, " Oh she took advice from a f*cking color blind cat."
My recommendation to you, the one reading this now, is to ignore this. Even with the positive reviews like I stated earlier. DO NOT READ THIS. (UNless you like cringy (deathly cringy in my opinion) novels to your grave.)

This review included spoilers. But I didn't tag it. I felt that it was necessary.

Thank you for your patience in reading this. <<less
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MewMew rated it
August 27, 2017
Status: c20
    • This is a very witty and unpredictable comedy that keeps you wanting more. Aye' I can't stop laughing, my sides have been hurting since chapter one!
    • The MC keeps the excitement, comedy and thrills going on and on! Ning Xiao Xiao is very sly, direct, cunning, thick-skinned, decisive and so shameless to a point of a whole new level.

    • The interactions with the MC and her subjects are very funny and crude as she always compares them to the people in her past zombie world! 'That death glare is adorable, so why don't you try being a flesh eating zombie instead!?' XD
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LostMySoul rated it
June 3, 2019
Status: c325
So at first, I found the female lead very interesting and funny. I mean, she came from a zombie infested world, was an army doctor but she still retained that innocence that attracts people and was generally hilarious. But then later on, it got tiring. She got dumber and dumber and that innocence that I mentioned seemed pretty unbelievable especially SINCE she came from a zombie infected world. Her past life was very interesting but it just seemed like the author just put it there to explain her amazingness and... more>> oocness. It just bothers me how she cries so easily when a death occurs. I mean, shouldn't she be used to it? She's also too soft hearted. She doesn't kill people unless necessary and while that's nice and everything, she's just making it easy for people to conspire against her. Again. Idk maybe I'm just used to jaded female leads.

She's also just too easy to manipulate. Which the male lead tends to do in the name of protecting her. She did find out later on and she did felt a bit betrayed and a bit angry at the ML but she forgave him too easily. Honestly, if she didn't have the ability to speak to animals, she wouldn't have an advantage over the male lead aside from her powers.

I also feel a bit conflicted over the male lead. He's too manipulative and he put her in danger many times. Honestly, there was that one time she could've died

because she got fckn poisoned and stabbed in the neck by the empress

if it weren't for her healing ability and superpowered body. I know he didn't mean it but seriously, what if she didn't have that kind of power ? I do like the fact that the ml's plans doesn't always go right tho. What I don't like is when the male lead just makes the decision, acts as if his word is the same as the emperors', totally expects the the female lead to follow his plans and order and she just follows because she trusts him. Just like that. Even her subordinates follow his words.

The plot was nice and the story seemed really funny, one would've think this is a comedy novel and it is but also not. There's dark elements in this story, lots of conspiracies and just.... lots of deaths. Usually caused by the male lead, too. Let it be said that he does not care about human life at all.

It was a pretty nice read but got disappointed halfway by the flow of the story. Will come back when it's complete and maybe change the rating that I gave.


Nvm. I found out that the male lead became the emperor after the rebels and northern enemy invaded the palace and the FL was declared dead because he hesitated on saving her while she was pregnant with his child and apparently because he wanted the throne, too. And then later when he found out she was alive, he regretted a lot, pursued her relentlessly and made her empress and she forgave him because she's foolish like that. A happy ending, right? As expected. But damn. The male lead is a useless piece of shit. Dropping this novel. Disappointed af. <<less
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Seraphic rated it
November 14, 2017
Status: c108
Recommended: Yes

Hmm....I want to classify this as an action novel, despite the fact that there really isn't much in the way of fight scenes. Martial arts (of the wuxia variety) is implied to exist, but completely irrelevant to the plot. Think of UPX as a court drama, where the "court" and the "drama" are dispensed for the MC punching people until they give in to her demands. The setting and side characters have the potential to be quite serious, but the presence of the protagonist pretty much completely shatters any... more>> darkness in tone as much as she shatters the common sense of the other characters. The male lead is a brooding, cunning figure, but contrary to other female-lead novels, he's only occasionally mysterious and almost never in control; he gets dragged along by the protagonist about as much if not more than anyone else.

Pretty much a comedy through and through. <<less
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Krios rated it
December 31, 2017
Status: c133
Its really good with all the shemes politics and female leads funny actions but plot is still the same as 1st chapter. Author make thing unnecesserily long. From the 1st chapter there is a big boss who wants to kill MC but MC cany do anything to him despite being emperor why? Because he has military power in his hands. Yeah reasonable but MC is ridiculously powerfull in this world so she can sneak in to kill him and his family in one night silently (MC also wants to kill... more>> him) so there will be no one to guide military and take actions agains her but no we are still at the same place as 1st chapter despite everyone in the imperial palace knows that the big boss (villain) repeatedly tried to kill her (emperor) and there is also evidence, I mean please author be a little realistic there is tons of ways to get rid of him but MC didnt kill a single important enemy till 133 and still continues to back off everytime he tries to kill her this is more like a story about 'how to escape from someone who wants to kill or control you by all means in the open (and everyone knows it) then simply back off because you are afraid that people will get hurt' and MC doesnt even tries to take control of military at all or doesnt even think how to kill her enemies

This is more like a comedy novel MC is dumb and spends all day doing anything else beside the things an emperor would do, there is a male lead who does the things she is supposed to (even thinking) and the only thing that doesnt make her a thrash MC is because she can talk to animals and animals continuously provide her with information about villains betrayals or plots so she can always prevent them

If you want to pass time with comedy this novel is good but if you want some novel with cool MC dont bother with this or you will spit blood from anger <<less
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Maiasia rated it
September 22, 2017
Status: c290
Lmao. Oh, Xiaoyao! You truly are an unruly Phoenix! I am really enjoying this novel. It's as expected in some ways with the the evil mother and grandfather wickedly planning to take over the kingdom through Xioyao, but completely unexpected in other ways such as her lamenting of being a poor emperor who had to resort to sanding off imperial sigils off of royal furniture before pawning it away to feed the poor. Xiaoyao is truly a kickass MC, shameless, righteous, courageous, and humorous. I love her interactions with Black... more>> Tubby first and foremost, it's freaking hilarious, but a close second is between her and the male MC. Omg, I love the part when she rushes into his room while he's completely nude and wiping off and was like (to paraphrase), "we gotta save your men from being torture and yet you're still worried about putting on clothes?" Lmao. Drama and kickass MC aside, the humor is enough to make me keep coming back. <<less
14 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Silverbell rated it
November 4, 2017
Status: c96
I really recommend this novel.

The story is really interesting and entertaining so far. I don't know about others, but I keep laughing while reading this XD

The way the MC solves the problems are really refreshing. Why I said refreshing is because the MC's way is quite bold and straightforward. The MC is also not the type that's weak and just waiting someone to solve the problem, the MC is quite proactive in solving those problems.

What also made me laugh so much are the reactions of the people around MC about... more>> the way the MC solves problem. I also really like how the MC have so many animal friends, and the friendship between them :) <<less
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Wenhui rated it
September 20, 2017
Status: c220
I like the MC because her way of dealing with things reminds me of my favourite MC of all time, only using her brains less. Sometimes I'm not sure if the MC is just acting dumb or is actually dumb though now I think that it's just that her IQ is very unpredictable.

I don't really like the ML because ... more>>

He hides things from the MC. I mean I guess I can understand but after reading a lot of books where the ML can trust the MC absolutely and doesn't hide anything, this one doesn't sit well with me.


It was quite funny when

The MC told the ML she understood what animals were saying and he didn't believe her. I disliked the ML even more when he thought she was still hiding stuff from him. I think he's just projecting his own thoughts on her. This ML is broken. Probably would have liked him more if he'd been potrayed as the bad guy from the beginning.

13 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
a-leilei rated it
June 29, 2019
Status: c160
It is somehow funny from the start but it is becoming difficult to read further. I really wanted to give it a chance, but a lot of things is just so wrong.

The MC is naive, gullible, inflexible and bullheaded. It is unseemly qualities for someone who is described to be a strong survivor/fighter in a "zombie apocalypse."

She keeps on questioning how cruel the people in the era she transmigated in. It is okay if she came from a peaceful modern society but she was not. In an "end of the... more>> world setting", it is not possible to have 100% compassionate and heroic humans, for this kind of desperate time brings out the darkest part of a human for the sake of survival. She should have already witnessed or experienced how low people can go for their selfish gains. She is simply naive.

In addition, as she lived in such difficulty, she should have learned to adapt to unforeseen situations. But she did not, for when she transmigated, she acted so inflexible and bullheaded doing what ever she wanted. Saying it that she wants to survive seems wrong, for it seems like she is courting death every time. This zombie-apocalypse-thing was used just to explain why she have extraordinary powers.

The ML is disturbing. He is plainly using the fact that he is "close" to the emperor to get his way. Well, he does this for he is confident the MC is okay with it. And well he's right, the MC seems to just accept and defend that everything ML is doing is fine or just. How gullible. Though a sensible official is trying to advice her impartially, she keeps on thinking that he's annoying or that he's difficult to understand. So she just complains to the ML. Thus, the ML is easily exploiting her authority for she lets him. <<less
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StarrEyed rated it
May 19, 2022
Status: --
I don't consider a man who hesitates to save the girl because he wants the throne while she's pregnant with his child a ML. I don't even understand his thought process. He wanted the throne so left her to die? It's not like he got to do whatever he wanted the entire time because she let him. It's not like he'd already put her into multiple dangerous situations the whole time.

Honestly, if she didn't have supernatural powers she would have died multiple times because of him. Forgive me, I thought... more>> that is what an enemy does and not a lover. Not what I consider love. Not a romance book.

The ML should have gotten the throne and spent years thinking she died. Then he should have learned she actually survived and go to find her. He should see her and feel a moment of intense surprise and joy. That feeling where everything you've wanted and waited for and missed is right in front of you. Then right when that joy is at it's highest peak he should see her husband walk out with their child. This child would of course be the ML's biological child, that he chose to sacrifice for the throne. Seeing as how the child would have also died if the FL did not have supernatural powers. Then the ML could fall from the peak of happiness to the worst of despair. He can spend the rest of his life holding on to his precious throne and regretting the fact that he threw away what he really loved, while the FL lives the rest of her life happily with a man who truly loves her.

That's the correct ending for this type of enemy ML. <<less
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fabrayist rated it
August 27, 2017
Status: c20
This novel is so hilarious and fun to read. It's a light story so it's great as a alternative if you're tired reading historical novel that have a lot of scheming.
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adorkablehiko rated it
June 1, 2020
Status: c26
I’ve read Heroic Wife Reborn from the same author as this book, and that one made me laugh so I figured this book would be the same right? Nope.

I do get that the author wants a dumb MC, and they wrote it well in HWR but this one... I don’t see how someone this dumb could ever survive in a zombie-infested world. I don’t see how someone from that kind of world could just randomly jump out of places, ignore obvious clues, as well as not being able to connect... more>> the dots together from her environment. I had to skip so many of the beginning chapters because I couldn’t stand the s*upidity. It pissed me off a lot, and I’m usually a fan of good, dumb MC for laughs. One moment, she starts acting out by just slapping and hitting people, and then another, she’ll back down like????? Make up your mind? I got severe whiplash.

She knows what an emperor is, and if she didn’t, she can guess it from her surroundings and how people behave around her, but it’s like she doesn’t. The author is really forcing that dumb MC down our throats just for laughs, but it’s not even funny at this point. If you want a funny MC, read their other work I mentioned in the beginning of this review.

Translation was very well done though, but this review is for the story itself and has no relation to the quality of the TL. <<less
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draw2much rated it
January 23, 2019
Status: Complete
Update: Read it all the way to the end! Rushed ending but not terrible. Since it was the kind of ending I wanted, I'm happy. ... more>>

NXY and LZ end up together as Empress and Emperor, with their cute little daughter for a Princess. Quite a few readers were unhappy with LZ being forgiven, but I thought his redemption arc was well done. He was willing to give up the empire, what more do you want people?! Jeesh!

My only real complaint was that the author forgot about the villain and killed him off screen! I would have liked a more satisfying death... but I guess it's good he died at all.


I'm sad to see this novel end. It was a joy to read!


I don't know how to express my love for this story. Firstly, the translation is excellent. It would be great if the translator could somehow officially bring this story over, because yes I WOULD pay money for it. At least 5.99US!

Secondly, I love all the characters. Even the villains. Mostly I like the villains because I feel sorry for them. You would too, if you had to deal with the MC. The MC/"FL" is just fantastic in every way. She is OP but it doesn't matter, since all she wants is steamed buns and to relax since she's officially escaped the zombie apocalypse. The ML... God Bless His Soul (as Southerns say). He's so dramatic and scheming but absolutely pure of heart with the MC. He tries so hard to hide it, to convince himself that it's not like that... he's just totally hopeless and he'll never really win against the MC. He tries so hard to be the smart one, but she always drags him down to her level (and watching it happen is part of the fun).

Lastly, I have never seen a story premise as hilariously ridiculous as this: "zombie apocalypse survivor transmigrates into xuanhuan world". Oh yeah, she's immune to poison. And super powered. Oh and she can talk to animals. SAY WHAT?! At no point does the author attempt to even justify themselves for writing something so outlandish. Why? Because this, at it's heart, is a comedy romance with some buttkicking thrown in for fun. You aren't suppose to take it seriously. There is no deeper meaning. It's just a fun romp for those with some time on their hands. (I'm sad some people go into this not understanding what kind of novel it is and then tr*shing it here.)

I'm gonna be so sad when this series ends. It's so much fun to read! <<less
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xtruthxliex rated it
December 22, 2017
Status: c131
Reallllyyyy interesting. I like it because the protagonist is strong and sometimes funny.

Realllly slow. I don't like it because the protagonist is oblivious to everything and I understand that politics and war is a seriously, painfully slow ans intricate process to consider when killing someone, but it gets super annoying when it's over 100+ chapter.
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BlackPheonix rated it
March 15, 2021
Status: Completed
First I need to apologize for my bad grammar, but I can't hold it. I need to write this review. I just can't stand this type of story.

The problem of this story that I can't accept is how a ML can do mistakes but still be forgiven by the innocent stup*d clueless FL.

The character of the FL is completely unacceptable. She came from the apocalypse but have the character of innocence and always value human beings too much. I mean in the apocalypse people supposly be more ruthless and heartless.... more>> Apocalypse is not only about how to kill zombies but also how to get resources to stay alive. So they supposed to become selfish and ruthless to stay alive. I mean don't they usually try to snatch things (resources) from other people, and kill the people that is useless and the one that became their burden. But if we want to make the story make senses than let say that she is that type of person (innocent and always see people kindness) since the beginning. Still how can she still alive with such a character, she seems never felt being betrayed. Well let's say maybe her environment in the apocalypse is super good.

And she is too soft-hearted, especially to the ML. Like hell he manipulate her, betray her, left her, yet in the end she will always forgive her and says it's natural to be like this and stay with him. Super Unacceptable. Thing. He is a real b*tc, yes.

Now lets talk about the ML. I'm f*cking hate this type of ML. He is inhuman character. He did everything for his own good. He doesn't care about anyone, not even the FL like sh*t. Sometimes I think this man is the one that came from the apocalypse. He even dare put the FL in danger so many times and still dare to say "I will protect you". What a hypotical b*tch. Piece of sh*t. He doesn't deserve the FL. He deserves a lone life.

If only it can happen, I want to make another soul get into the FL body after she got back to her real family or after she almost got killed. The new soul found what the ML have done. And then she will never ever let the ML get her. Either she ran away with her child or get revenge on him. It's better than having the FL and ML get reunion. F*CK unacceptable.

The only part I love about the story is the venomous tongue of the FL. That's it.

F*cking hate the ML. <<less
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lazykitty_99 rated it
June 10, 2020
Status: Completed
Have read it along updates.

Loved this story at start. Even loved MC with her lack of common sense of ancient era. But at later stages with ML backing out on saving MC and MC ended with Ml, I kinda hated that end.

MC deserved someone better or an open end rather than ending with a guy that abondoned her while she needed him to save capital. Yes MC can save herself but she still needed an army for common people.

ML "supreme commander" who claimed to be "worried" about common folks actually... more>> gave up saving them just because he wanted "throne" and reason was that was better for common folks..

MC did so much for his army, common people ; I guess those people didn't see that. She donated every penny she could gain for people and armies. Despite with her powers she could have just left every mess and gone on a tour. I hated how author took away MC power from her and turned her to "empress". At start story was so good near end it got destroyed.

Still an enjoyable read except last few chapters. I laughed hard. If no ML MC reunion or MC giving up all her authority then it might have been better.

Apart from them I loved other characters that definitely are worth reading. My fave are - Pei yan, MC first bro, second bro (these three can carry a novel of their own), MC Dad, all shadow commanders especially first one Windy, kids MC adopted, tigress wife, Ji girl, ELDER LI, pei yan bro & mom even fake Grandfather of MC is enjoyable.. I hoped MC family could get more chapters they so deserved it. Later part of story is fast paced. I wanted more on First bro and second bro (i find second bro so cool)...

All in all story is good if MC didn't ended up with Zigui. (my opinion) <<less
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JadeF rated it
December 23, 2018
Status: c230
I don't think I've ever read a novel so funny as this one. There's not a single chapter so far that hasn't made me laught or at least snicker. So funny. So good.

The romance is good too. She's a total rogue with the ML (who's also a cutie - sometimes cute but psycho). It's funny to see their interactions because she's from a totally diferent time, so the ML understands about half of what she says, and because she's also kind of crazy (in a nice funny way) the other... more>> half of what she says is pure nonsense (or about food. there's always talk about food with her).

The little animals, her "little pals", are the charm of this novel and also her greatest strengh. Love them all!

Story is great, TL is perfect, characters are funny, bad guys think, good guys aren't always nice, animals are cute... There's not what to dislike in this novel!

I know it's not that great of a review, but it came from the heart <3 <<less
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