Seventh Imperial “Brother”, Obediently Lie Down


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Just as she sacrificed everything to get her hands on her refined and dignified master, she fucking transmigrated!

Shen Qingmei, the assassins’ world’s devil, the medicinal world’s genius;

Huangfu Changan, the laughingstock of the Yelang Dynasty and the worthless crown prince, known to be so fat his figure made a perfect circle!

Your mother!

To be reborn as this kind of trash, Shen Qingmei practically went insane! She vowed that she would definitely slim down until she was like lightning, illuminating the eyes of all those people’s dog eyes! However, no matter how beautiful she became, she was still a “transvestite!”

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Qi Huang “Di”, Guai Guai Shang Ta
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06/14/18 Hiohbye c5
06/11/18 Hiohbye c4
05/12/18 Hiohbye c3
01/24/18 Hiohbye c2
01/15/18 Hiohbye c1
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Czarinananana rated it
January 20, 2018
Status: --
Ugh... don’t even.

... more>>

I hate how they ALL bully her. When I say all, I mean ALL. Excluding the father who is self-proclaimed “love the mc”. Come on, he’s useless af. Why? He’s the king and everyone bullies his beloved “son” how can he not know?

Also, the Male Leads! Ugh! One of the most hateful! They all humiliated and bullied her. And the time she lost all the fats they all one by one somewhat got seduced by her beautiful face and the rest is history.

Basically, the story’s lesson is IF YOU’RE UGLY AND FAT, NO ONE WILL LIKE YOU. And that’s why it’s hateful.

I’m a fan of those cliche sh*t and diabetes overload stories and will not easily dislike a story but this... lets not even. I feel dumb even reading this.😬

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January 27, 2018
Status: c5
Even... lol

I only read two chapters so far so can't say too much about the story. But I did want to say that it has been a smooth story, as in a good translation. There is a bit of a mystery regarding MC's death. I hope it keeps being translated so I can read more.

Not sure if it has been dropped. Translator hasn't given it much love recently. MTLed it a bit... -sigh- too hard to bother with. I get the feeling the story will dramatically change once she crosses... more>> over into the other life. Kind of makes me wonder if my investment of attachments to Master will be wasted. I want to see more or Master!!!! He's too cool to be a no show. <<less
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