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In 2019, an outbreak of zombie virus quickly swept the world within months.

Communications were interrupted, water and electricity support ceased, chemical plant leaked, nuclear power plant exploded, the world was reduced to be like hell on earth; without God, it became an era of legends and saviors, with the fire of survival instinct rekindled within mortals.

Resident Evil zombie-theme in ABO setting.

“When the Lord Jesus comes for the second time, those who died in Christ’s name will be raised from the grave first.”

– “1 Thessalonians 4:16”

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Người bất tử
Undead พันธะรักวันสิ้นโลก
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New zoeyzoeyzoey rated it
May 12, 2024
Status: Completed
I loved this novel at first, but it did start to drag for me a bit after that. I’m a hiker for BL but also zombies so the book was made for me. It’s a good read even if the 2nd half wasn’t as compelling as the first half was for me.
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Ease rated it
June 2, 2018
Status: Completed
This is a novel that combines ABO and apocalypse in one modern setting. And it's a good combination.

First of all is the ABO setting. Now, most ABO setting has the cliche gender inequality where Omegas are only birthing tools. But here, there was a societal development where they actually advocated gender equality.


... more>>

He's a dangerous, crazed, cold-blooded maniac, and first-degree mu*derer who kill Alphas with a smile!

What is gender equality?! Obviously, Omegas are the best s*x ever! (lol jk) (and ML was a bitter Alpha whose love towards an Omega was unrequited)


Secondly, the apocalypse setting. This novel's apocalypse was a man-made disaster and not a meteorite crashing into Earth. The virus was created, spread and infected the humans and so, the humans had to work to save themselves. There was a clash of ideologies where one side wished to save the population while another wanted to create an independent kingdom of elites.

In term of characters, I love both Sinan (MC) and Zhou Rong (ML), and many other characters including the antagonist. Not that he's a likable bastard but more towards his character development.


Our Sinan suffered so, so much in his childhood that it is understandable how he developed his crazy personalities. And he trusted no one until he met ML and was treated gently by him. Then ML told him, 'If you encounter any trouble, call my name and I'll be there for you.' At that time, they were mere strangers and for Sinan to trust a stranger as deeply as that, you can tell he's pitiful.

Meanwhile, Zhou Rong was a soldier with an actual personality of his own. He had a glib tongue and almost always teased Sinan and the others with his words. His interactions with others were very interesting to read. And he's steadfast, like how a soldier supposed to be. I didn't see his character derail in any way throughout the novel.

Then there's the antagonist, which I hate but the character was nicely done, who was a maniac too. He hated Omega but fell in love with one anyway and developed his crazy personality where he actually tortured his love. And who was that? Our Sinan.

Who. In. Their. f*cking. Mind. Torture. The. Person. They. Love?! Obviously, he's a sad man whose love was rejected until his death. I'm not sympathizing with him though. Serve him right.


If there's one thing I'm dissatisfied with, it's one loose end.


Did I miss it or was the s*upid guy who nearly f*cked up their super important mission near the end of the novel didn't receive any repercussions for his idiotic decision? Because of his mistake, many soldiers were sacrificed and more were injured. They nearly failed the mission to retrieve the ultimate vaccine and doom the humanity. But at the end, I only saw him being mentioned once; he envied Sinan's super speedy recovery and wished it for himself.

.... where's the punishment?


But that's just one thing. I'll still give this 5 stars. <<less
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luzumafu rated it
February 4, 2018
Status: c6
!! omegaverse, zombies, strong omega uke, WHAT MORE COULD YOU ASK FOR also I feel like the alpha in the beginning is the ML? (EDIT: nawww the ML is a sweetie-pie not that cold man in the beginning! PERFECT!) Either way, since the uke is a strong one, there's no doubt the alpha seme will be just as powerful, so we not only get an apocalyptic omegaverse, but also a power couple?!! Also, the uke's history is shrouded in mystery but definitely seems to play a large part in the... more>> story, so uncovering that will be interesting. side characters are also likable, currently. it's only a few chapters in, but it seems like the pacing of the story will be moderate--definitely not fast but not slow either, since we already have some thrilling action happening from the get-go (as one should expect from zombie novels)

Translation quality... do I even have to say how amazing it is? No complaints about grammar, and I am a grammar nazi. The translation is smooth as well. All in all, if you like danmei, omegaverse, power couple, and smooth translations--this is your novel xD <<less
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nazgul8126 rated it
March 3, 2021
Status: c42
Overall: 4.6/5 (rated 5/5 on review system), as of chapter 42.

This novel just does so many things right. Power couple, strong uke, banter, action scenes, plot! The religious allusions are a little cringy/edgy but infrequent enough that they don't detract too much from the story.

Story: Action-packed ABO in zombie apocalypse. MC wakes up with amnesia in a cell, set to be transported by some nameless alpha soldiers to a nearby government base, where presumably he and other poor/defenseless omegas would be offered protection during the zombie apocalypse. Uncertain... more>> of this group's trustworthiness, MC takes advantage of an incoming zombie horde to escape. He then assists and becomes an integral part of ML's special forces squad 118 unit 6. Together, they fight their way through zombie-infested ruins to ultimately retrieve the zombie virus vaccine. The team picks up various other survivors on the way. Strangers and friends alike die, and their deaths have emotional significance. As MC's memories return--unfortunately not with necessarily pleasant triggers--both MC's backstory and the events causing the zombie virus outbreak are revealed.

MC: The omega shou. He is so mouthwateringly badass from the get go! MC initially gives off the cold, OP aura that is typically reserved for semes in danmei; however, his thoughtful actions--some small and mundane, others life-changing--make him more than just the "special omega who defies his submissive breeding." He has moments of stubbornness, jealousness, vulnerability, hope, anger that make him a well-written character.

ML: The alpha seme. Captain of unit 6. It's always a pleasure to read a seme ML that actually has a personality and isn't either 1) a cold but actually caring tsundere or 2) a 100% completely shameless flirt. ML is hilarious, bickering with MC and his comrades in a way that breathes life into this apocalyptic story. At the same time, he takes his duties as soldier and captain very seriously, looking after his comrades and refusing to abandon honestly rather useless civilian baggage.

Relationship development: MC, logical bastard that he is, inaccurately deduces that ML and another alpha are in a relationship (granted, the alphas of unit 6 all received inhibitors and appear as betas) and maintains this misconception for many chapters. His occasional commentary on this believed relationship showcases MC's wry humor. Refreshingly, it is still MC that makes the first blatantly non-platonic move towards ML. The ABO aspect is present but not forced down the reader's throat: MC has some plot-driven issues against alphas, but there are no contrived scenarios where ML magnanimously helps MC through a heat because 'oh look, the inhibitor suddenly went faulty.'

Commentary: Three standout points: strong uke (as mentioned above), great action scenes, and humor amidst the end of the world. The story is action-packed and fast-paced, with the zombie death count in the hundreds within the first few chapters, courtesy of MC and company. The actions scenes are both adrenaline-pumping and dread-inducing in turn. Characters do die. Ones that were mentioned only for the paragraph may have just as much an emotional impact as those that started out with ML in chapter 2. Yet, the story is not all fire and brimstone: humanity--with all of its love, hope, and courage--persists in the close-knit bond in unit 6 as well as the one developing between MC and ML. <<less
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December 8, 2022
Status: c18
It's really good, but I found out I have to pay for the midchapters and so on... I'm a poor student who reads on my little free time and has no way to afford it.

This is the second story I sadly have to quit...

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dtfyg rated it
August 31, 2020
Status: c38
Post apocalyptic and ABO are 2 genres I have mixed feelings about. On one hand, they have so much potential to be great and have some really interesting themes and views. On the other hand however, out of all the post apocalyptic and ABO novels I've read so far, none have been decent. This novel... well lets just say it isn't breaking any new ground.

Given the 2 main genres were ABO and post apocalyptic (and yaoi ofc), I went in, just hoping it wouldn't just be "Alphas treat Omegas as... more>> breeding machines to be dominated, MC is some badass Omega who defies all the omega traits with his inhibitors, but suddenly inhibitor breaks, other ABO cliches, etc."

Sadly, it was basically just that. I don't know what else to say.

Even disregarding plot and just reading it for the floofs and s*xual tension, it just felt like I was getting blue-balled every few chapters.

Basically a typical ABO fanfic/ 5 <<less
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Kagamiya rated it
March 22, 2018
Status: c6
Omegaverse! Zombies apocalypse! Action packed novel, and strong uke. What more would you ask?

Good and realistic plots, not some of those unrealistically zombie apocalypse!au bl novel In which they focus on the fluffy and romance, this novel is almost encompassing and exploiting it's potential to the fullest.

My verdict for this novel is "You must read".
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karwasama rated it
June 29, 2020
Status: Completed
I have mixed feelings about this.

On one hand, I enjoyed Undead immensely. Usually I don't bother starting a webnovel unless it is finished but the synopsis was so interesting that I just had to give it a try, and then once I finished the translated chapters I immediately moved to MTLing it, which I also don't normally do out of sheer laziness. I finished the entire story within a day, and while the end was satisfying enough, I loved the characters and the novel so much that I found myself... more>> unconsciously wishing for more. So yeah, I really liked Undead.

On the other hand, there were flaws that bothered me a bit as I was reading. While the subplots were riveting and engaging, I felt that the overarching plot was a bit weak. My understanding is that the main conflict in the story boiled down to

finding the ultimate vaccine that the MC's mother had already created but was lost in a jungle


which just felt anticlimactic when you compared it to how high intensity the rest of the novel was. Also the main antagonist

MC's step-brother, just wasn't present enough in the text for me to really care about him. Like we get flashbacks to how he was a component of MC's abuse and torture, and we get a sense that he's a literal psychopath and has a weird obsession with his step-brother, but that's about it...? He's just a mess of a character to me. He hates all omegas but somehow the MC is just "different; he is fanatically in love with the MC but is still willing to let him die/paints a target on his back asking for others to kill him. I don't understand his motives at all, which may have been the author's intention, but it threw me off regardless.


This bit can be taken with a pinch of salt, considering that it's probably due to the somewhat poor translating of MTL rather than the actual writing itself (I'll come back and change this when the official translations are released), but MC's backstory was also very confusing. My understanding is that

MC's mother was a scientist who was working on gene modification to extend the life of humans. She and her team f*cked up, however, and created the zombie virus strain instead. Something happens to the MC's father (I think he was turned into a zombie? And the MC's mother was in denial so she locked him in a coffin or something) and once he was out of the picture, the MC's step-brother's father married the MC's mother. This causes the MC's step-brother to resent his mother, leading to his hatred for omegas, but as mentioned above -- the MC is the sole exception. Anyway, throughout this chaotic family realignment the MC's mother never stops experimenting and tries to find a cure for the zombie virus strains. For some reason she experiments on the MC (her own god damn son, I have no idea why). After she commit su*cide (which I think was caused by the MC himself?) the MC's step-father and step-brother start to torture him for information regarding the cure, and the MC is aware they will use it for selfish reasons. Therefore, he decides to head to China and share the cure with the government so that it will be redistributed to the people, but along the way someone in his plane gets infected and causes it to crash into a jungle, where a bunch of zombies roam about. Though the MC is immune due to the experimentation of his mother, he gets a high fever trying to combat the infections and loses his memory. Then, the main story begins.


With all that in mind though, I still think this is a fantastic novel. It mashes the trope of ABO and zombies very well, and I love how the MC was an omega but could still kick ass. His characterization was great -- he's stubborn, strong, and clever, which makes him the perfect soldier, but at the same time he's naive, adorable, and a bit childish. There are aspects of the MC that make him a bit OP but the trauma from his past abuse humanizes him, and I loved him very much.

I also liked the ML. For once, a rational, non caveman ML in a zombie setting -- thank the lord. The ML is OP in that he's keen and powerful, but it's balanced by the fact that he is still a part of the military (meaning that he can't just act according to his whims all willy-nilly) and that he genuinely cares for other people. I loved his teasing attitude and how he could take it in stride when others teased him back, and he's not some god-like figure -- he has his weakness and embarrassing stories just like any other normal person would.

I loved all the side characters too. The 118 has a special place in my heart, and I just loved all their interactions with each other. The jokes they would crack in the middle of intense fighting scenes not only made me laugh but also helped calm me down when things got a bit too sad or too gory. I actually got attached to them subconsciously, and I didn't realize how much I cared until

the MC (and subsequently the audience) thought that Yao Han was dead, in which my heart felt absolutely crushed. I was also spitting mad when it turned out he didn't die and was just chilling, but I still felt more relief than anger. Probably.


The romance between the ML and the MC was probably the most natural thing ever. I don't know how to describe it but I loved how their relationship developed. They're both visually attracted to each other from the get go (or at least the ML is) and the ML starts flirting with him as soon as they meet, but it slowly turns into genuine respect and care after they fight alongside each other. I loved they way they finally got together, as

they never had to explicitly say that they liked each other, it was just something they both naturally felt and knew. And the domestic scene that occurred after the ML rescued the MC from the step-brother where he would feed and cuddle the MC everyday was adorable. Literally my favorite part of this novel. My only complaint is that the subsequent time they spent together during the MC's heat wasn't written out but :') I suppose I can live with that.


Anyway, to sum it all up, this was a novel that, while flawed, I liked reading a lot. In terms of plot and the story itself, it should probably be rated a 4.0/5.0, but my enjoyment factor was a 5.0/5.0, so the average settles to a 4.5/5.0 stars. Please give it a try, you won't regret it! <<less
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Kyaaaaaaaaa rated it
July 29, 2021
Status: Completed
Hey, I know my review is a big big minority here, but I think it has to be said because I've read the author's other excellent quality works.

And honestly, I really loved the author's other works. But the overall execution of this novel was bit weak, and not engaging enough. It's initially great, but gradually turns bland and fails you to keep you at the tip of your seat. Both MC and ML feel two-dimensional, the plot feels lackluster, and it kind of falls off after a certain part of... more>> the story. It's a shame but it makes sense, considering this is one of the author's earlier works and some of her writing was still raw.

Now I do note that since everyone loved this novel, something might have went wrong on my end. I just don't think the plot was mindblowing or engaging enough for an apocalypse story, and it was a bit predictable in the wrong places and unpredictable in what should be the right places. I dunno. Feel free to read and please disagree with me if you want. <<less
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LostMySoul rated it
February 6, 2019
Status: c14
So it's an apocalypse world with ABO mixed in and our MC, an omega, is strong af! What's not to like?? Although it's only 14 chapters in, the translation is clear so it's really understandable. My only regret is that I found this novel too soon. It's got 80+ chapters but things are just starting to heat up in the translations. The last update was also october last year so yeah, I'm feeling pretty down right now. The agony of waiting for the rest of the chapters and of whether... more>> it will still be translated. Already put this on my reading list. Hope when I come back, there'll be updates. <<less
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auroraRMC rated it
January 28, 2020
Status: Completed
Not sure why I didn't realize this was being translated but I just discovered this NU page.

Read this quite a while ago. Finished, but gave it 3-4 stars, rounded up to 4 stars I suppose. I thought it was okay, which you could probably tell from the fact that I actually finally finished the story. Quick read, took less than one day.

Disclaimer I’m not a big fan of amnesia. I thought it was tolerable here, though of course not ideal. I really get annoyed when it gets dragged out like... more>> this. The MC and ML are pretty strong, and I do like the romance between them when they finally get together. Their team members are hilarious and adorable as well.

The plot is confusing. There’s an anticlimactic solution at the end for the apocalypse virus that comes around bc of his amnesia. The MC and ML are both definitely not OP. This is esp annoying bc the MC is made out to be some kind of killing machine, which he can be, but what kind of killing machine can be taken down so many times and so easily? He’s actually not resistant to anesthesia or even the sleeping gas? Also his childhood was terrifying. Like excessively horrible. I’ve read so many apocalypse stories and I still got the creeps from this one. I hate mental illnesses. The brother is an absolute nutcase and a pe*vert and a frickin c*ckroach. I also got pretty emotional sometimes. I did tear up significantly a few times, though it’s unclear whether it was because of sorrow or irritation or bc I was really hungry bc I only ate one PB&J for dinner that day. There was a bunch of really dramatic drama for reasons that I found unnecessary. But overall a good read. <<less
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IndusEla rated it
January 9, 2020
Status: c32
Definitely worth reading. It has all the best elements!

I'm usually not a fan of ABO novels because the omega is just.. So weak and the power dynamic between the "strong, rich, and super handsome" Alpha and the "weak, pretty, feminine" omega is highly unappealing. BUT IT ISN'T LIKE THAT HERE!

You get:

    • A strong and manly uke. Even the Alpha ML has to be cautious not to offend him! The MC is a very interesting character!
    • 3D characters. You wouldn't come across any unnecessary characters and the ones that exist are well developed.
    • Apocalypse! With ABO!
    • The ML isn't the typical "cool, cold, ultra strong, manly hormones, blah blah blah"! He's a genuinely sweet person with a lot of characteristics and it's so refreshing to read their dialogues because the "cold and stoic" characteristic isn't holding them back!
    • Mystery about both of their identities, especially the MC's. Even his name is fake, mate. It's very engaging.
    • The translation quality is to die for! The translator does such an amazing job! No grammar mistakes and the paragraphs are comprehensive and very well written.
This is a novel so damn worth reading. It's one of my favorites! It hits all the right spots!
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agathe rated it
December 3, 2019
Status: c31
before all, please read the blackbox translation from chapter 1, i’m very grateful for the over translation, but the language is definitely better in the blackbox, and provides a much more enjoyable reading experience !
My own perceptions probably still suffer from the first translation, as I can’t help finding the writing a bit poor. I still think the ideas are good, but it could really have been polished (web novels flaw anyway)

nonetheless it is way better, than any food p*rn gardening apocalypse zombies story, and it’s worth reading :)

There’s actually a plot, the characters are a bit interesting, not too deep, but not caricatures either. It does have a lot of action - albeit quite unbelievable - it’s entertaining.
the abo part has some originality too.

On a side note, I don’t expect science to be accurate in a zombie story, but some things should not be written : so please beware the medical perceptions of the writer is seriously lacking, in any case, never feed aspirin to someone with serious bleeding, (or risk of internal hemorrhage) : it’s a blood thiner, it would kill the patient !
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May 26, 2019
Status: Completed
Yes! Great, great, great story! Love everything in it!

The ML is witty and handsome and the MC is cute and cold!

The entire story plot is explained well and the love between the MC and ML as well as their love with the special forces team makes me warm.

... more>> I live the ML who always holds sweets for MC.

I love the MC who never betrays his team.

Love the special forces team for the comedy effect even when they're going on a zombie expedition that could cost them their lives.

Pandora's box has been closed!




favorite part is when ML was bitten and when he came back he immediately went to MC and told him how much he loved him. 2nd favorite part is the ML's proposal, "to try various positions and take on the responsibility of human reproduction".

ksksksks I love him

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DimensionalRifts rated it
January 3, 2024
Status: c48
(2 and a half stars.)


I can't read any further than chapter 48 cause I don't wanna pay for the translation... right before the first NSFW scene as well... how painful. The novel was not that good. It was okay, I suppose. A good mindless read.


    • ABO - there is no reason why it needed to be in ABO setting (at least from the 48 chapters I saw). You could take out the genre and the story stay the exact same. You barely saw how their biology affected their lives day to day - which would have been really interesting considering they are in a zombie apocalypse day in day out with limited resources. Wouldn't their base animal instincts have kicked in? How would the ABO dynamics change? Apparently not at all to both. Because they all acted like it was never there.
    • Characters - were all extremely 2D and flat. I have no idea who any of them are besides the main couple, the guy who likes Si Nan and the alpha female in the group. They have no personalities besides, perhaps, being "icy cold" and "a stern killing machine" ect ect.
    • Relationship - the main couple felt like a deflating balloon. I had no idea they even liked each other until they suddenly kissed because I had no idea why they would like each other - they had barely spoken intimately it this point (not that they did later). It felt weak.
    • Unfulfilled potential - a zombie apocalypse ABO setting? Yes please. This had the potential to fill so many of my favourite troupes but... it all just fell flat. Alphas disguised as betas, an omega disguised as a beta - there could have been so much beautiful drama, but when everything was revealed it just felt like there was no consequences.

    • Set up - I really liked the set up. ABO zombie apocalypse. Sounds good. So many cool ideas could have come true, but alas they weren't fulfilled. I don't tend to like the amnesia troupe but in this novel I actually felt like it fit quite well and gave interest to why he was being chased.
    • Kind of enjoyable - it was an okay mindless read. Kept me occupied, and if that's enough for you then knock yourself out.
Overall, wouldn't recommend. But if this sounds like your kind of thing then go for it. Enjoy!
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stressyjesse rated it
August 1, 2023
Status: Completed
I was unsure about reading this because sometimes alpha/omega/beta stories can be a little forced/gross/r*pey etc

However.... I LOVED THIS. The plot was good, zombies done well and the a/b/o was more of a background thread, didn't interfere with the apocalyptic plot line.

Our MC, Sinan, was SO DAMN BADASS!! Man was like SO strong, and could wring the neck of any zombie or alpha anytime, even heavily injured. I fully believe he is the strongest character in this novel - he proved strong enough to defeat multiple special forces people while... more>> injured, exhausted and apparently "genetically inferior". He is a boss ass bit*h and you will LOVE his character. I loved how attached he became to 118 - they were his found family and anyone who wanted to hurt them would get trampled by Sinan. ESPECIALLY if anyone wanted hurt his ML.

ML was wholesome and truely loves Sinan, adopted him into the little family of 118 - they're so cute! I initially though he was a bit of a chauvinist, but later when sh*t got real he tossed aside his ignorance and bent the knee to Sinan saying "Wife, I will do anything for you!" Love love love him, he was just so effortlessly kind and protective!

I love the side characters as well, the team of 118 was so cool and done really well.

HE :) <<less
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tungtung rated it
May 5, 2020
Status: Completed
Definitely one of my favorite Danmei/Omegaverse novels. It has all the things I wanted to read in a story (BL/ABO/Zombie apocalypse and strong, manly Omega shou! PERFECT!). The best thing is that MC and ML are different from the usual CP you find in other Omegaverse stories. Their dynamics is my favorite as well (handsome and gentle also kinda shameless gong/cute and handsome and cold shou) Si Nan and Zhou Rong are just so precious. I fell in love with Si Nan immediately。゚ (゚இωஇ゚) ゚。 and their other team... more>> members are also funny and cute. Also I like how realistic the story is that even if the MC is strong, he is not so OP who can't be taken down. His strength is not exaggerated. And that is better bc it's more logical and realistic that way (I don't always like invincible characters that can't be defeated and have an exaggerated power.) I can't find anything to dislike abt this story. It is totally my type. Actually I made a NA account just to be able to vote and leave a review for it lol.

Blackbox translation is so good as well! Thank you for the smooth translation!?? I 100% recommend it. It definitely is worth reading. <<less
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LH_12 rated it
March 4, 2024
Status: Completed
I loved it. Wonderful work. If you like novels about the Apocalypse and zombies, then this is definitely for you. It is well-written and eventful, with interesting characters and a good pace. The plot itself is interesting too. At first, I was afraid because it was an ABO novel. I once read an ABO novel that was set in an apocalyptic world, and to this day, I'm traumatised. It was full of violence and r*pe, but this one is good. I really appreciate that the author managed to write a... more>> good story without s*xual abuse. It was mentioned that omegas were treated as resources, and no one really asked what they wanted, but one of the characters is an omega who isn't weak and is independent, so I loved it.
The synopsis of the novel doesn't give away much and is a bit vague. I don't want to spoil anything, so I will try to summarise the story without mentioning too many details.


The novel begins really chaotically, mainly because MC wakes up in a strange place and has no memories. He doesn't know who he is, where he is, or what is going on. There is chaos around him because a new virus broke out, which turned people into zombies, and soldiers are trying to evacuate everyone. But he knows nothing about it. The moment he wakes up, soldiers are trying to evacuate him because he is an Omega and they are precious. MC, who should be weak Omega, escapes from soldiers and escapes beautifully. At first glance, you can tell that he is well trained and smart. After escaping on the way, he rescues a special forces group. They had a special mission that they failed, and because of the sudden outbreak of viruses, they are now trapped. Because of the chaos, they can't request backup and are running out of ammunition. So MC was really a saviour for them. After that, MC joins them in order to go to the shelter, and from that moment on, adventure begins. They went together through many dangerous situations. There are different missions: rescuing people, finding cures, etc. Everything is written logically and is interesting. The author slowly reveals MC's past and connects different events with each other. Also, we have a brain-dead villain too. I hate him, so I won't write anything about him; he doesn't deserve it.


One thing I really liked is that in the novel, the zombie aphocalipsis just began. In other works that I have read, usually some time has already passed, humanity has fallen into dark times, and some kind of new order and society is established. But here, it just began. So everyone is confused. The connection is lost. Humans are skatered, nothing works, zombies are running around, and no one knows what this new virus is or how it works. Is there still a government or army? Can they request help from them? What happened to shelters? There is no information and no way to connect with officials to get some help. So the situation is very chaotic. That makes the story more interesting and tense.

One of the strong points of this novel is its characters. They are beautifully written. I loved everyone. Not just MC or ML but also side characters. They are all really different from each other, but they have nice chemistry. They can roast each other even in really scary situations, which is funny and can lighten scary moments. It is nice to read about characters who have a sense of responsibility, are brave, have such camaraderie, and at the same time can goof around.

I especially liked MC.

Strong, independent omegas are my weakness

He is cool, clever, a bit antisocial, and strong. He is selfless and will save others, even at the cost of his own life. He will always protect his people. Sometimes he can't understand other people's motives and is confused, but other times he can see through them really well. I think in some aspects he had more life experience but never had deep relationships, so human emotions can be problematic for him. What I liked the most was how he acted with MC. He is cold but has little temper tantrums with ML, that looked too cute. I think he himself doesn't realise that he acts a bit coquettish.

At first, I wasn't sure who would be MC's love interest, but then ML opened his mouth, and everything became clear. I have read Huai Shang's other works, so I instantly realised that this character was the one. He is a savage, brave, and natural-born leader. Most of the time, he acts so unprofessionally that everyone questions how it is possible that he is a soldier and highly ranked at that, but once it matters, he becomes focused, clever, and reliable. At times like that, you finally understand why he is the leader. He is decisive and makes fast and right decisions in dangerous situations. Most importantly, he is good at reading people and controlling the crowd, which is important in such dark times when everyone is scared and prone to do s*upid things. He can influence them, help them calm down, and guide them.

The romance is a bit scarce. The novel mostly focuses on action and plot, but there are still many scenes between MC and ML. Someone mentioned in the review that there was no attraction between MC and ML, and it was hard to understand why they liked each other. I can understand why the reader might be confused. At first, there weren't many flirting or showing their feelings. MC has a cold personality, is independent, and rarely shows his emotions. ML, on the other hand, is too savage and a million miles away from being romantic; he is too mission-oriented, so don't expect from them great gestures of love and romantic declarations. Yet there are small details that indicate their attraction. And there is a little plot twist that was foreshadowed in the beginning that will explain why they like each other. MC and ML express their like a bit differently; both of them have a bit of a special temper, so their expression of love is also different too.

For example, MC hates chocolate, but he was still happy to receive it from ML and eat it. Knowing why he hates chocolate, this gesture was like a declaration of love for me. Also, he is reluctant to eat the candy that was given to him by ML. All of this is nothing much, but with the MC character, it's like showing his affection. He had temper tantrums before ML just because he screamed at him, and he almost went crazy when ML was attracted. And in his heart, he understands that ML is different from other people and gets kind of jealous or angry when he thinks that ML is in a relationship (a small misunderstanding)

ML too has his moments when he is worried because of MC, is attracted to him, or tries to protect him. But, after becoming a couple, there were many lovely and affectionate scenes.

Additionally, ML has a love rival who, from the beginning, had zero chance, and I felt kind of bad for him. Let's call him ML 2. He is a nice guy, gentle and attentive, but I think the author used him for the purpose of comparison. How both ML and ML 2 are acting in the same situation shows us why ML is a better fit for MC. MC is an independent and strong individual who doesn't need help or protection. I guess ML 2 can understand it, but he still tries to shelter him. On the other hand, ML isn't the type who will dote on someone; he can show affection with small gestures and try to coax MC, but he will never hold him back; he will ask his opinion, and he will let him do crazy and reckless things even if deep down he is worried. They are equal and are like partners in crime. You can see that ML can understand and see through MC. It is not that MC needs someone's help and that being with ML is convenient; he can save himself, and he often saves others, including ML and ML2. But ML's will and actions are just too attractive so he is willing to be with him. If there was no ML, ML 2 would still have no chance. I don't think that they are on the same footing. And to be honest, I don't get why he fell in love with MC; he doesn't even know him. I guess the author mercilessly used him to show us ML's superiority and how well ML and MC match each other. In short, in my opinion, the romantic line was interesting too.

For sensitive people like me, I need to warn you that child abuse is mentioned and described.

MC, as a kid, was tortured and abused.

There weren't many scenes, and it wasn't long, but I hate child abuse. Even if it is fictional, it pisses me off. When I imagine that someone can hurt tiny, helpless human beings and take advantage of them, I become really upset, so I just wanted to warn other readers.

The novel itself is dark-themed, but in my mind, it is still light reading. There were many scary, unpleasant moments and discussions about morality. How should one act when society has collapsed and there aren't any rules anymore? There was one interesting character

the scientist who was researching the virus and was trying to develop a vaccine

who did horrible things but, at the same time, had no other choice and had noble goals. It made me think a lot about what I would do in his place. What he went through and what he had to do were too scary. But at the same time, there were many funny moments too. So, it is a nice and entertaining read for specific readers. I don't think everyone enjoys stories about zombies, but for readers who like this genre, it will be a perfect choice. <<less
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Knyx_ynes rated it
October 12, 2022
Status: c47
Its a really good novel. The actions scenes are really amazing, I can feel the thrill and adrenaline. The MC is also very badass and the ML is hilarious. I like them so muchhh. I LOVE THEM SO MUCHH. However, I cannot continue reading the novel because, 1. I do not like MTL and even though theres a perfectly good translation of the novel courtesy of blackbox, 2. I do not have money to purchase the book and therefore cannot submit my proof of purchase thus me not having the... more>> password to unlock chapters 48 and above. Its a pity that I cannot read the novel I am the most excited and engaged but there is no choice. The reason I rated it 4 stars and not 5 stars is because I haven't finished it and im likely never gonna be able to finish it. The reason? NO MONEY and I HATE MTL. Anyways its a really nice novel and blackbox's translation is amazing. Give it a go! <<less
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Severe rated it
December 20, 2020
Status: Completed
First of all - loved it!

Second of all - all the comments about "non interesting abo story full of cliche" - totally unjustified. Wake up folks, how else would you implement ABO setting WITHOUT alfas, omegas and heat cycles?....

The novel is partly sweet, partly angsty, with an exciting plot - and that is a perfect balance.

And furthermore, I just LOVE tough characters with a strong backbone.

Totally recommended, 5 stars.
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Zigenbunny rated it
November 27, 2019
Status: c31
First of all, don't let the 1 stars fool you. Those are probably there just because it's BL.

Anyways, I love this story and I eagerly wait for new updates. MC & ML are both badasses! ML has all the traits that I like in a husbando. He is charismatic, witty, has self control, doesn't assert their feelings onto MC, very gege, cunning, and a tiny sprinkle of daddy.

The tiny crumbs of interaction that we get of them together so far is oh so precious! You really see how & when... more>> they both start falling for each other and I'm on edge every time because I need more interactions! But I'm sure we'll get more since there's only 31 chapters so far as of writing this.

The world building is decent, run of the mill zombie Apocalypse but there is an extra edge to it that makes it different, plus it being an ABO is very interesting. If ABO is not your thing but don't mind giving it a try, I would say definitely give this one a try as there isn't any r*pe, and I doubt there will be any given the feel of the story so far and it's not in the tags. Really curious to see how this one will end! <<less
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