Tyrant Pampering Wife Diary


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In his previous life, Song Song was a pitiful man. Someone killed him, took his identity and his child, and became the first male empress in history.

Li Xiao in his previous life was even more pitiful. Driven insane by poison, he lost control and killed countless people and just happened to miss the only person who could have cured him in that lifetime.

After rebirth, Song Song knew that he could be Li Xiao’s remedy. He also knew that Li Xiao could be his strongest supporter. In order to regain their baby who also died in their past life, he decided to take the initiative this time– Only to find that Li Xiao was even more enthusiastic!

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175 Reviews

New Amethist67
Nov 19, 2023
Status: Completed
Thanks for the hard work translating~

I really liked this novel I would say this was a 8/10 for me.

I'd say theirs 2 or 3 downsides I didn't like was that the male lead was a bit petty and jealous a lot for s*upid reasons. I got confused on some of the revenge things I don't know if I wasn't paying attention but I missed something on who actually killed the prince, that was also happening with other storylines I was getting confused but that could just mean I'm dumb LOL.

this... more>> is a face slapping novel and ofc based on the tittle theirs alot of pampering for the shou. I don't really like face slapping novels but I guess this was doable.

What I loved about this novel was the passionate romance I'm sad that there weren't no spicy smut scenes otherwise this would have been a 10 and I could have overlooked everything else LOL. I also like the fact that they like liked each other and in a relationship relatively soon. The MC I feel like has a good balance of character he's not a complete doormat but sometimes I feel like he's too soft and that could be annoying but that's only toward ML that's understandable since that was his personality in his past life you can't completely erase it no matter how vengeful you are.

I like when couples go through problems together and not the whole it takes 100 chapters just for them to get together and ending the novels is them finally being husband and wife. I sometimes think that's really s*upid because the relationship just doesn't end when they get together you got to go through problems together and develop deeper love.

there is consent, the husband was completely whipped by MC. I really liked all the pampering it was good overall I will reread it, and I recommend it. <<less
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Sep 17, 2020
Status: Completed
It was all good until ML became jealous of his own son.

... more>>

The MC gives birth, and because of that the ML goes into shock for a day (he can't speak and can't hear). This makes the MC cry and worry over him.

The ML then keeps pretending because the MC was paying attention to their son and he was jealous.

The MC learns that the ML was faking it, gets mad and gives him the cold shoulder (like I just gave birth and instead of resting or enjoying my new baby, I was worried sick over you all because you're jealous).

MC gives ML the cold shoulder for a while then ML basically threatens to carve out his heart with a dagger unless MC forgives him.

I saw that and just lost all f*cking hope.

Like wtf? Who does that?

Also authors really need to stop this 'he's jealous of his own son!' trope, it isn't funny, it's just sad and hella weird. <<less
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Apr 26, 2020
Status: c26
I actually found myself enjoying this a lot more than I thought I would. Granted, I'm only on Chapter 26 so there's room for my opinion to change, but so far so good.

Summary: It's your typical historical rebirth story, only BL. Song Song, the abused son of the Song family's former main wife, is given to the "Mad King", who was previously the crown prince until he was poisoned and he fell into insanity. Terrified, Song Song relies on the only person who ever showed him kindness in the Song... more>> household, Song Ge, only to be killed and have his identity stolen. Song Ge assumes his position as Song Ge's main wife and even as Song Song's child's mother. After sticking around for a bit as a ghost, Song Song is reborn to the exact moment before he was given to the "Mad King" and he is determined to have his revenge. However, for some odd reason, the "Mad King" treats him very very very well (not that the "Mad King" mistreated him in his former life, it's just that at this point the "Mad King" theoretically shouldn't know who he is so it seems like he's treating a stranger very well for no reason), and story continues as Song Song pays back everyone who every did him wrong in his previous life. (It's very heavily implied but not out right stated that the "Mad King" has been reborn as well)

The characterization is pretty good. I like the MC, Song Song, because of how realistically he acts. He's not OP because of his rebirth, and he doesn't possess extraordinary intelligence or strength. Though he is definitely more confident than he was in the past, he's not arrogant unless it is to the people who abused him. He has social parameters he needs to abide by even as the wangfei, and he can't just act willy nilly without thinking about the consequences. As a reborn MC, he's cautious but not a pushover, clever but not some super genius, vengeful but not cruel, and I quite like him.

The ML I enjoy as well. He's not abusive, despite him being crazy, nor is he some sex-crazed maniac. He doesn't force himself on the MC, and when the MC says "no", he doesn't try to push it. So far the only times he's slept with the MC is when the MC himself has initiated it, which I think shows a lot of respect given the gap in power between them. We don't know much about him yet, but from what I've read so far, he seems to be one of the better ML's.

Also huge shout out to this translator!!! The translation quality is amazing, little to no grammer or spelling errors, and I especially appreciate how they clarify certain parts that might be confusing. Especially considering they put out like 30 chapters in one day, whew. Thank you for uploading, you're doing an amazing job!!!

Now, onto the few things I don't like about the novel so far. Most of it comes down to my own personal preference though, so take what I say with a grain of salt.

  • I just generally don't like how mpreg is explained in webnovels. This novel handles mpreg better than most, I will admit, but I still have so many questions. How would a guy develop a uterus but not get periods, but still somehow be fertile, and then somehow give birth....? Would it come out of his ass...? Would he... shit... his baby out? Sorry, I don't mean to be vulgar, but it is a genuine concern of mine and it's somewhat glossed over in the story. There's like a sentence about it, where the Song family forces the MC to drink this elixir that would allow him to get pregnant, and that's it. Now I'm confused as to whether this is just some made up form of ancient Chinese medicine or a subtle reference to magic. However, I acknowledge that I really haven't read that much of the novel yet, so this review of mine is subject to change if there is more clarification in the future.
  • Going off on what I said about mpreg, I also dislike how the MC handled it with the doctor. Like, in this world homosexuality is not widely practiced, and the concept of men getting pregnant is even more rare. I don't understand why he would ask the doctor to check if he was pregnant without telling him about the situation first. After the medical session the doctor understandably thinks the MC is crazy, and tells the steward about it. I know the doctor has earned the ML's trust so it's unlikely he'll blab to just anyone about the incident, but if word somehow got out about MC thinking he's pregnant even as a male, I think his reputation could take a hit. It would be different if the announcement was carefully orchestrated and came out of his or the ML's mouth, but as it is, I feel like this decision is just asking for derision.
  • Given the type of story this is and the position the MC has taken (he is the "wife" of the ML), I understand this is to be expected. However, I'm a little irked at how all the traditionally female attributes are given to the MC. Like the fact that he cooks for his husband, or the fact that he's taken "shopping". None of these chores should be attributed to a specified gender, but in historical context, this was generally to be expected of the wives. I don't know how to phrase this so forgive my poor word choice, but I guess I'm just a little bothered at the reinforcement of "feminine" and "masculine" stereotypes when it comes to BL. As in, one person has to be "traditionally feminine" and the other has to be "traditionally masculine". Again, however, I would like to reiterate that given the type of story this is, the fact that it went into this direction is sort of a given and that this is no fault of the author/story. I think it's just because all the historical BL's I've read have been between mostly between a general and a prince, where both people have stood on equal gender footing, so this dynamic is somewhat foreign to me.
Those three points aside, I am very much enjoying this webnovel. I'll read more and come back to update this review. As it is now, I rate it 4.0/5.0 stars. <<less
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May 12, 2020
Status: Completed
It was a bit tedious to read the chapters sometimes. How do I explain this? The narration simultaneously contained interesting and uninteresting topics. Even the translator had to explain the author's narrative a couple of times. I am not really a fan of the writing style but I did appreciate a refreshing take on both sides being reborn and they actually opened up about this 'dream' at the same time (I think). Some fluffy moments here and there with a little comedy. I especially like the different take of the... more>> royal family here. Well, someone from that line had to be an Antagonist of course, but still quite different!


No sibling rivalry for once, exemplifying that the Emperor raised them well. Parenting done right!


The conflict or the drive to move the story is the emotional factor (E.g. Jealousy, envy, malice, contempt, etc.). However, I didn't like the lack of clarification about Mpreg. If you switch the MC's s*x to female, you won't see any difference at all,


other than that he drank some pompous holy stuff that enabled him to become pregnant.


Although I like the character development, I don't know why authors cannot for their lives make it more dynamic with them being males. Why does the shou/uke have to act more feminine than the gong/seme? Why can't they both be feminine and/or masculine? A mix of both or switch? I'm fairly sure this was written in the 21st century, so what's up with the reinforcement of feminine and masculine stereotypes? Why am I so bothered with this? I need to stop. Lol The reading journey was kind of draggy, maybe because the chapters are longer than a mosquito's lifespan. I thought it was still ok though.

I would actually rate this 2.6 but I'll give it 3 stars here for the translator! Thank you so much translator! &Lt;3 <<less
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Sep 22, 2020
Status: --
I have read a lot of bl novels on this site, this is by far one of the worst I have seen. The only thing this has going for it is the translators effort.

If you switch out the shou with female pronouns there is no difference. But thats an insult to females cause I feel like even concubines in tr*shy dramas were capable of doing more with with the sole backing of only themselves or make moves without having some unbeatable backer. I read this cause revenge stories are a... more>> guilty indulgence, but this dude entire plan is using the male lead scary reputation, who despite being a rage driven mu*der machine is left unchecked. (I dont care how much of a gary stu he is c'mon have some thought for societal stablity.) Whose violent tantrums, of course only the shou can stop, cause of "love", which everyone is grateful for instead of questioning. This literally feels like one those worlds in QT where the transmigratior got to stop the tr*shy character from manipulating everything with their halo. Overall call me crazy but I like it when a protagonist rises up soley on their own sweet, blood, and tears rather then acting like a coquettish mistress who acts like a queen cause they got no knee and are permanently leaning on a shou-blinded yandre to scare everyone to submission.

Finally the mpreg. Can you show some more concern for your kid please. That kid is dead treated like an unwanted third party by the guy who's reason for supposedly tying himself to the ML in the beginning was to carry a baby. Well what happened to that. Kid pops out and he loses all value. (Was it just some preg kink or he just wanted ***) And the ML is not even worth mentioning. Your a grown ass man. How about you take some responsibility and raise your kid. Especially one whose your heir. Eveb acknowledgment would be would something. Otherwise don't have him. And if they just want d*ck down get some protection.


how you gonna be jealous of your own kid. And how you gonna indulge your spouses jealousy of his own kid. He's seven. And kicking him out of the main palace when he's 5 "cause he's to old" Tf you on


Overall most irritating shou and gong that you sympathize with the cannon fodder.

I cant believe I used my first review on this but worth it to get this of my chest. <<less
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May 08, 2020
Status: Completed
I'm not done reading yet, but I felt so strongly about this novel I had to pause my binge-reading to leave a review.

This novel is hands down a 5/5. A must-read for BL.

First things first, the translator is freaking AWESOME. I repeat AWESOME. While I usually have a lot of respect and gratitude for translators, this one is just so professional (the writing is so coherent, flows really well, very few grammatical errors and honestly feels like it was originally written in English that's how good it is, and trust... more>> me I have been a copy editor for newspapers so I super appreciate good writing like this). The translator is ethical and altruistic (I don't mind reading on websites with ads but he or she is using google docs, with no ads, which I LOVE because it makes it less distracting). I say altruistic because he or she is sacrificing potential ad revenue, which I understand is important for some translators to keep translating. Finally, if you look at the rate of releases, this entire novel was posted in the span of a mere FEW DAYS. It's such a long novel, and given the nearly flawless translations the translator and editors (if they have any) surely worked super hard to achieve that. So super props to the translator, they are by far among the best translators I have encountered across all the novels I've read in novel updates. Especially if you were to judge by the length of my praise for the translator in this review, lol.

Anyways, onto the story. This is an amazing story, again with good continuity between scenes, things very well fleshed out plot-wise (and any ambiguities are nicely clarified by the translator, in an informative and non-annoying way), and with satisfying face-slapping. The MC is sensible, intelligent, and endearing, and so-far lacks the lapses in judgement I sometimes see with MCs in long novels. There's not too much filler, mostly fluff and plot-pushing scenes. The ML has his flaws but that just draws the readers to his character more and adds to his complexity. He's not exactly the stereotypical cold, perfect, OP ML, (ok maybe he is handsome, smart, and domineering but not towards the MC, who he treats with respect and love). This novel has unique elements that make it stand out from the cliche BL novels that we usually see. So 5/5 definitely recommend. Now, back to binge-reading!

Edit: completed! Still really good. <<less
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Jun 09, 2020
Status: Completed
I like the fact that it's really short and doesn't stay on for too long. One thing I disliked about this was how they were treating the baby, especially the MC when he was the main one trying to have the little prince and then he had him and just really was giving all his time to the ML. I really don't like that especially seeing how the little prince wanted attention from him but the ML would throw a tantrum or get drunk so that MC would tend to... more>> him instead. I really hate that. <<less
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Dec 15, 2020
Status: Completed
I read this months ago but I came back to give it a review.

This is the first mpreg I have ever read and I hate it. Never touching this abomination ever again. But that's not the point on why I'm giving it a one star.

The ML is a man-child who got jealous of his own son. I hate every fiber of his being. I feel so bad for the kid. Next, the MC is too feminine I guess? This novel is one of those where the MC acts like a... more>> girl with the body of a guy. I don't remember much of the plot but it was uninteresting anyway. <<less
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Jun 28, 2020
Status: Completed
One of my pet peeve when reading rebirth or reincarnation or face-slapping novel: is the canon fodder/villain deserve all the cruel thing that MC/ML done in the name of revenge?

Well, in this novel, all the villain sure deserve that. The final act is so satisfying. And the one who get that revenge act is the original one. It's quite uncommon to see the original villain get what they deserve.


  • MC is likable. The main motive for MC in the first act to have a child he never hold in the original world. I found that quite heartbreaking and makes me symphatize more with MC. He's strong and smart in his own way. And the way he seduce ML quite funny.
  • Most of MC and ML interaction quite cute.
  • Love all the prince and how the Emperor treats them fairly. He's reasonable and not blame the Crown Prince for all the atrocities that his mother did.
  • Love Empress Dowager. She's savage!
  • Love how MC and ML (mainly ML) educate the young prince. They not overly pampering him. And make sure he's remember his future as the future emperor.

  • ML jealous of his own son! That's effing disturbing. And the MC just still pamper ML like it's not wrong. I know in the original world ML never hold MC except in that conception night. But still. It's just disturbing.
  • Li Yan (the crown prince). I need some closure on him. He's likable. And the author seems forget about him in the last arc. Just what is his fate in the rebirth world?!
  • Few arc just meh.
Overall this is satisfying face-slapping novel.
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Aug 02, 2020
Status: Completed
seriously I tip my hat of to this translator, getting every thing done and posting it in one go. Thanks for your hard work. Now for my view. I absolutely love this novel no big difference from most male preg, but the writer did a good job breathing new ideas to an usual storyline.
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May 15, 2020
Status: Completed
Ahh I loved this. Totally worth my time.

It was cute, fluffy and funny at times. There's also some face-slapping going on which I think was perfect.

The thing I most liked in this novel would be the relationship between the princes. Unlike other Chinese historical novels where brothers are on each other's throat 24/7, the princes here share a deep bond between them. Even the one prince whom I thought was scheming behind his pure facade proved me wrong and turned out to be an adorable little ball who yearns for... more>> his big brother's love. The king is also not a s*upid old mf. He actually has some brain cells in his skull. There's a great deal of dog food and the reason of their rebirth is also explained.

The part where I was a little disappointed would be the birth of their baby. I mean I initially read this novel because of the M-preg tag. Author was also hinting about the baby from the first chapter. That is like the soul reason MC got together with the ML in the first place but sadly the baby arrives late, veryyy late. Maybe in 70+ chapter or sth?

So if you are sucker for a fluffy story and can ignore this tiny little disappointment then this novel is a must for you. Recommended. <<less
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Apr 30, 2020
Status: Completed
As the title suggests. The ML pampered MC till you have tooth decay. Lol. The story is nice has everything of fluffy, ancient story have. The mains is the sweet interaction of the main couple. Recommended short read. Tq
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Apr 28, 2020
Status: Completed
Much sweetness, much fluff, and much face slaps.


Song Song died a pitiful death and was reborn on the day when all his tragedies began. Born as the legitimate son of the main wife, Song Song was relegated to a punching bag after his mother died and his father remarried. In order to curry favor with the nobles, Song Song's father decided to gift him to the Mad King (ML) for a one night stand. But of course, now that Song Song has been reborn, he won't fall for his family's... more>> cheap tricks any more, but instead will slowly but surely rise up the ranks to be properly pampered and spoiled by the Mad King.

MC: Song Song, a ger (his body was changed by some sorta "holy medicine") - Song Song is smart, dumb, and obedient but there will be hell to pay when he gets really angry. He is affectionately called Dumb Dumb or Scared Scared.

ML: also known as the Mad King due to some sorta poison in his body that result in episodes of mass mu*der - The ML is the first son of the Emperor's previous Empress, but due to being poisoned, he can no longer vie for the throne. His episodes of mass slaughter is well known across the capital, so he is affectionately called Cra Cra.

Side characters: There isn't a lot of background story or depth to the side characters, so they come off as either super friendly or super villainous.


This novel is very simple, not too much plot or drama. I would say this is a relaxing read, so I recommend this for those looking for a sweet and fluffy bl story! <<less
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Apr 24, 2022
Status: Completed
I came here looking for fluff and I got it, but I dunno if I actually liked it lmao I mean, I guess I did, but it's kinda love and hate. For example, I couldn't swallow the reality and coincidences of the characters reading their enemies minds and seeing behind the schemes so easily, but not being really able to understand the other. I feel like it became too obvious at some points yet the characters seemed unaware and it felt forced. I believe the author was really a novice,... more>> that's where the problems come from. A too naive plot, I guess.

Things I liked:

  • doting from both sides
  • characters with flaws
  • wealthy characters living a leisurely life (so relaxing lmao)
  • a good romantic relationship that makes everyone jealous
Things I didn't like:

  • the ML seemed sometimes too conniving even to his lover, purposely trying to make the other mad, its okay to a certain degree but I felt it was too much towards the end. Yet, because he's crazy, the MC had to accept everything.
  • the cold manner where they raised their kid. It felt so very sad lmao I couldn't imagine feeling so left out in your family that you couldn't reach out to your parents because they were so centered in their relationship, and only saw you as the crown prince, and almost never as their child, just, never tenderness. In the beginning I felt that it could be alright when the author wrote that the crown prince had the eyes and personality of MC, so perhaps the ML would be like "He looks like him, how could I do this" yet nop, he was always being jealous towards his son. When the crown prince said that kids at seven years old still get hugged, I felt so sad lmao How could you write such a romantic plot, and make the characters shitty self-centered parents, ah. I didn't like it one bit. Thank God it was only one chapter where we saw that kinda stuff. I think also parents being jealous of their own kid, this being a usual trope, I'm so sick of it. Why do you need to demonize kids so much? When the ML had problems accepting the child it seemed just so tr*shy, ah.
  • Sometimes the ML felt tr*shy I guess. Like, too much of a black bellied ML, u know. The thing is, I feel like the author tried to pass it as a cute thing, except I didn't see it that cute, rather a douchebag. Also, sometimes the MC was feeling worthless, yet the ML never offered words of compassion, and acted very whimsical. That's just his personality though. Mostly, I never really liked the way the ML could bully his husband, but MC never could return the favor without being seen in a bad light.
Even so, I think it's a nice novel. It was kinda cute, and definitely entertaining. <<less
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Feb 26, 2022
Status: --
Good overall, well paced and to the point. There is revenge, mind games and a whole lot of fluff, just sooo much fluff. It would have been even sweeter, if only LX loved, doted on his child and didn't get all unreasonably jealous over 2S. I mean seriously why are you offended a new born baby is getting attention and love from his father. Yeah, that's the only point that left a sour taste in my mouth reading this.

A lot complained about 2S being "effeminate". He's a soft spoken, gentle... more>> and kind soul, unless you press his buttons that is. So I don't see how people immediately slapped the effeminate tag on him. First of all, can't a guy be soft? Why is kindness necessarily feminine? If anything it only made him more likeable to me. Second of all, there were many female characters in this novel that were proud, arrogant, stubborn, stead fast in their decisions, but no one complained about them being too "masculine", even though these characteristics were typically associated with males. Talk about double standards, huh.

Masculinity is a strength, while femininity is a weakness. It's not even about men and women anymore. In the end that's what theses comments hint to. They themselves might not even realise how sexist they're being. We're in a time and space where stereotypes shouldn't shackle our views and behaviours. A hard task to achieve, certainly. Especially with how generation after generation these thoughts and beliefs have been brainwashed into our minds and necessarily became part of our culture and mindset. So it would be best if you keep an open mind and wonder about the "why"s of things and not just accept them as they are.

Oof went on a tangent right there, this is something that's been on my mind a lot so I couldn't help letting all of my thoughts out after seeing such comments. <<less
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Sep 01, 2021
Status: Completed
I got a negative impression of this novel from the reviews I had read a few weeks ago. But I'm very glad my curiosity won the battle and I went through with giving Tyrant Pampering Wife Diary a try. It was a lovely reading!

The MC is a cunning person who doesn't show his emotions and loves his son dearly. He's also vengeful but not at an unreasonable level and his backstory is so tragic I was cheering him on the whole story.

The ML is a violent schizophrenic person, possessive and... more>> doting. The possessiveness is not at crazy high levels like "I'm gonna keep you locked up in our rooms, only I can be with you." No, the ML has his own job and schemes to do, and the MC can wander around all he wants, meet every person he wants. It's just that ML is very sticky and love-starved, so he hoards MC's affection like it's gold.

The main characters' relationship is pretty balanced. They're matched in wits and opposite in personalities, so their banter is hilarious. I love how there's no forcing (some emotional manipulation near the end), and MC's feelings develop slowly and naturally.

The secondary characters are divided into the well-rounded ones and the paper-thin ones. There are some throwaway characters who are introduced with first and last name but never developed, characters who seem important at one moment but are not, and others who become important all of a sudden. From a writers' perspective I can guess that the throwaway characters were probably part of sub-plots that were never fleshed out, so I understand this peculiar aspect. The characters who change importance abruptly is a literary device to keep us on our toes, and I think it was executed well.

The settings open up slowly, no need to panic and start jotting down notes to remember where's who. The plot is also easy to follow. If you've read Those Years in Quest of Honour Mine and despair, thinking this novel is as complicated, don't worry, it's a few notches easier.

The translation is a labour of love, there's no machine translation in sight and I appreciated it SO much. I have a couple of con-crit comments for the translator if they care for it. The first is the presence of incomplete sentences. Sometimes a character says things such as "Sleepy." "Eaten." "Didn' do." and I understand that Chinese is a more practical language than English, no additional thrills are necessary to carry the meaning through but it reads a bit choppily in Eng. Also the characters never say "love" to each other, always "like." I understand that "ai" can mean both but ML is obviously head-over-heels in love so it's a bit weird to imagine him say "I like you very much" until the very end.

Overall I give this novel 4/5 mark because it's well written but not a masterpiece. Highly recommended. <<less
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Jun 24, 2021
Status: Completed
went from 4 stars to 2.5 stars as the story went on, due to reasons that other reviews probably covered.

The main plus sides for me were the cute interactions between the MC and ML, who are at the heart of this story, esp since I view this as more of a cheap romance than anything else. There was a lot of fluff and it felt cute most of the time. Key word: most of the time. Some moments felt way too overkill, like that whole subplot of the ML pretending... more>> to be sick and then threatening the MC to forgive him through self harm. That is textbook toxic behavior.

One thing to consider and note is that I don't expect the ML to be a "normal" person after everything he has been through. However, some actions that cross the line should be treated as such and addressed seriously, not lightheartedly forgiven.

Everything else felt a little lacking on execution, especially towards the ending, where I was uncomfortable with a lot of things. The villains, the revenge/face-slapping, reveals, etc were decently done but not as elaborate or detailed and satisfying as some other novels I've read. In general it felt like that entire plot took a back seat for the romance aspect. The MC was usually not the one doing anything, just taking advantage of the situation and of his status as the ML's "special one". Which is fine, I have no problem with that; but it definitely felt half-hearted and almost effortless. There were no risks, and the entire thing was tremendously predictable/cliche, and you knew who would win. I like some side characters, like the Emperor and the former crown prince, but they felt a bit underdeveloped (most likely due to the all the screentime spent on the MC and ML being lovey dovey). The whole dilemmas and emotional dramas between the ML and his brothers, etc had a lot of potential, but, unsurprisingly, was also not fully expanded on and sorta left forgotten. That doesn't have to be a bad thing, if you're not looking for anything too heavy, then this is for you. Basically: a huge reminder that this novel is mostly a fluffy romance one, not a revenge driven plot or anything deep like that.

Also was disappointed that I didn't see much family bonding moments (I had expectations from seeing how much the ML doted and cared for his son in his previous life), instead I saw ML being jealous of his son and using his illness to scare him away. Yikes.

Overall: as a romance story, it was good most of the time (with some dubious/weird moments). As a revenge plot driven story, pretty eh. I had an mostly pleasant time reading it, although the writing style is pretty monotone imo and many moments felt dragged on. The dialogue and interactions were the main thing that kept me going. <<less
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May 03, 2020
Status: Completed
At first, I was a bit skeptical about their relationship since Song Song purposely got close to Li Xiao so he can has the lil' prince once again. This happen until chapters approximately 30, Song Song still doesn't dare to love Li Xiao, even though he's clearly loves him.

Both MC (Song Song) and ML (Li Xiao) is smart. It's really great haha! I really love it when MC understands what's going on only with a lil clues, so he didn't left in the dark and waiting for explanation. It's cool... more>> to see how MC understand ML just in a few sentences.

Song Song and Li Xiao had a discussion about their past life in chapter 35 but they called it as dreams, not past life. But no worries, deep down they know that they're reborn together.

It's fluffy but sometimes I can't help but feel pity for Li Xiao insecurity. He really scared that Song Song doesn't loves him and will disappear. Li Xiao traumas of his past life is really sad tbh, even though in the end of his insecurity he's always joking around and teasing Song Song, I know the insecurities still there. Sometimes I can't help but dislike Song Song a bit especially is the earlier chapters when he's still thinking about Li Xiao as his child maker.

I don't mind he's being frank but fake affections and caring attitude is really got me mad. I know he did that coz he didn't want LX to hate him but it still makes me upset. LX is really sincere but SS is faking the affection is so....... ugh, good thing it didn't happen for too long.

Well, it still recommended. The emperor is really doting haha, it's really weird to read an emperor who really loves and care about his children. The relationship between the princes is really cute too. It's really new for me to see princes that didn't clash in interest and aiming for throne, getting jealous and so on. The princes is really harmonious HAHAHA.

Oh and about the villlains too, it's actually easy to guess. Song Song is really an unfortunate child to born in Song Family, smh.

I thought LX will got jealous of the lil' prince but no haha, a father will always be a father. He loves lil' prince so much.

9/10 <<less
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Jun 15, 2022
Status: Completed
A rebirth palace drama story where both protags are reborn, thirsting for revenge and support each other on their path to reclaim what is rightfully theirs. They don't know that the other is also reborn at the start of the novel. This is a typical palace danmei but well written, with a coherent plot and coherent characters. I found ML LiXiao's unrestrained, provocative and straightforward behaviour quite entertaining, whether he's talking to the emperor or dealing with Songsong, often poking at Songsong's bottom line, but also a lot of readers'... more>> bottom line lol.
TBH, one of the reasons I like c-novels so much is precisely for such great nihilistic, amoral, unconventional characters, unlike the 'wholesome' 'goody-goody' sh*t that western novels/movies like to feed us. LiXiao's character will probably trigger some sensitive readers, especially those who likes to identify themselves with fictional characters. I think his behaviour, actions, personality, mindset are all consistent throughout. He is what he is. Just like other countless unconventional protags from c-novels that western minds like to tag as 'evil', 'anti-hero', 'unhealthy', 'effeminate' etc etc... to me they are just entertaining fictional characters, not meant to educate or teach life lessons or quote psychology nonsense. There are other books for those. <<less
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Feb 27, 2022
Status: Completed
Rating: 3.5

Pairing Type: dumb, abused shou x crazy, prince gong; yandere gong; shou MC x gong ml; immature gong; emperor gong

Tropes: rebirth; mpreg; face-slapping; Wuxia elements; court politics

... more>> Triggers: death; violence; abuse

Heat level: low, they are intimate but not explicit

Re-readability: low; won’t reread

Honestly it was okay but I didn’t really like the ML. He’s immature, spiteful, and drinks a ton of vinegar. The least of my worries was the fact that he was insane.

I can see why the straw that broke the camels back was just how completely immature he was regarding his son. I probably would’ve have liked this novel a lot more if it ended with him truly loving his son. But instead he’s just jealous and petty about his own son, which makes you feel so bad for the baby...

It’s also primarily a face-slapping novel, but I didn’t find the face slapping very satisfying.

Idk, it honestly wasn’t that bad of a novel and it was a fairly quick read. I just probably won’t reread. <<less
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Nov 22, 2021
Status: Completed
This was an original and interesting take on the whole BL reincarnation thing. The relation between the MC and ML was really cute and fluffy pretty much right from the beginning since they both had memories of their past life.

The main problem was basically getting revenge on the MC and MLs families. Kinda basic but interesting.

I didn't like how after they ML and MC had a kid, the ML would try to hog the MC for himself. I get that he is possessive of him and the poison is acting... more>> up but it made me feel really bad for the kid. He just wants to be with the MC for a bit. Just let the poor kid have some time with his father!

I also did not like how the MC is portrayed so femininely. There was literally no point in having the MC as a male. He acted femininely and could even have a kid. The story would have basically stayed the same even if he was called a "she" instead of "he"...

Other than that it was a pretty nice read. The ML really loves the MC and the MC really loves the ML.

Btw I loved the way the translator gave some notes to help us understand what was going on and how they introduced the character names and roles in the first chapter. Thank you! <<less
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