Tsuki ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu


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High school student Misumi Makoto is called into a fantasy world by the god Tsukuyomi, in order to be a hero. However, the Goddess ruling the world isn’t as thrilled to have him there, and kicks him to the edge of the world. Tsukuyomi declares that Makoto is free to find his own way after Makoto is abandoned by the other Goddess.

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Moon-led Journey Across Another World
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Glue rated it
July 18, 2017
Status: c274
Alright, I read a lot in this genre. I don't claim to have amazing taste. In general, I think my taste is typically garbage, and I'll admit it. For the genre of "Reincarnated/Transported Overpowered Protagonist", the one's I have read extensively and are worth mentioning are Overloard, New Gate, Death March, My Death Flags Show No Signs of Ending, Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou, I Said Make My Abilities Average!, Story of a Careless Demon, Tensei sh*tara Slime Datta Ken, and Douluo Dalu. I am not saying these are good.... more>> I am saying I have read a bit in this genre.

The character design, development, and consistency is good. The story is haphazard. The primary source of tension is whether or not the protagonist is taking the events seriously. The power curve/scaling is shot to hell. Honestly, it sounds like I don't like it, but that is just how much I enjoyed the other aspects of the writing. The character design and development in this story is better handled than any story that I've listed.

I like this genre, but it can get boring really fast. The genre inherently lacks the tension required for character development and tends to create dull and flat protagonists and side characters. The author handles this remarkably well.


IF you want a harem story that is a constant power trip fantasy with every side character is simply a foil for how amazing the protagonist is.. This is not your story. Go read Overlord, New Gate, Arifureta, and, to a lesser extent, Slime Datta.

The story starts off with a bang, then calms down and builds up again. It definitely builds up again, and it earns its power trip moments. The protagonist definitely develops into a terrifying individual to takes matters into his own hands, but he earns it.

Also, a good/consistent translator can really make or break a story sometimes, and Reigokai is a damn amazing translator.

Lastly, this story is what broke me into finally making an account and writing a review. I thought it was that good. <<less
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May 27, 2017
Status: c247
It's really hard for me to say this, but I got dissapointed by this MC, I used to cheer him, there is also a time when I waiting for MC to smack the others that HAVE A DIFFERENT VIEW with him, But after all of this. I just can't get back to his shoe again. I just don't know what he wants to be, what he wants to achieve, what motivations did he have. Authour use so many people pov's about how they can't understand our MC, and well yeah... more>> I am one of those. It's really frightening when all your EFFORTS just thrown all out of the window by some Protagonist's wimp. The way MC came to this world is not a pleasant one, but the way he carried himself is also... ck. You're so goddamn OP, damn it! Forget about all the things you said about don't want to attract Bug's attention, but you clearly so goddamn stood out, idiot.

Well clearly I have a little problem with this MC, while the story itself is good with a little heavy politic stuff here and there, just waiting for the MC to wipe all of their efforts, because what? Because it's bother him. <<less
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justice41 rated it
March 15, 2017
Status: c297
Yes, this novel just fits right into those who grinds and digests long thoughts. It is not for those that wants the MC to conquer the world in just one chapter. It is not a wish-fulfillment series even. The initial start is a very cliche one, and with a bland taste at that, but what makes this interesting is on how the author takes the development into a natural and almost realistic point of view. What it means to hold power when you are just a f**king average Joe Schmoe.

And... more>> something to mind... it's not a harem troupe that wants the MC's D constantly but his servants has actual personality... something that other acclaimed harem series always don't have.. and it's not even harem to begin with. That cliche falls to TrashMoki, the other summoned hero, your wish-fulfillment character that was slapped with the Reality Train by the MC.

A keypoint to understand the story is that the MC is not a human but a hyuman. So in a sense it is not just an isekai but a reverse because the MC is one of the otherworld's denizen to begin with. His immense mana is just the same on how Goku trains hundreds G levels but on a daily basis.

AS of CH.290
This novel already blew my mind with its narrative aspect. Though if wants the story to get fast, it does, but also in reverse just like the ***cough*** Lorel Arc which is darn long and not even half-interesting. And yeah. The MC's character development is just so darn brilliant. He's not a hero nor a hell-bent fiend. He is a pure, unstable double-edged sword. A third power in the world instead of the cliche. And to boot, a polarizing MC. Someone you'll hate and like constantly.

All in all, this is by far the best isekai novel the genre has to offer to me. It has the right amount of gray areas to explore, and the gritty and grime world like ours that is both fantastic and sh*tty...
Just Author-san, don't make these seemingly long and boring arcs often.. <<less
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SilverKing rated it
January 22, 2017
Status: c143
Dont skip over this WN because it has the generic plot. I think most of the ppl who are rating this poorly are just ppl who are bored with the standard plot that most WN/LN take and in sorry but this isnt one of them. Tho I say that it takes the generic plot and adds in its own spices here and there which I like. It adds enough to get you invested in the novel and stick with it. Ive also seen parts where you can expect the outcome... more>> but ppl stick with to see it happen. If anything give the WN a shot if you like stick with it, it updates pretty fast and some to look forward to at the end of the day. <<less
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GregLuck rated it
January 12, 2017
Status: c190
This story is an interesting one. Okay it starts with a slow my-pace feels, but the plot and mystery each chapter reveal is astonishing and fresh.

Might have a feel of a slight misunderstand or happy-go-lucky, but turns out to be the author's way to hide the turn of event.

Good point of view, the world building and character personalization is clear and good.

A must read.
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kzwkrain rated it
January 7, 2017
Status: c188
At first I didn't read this LN because some of the reviews said it was repetitive. But after having no LN to read and gave this a try, I regretted not starting this LN earlier. Who said this is repetitive? The LN is filled with mystery, but the author will slowly reveal it, unlike many LN. I also love the POV chapters of others. The story plots are carefully planned, and there are no inconsistency. The translator's English is good as well so there are little to no grammar mistakes.... more>> The release are fast. This type of standard is equivalent to a proper Light Novel. I RECOMMEND THIS!! <<less
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Shizukani rated it
January 3, 2017
Status: c186
I have a bad habit of dropping long novels like these once it goes through a boring phase, but it just doesn't happen in this series.

Yes there were a few of these "boring parts" in the middle...
... more>>

maybe not boring for everyone, but I'm talking about the long chapters which talked about the heroes... ^^;


The story goes into so much detail, but for me the details are just right. Plus, I think that the major reason why I like this story is because of so many questions and mysteries left unanswered. Also, they keep dropping bits and bombs that keeps you hooked.

Yes, I do think that the story is a bit slow-paced, but that's where Reigokai comes along. Kudos to the translator for sharing this masterpiece to the masses in super high quality and taking care of it like its his own child.

All in all, for me this is a rare long novel which hooked me enough to keep me from dropping it prematurely. Yep, I love it, with all its good and bad.

Oh and, Makoto is awesome (PERIOD). I think his adapting period is quite reasonable and I'm really looking forward to his character development. <<less
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Haneda.Yuina rated it
August 9, 2016
Status: c146
Anyway. Just like how the other people gave this a low rating, I do agree with them. And since they already mentioned what I wanted to express regarding this novel, i'll make it short.

... more>>

This novel started off good, it had prospects to look forward to. It had. In fact, it was getting good when the MC all of a sudden got thrown into his first battlefield. He didn't function properly but, he didn't necessarily did bad, nor shown a pathetic sight to his opponents. It was relatable. Understandable. He was unknowingly cut off from his companion, kidnapped and thrown into a hotpot.

What ruined it for me is the fact that he had grown lax after that event. Complacent, even. Because he had "overly capable" subordinates. So, he chose to go along with being a teacher (part-time) instead, when he was supposedly to enter as a student, to learn magic and it's various applications. To learn "common sense" of this world (other). It's history, and surroundings. To learn and find clues of his parent's previous life. And to give the Goddess a spanking. But. Noo~ he went with the flow and decided to teach. It's outright ridiculous. Him, someone who barely knows anything regarding combat application, decided to teach students. Hah. Effin what just happened? this incompetent of an MC is suddenly a position to teach. I mean, it's one thing if he knew how to conduct himself in a battle but, he doesn't. What was the point of him barely surviving his first battlefield? the whole point of him going to the Academy was to learn. And yet he did exactly opposite that.

Now, most of the readers may argue; "that's why he went to the library each day after class, to learn new techniques and other essential stuffs! All he needs to know to rekt ppl next time!". Well i'll be!

If you can learn such things in the Academy's library, what's the point of a student meticulously choosing their subjects and instructors? When they can just go in the library and they'll be able to learn to fend for themselves. Hah~ no good, I'm dragging on. Moving on...

This MC also acts high-and-mighty during his class, well, that is their decided setting. Good and Bad cop. I don't really why he decided such a stupid and unnecesaary setting, though. Must be a fetish-thing. But that's even okay. What I find appalling is that he arrogantly points flaws of his students, then gives advice, and sometimes tells himself he commits the same mistakes. But instead of following his own advice to his students, he opts to commiting the same foolish action over and over. Which pisses me off. Another thing, he has the audacity to stand above others, both his subordinates and students, and yet gets pushed over by random (be it normal or important) people. Being "forced" to take people under his wing is not an excuse. The fact that he accepted them means he needs to get his sh*t together and properly guide them.

Also, the Author deliberately makes the MC be showered by praise by his subordinates. Like, "Waka is so interesting!" or, "Ooh~ Waka-sama is so strongk~" or, "Raidou-dono is very kind hearted, he can never do wrong because he saved my family." or, "Your Waka-sama is different, I can't see the marvel of his thought process, of what he is plotting, and the direction he is going to take and how it will affect the future of this world. I can only stare and watch him do wonders! Raidou-kun, I want us to sleep together because you are very unique from all the otherworlder that I have met.", like that. It's nothing but reverance to that imbecile of an MC, they can't predict what he is thinking because he DOESN'T think, at all. He pulls miracle out of his butt when that time comes. Or, his overly capable trio resolves it for him, saving his sorry ass in the end, after he makes a mess of things. What's more, none of this trio ever points out his mistakes, naivete, foolishness. And even if one could, he'd stop thinking about it too much because it's troublesome for him. Only Ema and Root seems to do so, but he ignores it because what they think is irrelevant, he will live the way he likes. f**king little sh*t.

One more to be pissed about is, how recently every chapter that focuses on him is wasted on his monologues, self-derision, how he has no interest in women, how everything is f**king sh*t for pointing out his flaws in his business, or how a rock is different than a pebble or, or, how one house is made of wood and the others are bricks and leaves. That kind of pointless thoughts, that eat up a chapter, prolonging the event. Suddenly the Academy town is so humongus that cleaning up takes 5, FIVE, fcking days and twenty chapters of walking around town talking to himself.

The MC went to be a merchant and sells things dirt cheap. To help people. I can accept that, inspite my disaggreance and all those pathetically defending him. Then comes this commotion and he waits a few days before taking action to save Rotsgard, dead people here and there. He decided this outcome. It's roundabout and possibly the worst decision he made because, again, he disregard a chapter worth of self-reflecting and decided to go stupid again. Now, the people he wanted to help with his medicines are dead, well, some of them. But he doesn't recognize it. Because, plot-Armor, he is the MC. Thus, justifiably, reasonable by his subordinates and Makoto-devotees.

Anyway, i'll end it here. It is just making my headhurts. In conclussion, read at your own risk.



well, what can I say? it's pretty short af.

I give it a 3-star rating in memory of Makoto who died in his first battlefield. But after that, it went downhill from there with an exception of POV change and ch.136 that I liked, very much.

P.S. the Romance tag should be removed. No need to mislead people. The Harem is being purposely thrown to the MC by the Author, but they are all empty, it's just there for the sake of catching the eyes of guys who likes harem. This MC is much worse than Lyle. At least, Mr. Lyle was hillarious and has reached puberty, while this story's MC is... impotent.

I'm under the impression that, this Author thinks having his MC get a gf is equivalent to porn. Like having desire for the opposite s*x is a bad thing, or is indecent. If Azumi Kei's definition of a relationship between male and female is all about s*x, then that explains it. Pitiful pricks.


the volume cover for vol.3 doesn't help as well.


it makes me want to vomit in his idiotic smug little face.


Lol <<less
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Siikalahna rated it
February 13, 2019
Status: c82
Gotta say, I hoped he'd grow up during the story, but so far it seems he's doing exactly the opposite. And seeing how there are still hundreds of chapters to go, my wish for him to just die and have someone more qualified to take the MC spot for the story seems to not be happening. What an incompetent pushover individual this MC is... No hope whatsoever.

"But I am still only in my teens." - exactly, you're a teenager, not a newborn baby! So behave like one! All this MC... more>> so far sounds to me is "But I can't do anything about it since someone else said for me to do this and because I don't have brain cells of my own, all I can do is exactly what this totally unrelated individual tells me to, because I'm just a drone hurr durr".

Would've been a 1000 times better of a story, had he already kicked the bucket and someone with at least a glimpse of a backbone would take the position as the MC. Or better yet, not had this idiot to be part of the story in the first place and use one of the other summoned heroes as the MC. They at least seem to be capable of taking action on their own. <<less
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Stupid Novel
Stupid Novel rated it
January 20, 2019
Status: c290
It's not worth your time.

At first I really enjoyed this kind of novel. But, its kinda disappoint me after 290 chapter with no character development at all. He's still a naive and your usual vegetable main character. You cant find any single thing that will make you love MC at all. He's just like a MOB but OP. That's all

I strongly recommend you to not read this novel, if you read this with the intention to waste your time then that's okay. But, if you looking for a novel that... more>> will make you excited, then you're in the wrong direction. <<less
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DarkberserkerAA rated it
September 25, 2018
Status: --
I must admit this novel is splendidly well written, but regardless of it being good story, world, character details, events, premise etc. it still will crumble when the foundation is not good enough. What I mean of my analogy of foundation is the MC. Yeah you read it right. I won't go into further details of my review about this novel and I will only review the main cause for me to rate this to 1 star, the MC.

Firstly the MC's personality is bland, transparent. Its not all there is... more>> to it, see the MC is a rare kind of a psychopath, he and the others doesn't know he is a psychopath himself, so that is really terrifying. He is a psychopath when angered by certain stimulus for example - his parents have been insulted and he went bananas and doesn't know how to express it, so he made a creepy smile (I hope the MC lose in that fight lol). He is the embodiment of innocent evil which is much worst than being slothful and carelessness like the goddess. He doesn't really understand economy and just gives his products to people in need, was it so bad to help the suffering? No, but help all human that are in need? Not possible. He is just messing up with the economy. Possible ways to solve it? Only masochist will do those possible intellectual way to solve it. The MC is so dumb and naive that he drags everyone around him in trouble but everyone around him are so competent that the MC doesn't deserve to be showered with praise by them. Also the title of this novel (moon-led journey....) coincides of what the MC personality is, Lunatic. He is crazy inside but doesn't show in the outside until some trigger occurs.

Conclusion - this novel has crappy logic and trash MC that has thick plot armor and everyone around him either adores him or hates him. I hate illogical stories especially those that are far out of reality. It is like wish fulfillment plus living in a day dream. <<less
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hyslee69 rated it
May 1, 2018
Status: c295
Having read up to the latest translation so far, I am impressed with the writing. Some glaring flaws do exist, a major one being the stereotyping of all Japanese people as naive, non-discriminating, kindhearted people. I think this can be forgiven, seeing as Japanese are the intended audience for light novels. The author also shows that social problems (bullying/etc) are a thing in Japan, so it's not that bad.

This is not a story of the MC becoming a perfect person that can do everything by himself. It's instead one where... more>> the imperfect MC gets help from others who can do what he cannot. I understand that a lot of people want the gutsy, self-confident protagonist. Makoto doesn't fit the bill for that, but he isn't just a typical beta male either. Or at least, he's content with being a beta, but the world doesn't let him; he thinks of himself as a beta but everyone else labels him as an alpha. It's a bit complicated, but that's why I like it.

Makoto does grow throughout the story, but it isn't very showy. The growth is mostly psychological, in the 'finding self' kind of way. But there are a lot of amazing fights, and the plot is neither too random nor predictable, having a balance that is enjoyable. The MC might be indecisive, but the way he arrives at his choices actually enhances the plot. I'd definitely recommend reading it! <<less
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Bakaleaf rated it
October 30, 2017
Status: c267
Good novel although every time a certain character is mentioned I can't help but want to puke...

About the MC many said this and that I agree to some but it's not that big of a minus yet

but I do hope seriously there is a limit for creating a very passive mc

One of the things I hate about this novel

... more>>

The unbalance characters of the trash hero Tomoki of a certain Empire his skill a very disgusting ugly cruel and technically absolute evil the CHARM skill the CHARM skill The CHARM skill (it's important must be mentioned 3 times)

At first It was ok as the only being affected is those who have direct contact to him sadly he is collecting B*tch left and right and sadly the MC is still a LOSER who hasn't KISS a women...

Now the annoying part is this CHARM skill CHARM skill CHARM skill can be spread without the trash hero Tomoki doing anything yeah tell me if that is not OP that is technically destroying the balance of the novel.

In other words the ultimate enemy is the trash hero who only F*ck girls and let his CHARM skill CHARM skill CHARM skill do the work as does who are charmed beamed zombie like who only worship the TRASH HERO TOMOKI

MC? the other HERO? does anyone sane see how bad this goes? even god has not that OP kind of skill so what the point of fighting? what plot? isn't this novel became an MC versus TRASH HERO TOMOKI legion of mindless zombie?

how powerful is the charm skill? It can charm a Level 400 character that means 99% of the people in that world are not immune to charm doesn't make sense at all.

I wanna drop this novel anytime soon because I can't help but feel like puking every time that TRASH HERO TOMOKI is mention in the novel.

This could have balance if MC is not a god forsake late bloomer you know how it feel reading a novel about a forever virgin and the enemy is the same as him but has on OP power that can make any girl his sl*t?

This NOVEL is like the very definition of NTRed!

If any of his companions got charmed I will drop this novel in less than 1 sec good thing that has yet to happen!


Yup this novel has one or two flaw and is so big that I feel like vomiting.

This is just my bias review as I really hate anything that has the smell of NTRed on it! <<less
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Zeta31 rated it
March 24, 2017
Status: c220
Amazing series that makes me always waiting and wanting more of it. I don't know why others hate it, but for me it's the most natural story. I like how this series has the POV and Extra chapters that explains most of the story from other characters POV and it connects each other so that the reader could experience not only from the MC POV but from his followers even some nameless adventurer.
... more>>

(the one that died and become Lancer's Sword when Shiki fights with Lancer).

And I know sometimes Makoto can be such a d*ck, but that's a part of his development and the author did a great job making it a slow paced development that it makes some people said it's boring, because those people expect this series shows some badass action from an OP MC that rivaled the Goddess and end up disappointed because they don't get what they want. So honestly, people just need to have less expectation about some isekai novel that always have some kicking ass MC everytime in his/her adventure if you read this novel. <<less
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Felix3D rated it
February 13, 2017
Status: c204
For some reason, what started out as a more mechanically-inclined, more in-depth vapid "All Women are Bitches (Japanese "bitch" aka Slut), all Men are bastards" fantasy world story... has turned into something that seriously discusses discrimination, [i]Reverse discrimination[/i], how even when someone says "I'm not discriminating. They have emotional biases due to experiences, and how people's lives affect one another.

I mean, it's still very vapid in most points and frankly the action is skin deep and bombastic, along the lines of a Michael bay movie, but get past like... more>> chapter 50 and... I'm shocked at how much better of a storyteller the original author is becoming. He's actually incorporating aspects of literature into his writing, from using key "focalizers" and POV chapters, to really making irony and callbacks a signature of his.

It's still... very "uncivilized" in some aspects, but this story is one I highly recommend if you're into things like shield hero and wanted more description and development. Or if you felt that Re:Monster was just too s*x-focused and written by a 15year old.

This is what I call "adaptation bait". This kind of story would be great to be adapted to a borderline Seinen Anime or a manga. Of course, it already is a manga, and that's pretty good too.

I will say that the characters are kind of... forgettable and blend into one another. Another reason an adaptation would be better. The author seems to switch up the cast and doesn't include enough descriptions or actions for certain names to actually be remembered, and so a character list/wiki kind of is needed for most audiences to get into this if you're reading it chapter by chapter. On a binge, though, it should be fine. <<less
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Jackfrost2139 rated it
January 29, 2017
Status: pov rembrandt family
Hello, this is not a generic light novel or WN, do not listen to people saying this, as a translator and a avid reader this novel is great. This novel has actual character development where you can clearly see that the MC is different and is growing as a character and a person. He does not have a harem yet, only two people like him and also a something like him, I am not trying to hide spoilers it is just not sure if the person whats to f or... more>> be f'ed that's all. Strangely the girls do not actually have that much screen time and focuses more on the MC and his third servant more which is a guy. Other great characters always comeback and have screen time not one time characters like other LN's and WN's. Shows the viewpoint of alot of other characters and does show that everything has a reason <<less
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Turtlebaggins rated it
September 3, 2016
Status: c13
I tried to get into this. I wanted a good non-harem style book to read. It very quickly turns into a forced harem plot. Then it basically becomes a book about what the harem wants to do. The premise was good, but that broke it for me.
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Mellows rated it
June 12, 2016
Status: c121
Well, Typical Japanese Webnovel with interesting characters, still there's no turning point that will becomes interesting furthermore, the intermission of heroes is like a meh, so many plotholes, about his cheat-like power called "SAKAI" the author neglects the details of his power so we really don't understand about it. That's all for the negatives and for about why it makes Interesting is:
1. Good Character Developments, (Lately, Mio and Tomoe is being neglected.)
2. So many Twists, Puzzles, and you can't really predict will be the outcome and... more>> there's so many hidden variables which the Novel makes a good read so far.
3. And Lastly Doesn't follow the cliche Routes so far like the other novels.

In Summary all I can say is, "ROOT IS FABULOUS, NO ONE CAN STOP ME" HAHAHA :">

P.S. Please, Make A Scene where Raidou (Makoto) is alone with Root with Monomaniac Scenes also Keep up the Good work about the Comedies. !! :&Gt; <<less
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Diskat rated it
June 26, 2018
Status: --
Mediocre is the best way I can describe the novel. It is neither too good nor too bad. Just a decent read when there's nothing else. That being said, there are logical faults as well.

... more>>

The protagonist is a "Japanese high school student". He has the Stereotypical trope as a do-gooder within his reach that is so common within many different Japanese Isekai novels. Apparently, acting as a standard protagonist Japanese MC gains you the special attention of a certain dragon (Root, not Tomoe), which doesn't really make much sense. I don't really understand her thinking why the MC is so special. Maybe better than the other two actual heroes, but they got their own issues.

Another thing is that the special background within his parents, which makes absolutely no sense to me. I don't remember why Makoto thinks his parents came from the world he is currently in, nor does it really matter because it's a huge plot hole.

First, this fantasy world he's in has a certain standard of aesthetic beauty built into its reality. Everyone humanoid is beautiful or handsome[unless you're some special ugly demon]. Even the average looking are beautiful or handsome, according to the aesthetics of our world. However, Makoto was born "ugly". From a genetic standpoint, he should have been born handsome because his parents were natives of the fantasy world.

Second, his parents look like Japanese, which also makes no sense. From what we can infer, Japanese people look different from the natives of the world. In fact, the only people who look like actual Japanese are the ones which he turned the monsters into human under contract or heroes. Yet for some reason, a once-noble, who is from the same place where his parents once resided, acknowledged that she knew his parents from a photo, whom both look like standard Japanese. Unless they were hero descendants, this should not be the case.

Moreover, I still don't understand whether there is one goddess with multiple facets or multiple goddesses in that world. It looks like there is just one goddess, as it is noted, but there contradictions in many parts. For example, it was stated that 10 years ago the parents were in the other world, but the goddess was sleeping for several decades. How did his parents end up in another world? Edit: apparently they made a deal with the goddess and Samal, but does that mean the goddess wasn't "asleep" at that time?

Third, the fight with Samal, the self-proclaimed god that is a gate, I believe that it could have gone better for Samal. Samal summoned monsters, items, magic spells, etc. From other worlds to fight against our protagonist. On the other hand, it doesn't seem to mention ever that he summoned celestial objects like meteors, stars, etc. It seems that Makoto said that it would have been troublesome if the ICBM would have hit, but honestly, I think endless meteors would have been more troublesome to handle. I don't know if it's because Samal's knowledge doesn't have knowledge beyond the worlds and into the sci-fi and the endless abyss of space, but I think this antagonist could have fought better.

Fourth, I can't get a hold of the sense of scale of Makoto's impressiveness. There's mentions where a dragon found Makoto going at 60kph through the desert impressive. That's far slower than a car going on a straight highway you know? The average car in the US on a highway has a speed limit of 60mph, which is about 100kph. For a person whose supposed to be beyond the lv1500 Tomoe and Mio, he is far, far, far, far slower. Hell, the top bicycle speed in our world tops even Makoto. Yet he managed to lose the royal guard that was with Tomoki, whom I can estimate that her should level is about 300-600 for being a hero companion. Her speed is also far slower than what I expect a high level would be.

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S. Capo
S. Capo rated it
April 2, 2018
Status: c143
Good premise. I like stories concerning goddess' blessings. This one had it really in a unique way. For most stories concerning goddesses it would be like, the goddess likes you or interested to you etc., but this one made it in a way that the Goddess hates him and threw him away. So far, so good at that point. (Also not a spoiler since it is in synopsis).

What went wrong are the characters.

  1. Protagonist - author tries to portray that he is just a high schooler boy. This is the author's excuse for all the blunders and stupidity of the MC. The author needs those blunders to set up a plot. For example, he needs the MC to be stupid in magic powers so he can have a plot explaining magic powers etc. Most novels do that, BUT they gradually move on. There is GROWTH. The case for this guy is that there is no growth, instead he keeps failing and failing so plot keeps going on and on about being a merchant, about magic, and so on and so forth.
  2. Side Characters- by side characters I mean everyone other than MC. This novel suffers from a stupid MC. That would be good if it is a comedy but the comedy in this story is not on that part so it is tasteless. I've read a lot of books and most authors would make use of their side characters in this case. Like, use the side characters for growth of the MC. Could be like, have someone close to the MC be kidnapped/hurt then the MC goes to realization and obtain certain growth/awakening. It doesnt do that in this novel. He is already OP, side characters are OP (except enemies) so there is no point. No danger at all. So no growth. So I got to ch.143 hoping I could see growth but at that point still no growth. At that chapter it is said he had experienced 2 years at that world already. So 19 years old and you still cant grow up there must be something wrong.
So here I am grumbling. In short:

I give up. I will look for a different novel. This is boring as hell.

... more>>

There would be chapters where they would only talk about bananas here and bananas there we have banana everywhere and everyone loves it and everybody craves for it. I still endured at that time but there are really a lot of chapters where you can just skim through and you still wont miss a bit. Just skim through the parts where they talk and you will still understand. The worst part is that there is a time where there is only so short conversation in a chapter. Like:

Makoto: "what is the problem?"

Tomoe: " oh banana problem"

*description of banana problem

Makoto: " alright it is decided, we try to graft them"

*then end of chapter

Like WTF?

Seriously, the author made the MC so OP now he ran out of things to post as problem/crisis for character growth. At first, author tried to make Tomoe (side character/possible harem member) a problem by making her a spoilef brat kind of dragon slave/familiar but it was gone on later chapters. Tomoe just follows orders by then (investigate this, go there, beat him up) no more of his spoiled brat antics. So I branded this novel as one at the point of no return.

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