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Waking up from cryo sleep, Shen Siwei received an urgent mission: to disguise himself as a noble negotiator and enter the occupied area under the disguise of negotiations, investigating the background of the leader of the refugeees, Klet. He thought that his noble identity would serve as protection, but little did he know that those refugees had no limits. As soon as Shen Siwei entered the war zone, a group of men sort him and imprisoned him. Outside the cage, someone threw coins at Shen Siwei, asking him to strip naked. Just as Shen Siwei’s killing intent grew stronger, Klet finally appeared and put a stop to his subordinates’ misconduct. And then… he himself paid one dollar to buy Shen Siwei.

The mission was progressing slowly, so Shen Siwei sought guidance from his superiors.

Shen Siwei: Can I directly kill Klet?

Superior: No. Find a way to gather information by any means necessary.

Unable to retreat or resist, Shen Siwei was firmly held by Klet, the thug leader. In his heart, he killed this rogue leader countless times, but on the surface, he had tears in his eyes and tried to reason begging: “Please let me go.”

Klet remained unmoved, his voice deep and hoarse: “Behave yourself, and I’ll let you go.”

Not long after, Klet saw Shen Siwei, who handled guns better than him, and realized that this was not a weak beauty but a humanoid weapon.

Klet (gong) x Shen Siwei (shou) Fierce Beast x Carnivorous Flower

Reading Guide: Cyberpunk background with traces of post-apocalyptic elements, no interstellar involvement.

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New joytothewild rated it
April 19, 2024
Status: Completed
A page turner that ended in disappointment. Many reviewers left 4-star reviews and I agree, this is a long way away from 5 stars.

It started apruptly, and I remember being confused and having to reread the first chapter to fully grasp what was going on because the author really did a quick run of worldbuilding and MC's situation all in one go, and it felt too rushed. Taking time to establish things without throwing everything in the readers' face in the first few chapters might be a good idea.

Then it... more>> was fine from there. We understand the conflicts, MC and ML have good chemistry and MC doesn't feel too OP since he still has his Achilles' Heel. But from the middle of the story onwards, problems start to emerge. One, MC's biggest weakness that kept the story's tension from the first chapter is resolved way too easily, and in a way that cannot be countered by the enemy as well. From then on, the author infuriatingly drags the story on by creating forced tension. Well, it's not going to keep me at the edge of my seat or make me worry about the characters because you just easily plucked it away with almost no tension in that one scene? Example of dragging the plot below:


He has to go back to retrive his memories but when he just gets on the villain's airship his comrade decides to message him at that time to remind something that could have been said when they met a few chapters ago. Then the villains discover this and take his face mask away so we get to have his weakness to create tension while he goes rescue his comrades because otherwise the story will be boring, right?


And of couse, even though we have all this political/class conflict set up from the beginning of the story, the tension raising scene the author decided to use plot to intervene with was an absolute cliche. It was so ridiculous it made me laugh.


So the villain who put MC in an ice pod turns out to be a pe*vert who is obssessed with collecting pretty boys. Very original and not out-of-place at all considering the other more sensible conflicts the author could have chosen, right? And because of this MC just conveniently finds his two other mission targets to save at the same time 'cause of this guy. But then he reveals he has MC's weakness! What!? And in the next 10 seconds MC just easily snaps his neck. The biggest threat since the beginning of the story was ended just like that. But next we got to keep the story's tension going! What do we do? Forced MARRIAGE. See the pattern now? It's just endless plot devices inserted one after another.


Because of all the forced plot inserted by the author to keep the story going, my enjoyment plunged downhill. And when things were revealed about the ML intending to be a plot twist, it wasn't even surprising because they let out too much information early on so readers probably could foresee it a long time ago. Also because it IS a cliche. This is just a mess that could have been ended much earlier.

TL;DR: Good start, disastrous handling of tension in the middle of the story that led to an underwhelming finish. Also very cliche. But still only 77 chapters, so read it if you have a bit of free time. <<less
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BestBLlover rated it
June 7, 2023
Status: c60
This is a realllly good book! Solid plot, strong main character that takes no shit, great chemistry and romance between the equally powerful male lead, and even got a few chuckles out of me every now and again. Love it! The translator is doing a great job as well <3
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Kyaaaaaaaaa rated it
July 3, 2023
Status: Completed
It's good and is a nice (relatively short) action read you binge in one day. Has a fair share of politics, action, badassery, and likable MC and ML.

We have our MC wake up from this [cold] sleep. We know he was a commander from some mission that went wrong 20 years ago, and his memory is still quite blurry about it (coincidence or not?). He has quite an invincible body now due to genetic modifications, and is being sent to a refugee area (where our legendary leader ML is) to... more>> act as a negotiator while investigating for the government.

Honestly, I did love the first part of the story a lot (yes, this story has two parts, separated mid way). ML is very rogue and shameless, yet is caring and obviously not dismissive of any life. MC also shared the shameless trait, but is also determined, cutthroat, but unbelievably steadfast to his beliefs and no one else's. Their banter as they tried to figure the other's motive was hilarious and full of s*xual tension. Chef's kiss tbh.

For the second part of the story, however... it felt a little too fast paced. The romance development between them went 0-100 very quickly, which makes sense given their past but the development would've been better if it was more gradual. I feel like MC and ML didn't give enough time for their feelings to ferment for how quickly their relationship progressed. Maybe a bit more description? Going from *s*xual tension* to *you're the light of my life* is a big jump because one is based on lust for another's body and another is based romantically, yk?

ML's personality also went from rogue and cool to a little bit childish, and didn't exactly match his archetype from the first part of the story, which definitely threw me off as well. MC also didn't feel like the same MC from the first part (well, with good reason, but the shameless aspect was missing a bit, which I adored), but I don't know... It's like a very nuanced feeling from the reader—like author took the personality jumps just a teeny step too far.

The plot also weirdly went into politics a bit (also for good reason, but it was more that the author failed to interweave politics and action together and rather separated them (like it would go, action -> politics -> action -> politics) rather than (action + politics) —but that might just be me. Additionally, some of the character's developments and backstories felt a bit underdeveloped and definitely could've been elaborated on.


How does ML start magically breathing underwater? I know he's a superhuman and stuff, but a little bit of backstory could help with the suspension of belief effect yk? Amor turning toward revenge was a surprise, considering his whole archetype was gentle and what not—but it made sense since his lover died and he would want to target the people who took away his light. But complete annihilation if a whole kinda-big-city??? That was so left field lmfao. Like even if he despises how the city is structured, it just didn't feel like the direction his character would take. Again, a little bit of insight by showing (rather than telling) what the character experienced could make it feel more logical.



Also... It felt as if the author put things in just for the sake of creating a vibe, rather than putting things in because of the vibe. Like wolves coming to ruin the MC and ML's wedding and then they killing it and kissing with blood on their suits while the whole crowd cheers... Er, if I recall, they took quite some time to kill the wolves last time, but now it's ultra quick? Or maybe the author just wanted to get to the "I do" part quicker so they just described the killing part less, but that just made it feel superfluous.

Also, really small, but when the MC woke up from his first sleep and went as a negotiator, but midway he's intercepted and shot at... But he doesn't dodge the bullets because of his invincible body... Feels reckless? Like he just woke up, he barely got time to prove his skin is actually bullet proof, so he decides to do just test it out just then? A bit illogical from a commander. A lot of his action scenes also seemed illogical because he put himself at a sort of reckless risk because of his invincible body, which doesn't feel right from a skilled military personnel. Like I get it, but it doesn't suit his precious years of experience.


ok, so after writing that many questions about certain bits of the plot, I've realized the author utilized suspension of disbelief a little too much, making things that could be logical FEEL as illogical to the reader, even if one could point to things in the novel and go "but the reason is written here!"

BUT even though I am pointing out flaws with this novel, I enjoyed it quite a bit!!! I know that's ironic, but I only feel the effort the write these flaws out in a review if I felt like the novel was worth my time. So, I think it's a good read and break from what you're doing! And it's completed! This novel was definitely memorable with its setting and characters, and it was overall a really cool type of sci-fi novel. <<less
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gluttony08 rated it
June 15, 2023
Status: Completed
Not really my cup of tea but continued reading for the plot. It has a very good and solid plot, the MC is kinda OP (with him being a modified human slash super soldier) who takes no sh*t to anyone even to the ML. Was kinda satisfying how he's willing to beat some sh*t on the ML when he's being unreasonable or pushy.

I just wish that the author put more information about a lot of important things in the story, like the mc's past before being frozen, ml's origins, the... more>> 5 year time skip, the supporting characters, and more importantly the ROMANCE. The romance between the MC and ML gave me a slight whiplash bcoz of the abruptness but still satisfying I guess.

All in all the translation is chef kiss #harthart and the story is enjoyable if you're looking for a novel you can finished for 1 day. <<less
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HiddenHermit rated it
June 16, 2023
Status: Completed
Good and easy read. Both main characters are likable. The intro isn't 100% accurate but gets the gist of it.

MC, Shen Siwei, is a captain in the military. He has a strong sense of honor and justice. ML, Klet, the mysterious leader of the refugees is tough but has a cute childish side.

The plot interesting and logical. The romance is there but it wasn't fluffy. Although I think it would've been fluff filled if Klet got his way. 😆

... more>>

MC was turned into an experimental subject after he was burned during a mission. For 20 years, his body was modified until it became the military's ultimate weapon. MC was woken up to investigate ML. His cover was to be a negotiator between the military and the refugees.

MC and ML eventually met, with ML protecting MC since there was an unknown faction attempting to assassinate MC. The unknown faction wanted to create a bigger rift between the military and refugees. MC and ML become closer and MC ends up siding with ML. However, MC was captured by the military and slept for the next five years.

In these five years, ML searched for MC and had become depressed. Again MC was woken up for a mission and his memories were tampered with. MC's memories of his previous mission was erased. The new mission had two objectives, one of them was to capture ML.

MC encounters ML and arrests him. ML informs MC of their past and again MC ends up siding with ML. MC recovers his memory and they help change the unfair social order.



MC had saved ML when ML was five years old. MC and his team had a mission to kill ML. Instead MC hid ML and helped him runaway. MC lied to his supervisor and said that he had killed ML. ML had been searching for MC for years.

ML's father is the head of the social order. He had ordered the mu*der of ML. In the end, the father gets his ironic retribution... he is mu*dered by his two sons (ML's older half brothers).

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Missah rated it
June 13, 2023
Status: Completed
This was a good story with a solid plot and ML/MC. The translation was also excellent.
The background of the story is actually quite relevant as it involves the idea of environmental destruction and the loss of resources. There’s the Marg race who are the top of the pyramid - tall with enhanced biology. They funded the building of the ‘life tree’ which is a safe zone for humans and ended up controlling humanity. One of the control protocols involved population control as humans had extended lives but limited resources.

The MC is basically a super soldier who was put asleep after a mission failure. He had his memories replaced and sent to investigate the ML. He eventually realises that he and the ML are intertwined more than he previously thought.
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huachenga rated it
January 7, 2024
Status: c77
Giving it a 4.4/5

A one day read but pretty good, wasn't boring and the characters were all interesting. The couple was also pretty sweet while interacting. Pretty cute.


I liked that the author didn't stretch the reveal of the MC's identity to the ML for too long. Otherwise personally it just gives me more anxiety. It was a good reveal time I'd say.


Could've been a bit more fleshed out in my opinion but would still recommend it to read.
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rouye_ rated it
September 9, 2023
Status: Completed
This story had a rough start but a smooth ending. The scenes were hard to visualize smoothly, because they were written like the author wants you to imagine you're watching a movie/show instead of immersing yourself in the world directly. I'm not sure if that makes sense, but that's the best way I could explain this.

That's why the story started off roughly to me, though. It went straight into action, so I was confused by what was happening for a few chapters because I struggled to visualize it. That aside,... more>> I found the story to be really good. It was short and sweet but very plot heavy in a good way. The dystopian plot of the story, the plot twists, the mystery and drama were absolutely amazing and I loved every moment of it until the end.

The romance was also good and I found both the main characters to be good on their own and together. They have good chemistry but I feel like the romance part happens to abruptly? It's not a bad thing though. I enjoyed it at least.

No hate at all to the translation (because I appreciate the time and effort) but the translation of the names is very inconsistent throughout the story. A single characters name is changed multiple times in a single paragraph like Klet. Goes from Klet, to Kleet, to Keet, to Klete. The Mag people as well are referred to Mag, Marg, Mage, etc. It made it a bit confusing but I still appreciated the rest of the translation. <<less
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Smtha rated it
August 13, 2023
Status: Completed
For me the story is okay, its a short read. The plot is simple and straightforward with a little bit of mysteries, politics. Romance wise is ok but not crazy fluff. The whole story really with a simple plot and op cp. So it’s considered a light read for me. Thank you
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earlgreyt rated it
August 8, 2023
Status: Completed
Solid story.

Takes place in an indeterminate post-apocalyptic future where humans have advanced cell & nanotechnologies and live in a centralized city (similar to FF7 where the upper class are on the top floor of the plate in Midgar and the lower class are on the bottom and can't get much sunlight).

MC is really powerful (extremely OP) and goes undercover to get intel from the ML, who is a rebel leader. Overall very action-packed and cute/comedic, not very much angst. Relationship is wholesome, fluffy, and filled with lots of great banter.

While... more>> I appreciate the translator posting this story, honestly I'm very disappointed with the translation. Translator didn't even bother rereading chatGPT to keep the people names consistent or capitalized??? Marg, Mag, MAGE; Klet, Klete, klet; Ivan, Yiwen... the list goes on.

I'm not against MTL or chatGPT, but I do expect at the very least a baseline effort. <<less
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Amethist67 rated it
July 16, 2023
Status: Completed
Thanks for the hard work translating~

This was a 9/10 for me and I find this surprising only because I found this gem by clicking the Random surprise me button on knoxt.

The summary didn't make me interested, or even the first couple of chapters, but I was bored and I stuck to it and I got hooked and I couldn't put it down for two days It was a quick read. The pacing was great I wasn't bored at any point. Lots of plot twists that I felt like my head... more>> became a spinning top lol. The shou Is stronger than the gong which is rare, and I love to see different power dynamics and not so typical stereotypes. Side characters are kind of fleshed out. The ending was satisfying, which I haven't felt satisfied in a while from the dozens of novels I read lately I just wish there were some extras to see their child though I'm quite satisfied on how things ended.

It really made me tear up the only thing I want to harp on is only because I'm a degenerate and I wanted to see some detailed Papapa hehehe and

They prolonged, though one certain misunderstanding of them knowing each other in the past. Why was that dragged on for like 40 chapters? I feel like it could have been shortened by 15 or something, but it's whatever There's worse novels that prolong it to the end lmao


Overall, I highly recommend and I'll definitely reread this in the future. :) <<less
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Tearlesereph rated it
February 27, 2024
Status: c77
I'm a bit conflicted on how to rate this novel. On one hand, the first half had some good ambiguous tension going on between the MC and ML and the mystery surrounding the history on both of them was enough to keep the story interesting. On the other hand, everything from the 5 years later half of the novel was just rush, rush, rush and it feels like the plot has been tossed out the window.

MC is very good looking, and that's the prime reason why so many pe*verts are... more>> after him. In the first half of the novel, he had just been awoke after 20 years of cyro sleep and is immediately thrust into a mission, under disguise. This part was interesting because he was unintentionally funny and unintentionally flirting despite being all serious all the time. He's also one of the first few artificial embryos and apparently that's why he was the only one who passed all the scientific modifications. We find this out in the second half and I have to say... besides him, aren't all the humans born in his year range all artificial embryos? I still don't get how that made him special and withstand all the modifications. He's written to be almost like a super soldier, but we find out he wasn't exactly the smartest or the best trained, he's just modified to the max like Captain America is.

ML is also very good looking and very tall. In the first half of the novel he's this lone wolf, rogue like character that while initially isn't interested in MC, still acts fresh and inappropriate to tease him. ML is very strong and dependable and accountable to the civilians, risking his life to defeat monsters so the civilians can live peacefully and he cares about the energy, etc, etc. The second half? He's a completely different person. He's whiny, selfish, does not give a f- about the civilians or even former friends. All he has on his mind is getting together with MC and doing MC and is needy and overly possessive and completely reckless. He's basically the type of top that would make me drop the novel, but I persevered since there weren't too many chapters left and I wanted to know what the mystery behind his abilities were. I'm disappointed though,

Apparently he's just an evolved Marg, a union from a Marg and a regular civilian, but that does not explain how he went from 1 to 10 instead of 1 to 2 in the evolution chain. He can breathe underwater, he heals incredibly fast, has super strength, can survive a nuclear explosion at point 0 range, a fall from over 4 thousand meters above sea level, etc, etc. Like what! He's the character that is so OP and it makes no sense. Also, I don't understand how he's so knowledgeable about things when he was orphaned at 5 and picked up and raised by a vulgar criminal who planned to use him as a tool in their criminal activities. Like that thug definitely never educated or nurtured him and in the beginning of the novel it's written that ML just one day appeared in their lower city, so where did he get his learning and foundations??

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Relenapeacecraft rated it
November 15, 2023
Status: c12
The MC appeared to be absolutely dumb and useless.

He did not suspected at all as to why he was sent on a mission while he's unable to normally function without his mask. The task do not appear to be that urgent for him to risk his life but he just accepted it as is. Another character that can reincarnate for all I care.
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