Time-limited Saintess, You’ve Been Caught by the Tyrant Once Again


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On the day of extinction, she saved the world and was burned to death.
When she woke up again, she had returned to her childhood just before she was chosen to be the saint.

“I’m sorry. I’ll die when the time comes, so I’ll live happily, my own way this time.”

The paladin who committed su*cide following the saint,
The priest who defiled his hands for the saint,
The tyrant who went crazy because of the saint and started a war.

This time, she will break off her relationships with them and live as an ordinary person, not a saint.

But why…

“You look so pathetic that it’s impossible to let it slide.”

Why are they surrounding me, not the current saint?

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The Time-limited Saint Is Captured By The Tyrant Again
시한부 성녀, 폭군에게 또 붙잡히다
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touch_thesky rated it
March 18, 2024
Status: Completed
I think my biggest gripe with the story is that sometimes it feels like the misunderstandings and actions of the characters are contrived to move the plot forward. For example... more>>

MC is framed by the fake saintess for a crime against the temple that she didn't commit. MC desperately pleads her case but she is coldly rejected by everyone and even her biggest ally in the temple Erich sides with the fake saintess. It turns out that Erich actually never believed the charges and he treats MC badly so she can live a better life outside the temple. However, this doesn't make sense to me. If he wants her to live a better life outside of the temple, he could have just communicated that instead of deceiving the MC into believing he didn't believe her. He single handedly ruins his relationship with MC, and as someone who schemes all the time it seems like he should have anticipated that the MC would never look at him the same again. Yet he also seems to want a close relationship with the MC. It really feels like this incident is created moreso to move the MC out of the temple and into the next setting for the story which is the imperial palace.


For me, there are multiple points in the story where an event or storyline feels contrived rather than a natural progression in the story. Those moments in the story almost led me to drop the novel entirely but for some reason I kept reading. As far as the MC, I consider her to be an unreliable narrator who doesn't seem reasonably able to know what she desires in life. She spent most of her past life living for other people, and suppressing her own emotions. Much of this novel feels like the MC just figuring out what she didn't understand in the first life, and what she actually wants out her life this time around. In the beginning MC leaves her happy/simple life to go to the temple, which is off putting for a lot of readers as it runs counter to her declaration to live a different life this time around. But for me it felt like it made sense as she doesn't seem to know who she is as her own person, and what she really wants. Overall, the story is pretty okay to me but I would not recommend to someone else because the plot points that feel contrived. However, I decided to give this one extra star because it did manage to hold my attention long enough for me to finish it. <<less
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