This Wave of Zombies is No Good


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After joining the Earth’s “Doomsday Luxury Lunch”, Zou Lang, a second-generation rich kid with connections, became the captain of the rescue team, radiating light and heat in the apocalypse. To escape marriage, he joined the K Division, and they even assigned him a pretty boy as an instructor.

Zou Lang has seen many special forces soldiers, and he thought they were all the same. Moreover, this tall, thin, fair, and delicate guy in front of him didn’t look like a fighter at all.

However, the moment of face-slapping came quickly. The seemingly aloof and weak beauty turned out to be a human weapon. He wielded his knife and chopped zombies as casually as cutting vegetables. And when it came to bullying Zou Lang, he was even more casual.

Zou Lang felt that he might have a masochistic tendency, otherwise, why would he fall in love at first sight, fall in love again at second sight, and feel like he couldn’t live without him at third sight, with such a human weapon!

Zou Lang: Comrade Yu Jingtang, I think we are a good match! Look… (10,000 words omitted here) Why don’t we elevate our revolutionary friendship?

Yu Jingtang (indifferent): You talk too much.

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1 Review

Mar 12, 2024
Status: --
Just chapter 7 but oh boy~ I can't continue for now

I'm the kind of reader who is more motivated to read with spoiler. So seeing no review here just doesn't make me motivated. I read this for the sake of BL and zombie.

The beginning has no explanation. As if I begin to read in chapter 2 or 3 or 15. There was no "Hello! My name Zhou Lang. Welcome in doomsday! Here we have walking zombie, crawling zombie, hanging in the rack zombie, and any kind of zombie you can... more>> imagine." Like how you dive down from plane without instructor so you don't know how to open the parachute.

The romance is abrupt. It's happen at chapter 1 paragraph 5 or 7. Hah. Love at first sight obviously.

I'm already skeptical with the synopsis but I overestimate the novel.

Imma wait for other review or spoiler so I may continue here.

No star either. <<less
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