This Is an Obvious Fraudulent Marriage


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I asked an information guild to arrange a matchmaking.

I just needed someone to be my husband for a year.


The information guild chief, who heard the request, offered to be my temporary husband?

He is handsome….No, I was married because the conditions were okay, but suddenly the emperor gave my husband a title?

“What? The Grand Duke of Carriard?”

That crazy warlord, murderer, the nightmare of the whole continent, that reckless guy is the incarnation of the evil who calls the blood?

Help me! I’ve been swindled!

” Yeah, So?”
“Well, sir! … The condition I asked for is obviously below the baron!.”

The devilish red eyes glared at her. One more word and he will kill her. Will Leyrin be able to get out of her scary husband and escape a fraudulent marriage?

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이건 명백한 사기결혼이다
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February 25, 2020
Status: --
This is a nice novel I would reccomend the story. It has a webtoon on it too and yeah...

... more>>

The girl is the heir to a count title but has to be married in order to inherit it. So she goes to a guild and asks them to search eligible guys for her who have titles lower than that of countess.

The ML was the leader of the guild and tricks her into marrying him. A contractual marriage of 1 year.

Plot twist is that the ML is actually the crazy killer who had acquired the kingdom FL stays in for the emperor. He also has some powers. And then hes given the title of Arch Duke of Sofen sofen is the kingdom in which global had stayedwhich he accepts thinking the FL will like it since she wanted to manage her country land. So she ends up becoming the Arch Duchess / Grand Duchess.

Then there is another twist. The story involves gods. The ML was created by 2 gods to seal gods and the FL is some one who is very dear to the gods and and also has the power to calm down the ML. As is the MLs power kind of drive him crazy with bloodlust.

Leaving that aside this was the story background


And it's a good read with the MLs cute actions and the FLs fangirling and etc

If u liked lucia u might like this too not verryy similar but kind of in the feelings area... <<less
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Ishu rated it
December 25, 2019
Status: c1
I know it’s way to early to write a review but I just wanted to help those of you who want to read this. FYI this does have a manhwa adaptions so feel free to check that out. Also keep in mind that I will reference the manhwa but by no means am I comparing them it’s just to get the general idea of the story.

Few things:

The FL is a sucker for handsome men like the ML some of you might find her shallow so don’t read it if you... more>> feel like that. It’s about contract marriage which for me it’s always a plus.I suppose there’s a little bit of mystery surrounding the Ml....I can only say this much because there is only one chapter so far and I don’t want give spoilers but overall if you like a shamelessly FL and a soft pampering husband disguised as the bad guy then this is the story for you!!! <<less
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January 23, 2020
Status: --
Story premise is interesting. I am happy to see more korean stories on NU. The translations confuse me sometimes, there are a lot of dialogues and many times I'm not sure which character is speaking.
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