This Is an Obvious Fraudulent Marriage


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I asked an information guild to arrange a matchmaking.

I just needed someone to be my husband for a year.


The information guild chief, who heard the request, offered to be my temporary husband?

He is handsome….No, I was married because the conditions were okay, but suddenly the emperor gave my husband a title?

“What? The Grand Duke of Carriard?”

That crazy warlord, mu*derer, the nightmare of the whole continent, that reckless guy is the incarnation of the evil who calls the blood?

Help me! I’ve been swindled!

” Yeah, So?”
“Well, sir! … The condition I asked for is obviously below the baron!.”

The devilish red eyes glared at her. One more word and he will kill her. Will Leyrin be able to get out of her scary husband and escape a fraudulent marriage?

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I Was Tricked Into This Fake Marriage!
이건 명백한 사기결혼이다
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Mitsuki000 rated it
April 6, 2020
Status: --
Okay, I'm writing this after reading the manhwa. I absolutely love this story! The MC is hilarious (she's like the fangirl in all of us), ML is so freaking cute (I know he can be a killer, but there's a reason for that! Not going into details to avoid important spoilers), like seriously, he works so hard to make her happy and he is often misunderstood. Poor baby, I swear.

... more>>

He even learns to cook just for her and prepares all her meals without her knowing. He just enjoys watching her eat with joy and overall he enjoys seeing her happy. Such a good boy.


I really hope this novel can continue to be updated and also the manhwa because it caught up with the raws. This made me smile more often than not. I truly recommend it. One of my favourite romance-comedies. <<less
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February 25, 2020
Status: --
This is a nice novel I would reccomend the story. It has a webtoon on it too and yeah...

... more>>

The girl is the heir to a count title but has to be married in order to inherit it. So she goes to a guild and asks them to search eligible guys for her who have titles lower than that of countess.

The ML was the leader of the guild and tricks her into marrying him. A contractual marriage of 1 year.

Plot twist is that the ML is actually the crazy killer who had acquired the kingdom FL stays in for the emperor. He also has some powers. And then hes given the title of Arch Duke of Sofen sofen is the kingdom in which global had stayedwhich he accepts thinking the FL will like it since she wanted to manage her country land. So she ends up becoming the Arch Duchess / Grand Duchess.

Then there is another twist. The story involves gods. The ML was created by 2 gods to seal gods and the FL is some one who is very dear to the gods and and also has the power to calm down the ML. As is the MLs power kind of drive him crazy with bloodlust.

Leaving that aside this was the story background


And it's a good read with the MLs cute actions and the FLs fangirling and etc

If u liked lucia u might like this too not verryy similar but kind of in the feelings area... <<less
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May 17, 2020
Status: --
So, I read the manhwa a while ago. Scrolling through NU for things to read and sees this, I decided to place down my review of this and why I dropped the manhwa.

... more>>
1. The MC could not tell that the ML was the cold blooded mu*derer. It was so obvious, the resemblance was so strong!

At that point, I was like, “Um, ok. I’ll just continue..”

So I continued, when the MC decided to choose the ML to marry, she also didn’t realise it was the mu*derer! It was horrific, how can you not recognise someone’s face that had been burned into you??

Anyway... that’s about it. I dropped it pretty early as I said so I don’t have much to say. <<less
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DisgustinglyWeakFLshouldie rated it
May 9, 2020
Status: c21
Ok, at first I was quite ok with it. I even laughed at her interactions with Kaleid but this is where it went downhill.

She found out that he was the cold-blooded killer around chapter 17. I thought it was ok until she started overeating she wasn't even trying to understand the reason why he's acting like so. He never even hurt HER ONCE. She kept insulting him and even TRIED TO DECEIVE HIM BECAUSE OF THIS DAMN TITLE THAT HE HAS. She's nothing but a disappointment

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Vexana03 rated it
April 26, 2020
Status: c1
I already read the manhwa and it is so funny at the same it's lovable ?
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Ishu rated it
December 25, 2019
Status: c1
I know it’s way to early to write a review but I just wanted to help those of you who want to read this. FYI this does have a manhwa adaptions so feel free to check that out. Also keep in mind that I will reference the manhwa but by no means am I comparing them it’s just to get the general idea of the story.

Few things:

The FL is a sucker for handsome men like the ML some of you might find her shallow so don’t read it if you... more>> feel like that. It’s about contract marriage which for me it’s always a plus.I suppose there’s a little bit of mystery surrounding the Ml....I can only say this much because there is only one chapter so far and I don’t want give spoilers but overall if you like a shamelessly FL and a soft pampering husband disguised as the bad guy then this is the story for you!!! <<less
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Slackerbell rated it
December 20, 2021
Status: --
Okay, I made an account just for this cause it's already pretty far into the story in the webtoon.

The reviews here are still from last year so I decided to write one too based on the webtoon.

Although it was a pretty rough start (cause FL couldn't tell that ML was the rumored killer), the progress of the story now is really good. The spoilers ahead is mostly the background of the characters and how theyre doing so far.

  1. FL - so... FL was pretty dense at first and didn't realize that the man she married was the rumored "mu*derer" lol. I also considered dropping it bc of that but she seemed pretty funny so I kept reading. The story starts off with FL needing to marry for the sake of inheriting the Countess title so she went to Nine Nights Guild to buy information on single men in the empire with a Baron title (or anyone with lower title than hers). It's important to mention that she wanted a HANDSOME guy with black hair in his 20s. Idk why but she seems pretty weak to a beautiful face lolol anyway... She was given 4 candidates with 3 of them being very misleading so she chose the last one that was normal, but the very reason she chose that is because he was freaking HOT. She was pretty shallow when she did this and later on when she found out that the husband she chose was the "mu*derer", she did find it unreasonable for a sec there and noticed that they had manipulated it form the start. The s*upid thing is that she knows the name of the "mu*derer" but the names on the files were written in the empire's language and she doesnt know how to read it properly. That really was her fault and she knows it. But she did also think that it's kind of okay if he has that face cause she wasnt even that mad lol she even asked him why he had to kill others with a face like that. They have very funny interactions and they did end up falling for each other too even if it was just supposed to be a contract marriage. So far, it was revealed that FL is the "Star Fragment" ML was looking for and she was also given the power of Calda (water god).
  2. ML - y'all who dropped this cause of ML, I understand. It might not be your cup of tea and it is true that ML kills people, but that's his work. So... ML is actually a vessel made as a resting place for the gods (i wont go into details here) and when he came to when he was younger, he was so bothered by all the noise he could hear that I think it was driving him insane. He was found by the King they were still young and ML was engulfed in flames in one of the villages or cities. They tried to kill him at first but ML was really tough and couldnt be killed. They gave him a paralytic drug and it seemed like that was the only thing that could somewhat dull his senses so the King made him into a tool in exchange for providing strong drugs that could help him keep sane. The reason why ML has a bad personality is bc he almost went mad from his sensitive hearing. Imagine the world being so f*cking noisy that you can hear as far as the horizon you see. TBF, he could just recklessly kill everyone he sees but he chose to do the dirty work for the king so he could get sedatives in exchange. The man just wanted some peace and quiet, yo. So when FL came to the guild, he was so intrigued by her cause he didnt feel repulsed by her actions and presence. He found out later that FL was the "Star Fragment" he was looking for. That fragment was something that can keep him calm and give him rest, I think? But it's not something that can kill him. ML actually ends up liking FL even before he found out she was the star fragment. He liked her already during their first meeting and ends up falling head over heels for her. He becomes really sweet and serves her like she's a queen. He even said that he wouldnt do anything FL didnt like when FL was worried that he would kill people. He knew she was worried about it and it's not like he was trying to wash himself clean of his past killings but it was actually mentioned that the reason he killed a lot in the past was bc those people were trying to take down the king. Him running the information guild was actually just a front and there were people who were trying to start a rebellion that came looking for information that can kill the king. He's just doing the job he's given. Now he's just doing his best to live a happy life with his wife lol.
  3. Side couple (Stand and Bella) - so these two were enemies turned lovers. They kept arguing back and forth at first but ended up sleeping with each other. It was kinda funny cause I think Bella was just a tsundere. She is actually Arabella (earth god, if im not mistaken) in a body of a human. She took over her current body to be able to meet the star fragment. But before that, she actually watched over FL from a young age. FL and Stand are cousins that were supposed to be wedded but FL refused when it was announced. They spent their childhood together and Bella also ended up watching Stand grow up alongside FL. Stand on the other hand liked FL when they were young and he was heartbroken when she didnt want to marry him so he ran away from home. He ended up serving the king and his achievements are all ideas that were recognized by the king as great contributions, they were all inspired by the stuff FL told him about her past life. Later on, he meets Bella and they spent the night together. He realizes that what he felt for Bella was love, compared to a more admiration type of love for FL. He chased after Bella when he acknowledged his feelings for her lol. Theyre cute and loveydovey too.
  4. King and Percill - the king has unrequited love for percill. She also has a reason why she works as his secretary and why she wont be empress. I really cant say much about their relationship but the king is genuinely in love with her. She has a daughter that was possessed by Perpla (wind god) and wants to get revenge on ML because he's the vessel made to seal the gods. So far, Percill struck a deal with the wind god to use her body instead of her daughter's. It was a pretty sad thing.
  5. Perpla - ahhh, this mf dude is the wind god. I really hate him. lol im not even sorry. Idk if there's a redemption for him but I hope his ass gets sealed fast cause I dont wanna se him again. He couldnt accept that he was being sealed so he just made such a fuss and possessed the king's brother before and made typhoons and cyclones in other territories. This mofo killed killed innocent ppl for his petty revenge cause he didnt wanna be sealed up. He plans to kill ML and take FL for himself. I think he wants to get all the powers of the gods, ugh. He just turned evil, really. Perpla actually stole Bella's power. He did it so he can have stronger power to kill the ML.
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
January 23, 2020
Status: --
Story premise is interesting. I am happy to see more korean stories on NU. The translations confuse me sometimes, there are a lot of dialogues and many times I'm not sure which character is speaking.
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