There Is No One Like You


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In the late summer of 2010, before going abroad, Chen Yi received a text message from an unknown number——

“Unrequited love is very bitter. Like the summer wind, it sounds good, but it’s full of heat when it blows. Now, summer is over, and I don’t like you anymore.”

“Chen Yi, I wish you a safe journey and a bright future.”

At the time, Chen Yi, who was seventeen years old, was good-looking with a wild personality and born into a scholarly family. In No. 8 Middle School, he was the center of attention and chased by countless girls in school.

He didn’t pay attention to this text message and just deleted it as spam.

Until a long time later, when Chen Yi saw this text message again on his fiancée’s old mobile phone.

Only then did he realize that the spam messages he had casually deleted long ago were the end of a whole youth for the seventeen-year-old Ruan Mian.

There is no one like you. One word can bring me heaven or hell.

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Catloverss rated it
April 19, 2023
Status: Completed
I'm a sucker for a story about secret love, and this is one of the good ones. This story is so heartwarming like you just can't help but to love every character, there's not one bad person.

... more>>

Except for FL's step-grandmother and her friend's fiancee, but they barely made an appearance anyway


FL's family dynamic is a bit special. Parents divorced, mother remarried. Her father might be the MVP for me here.

The way FL's secret love is portrayed here is quite realistic. Every little thing he did had a big impact on her. And FL was well aware of this, so when it finally affects her life, she has to force herself to take a step back.

Though ML is great, he didn't really stand out to me, but that's probably because I've read too many novels with similar plots.

Honestly, apart from the love story between the main character, the one that left the most impression to me is the pure friendship FL has with Li Zhi, and Jiang Rang,


There's hardly any interaction between Jiang Rang and FL, which is intentional on FL's part who has noticed his feelings for her. But one of his lines stuck in my mind for some time, this was when he found out about FL and Ml's relationship,

"That's great, between you and me, there's should be someone who can have their wish fulfilled. If possible, I hope that person is you..."


Overall a good romance story to read when you want to feel something in your boring mundane days. <<less
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