When God Says Let There Be Light


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In a twist of fate, a simple glance at a popular CP turned the life of a certain person upside down. Overnight, he was transmigrated back in time, becoming the male protagonist, Nie Qingzhou, of the very same CP ship that his cousin was obsessed with.

Imagine the shock of this office worker, known for his gentle demeanor and refined nature, when he suddenly found himself trapped in the body of a troublesome sixteen-year-old boy. It was a truly mind-boggling transformation!

As “Nie Qingzhou” observed the other half of the equation, the female lead in the CP—Xia Yi, a gifted musician still navigating the halls of high school, her talents yet to be recognized—a wave of contemplation washed over him. So does this mean that the CP my cousin obsesses over is, in fact, my own destined romantic pairing?

Deep in Xia Yi’s memories lies a vivid scene from a summer evening in high school. When the sun was setting, casting a warm glow, a young boy on a bicycle appeared at the end of the road. With his school uniform billowing in the wind, he seemed to dance amidst the golden-red hues of twilight.

A gust of wind swept up a flier with the message, “When God says ‘Let There Be Light,’” twirling and ascending towards the sky.

In that moment, Nie Qingzhou cried out her name, his heart propelling him towards her as if he were a divine oracle delivering a message.

Countless times before, and countless times in the future, driven by an irresistible force he would always be running towards her like this.

Our male lead is a well-rounded individual, accomplished in all aspects and an exceptional student. Meanwhile, the female lead is a quiet person who exudes beauty, grace, and an unyielding spirit.

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kelicant rated it
December 29, 2023
Status: v1c23
This novel feels "professional" in a way that most online novels don't to me. It's a slow burn slice-of-life where the characters and their relationships feel real. This novel is character driven rather than plot driven: Nie Qingzhou, Xia Yi, and each of the other characters aren't there to move the plotline but rather the plot feels like it's moved by the characters.
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_antlia_ rated it
December 1, 2023
Status: Completed
What a profoundly beautiful novel. Please don't sleep on this one. This is the first time I will write a review for a novel because I found this one so endearingly captivating. The nuance of the leads, the flow of writing (even when MTL'ed), and the overall atmosphere of the novel from the beginning til the end just catches your attention and intrigue. If there is a specific playlist for this novel, Taylor Swift's Snow On The Beach and The Great War deserves to be in it. And a lot... more>> from Sleeping at Last. I should make a playlist, I think.

The male lead, Nie Qingzhou is articulate and kindhearted. He has a knack for words, and his dialogue makes me linger from time to time. How he describes things, emotions, and people is vaguely familiar to me. He is so in tune with his thoughts and he can convey it beautifully and inspiringly to others. Xia Yi, the female lead, on the other hand, is the opposite. She isn't good at speaking, especially when it comes to the most complicated of emotions. She relies on her actions more than her words to show that she cares for the people around her. Her music, though, is alive within her mind. She once believed herself abnormal for not being like others. But this does not dampen her character. She is not there to be a foil for Nie Qingzhou, whose point of view this novel is focused on. She is well-written and is exquisitely portrayed in her strengths, weaknesses, and fortitude. Their friendship is strengthened with each interaction they have, both giving and not afraid to take. Both grounding, and ungluing each other, inspiring confidence in one another, loyalty, courage, and selflessness. Throughout reading, I was fascinated by the thought that their relationship had such a strong foundation in their friendship. Nie Qingzhou reminded me a lot of one of my favorite Pablo Neruda quotes; 'I love you simply, without problems or pride.'

This novel deserves five stars, I believe. The time travel concept is executed seamlessly, and unlike in other stories where it is easily perceived by the main character, this one tackles it quite differently, and is similar to the way the light of the stars above us is from more than 3 billion years ago. The characters, setting, and descriptive language just pull you into the world and immerse you as you read on. The way the story tackled timely issues about mental health in different aspects also deserves a mention. I think the reading experience will be twice as wonderful if the translation is completed, as there can be minor errors with the MTL. But the essence is there, and it is conveyed to the reader. It's impossible not to take note of it.

Here are some of the lines that just captured me aside from the scene included in the summary:


"Nie Qingzhou was amused by his metaphor. He has many metaphors for her, like cats, seagulls, and Alice's rabbit... A few words suddenly popped up in his mind.

A metaphor is a dangerous thing. And people can't casually play with metaphors. A simple metaphor can give birth to love.

Love begins at the moment when our impression of a person starts to become poetic."



"I don't want her to have only one beam of light, even if that beam of light is me."

Nie Qingzhou stretched out his finger towards the sky. He grinned and spoke lightheartedly as if he was telling a joke. But he spoke firmly. "I want to open the doors of the heavens and let all the light in the world shine on her."



"For her, loneliness meant freedom.

But now, loneliness is just loneliness."



"She hopes that she does not become his burden. 100% of her once said that she doesn't understand love. At this moment, she has only reached 80%. She hopes that she can become the best lover in the world. Because he is the best person in this world.

But she can't wait for 100%. She wants to be happy now."

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