The Young Villain Dreams of a Golden Spoon


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29 year old Kim Jiyoung, who has lived an unfortunate life.

When I opened my eyes, I had become Princess Alicia, an uncommon villain in the Heter Empire.

Aside from becoming a hostage and marrying the powerless prince of the Vald Empire, but even drank an extreme poison and became young?

So… The golden spoon is a gold spoon, but it was a spoon that could not be used at all.


“This is where the 8th Prince of the Empire lives.”


“Who are you?”

If my identity is revealed, I might die.

The only person in this world who can protect me is Kion, who is 8th prince and my husband!


This nonsense that I spit out, let’s be shameless.

“Dad! Thwat miswter ashked there, I cwame in!” (Dad! That mister asked there, I came in!)

I calmly bent my maple-like fingers and pointed at the man with his mouth open with a bewildered face.

“Twere! Miwster ashked!” (There! That mister asked)


“Tchu me oh… ashked hu I am!” (To me oh….. asked who i am!)

It was the moment my husband became a father.

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The Villain Who Became Young Dreams of a Golden Spoon
어려진 악녀는 금수저를 꿈꾼다
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