My Sweet Heart


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‘Oh my God! Oh my God!’

Isabel, who had been secretly following Agares, was now unknowingly one step closer to him.

“Who are you? The goddess of the beautiful night?”

“P-please let go.”

“You’re the one hiding in a man’s room.”

Just as she had dreamed, just as she had always wished for, Agares’ tongue penetrated her mouth.

The miraculous night she spent laying with him passed, and she had thought that he would never remember her, but…

“It’s you.”

“What—what are you talking about?”

“It’s you. The woman who ate me and ran away.”

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마이 스위트 하트
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February 3, 2021
Status: --
A bit odd. Our protagonist is a nondescript aristocratic young woman. So far, she has few to no distinctive characteristics, and is so unmemorable, she fades into the columns at balls. She's also a friggin' stalker. Like, a legit, creepy stalker. Her target of obsession is the immensely wealthy and powerful younger brother of the Emperor, an insanely attractive and charming playboy of an archduke who has had hundreds of women. Our stalker stalks him right into his private bedroom after he gets roofied, where the drugged out of his... more>> mind ML takes 'advantage' of our very eager to be chosen at last FL, who is well aware he is drugged.

Apparently, our charming manwho*e has never, despite seducing countless unmarried young noble ladies, slept with a virg*n.

I have not gotten to the bit where they re-find themselves and he decides she's The One/ they wind up together, so I can't tell you how authentic that part feels. I am sincerely hoping there's going to be more to it than her being a virg*n, but we'll see. It could be interesting, basically pairing the most-popular jock in school with the class weirdo, or it could be terrible. <<less
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Aurantix rated it
March 29, 2021
Status: c65
Edit: after finishing the novel

I stand by my previous review as the storytelling did not improve later on in the book.

It's definitely not a memorable story, the drama is somehow both short-lived and unnecessarily stretched out, which should not be words used to simultaneously describe the same thing, but here we are.

... more>> The ending (a HEA) is sufficiently cute though, so there's that.


I've spent money on this and if you asked me whether it was worth it, I wouldn't be able to answer.

The protagonist is pitiful and surprisingly innocent (

in spite of her being a literal stalker, who kind of "allowed" the roofied up ML to take advantage of her...I deducted 2 stars for that particular set up

), reckless and... forgettable... and... not clever, and lastly, she's very unlucky... like seriously unlucky, and her not being very bright is not helping her out in the management of her catastrophic bad luck. Ultimately, she's not a very memorable character. Which is a pity, because there's potential there, traumas and burdens to overcome. I'm not holding out hope though.

Ironic though it may seem, the ML is even more forgettable. Besides the fact that the story is mostly being told through the eyes of the FL (whom we have established is not particularly gifted in the intelligence department, so we don't really get anything beyond basically "OMG, he's so hot!" - insert frantic fanning here -), the times we do get a glimpse into his thought process, by reading the story from his pov, his insight into his reasoning is nearly as vapid as the the FL.


For example, after the questionable affair, mentioned earlier, he starts looking for our FL with the brilliant idea of: suddenly going to every social event ever and only picking up women who vaguely remind him of her, then kissing them to see if they taste the same, then ditching them on the spot when the answer is no.

Brilliant, truly, a strategic genius, I must say.

Why does he do it? He has no idea.

He can't even remember her face! But he's freaking obsessed with finding her. Right.


At this point I'm more invested into watching how the antagonist characters of the story get screwed over, rather than the relationship of the leads.


I already know he's going to swoop in and save her useless ass in the nick of time.


It's not bad, it's entertaining enough, just... don't expect much. <<less
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MscrazyKiki rated it
March 18, 2022
Status: --
It’s a perfectly decent Cinderella story if you want to pass the time. But the FL has no personality. No likes, no dislikes, no opinions, no experiences, no interests. She barely says anything to ML. In real life she would be cast aside after being an easy lay. All ML seems to like about FL is s*x and her eating cutely. I am not convinced that this love would happen realistically. But whatever.
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znukhsoc rated it
September 15, 2022
Status: Completed
Devoid of mind the novel... Honestly can be the worse one on my list. Even 1 star is too much.
-FL. She. she? What character? Can't call her even bland. Does she even... exists? How do you describe a plain white wall? Yeah, that's it.
-ML. You know what. I don't wanna spend time explaining one more thing for this novel. Spoiler part will explain why I hate him.
-They don't explain anything I MEAN ANYTHING to each other and the misunderstandings spread through the WHOLE book without any end. With "without any end" I mean...

They still continued to deny their love and misunderstood each other UNTIL THE LAST CHAPTER. Are you okay author, what the heck is this???? DRAGGING MUCH? Chapter 22 and the MCs don't hold a proper conversation. They don't interact much until chapter 40s, and even in chapter 95 and he still doesn't wanna admit that he loves her. ugh?
Near the end, even after their reunion she still doesn't believes (knows) that he loves her. It's so damn frustrating. GOD. She thinks he came for the baby. WHAT A DRAMA QUEEN. and he still pettily lies about it thinking "I shouldn't burden her with my emotions" and he really says he came for the baby. What a.... I'm so angry. I'M SO ANGRY.

Why did I even try skimming this novel??
I could have given this a 0 if I could...
I sincerely warn you. Don't even try reading this.
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Renjiko rated it
April 17, 2022
Status: Completed
I honestly enjoyed the starting and how it ends.. but generally, I dont think 1200+ (book 1 and 2 combined) pages is worthy for the substance. And just like @Aurantix said, the drama was unnecessarily stretched. Nothing to boast about quality of writing as well or anything to make you feel goosebumps (isntead regret not having meds on hand upon reading this on my end).

What I can say appealing or selling point of this book, despite the plot being common is the young innocent love of the some obsessive female... more>> lead which I can basically find in some other novels btw that has greater writing quality. Tho the story could be potentialy very appealing, the writing and flow has made the whole thing goes downhill for me.


HONESTLY TORN BETWEEN DROPPING OR CONTINUING (bcs I paid already and its a lil pricey) !!!!

1. MALE LEAD - very bland and useless character. Has so much angst and hes suppose to be power in society, second to emperor, at beginning but goes downhill as story progess. Allot of novel I read has same character build up, Duke and his greatness, and yet he is the MOST incapable i've seen throughout so far. and the adjective does not end there! I had headache!

And oh God, again, the drama was streched so long and in annoying manner that it actually offset the excitement and fun I had in first few chaps. Bruh, its very common to male lead of his trope that they cannot identify love but this one? btch. and for petes sake, might as well exchange your chair as duke with you butler or Xian the stpid if you are just going to follow his shts anyway. What did they do????!! Isabelle wasn't able to get to thier promised place, not once but foookiing so mamy times and each time the duke want to barage the barons house (fls, to save on inquire about the woman) in worry, the annoying butler would interfere "Yo maJEstY, you cannot bcs you are blah blah blah and sht. people wil go blah blah and I cannot save you from it!" WHATTT??? and what the dmbbb duke would do?? hes like "yes you are right! I shall hede yo will" and then the female lead will go home punished with whip ab*sed and mistreated anddd (gaahhh, im out of my mind) but he the grEaT duke can barage the emperor at his palace in midnight bcs he is embarassedd, wtffff????? and whats worst? this sht drama and sht goes on and on, happened multiple times (its torture reading the pages, uhhh myghad for the FL) that I had to skip ezpecialy that dumb butlers worthless pages.

2. FEMALE LEAD - to be honest creepyin real life but it was fun reading the quirk. BUT... the same error or shuld I say female tropee classification, THERE IS DIFFERENCE BETWEEN INNOCENCE/NAIVITY AND s*upidY!! for fckk sake. I understand you want the female lead to be innocent and pure as much as you want the syory goes but theres limit to stvpidity!!! Oh god! I was enjoying the ride, pure innocent and quirk when he follows him around and he finally noticed her but when things go deeper, I realized she is just dmbbb. my lady, YOU WONT CONFESS BCS YOU THINK LOW OF YOURSELF? THEN WHY THE HELL YOU WENT DEEPER INTO THAT MESS IN THE FIRST PLACE. YOU WANT TO RUN AWAY BCS HE WONT ACCEPT THE CHILD AND YOU ARE AFRAID?? THEN WHY YOU SAYING HE IS THE MOST KIND PERSON AND SHT ON THE OTHER HAND??!

And for the male lead, he doesnt identify love, HE WONT CONFESS BCS "she dont love you" and yet you see every contrast in everything. doing nothing, not even questioning why each time you ask her to go here and there, she cannot made it through, nor why the suppose to be aristocrat woman eating like a starved woman??? why each time the family of hers cannot attend social invitations as one but Isabelle always at nook of every corner? nah HE is "wait, thats weird but anyways" that the amount of hint for him was too much and yet he do not have idea! BUT WAIT, THE FL WAS KIDNAPPED bcs of him and yet what he have done to prevent this? post his man and when she said shes ok, the men amd him was like "ok, cool! bye!" and SHE, continues with her acts just bcs of her negativity (partly understandable) but decision are always in contrast to her sht! USELESS ML AND DUMB FL! and for how long I was torturing myself for this petty repetitive drama? nothing wild happening just them not doing any progress just doing s3x with each other?? saying they only want each others body? the crying ML bcs he cannot make her fall in love and yet dont wanna marry but questions why she said she only want his body? 1260 pages! YES!! YOU SEE THE TORTURE???

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clearing-misinformation rated it
October 14, 2022
Status: Completed
For the most part, this is a beautifully written adult novel and was translated incredibly well. There were some minor things here and there I wish didn't get glossed over but the FL and ML and their relationship was depicted well.

I almost didn't read this due to the comments about the FL and ML, which is why I am writing this comment to give more insight on their personalities, particularly the FL. They are not just copy paste personality less blobs that fulfill certain tropes. While they do fulfill tropes... more>> (kind sweet forgiving FL who has never known a man and only loves ML who is a playboy but eventually only loves FL), these tropes were executed incredibly well and I could see how the FL and ML came to be the way they were and fall for each other.

They were both fully fleshed out characters despite playing of those tropes which traditionally gets used with shitty writing and a magical handwavey "she's so pure and innocent and different from other women" bullshit. This trope also gets used, but not in the typical way. While she stood out to the ML, he doesn't actually consider her that different from other women and doesn't fall in love with her for that reason either.

The ML, Agares, is the younger brother of the emperor and is pretty much the equivalent of a spoiled princess but male. It is not strange for someone so spoiled to live a life of hedonism.

His family tries to discipline him, but they let him get away with everything because he was too cute in his eyes. Not one of them would say he was a good person though. As such he leads a life debauchery relatively unchecked. He never sh*t talks women or corners them, even if he didn't like them because he is a "gentleman" but he has no qualms about seducing any beautiful woman that comes his way that is open to it and definitely drinks too much.

Outside of FL and his playboy persona, he is a bratty brother and a very affectionate son. Prior to falling for FL, which happens halfway through the novel, he considers his mother, brother, their deceased father to be the most important people in his life and has a very healthy relationship with them.

However, refuses to get married because he considers marriage to be sacred due to the happy marriages of his parents and brother and doesn't want to cheat on his wife because he feels it would disrespect the marriages of the people he loves.

He is not a good person in the slightest (his mother and brother love him but they don't think he is good either) and loves his debaucherous lifestyle too much to ever consider marriage.

I am going to repeat the fact he is not a good person. While he isn't a completely shitty person and has good qualities to him and never treated the FL poorly, if you want to read about perfect swoon worthy ML who does not start off as a lazy manwho*e hedonist, this is not the story for you. ML honestly doesn't deserve a woman as devoted as the FL given his lifestyle, and he knows it, but he never treated her like sh*t even when he didn't love her, and went above and beyond when their feelings were confirmed mutual. I can't really say he's redeemed because he never wronged FL, but I do enjoy watching him suffer because he deserves it as a person.

Now as for his feelings for the FL, ML did consider her different simply because she was the only one he slept with him while so heavily drugged (dubcon) that he couldn't see her face and sought her out because of it because he wanted to know who he slept with.

But when he did see her face, he didn't find her that beautiful and decided on a whim to sleep with her since he spent a lot of time trying to find her and simply enjoyed the night. She was never stated as the best, but it was better than most. She was a virg*n, but he had been with other virg*ns.

She definitely behaved in a unusual manner with her refusing to meet him a public place and not saying she loved him and not expecting anything from him and occasionally standing him up, but she wasn't the first one to do any of that to him. There was never anything that made FL that unique. She made him chase him, but it was not the first time he chased after a woman either.

He fell in love by gradually spending time with her and coming to view her as a person and not as someone to have s*x with. We see him slowly coming to view her as a person and not someone he has over for s*x. Once he saw her as a person, he soon came to truly love her.

ML was surrounded by his mother and brother who had happy marriages from dramatic love stories, so he had a lot of difficulty realizing he fell in love because of how gradually it happened and does not believe his feelings to be love because it didn't feel special. He just came to enjoy simply being in her presence and felt sad when she wasn't there.

His inability to recognize the fact he fell in love and the consequences of not communicating his feelints is one of the things that drives the second half the novel's plot and it's so nice to see him pay for it because I think he should suffer more

(The first half is him gradually coming to love FL)

Now for the female protagonist, Isabel. FL is an illegitimate child that gets emotionally and occasionally physically ab*sed by her family when not neglected by them.

Because she was a great shame to the family, she basically wasn't allowed to go anywhere that was public. But as long as she was out of sight, they couldn't care less. She would occasionally attend banquets, and at one of them which she can't even remember, she saw the ML.

The ML was so physically beautiful, she fell in love at first sight and basically kept going out to balls and banquets her family wasn't present in (they didn't care what she did as long as she stayed out of their sight and didn't bring down their family name).

Stalking him and picking up things he dropped behind was pretty much was the only joy she had in her life and it was easy for her because no one ever noticed her, ML included. I honestly think he could have been a much shittier person, and she still would have loved him regardless because she wanted to love someone.

The very fact she didn't feel jealousy when she saw playboy FL literally messing around with women in front of her eyes while stalking him is very telling. Her initial feelings of love were not that of a girl who wanted to be with a man romantically, but probably closer to that of a fan watching their idol. She comes to subconsciously expect more of him when after he falls for her and begins to treat her even better, but always suppresses those desires because she feels they were wrong if her to have.

I think due to being ab*sed and having nothing, she just wanted something to give meaning to her life. It is not surprising she has no other hobbies besides him and is accepting of everything he does and expects nothing due to her abusive upbringing. To her it is a given she is someone meant to be used and thrown away. She doesn't have expectations because it would hurt more when they are crushed.

When she was a child she used to expect love and affection from her father and his wife and would get the whip until she learned not to expect things from anyone anymore.

While he is incapable of doing wrong in her eyes, she is well aware of what kind of person he is and what kind of behaviors would end their relationship from watching him with all his past lovers. And if it weren't for the fact he fell for her, she honestly wouldn't be wrong. Objectively, while she behaved differently from most of the women he has been with, it was nothing he hadn't seen before.

It's also why I really liked the part where

she got kicked out from her family and felt like she had to rely on herself. She came to realize there were other people out there that would care for her even though they were strangers. I kind of wished they made that period last longer tbh because I was so happy that she learned she could survive by herself just fine and strangers would be a better family to her than her own family. While she missed Agares, she felt fulfilled and happy. There were now other things in her life that brought her joy and she felt she could help herself.


I was happy she learned to feel happy with her life without the ML's help or her shitty family.


This is also why 1 star was taken off. The author wrote this part so well, but I didn't get any closure for the mother and child pair that helped her for 4 months that she genuinely thought of them as a mother and sister. I'm sure they are fine, but I wanted more interactions there. But that is literally the only gripe I have with this story Nothing else.

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xelixette rated it
August 9, 2023
Status: Completed
While looking at my collection of ebooks, I realised I purchased this some time ago and didn't finish it. No wonder. The writing is bland, the characters are mediocre, and the plot is draggy. The snu isn't even that exciting. I think the reader is meant to insert themselves into the FL? Is that why she has no memorable characteristics or actions than stalking, snu and eating cutely?

It's good to pass time, but there are many other novels or manhwas that can do the same and have better plot/characters.
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asianelle rated it
November 4, 2022
Status: Completed
The plot is very similar to "Lucia". A wh0reman perfect Duke falling in love with a Cinderella from a neglectful and abusive noble family.

However, FL isn't like Lucia. She's very naive. But not annoyingly naive! Maybe only for those who prefer strong willed arrogant protagonists. Check the tags before reading!

She's a die-hard fan, which is fresh. ML is like a mega-star and she's that creepy stalker fan LOL

Smut is hot, but not much of it, only in the first half of the novel. And it's one of the novels... more>> where ML is not forcing s3x on FL. He is very sweet actually.

The ML's appearance reminds me of Calisto Regulus, a handsome blondie with red eyes...

Also, I like their names: Agares (what a sexy name for ML) and Isabel... <<less
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