The White Cat That Swore Vengeance Was Just Lazing on the Dragon King’s Lap


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While on her way to college, Ruri and her classmates from her secondary school days were summoned to another world by a bright light that shone on the ground.

The summon was supposed to call forth a shrine maiden that would bring glory to the country. With ‘a’ being the operative word, It seems that she was just an unfortunate bystander that got mixed up in the summoning.

Luckily for her, accommodations and other necessities were provided. Not so luckily, she was made into a criminal by the conspiracy concocted by her so-called ‘friends’ and was exiled to the forest.

She was saved by a witch after encountering an unknown being. She then swore vengeance on her former ‘friends’.

Studying under the witch, she finally gained enough power to exact her vengeance… or so the story was supposed to go, other than the fact that she turned into a white cat, and was sleeping comfortably on the lap of the Dragon King.

Associated Names
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Fukushu wo Chikatta Shironeko wa Ryuuou no Hiza no Ue de Damin wo Musaboru
The White Cat’s Revenge as Plotted from the Dragon King’s Lap (LN)
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Algoz rated it
February 7, 2017
Status: v1c4
Not really a good story. The author tries to make a main character that have a lot of things in her favor (beauty, knowledge, magic power, etc) have "weakness" (and they totally aren't) to try and mask that the MC isn't a mary sue.

The author just pulled stuff out of his ass to explain how she could know things ... more>>

like when she was throw into the forest, she magically has a knife on her boots, because her grandfather was an survival junkie that trained her to survive in situations like this


This is a poor story, that has an INTERESTING concept, but it still isn't on that part yet, but for now, it's a bad "transport to another world" story with a mary sue character that doesn't have a personality. <<less
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arashi-chan12 rated it
November 20, 2017
Status: c28
To be entirely honest, this is not a good story.

I debated on whether I should rate it as 3 stars for average, but I feel it just doesn't quite make the cut. The initial concept was interesting, but everything else is just... bleh.

I initially thought it'd be more dark when I first picked it up, but I'm not here to complain about that. By the way, if you ARE looking for something more dark/serious, then this isn't the story for you, go back, stay away.

Anyways, the story has bad writing.... more>> By bad writing, I'm not talking about the translation or anything.

Everything just seems... forced. The world building is weak, the plot (?) itself isn't interesting, the characters are poorly written, some dialogue, actions and misunderstandings seems really forced, the writing is vague, the whole thing feels kinda like a wish fulfillment story thanks to the MC, plot holes haphazardly covered up (but not really) etc. I certainly don't feel like there was a lot of planning going into this story when the author was writing it.

The plot itself leaves a lot to be desired. How do I say this... It's so simple, it's a wonder why the other characters (who are supposedly more capable) not doing anything to stop it in its tracks beforehand it gets out of hand?? I mean, then there wouldn't be a story, but still.


Ok, so I read up to ch28 right?

The evil King's plan is basically revealed to be: make up some priestess BS; summon s*upid people they can control and pretend one of them is the priestess; instigate said priestess to advocate the war; spread propoganda about not believing in priestess = sin so they can kick out the people who advocate peace; conscript all fighting citizens to their army, but meanwhile treat them like crap (because that's always a good idea, right?) ; wage war on dragon kingdom and win!

Seems like there might be more to the plan from where I read, but honestly I got bored of it...

The dragon king conducted espionage, but practically did nothing else. No negotiations (tho that wouldn't have worked), no contacting the non-pro-war nobles and maybe manipulating things so they'd sit on the throne (which would've been a better thing for all the countries honestly, if the humans were going to be human supremacist pricks), apply pressure on the human government with sanctions or whatnot, or even outright kill the s*upid source before you things escalated to actually going to war, but they basically just sit and watch for TWO years as the country goes to shit... *facepalm*

What are you people doing, running a country...


Frankly, this light setting doesn't suit this whole "kingdom conspiracy to go to war" thing, and the author doesn't seem to be any good at writing them either. Anyways, it doesn't match even if you try to force it, so please stop trying author-sama. I mean, I get why the plot isn't heading down this road (since the ML is the king of a neighboring nation and MC has grudges against the human nation that summoned her) but it's really forced and contrived and out of place. Please just stick to your comfort zone, or think of something more thrilling and elaborate or reasearch more before you try and put politics into the story...

Ruri, our MC, suffers a bad case of Mary Sue as well. Beautiful, smart, multitalented and everyone likes her... =_=


Theres a part where I cringed (it's untranslated as of yet) where Ruri goes to the kingdom that summoned her and looked at a normal village. It's near the time when the war is going to star up, and people were starving in poverty with soulless eyes.

Now, what does Ruri do after seeing this?

She wordlessly walks into the village in human form. Without speaking to the villagers who don't pay attention to her because they're too busy being poor, she casts magic that grows fruit trees and uses wind magic to distribute it to everyone else. Then leaves.

When asked later by her spirit pet? Thing why she did it, since it'd have no effect on the people at all, Ruri replies that she knows, it's the country's job to fix the problem, but she just couldn't leave them like that.

It's just... cringe.

I mean, her actions might be noble, but the way it was delivered seemed so MC centric and self-centered... Maybe if at least the author pulled the poor beggar child bumping into her either trying to mug her for money or beg for food cliche, and THEN she had gone and done that, it wouldn't be as bad. But Ruri literally walks into the village, unprovoked and making minimal contact with the villagers at all, and does her life saving mojo. What happens after those fruit trees stop possessing food has nothing to do with her, apparently.


You can give a man fish and feed him for a day, or you can teach a man to fish and feed them for life. What Ruri did was the former. She didn't inspire them to live (like a good protagonist would) or give them purpose, or even try to help them out of their predicament. All she did was give them food that's would last for who knows how long and help them stave off the hunger. It's not like they'll get seeds from those magic trees (who knows how long it'll take for them to grow too), it's not like they suddenly have enough energy to go farming or hunting, it's not like their brothers and husbands will come back from being forcefully conscripted into the army, it's not like the soulless look in their eyes will go away from just an apple or two...

In the end, other than trying to look good, what did she really accomplish here??


Ruri seems to think her only flaws comes from Asahi sticking around her, but I can think of a few more (like your personality, for example).

Seriously, when the chance to complain about how Asahi ruined her life by just being around her comes up, Ruri doesn't hold back. And Asahi, dense as a brick, doesn't even care and just keeps going at her. Wth? I don't have any sympathy for either of them really, but whenever Ruri complains about Asahi, the people around Ruri who treat her good are like, "oh my god, that's terrible, you poor girl" and take her side...

Why??? She is badmouthing a person you've never met, who hasn't done anything towards you and who Ruri knows doesn't have any ill intent towards her. How can you just accept that? No discomfort either, they agree with her unconditionally...

I can't relate, I can't sympathize, I don't really like the MC or the supporting cast...

All in all, it's poorly written and needs a lot of work.

I wouldn't recommend for serious reading, but it it's every once it a while then it's not a terrible way to pass the time with. Just, it's not that good either. <<less
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Kikiji rated it
March 5, 2017
Status: v1c13
There are a lot of contradictions made in the setting in order to put the main character in a better light and even most of the misunderstandings are forced. In addition, nearly all of the characters are reduced to shallow foils for the protagonist- a character that can 100% fit the criteria of a Mary Sue. I ended up skimming the last few chapters, hoping that at least the general plot would be good but even that disappointed me.

In the end the only good I've found is in the initial... more>> concept of a fluffy, amusing story about a revenge character spending time with the Demon Lord. <<less
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SandyCis rated it
May 28, 2019
Status: v1 epilouge
Contrary to many here, from the beginning I imagined that it was going to be a fluffy novel of slice of life rather than a true drama. And I accepted it for the simple fact that I wanted to read something light and silly.
But then the author decided to get "serious" and frankly, was a sh*t on every tiny little thing.

I'm going to ignore how everyone automatically sympathizes with Ruri for... having a sticky friend. Ok, it sounds annoying, but most people there have much more serious problems. No,... more>> sorry: REAL PROBLEMS. I will overlook that "conveniently" She had ALL the right skills to live, survive and be a badass in that world. I'm going to ignore it because as I said at the beginning, I was expecting a silly novel and a Mary Sue fits in here and at least she was not a s*upid maid in distress. I planned to ignore that and enjoy how Ruri now had a nice life in another kingdom, in the end she couldn't complete hers revenge and frankly we completely forgot about the initial conflict.

But then, the war comes.

And to be clear: the arc of the war was, at most, poor.

And, being honest, WAS A COMPLETE BULLSHIT. That's all.

The whole plan was completely without logic, really? Did they just want to beat the dragons because they were bad and that's all? Is there no true religious justification? No drought or overpopulation that forced them to try to do it? How about the existence (real or fictitious) of some magical technology that would make them prosper? The accidental murder of a member of the royal family?

No. They just want to go against the dragons that OBVIOUSLY are warily superior to them because f*ck you, thats why. And for that the king doesn't mind sacrificing his only son and heir. Because I suppose that when he kick the bucket, the kingdom will be able to govern itself. Well, it's not a big diference.


Even so, I could have put a three to the novel. It was mediocre, but it still didn't seem horrible to me. At least, I didn't feel the urgent need to stop reading it, because fulfilled it mission of "silly novel with hardly a plot". But no, the author was not finished yet. He/she still had many, many ways to screw up, and he/she saved the best ones for last...


Like get a random character out of nowhere just to have her going crazy because... f*ck you, that's why, in one of the most s*upid and ill-argued character developments I've seen in my life. And I must say, that I read Twilight.
The autor literally made this girl, apparently rescued from a s*ave trade, become infatuated with the fact that she was the "real" couple of the dragon king even though she had NEVER seen him in her life. Only because she heard a second of the one conversation that isn't to her, and that never was mentioned again, in which they said that the king's "bride" had blond hair, like hers.

And that's it. She is absolutely convinced that she was the "real one", thanks to that she became crazy enough to let the prisoner, to whom she had to take food, scape that turns out to be (Ta, ta, ta, taaan) No surprise! Asahi! Because the damn security of the prison is a f*cking shit, I suppose. I mean, obviously anyone can open their cells.

But of course Asahi didn't escape, no. Instead, she had a VEEEERY traumatic encounter with soldiers who wanted to take revenge on her in a very cruel way by "ramming them into war", because everyone knows that prisoners of war can walk around the castle openly. And all act as if she deserves to be r*ped/dismembered (not very clear) just because she bothered Ruri!!
Which, in my opinion, is much worse than anything that hers followers could have done to Ruri ever.
But the story is not over yet. No, that would've been too easy.

Yes, they rescued Asahi, although reluctantly, and Ruri tells she once and for all that she is a nuisance... again. They banish her to a distant and desolate place as punishment for the crime of having hot air in her brain.

¡¡Yaiii!! The annoyance was gone !! Put the "happy ending"!

Everyone is happy; Ruri stays with Jade, all the preparations are made for the wedding and... then Jade tells Ruri, as it should be, that her only duty is to spread her legs, have s*x and give birth to his children without leaving that other male being ever sees her again. Because dragons are apparently possessive... but that possessiveness only affects male dragons. Apparently even Chelsea, who seems to be so self-confident, helpful and independent, cheerfully agreed to be practically imprisoned in her home, because that is the role of a women.

And Ruri who is a HUMAN, who all this time was clamoring for her freedom and for the right to enjoy her life, to work and have friends to compensate for everything she couldn't have thanks to Asahi... she, as expected, accepts willingly and even offers to leave hers job. So she can never ever leave the castle, have her own money or contact with another man in hers life and Jade will not feel insecure, because that's what women do when they get married, right? :)

Honestly I had never gotten so angry so quickly with so few chapters, in a novel that I was not even taking seriously as a novel. And that's what bothers me most, even to be a dumb novel, there are limits to what should NEVER be trespassed in this damn century and era. I understand that in Japan things are different, but in Japan women can also work and be married at the same time without any problem. And, in Japan it's also illegal to imprison a human being just because you can.

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A.S.P. rated it
February 21, 2017
Status: v1c10
The story is great. The protagonist is clever but also have slightly submissive personality due to being unknowingly suppressed under her childhood "friend". The main character is slightly OP, but she herself don't see that, so the story is really funny to read.
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vector_triple rated it
June 14, 2019
Status: c39
This series starts off very light and simple, and I was confused why the reviews were so bad. Getting to chapter 40, while I can now see why/how, I'm making my own review.

So, a few things to note for people who might be interested in reading this:

    • Like I said, the series starts off fluffy and simple. It remains simple; this isn't a complex story with twists and turns, it's the kind that is best enjoyed if you enter it casually. The author attempts world-building in the fantasy setting but it's lacking.
    • Pay attention to the tags on the series. "Male Yandere" isn't one that is prevalent in the beginning, but in the latter translated chapters it's important. So be wary of that, or you'll be disappointed.
    • "Overpowered protagonist" is also a tag to be considered; if you try to reason the mechanics of her abilities too much then it'll definitely be frustrating, but again, this should be a casual read (like sth you read while waiting for other series to update)
    • "Misunderstandings." That's another to pay attention to! Because there are definitely misunderstandings. All the big ones get resolved in the 40 translated chapters that are up, but if you're someone that hates casual misunderstandings (for comedy or romantic tension) then you might want to reconsider
    • "Cute story" and "heartwarming" may be the only tags I wouldn't put much credence in; the story does start off as such but as a whole it's more that there's levity to the tone. There are aspects to the novel (cough, male yandere) that sorta... don't make it as cute.
    • The male and female leads get together in the current translated chapters, so if you're worried about being left out to dry from a dropped translation dw about it lol
    • MC also gets a bit of revenge resolved in the current translated chapters
Personally I enjoyed this. It's not something I'd rush to my friends to recommend, but it has its good points - there are likable characters, I do find some joy in seeing Ruri get a bit of vengeance exacted for the ridiculous life she's suffered, and I personally think Ruri is among the better protags I've read. A little bland in some aspects but again, this series isn't super serious, so I didn't care about that.

Overall if you're someone with a high tolerance for the heavily recycled tropes in shoujo, then this novel is really light on that in comparison. I used to be an editor so I'm not rly a good measure but I hope my review helps a little lol....
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Cryarc rated it
March 3, 2017
Status: --
A cute story with slight misunderstanding comedy undertone, despite it's early part seems a little bit heavy it's actually a lighthearted shoujo series. It's not a really serious series, don't expect epic plot without a little bit bump here and there and expecting it as different genre (for example some scenes which meant to be taken as comedic and trivial scene taken in a serious manner). Don't judge way too early and give it a try at least 10 chapters before deciding it's good or not.
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Anra7777 rated it
September 6, 2018
Status: c40
I feel disappointed. I actually really loved this story, but the past few chapters have felt like such a betrayal to the fluffy, sweetness that we've been getting. What's so sad is that it's clear the story is still supposed to be fluffy and sweet, but the ML has been seriously creeping me out for the past two chapters and the MC is terrified.

... more>>

In chapter 39 it's revealed that he ruined her date with another guy on purpose, comes from a race that is so jealous, married women aren't allowed to be seen, so she's expected to quit her job, and basically uses the fact that she loves him and that he—without her permission—made it impossible for himself to have another lover, to blackmail and force her into a marriage before she's ready.

In chapter 40 it gets worse: She isn't being given any choices in regards to her own wedding, the ML isn't respecting her desire to take things more slowly and is actually scaring her, and he's transferring power to her without permission, with the implication being that she'll get pregnant immediately after the wedding because of it, without asking her if that's what she wants. I mean, when she found out about the future pregnancy she "became frightened and cringed." So, yeah, really, really not cool.


I had been eagerly looking forward to reading each chapter of this story before now, but I honestly was afraid to read chapter 40. I made myself do it, and I kind of regret it. Of course this isn't by very, very far the first story I've read that romanticizes unhealthy behavior, but I just feel so betrayed after loving this story so much for the past few months or so I've been reading it. I am seriously considering dropping it. <<less
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Koobie rated it
May 24, 2018
Status: v1c11
I had a few questions while reading this novel:

... more>>

1. If fairies truly adores Ruri (to the point they tried to kill the thugs approached her), why didn't they do something when she was in the castle, considering how rude the royal members treated her?

2. Regarding Chelsea, why she can normally ask her grandson the content of his work? Isn't it supposed to be classified information since you know, he is a SPY? And despite both her son and grandson work for the dragon king, she didn't once warn them about Ruri (who is a worldwide-scale disaster) and technically raised her for 2 years in the forest?

3. Still Chelsea, knowing how fearful Ruri's power is, made her go to the capital by herself with NO money so the poor girl had to sell a gun she took from the space fairy. And that was why she immediately attracted thugs, got chased by them and met a king happened to disguise by chance?


I don't know if I miss these information somewhere but I think I won't try to read this novel again. It's pretty mediocre and has weak character development. Even the witch who is supposed to be very old doesn't act her age at all. Everything seems forced and confusing to me <<less
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SovietWeeb rated it
August 25, 2018
Status: c38
Disappointment is the best way to describe this. Well also, Really annoying in the choices the story makes.

The MC is just a Mary Sue with no flaws. Like maybe being socially awkward from her years of being hated and rarely talked to. Maybe her having a personality void of character and just a neutral tone from her learning to be as neutral as a way to avoid scrutiny. Nothing like this is a thing and the story purposely makes the world evil so we like her more.

I won't lie, I... more>> did enjoy maybe the first 10 or 12 chapters. The first 10 or so chapters are around the 5th chapter of the Manga. But when I compare it to the manga. I do feel the manga is much better. The story tends to kind of take itself and this absurd tagline way too seriously. In the manga, it tends to be really comedic which is why it is much more bearable seeing the world be so cruel and doesn't seem so fake.

The author seems to not know or just not think too much about it. But the way the world is set up isn't great. You take more than a minute and think about things then you will notice lots of flaws. Like this being a fantasy Medieval era setting yet we have the " DragonKingdom" Trying to make things like the UN. If you think of it, It doesn't make much sense for such a setting. Let alone some dumb law they have where they can't oust a Government even though said government is driving the people into hell and is constantly declaring war.

Once the MC leaves the Hut/Forest. That's where the story takes a sudden nosedive. The romance is so badly made and does nothing more to insist my idea that most female Romance stories tend to have the worst type of romance. I completely forgot about this one character trait you can find in Female Romance stories. They will either be a massive douche, Pansy, Blanksleight or be an idiot. The Male lead in this is leaning more towards a Blanksleight and an idiot. He besides the awful plots, Then the Romance lead is probably the worst thing.

I am genuinely disappointed how it ended for Ashai and the MC. I like their relationship together. I imagine that even though the MC dislikes how she's treated by everyone in favor of Ashai. That she realizes that she actually dislikes being away from Ashai. I imagined it as a comedy skit.

One of the dumbest issues I have is this [ Spoilers] It's revealed that the MC's mother and grandfather actually have magical power. But... IT'S NEVER EXPLAINED! Like honestly. We are told about how they are well versed in this yet we are told that you can't return to Earth so it should be impossible. Hell, There's another issue! It makes no sense why she can't return to Earth but can be summoned to this world. It's just haphazardly explained. We are told the Fairies can go to Earth and back whenever. So why not just send the spell incantation to the Mother and Grandfather and summon them back? You start seeing these big problems and the story tries looking past it like throwing a blanket over an Elephant. You aren't doing it well.

I do find it kind of sad that the MC can't return to Earth along with everyone else. I think this story would've been better if it was the MC going around the world and gathering stuff to return to Earth while also having the MC take care of Ashai as a companion. Also, Get rid of the romance and that annoyingly obvious harem of guy the MC has.

A disappointment. I even cut out a lot of other issues I have with this for the sake of time. If you read it on Novelplanet then you will most likely find my comments complaining about the stuff happening. <<less
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Kimchi759 rated it
May 9, 2018
Status: c22
I've only read a single chapter of the manga so far, and zilch of the novel. However, I'm giving it a five stars (for now) on the basis of the poor reasoning given by the people who've reviewed it negatively.

Whether I change the rating or not is up to how I feel after reading what has been released.

What I have to say atm: the idea of the "Mary Sue" was created & proliferated by misogynistic chauvinists who wanted to police the depiction & empowerment of women in media by dismissing... more>> them as fancifully indulgent/unrealistic. Conveniently ignoring their own idolatry of OP male counterparts in fantasy, science fiction, adventure, etc.

Labeling any exceptional or "special" female character with talents/aesthetics/intelligence above what they perceive to be the norm a "Mary Sue" is lazy and offensive. (I do have issues with the eurocentrism of the MC's looks, but that's another issue, and unrelated.)

That's all, for now. I'll come back to this review for edits/additions after a read.


The manga is much easier to read than these translations, but it's not impossible to understand. Just harder bc the grammar is a bit off. The motives of Asahi are unknown, but I'd appreciate some explanation by the end of this. Her chaacterization is pretty one-dimensional, & she seems to only exist to gather sympathy for the MC so far.

The MC is a little frustrating bc her troubles are understandable and she is pitiable, but she does little to solve her own problems. She just complains and lists her grievances in mental monologues. Get a restraining order, move to another prefecture, go to a boarding school, elucidate in public how much you'd rather she leave you be. Anything.

A little disappointed the MC isn't as sharp as she initially seemed to be. She's more dense and rash than I thought, and less intelligent/wise/shrewd than I had hoped.

She is definitely OP, but it's acknowledged and comedic. Ex: "Seeing Ruri effortlessly create the dimensional tear that was supposed to at least be challenging, ___ smiled bitterly." <<less
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RedsFable rated it
December 30, 2017
Status: c20
What do you get when you have:

    1. A s*upid 'best friend' with an annoying 'charm' and stalker tendencies
    2. An MC with the fairy-equivalent of mass destruction for any country.
    3. A hunk of a Dragon King that needs mofu mofu.
Yep this is happening folks.

Ok, ok, *serious face* (' _ ')

I will behave now. In all seriousness, this read is hysterical. I love the creativity and sheer goofiness this novel. And yes I recommend this for anyone looking for a light-hearted and sweet novel.
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dianachups rated it
February 14, 2017
Status: --
This is an interesting story, and the MC sure is a fun character to read, try reading this and you won't regret anything, even the grammar is executed nicely, and I will be rooting for this <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
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boritosh rated it
December 20, 2017
Status: --
So let me get this straight... Spoilers for the first chapter below:


The main character is shunned because she has blonde hair and green eyes in favour of her more traditionally japanese "best friend", but it's later found out that her best friend dyed her hair blonde and wears green contacts and the main character hides her 'stand out' features yet MC is still shunned? Someone help me understand this...


Not well thought out, but if you're into the crappy Mary Sue webnovels right now then you'll probably enjoy it.
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amyk rated it
May 27, 2018
Status: c25
I really love this story. I was scared by the negative reviews and decided to put off reading it but then I one day I decide why not and started reading it. I am so glad I did because it is so cute! I ended up reading all the chapters in a day and now I'm really look forward to each update. Someone just picked it up too so there will be more updates again! How wonderful! Plus they are doing such a great job! While I didn't really care... more>> for the beginning of the story either, I know that it was important to lay the ground work, BUT now that the female lead and the male lead are interacting there will definitely be more romance and cute things and I'm just so happy! Ahhh so cute! Anyways, I loved it so Just give it a chance cause it's definitely a cute read. <<less
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kawaii12345 rated it
February 29, 2020
Status: v2c43
If this sounds interesting to you

Read the Manga. Really Read the Manga Here

https://mangadex. Org/title/23013/

... more>> It's about 5 stars while the text translations bring an interesting series down to about 1.

I appreciate the effort that people put into translating these novels, but all the translations of this might as well just be machine translations. Matter of fact I think google translate does a better job at times.

Here's the URL for the raw, see for yourself

Edit: For some reason it doesn't show up here it is as plain text

https://ncode. Syosetu. Com/n7006cm/

About that story, man it tosses a lot of idiot balls at you. It's not one it's not two, it's like tribbles dropping on you from a grain storage compartment. Despite all the s*upid it's a compelling read just because you want to see it end. It's one of those that you read while wanting to slap the characters silly. I.E. It really makes you want to have the power that Endo and Kobayashi have (look em up it's a good read after you have dealt with horribly s*upid characters)

Anyway it's hard to explain the idiot balls in this story without spoilers (The ones I am revealing are all from the first few chapters) but here's something you might want to think about from the tag list off to the left here.

Hidden Identity, Hiding Abilities, Hiding power: You can read that as the MC does everything she can to sabotage herself. It's almost at the level where you have to wonder if she enjoys hurting herself. (No that's not a good thing ever)

Anyway going down the list in a spoiler tag


MC's life is continuously destroyed by her "best friend" I mean every way you can think of up to the point where she can't even allow herself to go out with her proper appearance. Her boyfriends are stolen, she winds up blamed for things Asahi does, Asahi steals her stuff, and she has to take it. What's more she does, does, does and never does anything in return.

She gets Isekaied to another world with no way back, no way to see her family again (family that has a deep bonds of affection) Is more or less sentenced to death by the people who kidnapped her, who also are using her to start a war, but despite having revenge as a motivation she never does anything about it.

For some strange reason (yes it's explained it's still horribly s*upid) she disguises herself as a cat. Her nature of being beloved by the fairies makes her an incredibly important person but because she is worried about a bad reaction from being human she lurks around as a cat. (Even after being told that's not so)

The "Adults", people that find out she is actually Human, give her the great advice, "SURE LIE TO YOUR FRIENDS, THEY WON'T MIND WHEN THEY FIND OUT". If you are reading this with your child, please please do them the favor of telling them lying to your friends is not a good idea and if you do so you better hope they never find out.

Everybody is s*upid, a sadist, or a s*upid sadist. Nobody is willing to tell anyone anything they actually need to know, no matter how it aligns with any interest or desire they may have. (Oh who knows maybe Euclace had unmentioned designs on the emperor. But that would shift this to a BL tag).

It's a really interesting kind of sadism when you consider they are playing with the feelings of a young girl who has been battered pretty hard, and if she snaps it would Carrie look like a dud firecracker seeing as she can literally bring a country to ruin and nearly did by accident.

Her "Best Friend" well only friend seeing as she literally destroyed every friendship she had, is too s*upid to go to the bathroom on her own. I mean we are talking delusional and completely unable to get out of the rain. (Yes at first that seems impossible, but the story has a way that it's possible and it's actually not unreasonable). Also the MC's response is to just try and run away which never works because the moron keeps on following.

The parents. (This is a bit more spoilerish)


They are aware of the situation with the s*upid best friend and the pain it causes the MC but don't do crap about it. This is despite loving their daughter enough they are willing to abandon the earth to join her on the other world. What's more they head off to the other world without a clue of what they are going to do there. Mom is a model, dad is a diplomat

There's the insane way everyone that came to the other world with her was essentially sentenced to death. (Prison farm for life). Despite the fact none of them could be said to be in their right minds when they "committed the crimes"


There's more but I think you can get the idea. You read this because you hope the s*upid stops

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wintryday rated it
February 5, 2020
Status: c35
The issue with this web novel, as well as most japanese web novels with female protagonists in my personal opinion, seems like it has been written by a 15 year old. It is extremely disappointing because the premise of this story is interesting but it gets shot to hell by the mental ret*rdation of the characters and one-dimensional personalities. The MC is a mary-sue, which can be fine if the world-building are interesting and characters are likable. That unfortunately was not the case. I find myself skimming through the chapters.... more>> The villains are equally mentally deficient as well (I guess author has to bring down their IQ so that our Mary Sue and gang can defeat them easily) and worst, they are so annoying.


Asahi especially gets on my last nerve. Author seems to have created her as a foil to MC. Villain Asahi is childishly selfish and uses her charm magic to manipulate others around her to love her, on the other hand Mary-sue MC is hated in the real world due to Asahi but now beloved in the fantasy world due to her innate goodness and fairy-attracting abilities. The problem is that the conflict between them is so weak. Asahi is obviously not a threat to MC who has unlimited magical powers and the support of the more powerful dragon kingdom. So what is the point of the conflict again?


The side storyline with MC and Asahi is so contradicting. Author wants to portray Asahi as a selfish little girl that never grew up. We learnt that MC suffered a lot in the real world due to Asahi's actions and MC dislikes her. Now in the fantasy world, MC being a good girl with a heart of gold, decides to help Asahi since they used to be friends, but I am not sure what the author's intentions are? It is obviously not to reconcile the friendship as MC has kept repeating she does not like Asahi and does not want to be near her. It is also not about reforming the villain. The readers are not meant to like Asahi. Although she is not evil in nature, she is a IQ deficient character with zero redeeming qualities and seems to be unaware of the consequences to her actions. It seems to me that this side story is merely there for the purpose of author wanting to show how virtuous MC is. Look at how MC is saving the Asahi even though she does not deserve it. Omggg MC is such an angel. (Insert sarcasm here)

The main storyline is of course the romance. But there is a problem, ML Jade is a huge snoozefest. He's a typical male lead who is cold and distant until he meets our Mary-sue MC, then he suddenly has a personality transplant and becomes gentle and adoring towards her. He likes her because they have compatible magic wave-length and a few chapters later after spending some time with MC, decides that he is in love with her. See what I mean about this being written by a 15-year-old? I guess that could be overlooked if ML is interesting but nope there is no buildup of his character and backstory. We know next to nothing about him, only that he is a ruler of a country and he's a cutie. You would expect a dragon demi-human to be exotic and fascinating but he is bland like plain oatmeal.

This got on my nerves because it had the potential to be interesting. Even though I was bored, I kept on going because I really wanted to like it. I had to finally admit that this was a huge waste of my time and brain cells and dropped it at ch35.

If you are interested in this novel, I suggest reading the manga instead. The manga artist did a great job in her illustrations and brought much-needed life and humor into the characters. I started out reading the manga and enjoyed it but the novel is a huge let-down. <<less
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redbeanbunny rated it
October 8, 2019
Status: c42
So if you want a cute light read stick with the front end of the series and don't bother with the part it tries to get serious because its not very good

It really started going downhill through the actual war arc and the results of the Asahi story but even then its about an average at 3. The final straw was everything about their marriage.

Lots of things were contradictory or counter to how characters are motivated. There are some plot conviniences that are not too bothersome at the start but... more>> stick out like a sore thumb later when things are just bent to the will of what the author wants to do.

In the first place, the ML Jade is basically exactly like Asahi but this isnt addressed at all. In the tags on the novel it says yandere, but it really comes out of nowhere. Even though hes acting like Asahi and behaves obsessed and possessive, its described as fluff addiction, it still doesnt warrant what happens when the actually become a couple. And my favorite part, the fairies, basically started being inaffective in the story despite them being why Ruri is OP. And the whole fairy-mon part where she gathered up contracts with fairies got very tiresome.

I feel like the story loses focus. It was a charming story about an intelligent young lady finding her freedom and new world after toxic "friendship", possibly finding love, and discovering the possibly dark brewing of war with cute but menacing fairies... To a sloggish mess!! <<less
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jRmor rated it
September 2, 2019
Status: extra 2
Just finished the entire novel with the two extras!

I consider this novel a light read --something to pass the time with because it's a very simple, straight to the point story.


Straight to the point -- meaning that all the confusion and problems get solved without a problem within the whole novel.


Something without much drama but still touches the heart.

I'd recommend this one as if you're looking for something relaxing to read whilst drinking a cup of joe or something. Heh.
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S.D. rated it
July 4, 2018
Status: c20
It's bad.

First chapters were very fun to read, but then MC gets an OP power. Not the kind of OP power we're used to in other novels, but the wish-granting one that erases any feel of "challenging content".

... more>>

Our protagonist gets summoned to another world, gets mistreated, gets kicked out and left for dead, gets picked up by a witch who starts teaching her common sense of the world. Then fast forward two years and she's sent to the capital of Dragon King's country. So far so good!

And then she just does nothing at all. She's a pampered OP being who's willingly reduced to Dragon King's pet. From now on it's a story about how Dragon King and his advisors handle the problem of an agressive country that declared war on them.

The revenge she swore gets abandoned and later executed without much of her impact.

The thing that moved plot after she decided to be a Dragon King's pet was that everyone didn't knew she's actually a human, she was pretending to be a telepathic housecat for 10 chapters or so. Then it gets revealed. Consequences? None! The one who revealed it got punished instead!


Non-spoiler version:

I've enjoyed the story up to about chapter 10-12 but then from adventure story of protagonist in another world it goes full shoujo. The kind of shoujo where nothing could go wrong because MC is super special.

I don't think I'll give this novel another chance, because by now it's just waiting till MC's status gets upgraded from Dragon King's pet to consort. <<less
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