The White Cat That Swore Vengeance Was Just Lazing on the Dragon King’s Lap


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While on her way to college, Ruri and her classmates from her secondary school days were summoned to another world by a bright light that shone on the ground.

The summon was supposed to call forth a shrine maiden that would bring glory to the country. With ‘a’ being the operative word, It seems that she was just an unfortunate bystander that got mixed up in the summoning.

Luckily for her, accommodations and other necessities were provided. Not so luckily, she was made into a criminal by the conspiracy concocted by her so-called ‘friends’ and was exiled to the forest.

She was saved by a witch after encountering an unknown being. She then swore vengeance on her former ‘friends’.

Studying under the witch, she finally gained enough power to exact her vengeance… or so the story was supposed to go, other than the fact that she turned into a white cat, and was sleeping comfortably on the lap of the Dragon King.

The White Cat That Swore Vengeance Was Just Lazing on the Dragon King’s Lap average rating 4.3/5 - 169 user ratings
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Fukusyu wo chikatta shironeko wa ryuuou no hiza no ue de damin wo musaboru
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New jazzykinns rated it
November 23, 2017
Status: c93
I read it back when there were only 12 chapters, and fell madly in love with it. All the problems that people have are reasonably explained and provide the foundation for a story full of adventure, laughter, misunderstanding, and outright adorableness.

When it stopped being translated I actually decided to try to machine translating it - and I read it to the end! It's so good and I am so happy that you are translating it again!
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New arashi-chan12 rated it
November 20, 2017
Status: c28
To be entirely honest, this is not a good story.

I debated on whether I should rate it as 3 stars for average, but I feel it just doesn't quite make the cut. The initial concept was interesting, but everything else is just... bleh.

I initially thought it'd be more dark when I first picked it up, but I'm not here to complain about that. By the way, if you ARE looking for something more dark/serious, then this isn't the story for you, go back, stay away.

Anyways, the story has bad writing.... more>> By bad writing, I'm not talking about the translation or anything.

Everything just seems... forced. The world building is weak, the plot (?) itself isn't interesting, the characters are poorly written, some dialogue, actions and misunderstandings seems really forced, the writing is vague, the whole thing feels kinda like a wish fulfillment story thanks to the MC, plot holes haphazardly covered up (but not really) etc. I certainly don't feel like there was a lot of planning going into this story when the author was writing it.

The plot itself leaves a lot to be desired. How do I say this... It's so simple, it's a wonder why the other characters (who are supposedly more capable) not doing anything to stop it in its tracks beforehand it gets out of hand?? I mean, then there wouldn't be a story, but still.


Ok, so I read up to ch28 right?

The evil King's plan is basically revealed to be: make up some priestess BS; summon stupid people they can control and pretend one of them is the priestess; instigate said priestess to advocate the war; spread propoganda about not believing in priestess = sin so they can kick out the people who advocate peace; conscript all fighting citizens to their army, but meanwhile treat them like crap (because that's always a good idea, right?) ; wage war on dragon kingdom and win!

Seems like there might be more to the plan from where I read, but honestly I got bored of it...

The dragon king conducted espionage, but practically did nothing else. No negotiations (tho that wouldn't have worked), no contacting the non-pro-war nobles and maybe manipulating things so they'd sit on the throne (which would've been a better thing for all the countries honestly, if the humans were going to be human supremacist pricks), apply pressure on the human government with sanctions or whatnot, or even outright kill the stupid source before you things escalated to actually going to war, but they basically just sit and watch for TWO years as the country goes to sh*t... *facepalm*

What are you people doing, running a country...


Frankly, this light setting doesn't suit this whole "kingdom conspiracy to go to war" thing, and the author doesn't seem to be any good at writing them either. Anyways, it doesn't match even if you try to force it, so please stop trying author-sama. I mean, I get why the plot isn't heading down this road (since the ML is the king of a neighboring nation and MC has grudges against the human nation that summoned her) but it's really forced and contrived and out of place. Please just stick to your comfort zone, or think of something more thrilling and elaborate or reasearch more before you try and put politics into the story...

Ruri, our MC, suffers a bad case of Mary Sue as well. Beautiful, smart, multitalented and everyone likes her... =_=


Theres a part where I cringed (it's untranslated as of yet) where Ruri goes to the kingdom that summoned her and looked at a normal village. It's near the time when the war is going to star up, and people were starving in poverty with soulless eyes.

Now, what does Ruri do after seeing this?

She wordlessly walks into the village in human form. Without speaking to the villagers who don't pay attention to her because they're too busy being poor, she casts magic that grows fruit trees and uses wind magic to distribute it to everyone else. Then leaves.

When asked later by her spirit pet? Thing why she did it, since it'd have no effect on the people at all, Ruri replies that she knows, it's the country's job to fix the problem, but she just couldn't leave them like that.

It's just... cringe.

I mean, her actions might be noble, but the way it was delivered seemed so MC centric and self-centered... Maybe if at least the author pulled the poor beggar child bumping into her either trying to mug her for money or beg for food cliche, and THEN she had gone and done that, it wouldn't be as bad. But Ruri literally walks into the village, unprovoked and making minimal contact with the villagers at all, and does her life saving mojo. What happens after those fruit trees stop possessing food has nothing to do with her, apparently.


You can give a man fish and feed him for a day, or you can teach a man to fish and feed them for life. What Ruri did was the former. She didn't inspire them to live (like a good protagonist would) or give them purpose, or even try to help them out of their predicament. All she did was give them food that's would last for who knows how long and help them stave off the hunger. It's not like they'll get seeds from those magic trees (who knows how long it'll take for them to grow too), it's not like they suddenly have enough energy to go farming or hunting, it's not like their brothers and husbands will come back from being forcefully conscripted into the army, it's not like the soulless look in their eyes will go away from just an apple or two...

In the end, other than trying to look good, what did she really accomplish here??


Ruri seems to think her only flaws comes from Asahi sticking around her, but I can think of a few more (like your personality, for example).

Seriously, when the chance to complain about how Asahi ruined her life by just being around her comes up, Ruri doesn't hold back. And Asahi, dense as a brick, doesn't even care and just keeps going at her. Wth? I don't have any sympathy for either of them really, but whenever Ruri complains about Asahi, the people around Ruri who treat her good are like, "oh my god, that's terrible, you poor girl" and take her side...

Why??? She is badmouthing a person you've never met, who hasn't done anything towards you and who Ruri knows doesn't have any ill intent towards her. How can you just accept that? No discomfort either, they agree with her unconditionally...

I can't relate, I can't sympathize, I don't really like the MC or the supporting cast...

All in all, it's poorly written and needs a lot of work.

I wouldn't recommend for serious reading, but it it's every once it a while then it's not a terrible way to pass the time with. Just, it's not that good either. <<less
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Algoz rated it
February 7, 2017
Status: v1c4
Not really a good story. The author tries to make a main character that have a lot of things in her favor (beauty, knowledge, magic power, etc) have "weakness" (and they totally aren't) to try and mask that the MC isn't a mary sue.

The author just pulled stuff out of his ass to explain how she could know things ... more>>

like when she was throw into the forest, she magically has a knife on her boots, because her grandfather was an survival junkie that trained her to survive in situations like this


This is a poor story, that has an INTERESTING concept, but it still isn't on that part yet, but for now, it's a bad "transport to another world" story with a mary sue character that doesn't have a personality. <<less
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Kikiji rated it
March 5, 2017
Status: v1c13
There are a lot of contradictions made in the setting in order to put the main character in a better light and even most of the misunderstandings are forced. In addition, nearly all of the characters are reduced to shallow foils for the protagonist- an 100% Mary Sue. I ended up skimming the last few chapters, hoping that at least the general plot would be good but even that disappointed me. The only good point I found- the original idea of a fluffy, amusing story about a revenge character spending... more>> time with the Demon Lord. Unfortunately everything else spoiled it. So if you're into Mary Sues right now (everyone has a phase like that once in a while) then by all means give it a chance- I'll recommend it. But if you're not, I think you have better things to spend your time on. <<less
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A.S.P. rated it
February 21, 2017
Status: v1c10
The story is great. The protagonist is clever but also have slightly submissive personality due to being unknowingly suppressed under her childhood "friend". The main character is slightly OP, but she herself don't see that, so the story is really funny to read.
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Cryarc rated it
March 3, 2017
Status: --
A cute story with slight misunderstanding comedy undertone, despite it's early part seems a little bit heavy it's actually a lighthearted shoujo series. It's not a really serious series, don't expect epic plot without a little bit bump here and there and expecting it as different genre (for example some scenes which meant to be taken as comedic and trivial scene taken in a serious manner). Don't judge way too early and give it a try at least 10 chapters before deciding it's good or not.
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dianachups rated it
February 14, 2017
Status: --
This is an interesting story, and the MC sure is a fun character to read, try reading this and you won't regret anything, even the grammar is executed nicely, and I will be rooting for this <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
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Keisotsuna rated it
September 12, 2017
Status: v1c16
I love it! At first, I thought it would have a very serious plot, but I was so, very so wrong!!

It was funny and light-hearted, just my cup of tea. I was left hanging by the last chapter that I really 5x want more!!

I'm looking forward to the romance. 😁

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aiya03 rated it
November 20, 2017
Status: v1c16
Yay! I love this. 😆

It's a cute story so far. Clueless guy keeps looking for that attractive girl he saw all the while not knowing she's right next to him.
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schmidtcooper rated it
June 18, 2017
Status: --
Ok, so it looses only 1 star for some forced plot points that forcefully make the MC out to be really awesome/ beautiful/ smart; but what Japanese novel doesn't? It's a very funny, cute story, that more than any great plot or great writing has something that I look for most in a novel. I want to keep reading more, its just light enough for casual reading and you can eat these chapters up.
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