The Saint’s Magic Power is Omnipotent (LN)


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Sei, a 20 year old office worker was summoned to a different world after finishing some overtime work. But the person who had summoned her looked at her face and said, “This is not the Saint.” Is this neglect play!?

Sei left the royal palace and concealed her saint title. She started working at a laboratory where she made potions and cosmetics. She used her magic to grant people’s requests and slowly people began suspecting that she was a saint…

Can Sei enjoy her slow dreamy different world life without her saint title being found out?!

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Seijo no Maryoku wa Bannou desu (LN)
聖女の魔力は万能です (小説)
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14 Reviews

Jun 11, 2017
Status: v1c6 part2
For a reincarnation genre novel, this one could be considered refreshing. Not the protagonist or antagonist, heck they don't even know she's the saint. It's rather fun and addicting. Better read it if you like to take a break from all the stereotype MC.
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Apr 13, 2017
Status: --
Just what you'd expect from a transported to another world story but the pacing feels much faster so more things happen so if you're craving transmigration story, I'd recommend this. Character's are a bit simple but have their own quirks as we get to know them more and more, translation from cloudytl is quite smooth and pleasant to read as well.

Very pleasant read like a nice light-hearted snack~
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May 17, 2018
Status: v2c6
I quite like how this story had all the hallmarks of a harem, but hasn't chosen to go that route. A nice easygoing story to read on a chill day.
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May 25, 2019
Status: v1c7
very light slice of life. I don't mind light stories and I don't mind slice of life, but put it together with shoujo and isekai and all I can do is shrug and give up. For my own part, I'm left wondering how I even arrived at this story as the MC has typical shoujo heroine traits that I find irritating and this is not the kind of story I normally read.

i kept waiting for the MC to lose her temper or at least tell someone, anyone, "no." she is... more>> kind, overly trusting, innocent despite her age, hardworking, selfless, and cannot say no to anyone. She's better than the total carpet personality but not by much; typical white lotus, Japanese version. I know she's a saint an all but really, that personality drives me nuts. I guess I'm just not good at reading stories with goody-goody MCs; I prefer my female MCs to be strong and independent and able to stand up for themselves. <<less
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Jun 14, 2019
Status: v4c1
It's a light shoujo novel. Yet the romance is not very developed. And since it's light, the isekai background is vague, no politics, no scheme, no real danger or adventures. I don't find it very exciting.

Then what's in there? Researching about plants and cooking. But not the methodical, logical, developed kind of research. Just lightly mentioning the MC reading books about plants, looking for way to create new potions. There is a skill system like in a game, but it's barely used. It's a slice of life, with a focus... more>> on producing HP potions and only this kind of potions, and sometimes learning about other stuff in passing.

It has the vibe of an otome game, with many ikemen there and there. But in terms of romance it's lukewarm:

we barely got a date and an exchange of gift in V1, then nothing else but some occasional encounters with the main love interest and the MC being flustered because he is good looking *roll eyes*


Lastly, the MC is the typical Japanese polite modest workaholic shy person. Nothing new there. At first she seemed different but she falls in this pattern quite soon.

Looking back on the whole 3 volumes I read today and yesterday, almost nothing happened action wise. Every time a seemingly embryonic beginning of plot seems to be introduced, it leads nowhere.

MC takes intense dance lessons to prepare for balls and the social season where MC will be introduced to the noble society, dances once with the ML as a training, then balls are never ever mentioned again.

MC learns to enchant items, she gift one to ML, then enchantment stopped being mentioned.

Crown Prince makes serious blunders that could endanger his inheritance right, factions supporting the 2nd Prince are mentioned, then Crown Prince got grounded and the overall situation was never spoken of. Even though it's related to the whole stability of the kingdom.


All in all, I can't say it's a bad read, I just wanted to warn people not to have too high of an expectation, then you'll enjoy it if it's the kind of story you're looking for (a heroine going to a isekai / slice-of-life theme) <<less
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Oct 29, 2017
Status: v2
A very refreshing and easy read. There's no overt antagonists or any sort of angst so it flows very smoothly. The characters are nice and developed enough to not be one dimensional. Sei is a nice heroine who's OPness doesn't grate and is genuinely just trying to live a relatively simple life but has a good heart and a go-with-the-flow attitude that sometimes ruins her own plans lol. The romance is very cute and the fluff livens up the story.

Overall, a peaceful and enjoyable transmig novel that does very well... more>> within the established cliches. <<less
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Apr 20, 2020
Status: v4 ss 8
One of my 5star rating (I rarely put 5star).

I fell in love first with the manga since it follows the novel very faithfully, so when I read the novel.... it's just magnified my love for this work.

A good world building, not too fast and not too ridiculous with the OP.

A slow romance.

A female protagonist with strong mentality.

An isekai protagonist that doesnt pour all her native (or should I say Japan) delicacy and insist them.
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Jan 04, 2018
Status: v2c2 part2
A refreshing one to read, story is pretty good, characters also pretty good except the MC. The MC is totally my ideal how a girl should be! If I have to say, so far the story indeed a bit slow and focused entirely on MC and her new environment, but I think this will be over soon because the Saint job is about cleaning miasma around the kingdom.
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Oct 04, 2017
Status: v2c1 part2
This is an interesting novel to read. The MC isn't like any other novel I ever read. I love how the story evolves and enjoy how the MC spends her time in the story. Overall its 5 stars from me. I hop there will be more of this in the near future.
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Aug 17, 2019
Status: v4 ss 5
The best point of this LN? Its simplicity. I love the light theme in here, its good for a refreshment from other isekai with heavier theme.

I like the MC and the male lead, and MC's relationship with the other summoned girl in here. MC can be quite OP, but she's very down to earth.

For some maybe its slow paced, but I really enjoy reading it till the last chapter. It gives me this relaxing vibe when reading this ?

If you love isekai that have heavier plot, more political issues, or... more>> even noticable romance progress, I think maybe this LN is not your cup of tea. <<less
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Mar 15, 2019
Status: v3 ss 4
Just like what most people say, this novel is truly refreshing. It's simple but compelling, a great change of pace from the usual isekai and shoujo genre. Yes there's a lot of signs throughout the story that makes it seem like a reverse harem, and sure nothing super grave actually happens (so far) but its a really nice read and it shouldn't be overlooked.
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Jan 10, 2019
Status: v3c4
It's a bit slow in the action at times - but I really like the story. Sei, the main female lead, is a nerd (fellow nerds, rejoice!) who is an office worker turned pharmacist/researcher. I appreciate how, though slightly OP in MP, she works hard and treats people genuinely. It is amusing to read the side stories from the other characters POV because although her actions seem rather normal it is fun to read from a "native" person's POV. Overall, a nice relaxing read of her everyday life and a... more>> wonderful break from the wuxia that I have been reading lately with its blood and betrayal. <<less
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Jan 06, 2019
Status: v2c5
Maybe I've read so much Isekai novels.. I really liked this but the feeling is somehow too lighthearted for my standard. I mean, if I were the MC I definitely would've held a grudge about being summoned and ignored afterwards. Suddenly being in different world with all these monsters and magic stuff going on will definitely overwhelm me and if I'm left confused with everything I might just break down. The MC's strong in that aspect, that or my personality's just terrible. Anw, even though the MC said she wants... more>> to live a normal life, I guess secretly monitoring her is kinda... wrong? Also, they've been giving her a lot of work. Her magic is inexhaustible, I give you that but is she a factory or something? She doesn't complain at, all. Well she's a saint, indeed. I was little bit, just a tiny bit, irritated about the fact that she just accepts everything. I really feel bad while reading this rn. But since it stirs my feelings quite a bit, I think this novel is actually good. The romance is there, too. I find it quite likable.. I'm looking forward to the next chapters. <<less
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Jun 28, 2019
Status: v4c3
So far the fluffy mush sets my heart aflutter with its cuteness and not pitting women against each other. The protag is sweet but honestly overly naive for a person over 25. She acts as if she has never had a crush before let alone love. It was really adorable but the denial makes me want to pinch her face and ask if she isn't the high school girl. Don't get me wrong I really love the story so far, but I can only hope the slow burn doesn't take... more>> another 4 volumes. <<less
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