The Wealthy and Influential Fiancé Has the Ability to Read Minds


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Tang Nuan, the cannon fodder supporting female in a sweet pampering novel, woke up after an accident and decided to get rid of her fate after she foresaw her tragic future in advance. The first thing she did was to break off the engagement with her wealthy fiancé. She felt that she knew the plot in advance and also knew the secret of her fiancé Ye Shuyan’s mind-reading ability, so she would be able to quit the marriage smoothly. However, she did not expect Ye Shuyan’s mind-reading ability limited to a three-meter distance would be an exception to her.

Ye Shuyan, who has always been with Tang Nuan out of responsibility, found that his fiancée was completely different from what he imagined after he had the mind-reading skills. He developed a feeling of admiration, so he, who firmly did not want to break off the engagement, and Tang Nuan started a series of battles of wits and courage.

The two protagonists redeemed each other in the struggle between breaking off and not breaking off the engagement, facing their feelings sincerely, and reaping sweet love and marriage.

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New remyrem
May 20, 2024
Status: --
Just caught up to the most recent TLed chapters for Transmigrated into Star's Hidden Wife, so I decided to look for more by this author while I wait and ended up here. It was a bit of a shock at first. Where TISHW is mostly just well-written romance and friendship with the family and drama just background spice, this one is pretty much all family drama. Story starts in media res with MC already knee-deep in drama from every front.

So far, I think the author really writes friendships well. In... more>> TISHW, I loved seeing the friend group interactions more than the romance, and even here I really like the chemistry between MC and her "scoundrel" friends. There's also some good dry (?) humor (?) in their stories. I thought it was pretty funny that the ML was so offended at being called a scumbag that he woke up from his coma. I also like that the MC's family isn't all bad, the grandma seems nice. Also, I think the author has a liking for smart MCs with bad families who are good with programming and love money and food, just something I noticed.

wrt the family swap, I actually hate this kind where biological relationship is the only thing that matters and one child must be f*cked over even though both are innocent and didn't choose to be switched. I was really wary that Tang Xing would just be a cartoon villain, but she's actually just an unfortunate person who made a mistake at the start, and she and the "real" family are very understanding and upright people. Still, I feel like it's too unfair that the family just let her go to suffer just because "that's what Tang Nuan had to live through so now Tang Xing must go through it too".


holy shit, is assistant wen too efficient??

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New ntww12 rated it
May 16, 2024
Status: Completed
Wow what a fantastic read. It has everything I love: wonderful chemistry between FL and ML, gradual falling into love as the both of them confront their inner demons, the epic romance and dogfood later on, fantastic faceslapping scenes and a great cast of side characters.

Honestly I nearly dropped the story because I didn't like the abrupt writing style in the first few chapters. I don't know if its the translation or if the author didn't properly write certain scenes at the beginning. But after I understood the story better,... more>> wow what a great read!!

FL is a vibrant, gorgeous lady. She is actually the fake daughter swapped at birth, and her real family later on will heal all the scars she has. She was mistreated by her 'fake' family and has a deep scar in her heart. It is the reason why she cannot admit to loving the ML. She's afraid that if she falls in love with him, and he leaves her, she will not be able to cope. So our FL closes her heart off.

I love all the family relationship parts of the novel. Her fake family neglected her a lot and so FL is so afraid of being abandoned. Her real family will slowly build up her self esteem and courage and assure her that she's loved. It's so amazing.

There is one part where her s*upid 'fake' family who is supposed to be rich, wants to settle accounts with her 'real' family who is thought as poor. In fact, her 'real' family are involved in real estate and they are far richer than her 'fake' family. They're just humble and don't show off. The 'fake' family wanted the other party to pay them all the expenses for raising up the FL Tang Nuan. So they brought out the receipts and was owed 11million I think. The 'real' family actually loved Tang Xing, the swapped girl a lot too. But they still went ahead to bring out all the receipts of them pampering Tang Xing eventhough it'll hurt her feelings. All the others could see how much Tang Xing grew up loved, whereas Tang Nuan who was supposed to be from a rich family, suffered neglect. In the end, they had spent almost 40million on Tang Xing. And the 'fake' family was the one who had to pay them back. Their s*upid plan backfired.

Tang Xing left crying as it feels as though lines were drawn between the families. And Tang Nuan felt bad. But then her mother said:

"Someone has to get hurt, but one thing is for sure, the person who should be hurt the least is you, you are the most justified one."

So in the end, they chose to feel uncomfortable and hurt Tang Xing, just to give Tang Nuan justice.

Shen Jinhua (FL's mother) touched her head, "Since we said look forward, we will all look forward. The same goes for Tang Xing. If she has to overcome this hurdle, she will do the same as you have done for so many years. We believe she will become stronger.

"You are the most important to us now."

I was so wowed by this scene. As there are so many fake/real daughter stories out there, and the families always try to maintain fairness but it is never fair.

There are so many great scenes like this in the novel.

FL's trauma is slowly healed by her family and... also by the ML!

So the ML is kinda a jerk in the beginning but he slowly changes, I promise. He actually abhors love and romance. This is because his mother divorced his father just for the sake of "true love" so he thinks that people who are love-brained are s*upid. He doesn't want his emotions to be affected by love. So at one point in time, he avoids the FL because he can feel that his judgement is being affected by her. But later on he will realize his mistakes.

After he realizes that love isn't to be feared, he will be more honest with the FL and their romance is just so great. He helps FL through her traumatic moments too, and he supports her in all her endeavours, slowly building up her confidence as well.

It's great yall. I'm just going to go ahead and put a bit of spoilers at the beginning of the novel since the first few chapters of the novel is truly confusing. But it gets better!

Summary of the novel:


Our FL has just graduated from a prestigious university. She's the second daughter of a rich family but this "rich" family is actually one of the lowest ranks amongst the rich families. She has an older sister and an illegitimate younger brother (son of father's mistress).

She just graduated from a prestigious university but for some reason, nobody believes it. She's in a groupchat with a bunch of rich kids who don't amount to anything. They like to spread gossip in this groupchat. It's featured prominently in the story. Basically they make fun of our FL in this groupchat and then inform her that oh, her fiance's white moonlight is back and she's about to be stripped off the engagement as she isn't worthy.

FL, Tang Nuan doesn't quite care since she knows she's in a contract with the ML, her fiance. He wants someone obedient and she just wants someone to protect her since her family is quite frankly, the worst of the worst. They're rubbish.

Some drama happens and we find out that white moonlight, Jiang Miao is a fake white lotus. Our FL however, is a fantastic green tea lady and she manages to overcome all the fakeness and reveal the true colours of Jiang Miao.

However, in a struggle with Jiang Miao, somehow both Tang Nuan and Ye Shuyan get injured. Tang Nuan wakes up with knowledge of the "novel world" that she's in where she's the villainess cannon fodder, and her fiance is the villain of the story. Her fiance Ye Shuyan is supposed to marry her, and somehow falls in love with Jiang Miao and regrets it. He ends up being a villain who tries to separate oriFL aka Jiang Miao from the oriML but suffers. Tang Nuan also dies miserably in the "novel world". She is found to be the fake daughter as she was swapped at birth, and her real family is supposed to be poor in the "novel world".

So when she wakes up, she's like, wtf. This is the absolute worst. She will not follow the novel ending!!! Also her fiance is scum!!! She will break off the engagement.

On the other hand, ML wakes up and also gains a golden finger. He can read minds! The range of his mindreading is only 3m for others, but for FL, it is somehow beyond 3m. FL doesn't know this and thought it's only 3m, so she will think fake thoughts when near the ML but when she's further away she'll reveal her true thoughts.

The rest of the story is about the FL trying to break the engagement subtly. She wants the ML to break it so that she gets some financial benefits as she's poor now ever since her family kicked her out of the house. She also did not want to rely too much on her 'real' family.

ML on the other hand, doesn't want to break up with the FL.

Along the way they fall in love, and also faceslap tons of people. It's a truly fun read.

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manfin rated it
December 13, 2022
Status: c7
firstly, up to now, the ML still didn't obtain the ability to read mind

secondly, up to now, the ML seem to favor the FL over the other girl

thirdly, contrary to common novels where the protagonist (A) and the CEO ML who have a fiancee (B) are in love, the fiancee cause trouble for the protagonist, and ended up as a cannon fodder, on this novel, (A) have an one sided crush with the ML; Tang Nuan (B) know that hers and ML's relationship are a relationship of convenience... more>> and is fine with that, and ML, while not having his thoughts developed yet, is shown to be a cold guy in public and a caring one in private, even if from B's words, it's just from responsibility. Ex:
  • No matter how busy ML is, when FL was aboard, no matter how busy he is, he never forget to call FL once a week
  • ML seems to take his distance from (A) and remain close to FL, even if it's too early to take conclusions

in conclusion, rather than a classic face slapping, it's a story about a couple who, while not loving each others yet, repels others who want to separate them thinking that (A), the protagonist material, is more suited with ML than FL <<less
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kyrez rated it
February 5, 2024
Status: Completed
I'm glad I decided to keep on reading in spite of the low rating.

I really really enjoyed the story. It's a very HE~

... more>>

ML is cold and aloof (as usual). But he takes responsibility seriously. So yes, he's always on the FL's side (since she's his fiance) . He's aversive to the emotion 'love' due to his family environments. So he'd rather clings to his belief in emotionless marriage.

FL is amazing. She's actually the top-notch intelligent and awesome bai fu mei. But all the people in her circle (except her 2 bffs) thought she's ditzy, fool and arrogant. She put on a brave face, but she's very insecure, and long to be loved by her closed ones.



ML & FL are not celebrities, but they have some involvement with the showbiz. The villainess is a celebrity, and she keeps entangling the leads in hot search.

Many drama backfired on the villainess (there's no true villain here, except the Jiang family).



I like how the ML's mom (not the stepmother) is actually really thinking about her son, though it's annoying when she's supporting the villainess. She was the one who forced the ML to own up to his feeling. And she supports her son's decision when she believes that ML really knows what he's doing.

I also really really like the nouveau rich Tang family (the FL's real family). They are the greatest! Each member grew with love and when the FL returned to the family, they unswervingly showered her with love, hoping that she can feel safe and secure.

Even the real daughter (FL is the fake daughter of the rich) was so good. She felt blessed and guilty that she took the FL's place for 20 years, especially after knowing how miserable the FL's life was before. She stayed away until the FL felt secured enough to include her in her (FL's) life.

It's the first time I feel both fake and real daughters are pitiful. But I like how the author wrote it.


ML & FL falling in love with each other is destined. I'm so happy to see their happy ending (s).

Definitely a recommended reading. Translation is also well done, but I still MTL'ed to finish reading the story~ Have fun! 🌈🌥️ <<less
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February 4, 2023
Status: Completed
This story needs to be read till the end to know what kind of meaning is in it.

This story is about 2 similar neglected people slowly finding warmth, learning to trust, and overcoming fear of the unknown. It brings typical trope such as mind reading ability and knowledge of "book" future.

I said book because it turns out that what happened in the book is very different than what actually happens in reality. ML is not a scum at all. The mind read ability isn't making him OP, since he is... more>> already OP from the start. It only serves as plot power for their budding relationship. While, MC doesn't have any supernatural abilities but she is very smart and capable. A very rare MC nowadays. <<less
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Babablacksheep9 rated it
May 1, 2024
Status: c37
It's such a wonderful novel 😍

ML gains ability to mind read in the ... more>>



The story is about misunderstood villains making a comeback (my favourite) in this life. The og FL seems quite dumb? She is sooo s*upid and the cyberbullying against the heroine was quite harsh but everything culminated quickly in about chapter 35. I don't want to read mtl so I will just wait patiently for the rest.

Thank you translator (⁠◍⁠•⁠ᴗ⁠•⁠◍⁠) ⁠❤ <<less
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DemiUchiha rated it
November 11, 2023
Status: c52
This story is so irritating. The villains are so s*upid that it's ridiculous. How is it that the netizens just blindly scold the MC for being a vase/uneducated, without even attempting to actually look at her school records that were never hidden. It makes zero sense. The ML was basically kind of useless. The older sister really carried. I never understood the concept of being so busy that you can't send at least one text to the people in your life, especially a fiance. Like when she was being talked... more>> about so horribly, he didn't know anything until the last minute when it was being handled by her older sister. Absolutely ridiculous. Also the MC trips and falls almost every chapter it seems like. Also I'm tired of this back and forth breaking off the engagement talk almost every single chapter. It's annoying at this point. This story is ridiculously drawn out to me. This could have ended by now, but no the author keeps writing a bunch of nonsense fillers. The only good thing about this so far is the MC's bio family. It's not the worst story ever. It's just that there are way too many annoying points and I'm surprised I even made it this far. <<less
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Black_Pit rated it
September 4, 2023
Status: Completed

The ratings didn't give this novel justice.

Despite their bickering and 'mutual benefit no feelings attached' engagement at the start (with mind reading ability and foreseeing the 'future' from a book as the plot driver) — this is one of rare CN where both leads give respect, try to understand each other, communicate properly and work together to form a healthy relationship.

... more>> You can see how the cold ML and prickly MC at the start warmed up and faced their childhood abandonment issues and grow to be emotionally available.

The romance of MC's siblings and friends are also cute, it brings different flavor to the story. I really wish the author write a seperate story for each of them.

I feel like the pace of the novel would be much better if there's less focus on reoccurring conflicts with the antagonists, and more on the MC growth, family relationship, or.. Even better Tang Xing?

I think focusing the story on the journey of MC and Tang Xing, from grievances due to swap of fate between two strangers, to acquaintances, and then sisterhood would make a better premise. It did happen in the end but there's not much details and interaction between them in the novel
(I reallllly want moreee cause they don't follow the cliché route of this troupe).

There are also chapters full of 'the netizens comments' dump onto your face in the middle of the story. It's quite over the top, but a good reminder to us of how terrible internet violence can affect people. <<less
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tedy2004 rated it
July 12, 2023
Status: Completed
An unexpected novel. At first, the start is cliché, but after that everything falls in to place. The ML and FL's fictional abilities and overall abilities, didn't make the novel seem boring, but it helped them change into better persons of themselves.

Though, I skipped the netizens from 20-30 chapters that they were in, as they are filler and quite annoying.

The MTL wasn't unbearable, it's 70-75% understandable in my opinion.

... more>> Overall, it's a good novel to read, for enjoying some sweet moments and passing time, 3.5 star.

P.S.: Bed scenes, start + aftermath detailed. <<less
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Anastrisha rated it
January 6, 2023
Status: Completed
Despite the craziness of the dog blood novel they are in, I really love the initial part of how MC and ML deal with their current predicament. It was a fun ride of MC trying to avoid her sad fate and ML trying to understand his situation from mind reading MC.

It just that the later half, where ML started understanding his feeling, was a bit bland for me. It's really hard for me to enjoy reading stories about capable adults yet still struggling with simple emotions. If it wasn't because... more>> I wanted to see how they would end, I would have stop by then. Thankfully my stay wasn't a waste as I really love that they sort of explain why the og novel ended in their sad end.

Another element that ruin this plot for me is MC's biological family. If author wanted MC to have a rich family then just have them rich. I hate that the author had to go around circles with how they're just ordinary people with more money, like no that's not something ordinary. They are also rich family like her adopted family, why the need to go around circles which is wealthier? <<less
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Slowday rated it
December 17, 2022
Status: Completed
It's a nice, light reading for you who like stories around 100 chapters. First 10 chapters are about how the ML got the mind-reading skill and how FL found out her life is actually a novel.

Then the next 20-30 chapters are about how the og-FL trying to crush our FL and steal her fiancé with her white lotus skill and family background by the reason of "Oh he and I are childhood sweethearts so now that I'm actually a child of rich family then it should be a matter of... more>> course that we be engaged right?" bs.

The og-FL is truly unsettling. She got faceslapped numerous times but keeps coming back... It takes around 20 chapters for it finally 'ended'. But then again there's another moment when she and her family showed up trying to disturb MCs' life. And then it's another 5-10 resolution chapters at the almost end of the story.


FL is not a fuel-efficient lamp. She really graduated from a prestigious university (which no one believes) and got a lot of awards from her school days. But because her 'family' is somewhat on the bottom of the rich family list, people thought she was just another vase who climbed up using dirty means. FL and ML interacts like guests. They respect each other because they have the same interests and expect no love.

Then it's a fake daughter trope trying to tie up rich family by using the engagement—no. ML doesn't really mind about her background because what he was looking for was the person. And her biological family is awesome. They love her so much. They're even richer–the real landlord family, but apparently an upstart. I could never hold my tear ducts when they interact—either too funny or too heart-wrenching.

In the early phase, FL doesn't want to break up because she's freaking poor and she needs to give back the apartment she lived in and all the gifts back to ML if she asks to break off the engagement first. She doesn't want to live in the streets with zero money so she deliberately hold on until the right time to cancel the engagement.

The romance's kinda slow. Funny that ML finally realized that he likes the FL when his own mother talked about 'love' while introducing him to another girl she preferred. Then the real chasing starts here.


Once the ML and FL established their relationship, it's full of saccharines. I love how real they were described as a couple in love, how lovestruck the ML to FL. Before this, ML is basically a piece of wood. Thanks to his assistant (and the mind-reading skill) that he eventually figured out basic common senses.

I like that the story somehow speaks out about the terrible effect of cyberbullying and how scary people would act while hiding behind anonymity.

But the author seems lacking in describing the details, background and the past of the characters—or maybe because I read the MTL version, so it's not very clear. And I also haven't read the extras, so there's still some unsolved mysteries, like how did the babies got swapped out? And who's the child who helped the FL when she got drowned in the sea? It wasn't told in the main story, so probably it was covered in the extras. <<less
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