The Villains Need to Save the World?


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In the legends that were told, ten thousand years ago the twelve demon kings wreaked havoc upon the world, almost completely destroying it. Ten thousand years later, the late arriving Bella discovered that she had been screwed over by her reincarnation, the ranks of the Saviors are already filled and she has to change teams in order to pass the days. Having her gender changed into a beautiful girl… she endured that, not being able to join the righteous side and obtain cheat abilities… she endured, but what she could not endure, was that the world that she had transmigrated to was toxic beyond belief. No one here does their rightful jobs properly, be they heroes, demon kings, or creator gods… in fact, Bella felt as if they all had also started with the wrong faction!

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Heliakon rated it
December 1, 2017
Status: v7c430
Quick review by the TL here, first time writing one so might not cover enough bases. (Minor Spoilers)

The story is a different take on the typical reincarnation/transmigration novel and their ambitious MCs; The MC in Villains is a female antagonist, but doesn't do too much of the typical antagonist stuff, at least not intentionally.

Much of the story is comprised of arcs where she travels around and amasses a giant harem by converting all types of females to the cult of yuri. Even the author has stated that much of... more>> the harem is not 'persistent' in the foreground and only serve to further Bella's character as well as that of her 'inner circle' harem; still a very hefty number.

The story is rather lighthearted and has its share of fan service and ecchi, it's basically a feature of the novel. It's not for the serious readers who wish to see a MC take over the world with reforms/powers; we see a MC who takes over the world by converting it's women into... lesbians. It has it's share of action and plot but the main appeal are the entertaining characters that are Bella, her 'inner' harem that are every bit as OP as she is; and how they interact in a pseudo slice-of-life basis.

TL;DR: Lighthearted novel with ecchi and a massive yuri harem; contains its share of plot and action. Worthy of a try for those who want to see a different take on reincarnation/transmigration. <<less
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ichibaka rated it
December 20, 2017
Status: v1c5
Love Bella's f**k the world and everyone she doesn't like attitude. She takes what she want, even by force.

If she fancies any female, you damn well expect that damsel to fall into her yuri loving embrace, rope play in tow.
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gento rated it
January 22, 2018
Status: v1c15
I was looking for a strong female MC with yuri and harem tag and here I found it. Getting Interested I started this novel and I have to say that is good. I really like the way of the MC think or trick to get a beautiful female harem. The MC, Bella, Demon God who possessed beautiful dead body (Felia) and create dark empire that fill of strongest monster in it. Well she's not a hero who fight the demon lord and save the world but she demon god who... more>> f**k the world. <<less
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Alfha Robby
Alfha Robby rated it
January 1, 2018
Status: v3c155
to put in simply This story is set in different world which the Coalition of human country were engage in Global Scale War against Demon in their northern border, Beastmen in Southern Border and Fishmen (like Mermaid) in the Eastern Border but it focus in MC building her own Dark Empire and Yuri Harem.

Although this is a Yuri Harem, the MC used to be man in his previous life.

At first the story is kinda typical reincarnate OP MC but the MC isn't the so called arrogant annoying xianxia neither... more>> Kind, Beta pu**y and Virginity Obsesser Japanese MC.

The MC is ruthless and wont hesitate to kill Human and always love to degenerate every heroine into his harem.

The development of each character is kinda repetitive yet refreshing and in the end each harem will succumb to our great MC.

if you love Konjiki no Moji tsukai and Arifureta then you'll definitely love this Novel. <<less
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WhiteNekoKnight rated it
January 18, 2018
Status: v1c6
Standard reincarnation into a different world novel with a gender-bent (MtoF) whose building a slave harem. Nothing really to make it stand out IMO. Could be a decent time waster. I recommend it for a light read between books. Though if you don't like the idea of rape and slavery, I don't recommend it.
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strucker543 rated it
February 12, 2018
Status: c19
Read all 19 chapters out so far and I gotta say theres nothing to this series, first prologue chapters were interesting then meh :P


Why when she was getting those girls bought back to life from that creator did she only get her to revive the body of her host and not her life? Hell why is she even using it in the first place O_o something about hiding her odd color eyes?? Bit overkill isnt it for a disguise? Nothing wrong with a eye patch

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