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In the legends that were told, ten thousand years ago the twelve demon kings wreaked havoc upon the world, almost completely destroying it. Ten thousand years later, the late arriving Bella discovered that she had been screwed over by her reincarnation, the ranks of the Saviors are already filled and she has to change teams in order to pass the days. Having her gender changed into a beautiful girl… she endured that, not being able to join the righteous side and obtain cheat abilities… she endured, but what she could not endure, was that the world that she had transmigrated to was toxic beyond belief. No one here does their rightful jobs properly, be they heroes, demon kings, or creator gods… in fact, Bella felt as if they all had also started with the wrong faction!

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30 Reviews

Dec 01, 2017
Status: v7c430
Quick review by the TL here, first time writing one so might not cover enough bases. (Minor Spoilers)

The story is a different take on the typical reincarnation/transmigration novel and their ambitious MCs; The MC in Villains is a female antagonist, but doesn't do too much of the typical antagonist stuff, at least not intentionally.

Much of the story is comprised of arcs where she travels around and amasses a giant harem by converting all types of females to the cult of yuri. Even the author has stated that much of... more>> the harem is not 'persistent' in the foreground and only serve to further Bella's character as well as that of her 'inner circle' harem; still a very hefty number.

The story is rather lighthearted and has its share of fan service and ecchi, it's basically a feature of the novel. It's not for the serious readers who wish to see a MC take over the world with reforms/powers; we see a MC who takes over the world by converting it's women into... lesbians. It has it's share of action and plot but the main appeal are the entertaining characters that are Bella, her 'inner' harem that are every bit as OP as she is; and how they interact in a pseudo slice-of-life basis.

TL;DR: Lighthearted novel with ecchi and a massive yuri harem; contains its share of plot and action. Worthy of a try for those who want to see a different take on reincarnation/transmigration. <<less
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May 23, 2018
Status: c33
This novel... is freaking s*upid. I tried to like it, I really tried. I gave it many long chapters, but I found out the sad truth. This novel is a trainwreck. It's extremely boring and monotone, the author really has no talent for writing an immersive and engaging story, it's one of the worst cases I've ever seen and I've read hundreds of novels. I rarely drop novels unless it's a freaking hopeless case or I've read it for weeks and started to tire of the authors way of writing,... more>> but here I just managed to read for a single day before dropping it. A 2/5 in rating is because it's below average but not at the very bottom, unlike some people, I won't give a 1/5 just because I didn't like it. It has to be more than just bad to become a 1/5 :D


Now I guess it's about time for me to explain why I disliked this novel to the point of dropping it. Okay, let's explain what this story is. It's about some random designer dude or something suddenly transmigrating into a 10000+ year old body of a demon god, that demon god had also lost her memories of before 6000 years ago, as if that wasn't bad enough, the MC didn't inherit any memories so she has no control over her powers. Now, we'd expect that she'd be really OP, right? Super OP. I mean, a demon god like her can talk with creator gods of different dimensions and are at the peak. Nope. Power is only relative to the situation, but it turns out that almost every other character is just about as powerful as she is, there are 3 more demon gods by her side and then there's transmigrator "heroes", who, despite supposedly being novices, are just about as powerful as her, a demon GOD. So, her being "OP" compared to normal people plays no role whatsoever, it's just hollow. Especially since she took control of a body of a dead girl for no good reason and is in her body most of the time, which is just at the level of a "demon king" after enhancements a dozen or two chapters in. She almost in that body all the time, even when facing stronger enemies, so she appears underpowered rather than average compared to everyone.

Okay, so I can accept that. Although it does piss me off a lot. But then the writing is just so damn insipid. There's nothing that makes you immerse yourself here. It's surprising how boring it is, the I can't quite explain it properly, but just know that we get no real information on anything and nothing feels real, it's extremely artifical and stuff just happens because the author wants it to, there's no warning and nothing leading up to it, it's as if everything just pops up, way too forced and casual with no real flow and gripping parts.

So, that's something that turns me off, obviously. So, this is tagged with comedy. You'd expect some laughs, some humor, some attempts at being funny? Nah, really, there's nothing like that. This novel doesn't deserve the comedy tag at all. I half-laughed once or twice in 40 chapters (33 normal 7 or so prologue chapters). The author never tries to make it funny. There's no real jokes, unless you call the s*xual harassment of other characters and how no one ever acts like they're supposed to (not in a funny way, just that they're s*upid, innocent, naive or acts like 10 year old kids, it's not the comedy type of weirdness) "jokes". Not even someone who haven't read a lot of novels before should be able to laugh at this level of crap.

I feel like a big reason for this being marked as a "comedy" novel is the MC and her attitude against girls. The yuri is there and it's hardcore for a non-hentai novel. I like this stuff quite a bit and I have varying preferences, I've seen just about anything in terms of pe*verted stuff, but this MC is just extremely creepy. Imagine a spoiled, pe*verted young master that drowns in women and wants to r*pe every girl he sees, no matter what they think or anything and that's pretty much this MC in a nutshell. Every girl is targeted and he acts in an extremely creepy way, not in a funny creepy way, but just very, very creepy way. Like when two girls are gagged and bound by someone else which she can't untie at the moment, she then treats them as dolls, sleeps with them on her bed, attacks them sexually, force feeds them, is generally sadistic against them along with all other kinds of weird sh*t. It's to the point where she doesn't consider them women but rather livestock or something like it -.- She even almost said livestock instead of girls several times when she was saving them from another rapist who wasn't really much worse than the MC. Oh, and don't expect to see any males in this story except for the few monsters who doesn't matter. They don't even welcome any males into their places or anything, the MC even said she's afraid of her girls being poached by others so she won't let males be anywhere close.

Oh, there are also lolis everywhere, which is kind of irritating. Don't get me wrong, I love lolis, legal lolis are the best. But in this novel, every demon or similar thing is lolis, three creator gods are lolis, all three of the demon gods on her side are also lolis etc. It's not good anymore when it's overdone. What makes it worse is that the MC, at least for the first 20 or so chapters, dunno about after, treats them like children because they look young. The MC is just around 22 years old, these lolis, all of them without exception, are above 10000 years old. They also act like very young lolis for no reason, very innocent. The MC feels like it'd be a crime to do anything to them, which is ridiculous and ruins the whole idea of having lolis in the novel. They're seemingly just there for "comedy" when the MC denies them their requests for s*x or whatever.


Oh well, so, it's a kinda bad novel. It's not worth reading, really. There are a lot of novels out there that are better than this. Not saying it's the worst novel out there, but it's high on the "bad novel list" for me. <<less
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Dec 20, 2017
Status: v1c5
Love Bella's f*ck the world and everyone she doesn't like attitude. She takes what she want, even by force.

If she fancies any female, you damn well expect that damsel to fall into her yuri loving embrace, rope play in tow.
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Alfha Robby
Alfha Robby
Jan 01, 2018
Status: v3c155
to put in simply This story is set in different world which the Coalition of human country were engage in Global Scale War against Demon in their northern border of (Knight) Olysvia Empire, Ogre in Southern Border of (Swordsman) Gabriel Empire and Oceanic Race (like Mermaid) in the Eastern Border of (Magician) Aldrich Empire but it focus in MC building her own Dark Empire and Yuri Harem.

Although this is a Yuri Harem, the MC used to be man in his previous life. At first the story is kinda typical reincarnate... more>> OP MC but the MC isn't the so called arrogant annoying xianxia neither Kind, Beta pu*sy and v**ginity Obsessed Japanese MC. The MC is ruthless and wont hesitate to kill Human and always love to degenerate every heroine into his harem.

The development of each character is kinda repetitive yet refreshing and in the end each harem will succumb to our great MC. if you love Konjiki no Moji tsukai and Arifureta then you'll definitely love this Novel. <<less
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Jun 25, 2018
Status: v1c5
If s*xual assault and implied r*pe isn't your thing, I'd suggest you give this a pass

Personally, I wasn't expecting this to be as full-on as it is. The protagonist rapidly goes from confused reincarnated, gender-bent individual to an amoral, mu*derous s*xual deviant that acts like what I'd imagine a h**ny teenage boy would. It reads like an adult book with the raunchy passages scrubbed, where everything exists only to be an excuse to have poorly planned adult shenanigans.
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Jan 22, 2018
Status: v1c15
I was looking for a strong female MC with yuri and harem tag and here I found it. Getting Interested I started this novel and I have to say that is good. I really like the way of the MC think or trick to get a beautiful female harem. The MC, Bella, Demon God who possessed beautiful dead body (Felia) and create dark empire that fill of strongest monster in it. Well she's not a hero who fight the demon lord and save the world but she demon god who... more>> f**k the world. <<less
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Dec 20, 2019
Status: v2c74 part2
I like Gender Bender, I don't even mind r*pe and s*xual assault. In fact, you could say I like them to a certain degree. But this? Though this novel has one of my favorite genres, even I can't stomach it much longer. First, every important figure in this story just happened to be female, like the Demon God, the Demon King, the Creator, etc. For instance, they are ALL female. Though it's not like there aren't male counterparts of those, but they are rarely even mentioned they might as well... more>> not exist.

Then, the protagonist doesn't have self-respect and is just a s*x maniac driven by her libido. She's always attempting to sexually assault any beautiful girls she encounters. I can see now why this novel is banned in China, this is basically just a wish-fulfillment story written by the author to fulfill his s*xual desire. While I know that there are plenty of authors out there who integrate their fetish into the stories they write, but this one really takes the cake and went over the bottom line. <<less
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May 01, 2018
Status: c34
TL;DR at the bottom.

Okay, where to begin. The tags for this series are ecchi, yuri, harem, multiple reincarnated, Loli, and reincarnated into another world to name the main tags. If you don’t like any of those, then you won’t like this series. Now, I don’t mean to truly deter anyone from reading this series, honestly, but there should be three more tags there: forced yuri, soft smut, and translator notes. I’ll explain why, while this is a yuri series and a harem series, it would make sense to gather MC’s... more>> waifus and have fun with them, which is exactly what happens in this series which is great. I love that the MC isn’t a dense P.O.S., but I dislike how they can’t seem to get their mind out of the gutter. The MC’s whole reason for existence is to have as much lesbian s*x as possible. Which is just swell, but it just seems... like a bit too much? Every other arc is the MC forcing themselves on another woman. Which leads me to my next tag, the soft smut. Now, there really isn’t any actual smut in this series. And I’m most cases ecchi would work fine. But ecchi is usually (in my experience) not this forced. The author, as I said earlier, throws in this smut every few chapters. And it’s not like, a chapter of smut, but like a whole story arc of this stuff. If you like yuri on this type of scale, then go for it. But if you don’t, then this isn’t the series for you. Now my final tag, the “translator note” tag. Normally, a translator note is a great thing, however in this series it’s done quite a lot and thrown right into the middle of the chapter. While the translator or editor is getting better at not throwing in a bunch of them every chapter as it detracts from the experience of reading the chapter, they are still slightly there. Not so bad to warrant an actual complaint, but I’d definitely throw them to the bottom of the chapter, and include a reference number next to the part in question, but that’s just me. Overall, I generally like this series. The strong female MC is great, the characters are just a tad flat but still pretty decent, however the story is kinda bonkers. I’m not going to spoil anything here, but it just jumps all over the place and throws together a bunch of different genres evidenced by the sci-fi tag included in this series. If you don’t know about the multiverse theory, I’d go look it up. Or watch an episode of Dragonball Super where they talk about multiple realities that way it’s not a foreign idea to you.


The series itself is pretty decent, a bit wackadoodle but good never-the-less. It’s got a strong heroine, and some durable cast members. I’d like to see less translator notes in the middle of the chapter, and it looks like my wish is coming true. Thanks! There’s also the issue of a lot of forced yuri, which isn’t totally my thing, but you do you. I went into this thinking it’d be a bad ass isekai revenge/reincarnated story with an awesome female MC, but it’s more like a game of lesbian tag, where the MC runs around turning every female she can get her hands on into a lesbian. Alrighty, enough of that rant, it’s worth a read as it’s only got 34 chapters out at the moment. Have fun! <<less
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Apr 05, 2018
Status: v1c27
I find the balance of the MC well done, neither to dark or light giving an almost relatable feeling if one was to be in the same circumstance. Kindness or something like that for her companions and a total disregard for everyone else. This would usually come off as a harsh attitude but considering the values of the nobility etc I find it very fitting.

As always looking forward to the next chapter. 5 stars for me
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Apr 23, 2018
Status: c32
Read the latest chapter, truly a nice work! With a lot of world building tho... Sometimes I even forgot about the details... But who cares! This is a harem yuri story! Hahahaha

Well... Actually, it feels like Dragon Bloodline, but the MC is the Her... No... The Villain... and the way she catches those lolis... I mean her harem members are the opposite... Hahaha

FBI won't be coming to my house tonight because I read this.... Right???

Wait someone is knocking the door...
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Sep 26, 2019
Status: v3c110
The history is good, but the protagonist is a sh*t as human, 80% of the novel is about the protagonist raping girls, the wrost part is how they try give the idea of 'if she feels good, then isn't r*pe' to the reader, but after all, it's just r*pe.

But I won't drop, the history it's good after all, you just need to ignore the r*pe.
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Jul 13, 2019
Status: c65
A novel about a female predator who brainwash and force her victims to like her, which is already creepy in itself but somehow the MC is not hated by everyone :/.

Oh and the author reallyyyy f*cking hates men, either they are completely heartless and out for the princess body or they're monster (literally). And all the women are pure and don't need no men around, all they need is the MC because she's so conveniently perfect and not a psychopath rapist. Read this sh*t if you want some SJW bs.

tl;dr:... more>> read this if you like rapist femdom and hates men. <<less
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Feb 12, 2018
Status: c19
Read all 19 chapters out so far and I gotta say theres nothing to this series, first prologue chapters were interesting then meh :P


Why when she was getting those girls bought back to life from that creator did she only get her to revive the body of her host and not her life? Hell why is she even using it in the first place O_o something about hiding her odd color eyes?? Bit overkill isnt it for a disguise? Nothing wrong with a eye patch

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Feb 13, 2021
Status: c13
So far, despite the fact I'm only on chapter 13, there are a lot of things that make me hate this novel

  • The main character possesses the body of a random girl for absolutely no reason whatsoever. All the body does is make her much weaker than her original form and allow her to pretend to be the original owner of the body, which she doesn't even do in a smart way, it just people saying "is she x, I thought she died" that's it.
  • For absolutely no reason the main character goes to the main continent, they didn't even give a shitty reason like "she wanted to explore"
  • The main character starts massacring people on a boat for them attacking her which is understandable, but then she starts destroying random fleets for no reason other than to get food for the body she is possessing which incase you forgot, she has no reason for possessing this body. (Her real body doesn't need food)
  • MC takes over a town, we are never given a reason why, and then it creates a war between her faction and the original undead there so she can gain territory that we again never get a reason why she wants.
  • Two innocent girls are stripped and put into cursed bondage rope that the MC ends up saving, she then proceeds to r*pe them and do horrible things to them. I don't get why people are into r*pe... get help
  • With the title, you would expect a decent world-building... Nope, so far despite multiple chances to introduce the lore the author never does it. I would expect this type of story to be "worlds dying, heroes abusing their power and causing the world to die, the "villain" main character needs to save the world in their place" but instead of that storyline we just get the main character being an unbearable pe*vert.
Unless you are completely out of the content I would not recommend reading this
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Dec 02, 2019
Status: v9c472
I realised that I never wrote a review for what is from far my favorite novel (althought I will not pretend everybody will like it).

The story mainly resolve around the protagonist and her obsession of an harem building, wich is mainly, but not exclusively done by force, has the MC is a huge sadist. However, she is not totally heartless, and will usually not abuse a girl she feel will not enjoy in the slightest the yuri action (But she does not give up either), the fact that girls finish... more>> by enjoying themself in wich is downright r*pe is a common trope (ok of hentai, but still) but it can, and it will block certain person.

What I like, exept obviously the yuri wich is... Very yuri (no scene are actually explicitely described) is that there is a slow plot building in the background, the MC, who don't have memory of the past life of her body before transmigration will encounter her fair share of people who know way more about her and her implication than her (and us) and drop lot of hint about the life and purpose of her, even though she is obviously busy enough picking princess and noble girls.

She also is OP, wich is rarely but occasionaly (she prefer to hide her strengh and use back hand methods like money, influence, relations) used in comical and cathartic crush of her ennemy, but she is in no way the strongest of her harem.

In conclusion, even though the speech of the story could be considered creepy if taken first degree, it is actually quite funny and light hearted if taken second degree. It depends of your capability of not stopping on the absurdity and amoral way of the MC. <<less
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Kirin Rias
Kirin Rias
Jul 21, 2020
Status: v3c128
yeah this novel is realy frustrating, I like the general idea and plot but the autor is realy sloppy and kind of bad.

first the erot*c part
... more>>

Not caring about the fact that they were still tied up. Bella pulled Vanessa forward and pushed her directly onto the bed. The three soon rolled between the sheets and the whole room was instantly filled with the scent of their fragrand bodies. The witch maids blushed and watched their master and her pets.


this is already one of the better scenes and it would be ok like this as side content. but its half of the novel. dear autor if you dont have the balls to write erot*c content, than dont do it and focus more on the blot and world!

second is the sloppy writing

for example bella uses a skill right at the beginning of the novel, 100 chapter later in a fight she uses the same skill with the explanation, she saw others use it and just tried it out for herself...... realy?


it feels so unsatisfactory. she plots for 20 or more chapters to trick 2 girls you feal like yeah this will be great when they find out at the end what is going on. nope as every time something interesting happens, the autor skips this point and including the reaction of the chars.

and last one. I like good harem novels, but if you throw girl after girl after girl after girl after girl after girl after girl after girl after girl after girl in the harem (yeah this number is the average count on how many girl she gets in every 10 chaps, if you exclude the more important chars where she needs 20-30 chaps to conquer). its annoying and nothing special anymore. <<less
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Jul 19, 2019
Status: v2c95
I can recommend this Novel for everyone who likes Yuri and is not afraid/scared of an somewhat extreme main Character. If your okay with it then this Novel will be a great Choice for you but if not then you should not read it because the Personality of the main Character regarding (especially towards Females) is very extrem (Sadist) and sometimes it is a bit disgusting to read.

But in my Opinion it is one of the best Yuri Novels out there and everyone should give it at least a chance... more>> and not quit and rant at Chapter 20. <<less
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Jul 12, 2019
Status: v2c91
The main character is a gender-bent (MtoF) person who likes to behave like a Pokemontrainer. She gives her best to capture every beautiful girl she is capable of catching with a till now 100% catchrate. She also deeply cares for her captured targets in her own way.
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Jul 11, 2019
Status: v1c35
I don't know... It's kind of good in a sense but bad at the same time. Apparently, There are too many characters and nobody gets enough screen time to justify their importance. It's turned into "Gotta catch 'em all" real quick and do the reader care how many girls MC can catch? Me one, I don't care.

The story is kind of ok, not too linear. MC is not that well thought of with a lot of bad logic and stiff personality. Lots of decision are also not clarified to the... more>> reader. ie. why moving the main base to this location, what the use of robbing people for gold when they were self-sufficient. The focus on s*xual assault also leaves me with a bad taste. This is a prime example of a bad yuri novel because it forgoes personal interaction. <<less
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Dec 09, 2021
Status: c127
The writing is just an awful mess. The author keeps on jumping forward and backward in time to introduce a character or explain how a character's decision would affect the world's fate. It's clearly some kind of game world with classes and skills, but they only get half-assed descriptions and occasionally characters will be amazed at a main character doing things the class/skill shouldn't be able to do, but... we never get a good description of what the class or skill was supposed to do in the first place, so...

It's... more>> clear the author is just writing whatever he feels like writing, with no planning or thought put into it whatsoever. Two stars is honestly on the generous side, but the basic ideas were solid and interesting. The author just didn't organize them in a coherent manner, while also shoving his fetish in the readers' face constantly. <<less
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