Harassing Thief Girl


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Eiji a hikineet (a shut-in with no job, education, training, and etc.) died. The god offered a deal to Eiji, either he goes to hell or be his representative. Eiji chose to be his representative and got cheats. His mission was to harass the representatives of the God of Matches and the God of Sorcercy, which is the Hero and the Demon Lord.

Eiji, a king of lowlifes, in reincarnating as a lovely little girl called Ellis, planned to materialize his sleazy delusions.

Associated Names
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I Was Reincarnated as a Thief Girl and My Mission Is to Harass the Demon Lord and the Hero!
Touzoku Shoujo ni Tensei Shita Ore no Shimei wa Yuusha to Maou ni Iyagarasena no!
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New 123456hh rated it
June 23, 2020
Status: c186

Demon Lord

Theif girl

this story is one of the best gender bender i've read this year

the only dissapointing part is that the protagonist remains a child till the end
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October 10, 2018
Status: c186
This review is coming from someone who has completely finished reading the JPN WN (186 chapters), since the TL for this has abandoned from what I can see.

To start off I'd like to address the point of MC (Eiji) being in the body of an 8 year old and his sexual relations he has with multiple "adult" women. It's in a weird spot because it's not an adult in a relationship with a child, it's a child in a relationship with an adult. In all but one instance Eiji is... more>> always the person holding the leash during the acts, so it feels weird to put on that label of "statutory rape." All in all, while Eiji is in the body of an 8 year old girl, his mind and thoughts are that of a 30 year old man. His physical age will stick out in your mind and will be pointed out many times, but through the story you'll slowly get used to it and judge him more on his mental age, then his physical. Hell the whole sexual relationship is used as a gag half the time.

Secondly the plot, or at least what the author provides us. I've seen some reviews talking on how the MC doesn't do anything despite his job being to harass the Demon Lord and Hero. It is mentioned quite early in the novel that MC is made to NOT remember this fact. Instead it is engraved into his soul as an instinct. If he sees, or hears the Demon Lord/Hero, he'll have the urge to cause trouble, which is what he does. And we're not talking, stealing his shoes from the front porch, we're talking preventing the two from completing THEIR duties, which is what MC's main thing is; preventing the Hero and Demon Lord from BEING the Hero and Demon Lord. So he'll do big things that will severely hinder the two, which requires time, preparation, and luck. As such, the story isn't just jack-filled with Eiji screwing with the two. It contains Eiji building up his forces, improving his allies abilities and equipment, developing "new" inventions (toilets, showers, Onsen) to better his own life, and indirectly, everyone else's.

In the end, the story is about a 30 year old shut-in in a 8 year old girl's body, harassing a Hero and Demon Lord who both aren't too good at their job. A story centered on comedy more than anything. While the lolicon-centered beginning can seem daunting, it really isn't that important to the story. The main point is that you have this small child (physically) who's screwing with the two top existences in the world, how can that not be fun?

Apologize if the review is hard to read or nonsensical, wrote this right after finishing the novel on Syosetsu. <<less
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Sherrynity rated it
June 2, 2018
Status: c33
It's a light read, with no serious nuance, so you should be able to enjoy it without giving too much thought.

Yet people keep complaining about the details.

Underage s*x (8yo loli with an adult man inside, and moreover there's no explicit explanation so why bother?)

... more>> MC being a douche (the author made her like that from the beginning; it's her setting, so why are you complaining?)

MC being a douche instead of harassing yuusha and maou (wait for it, it started on ch 20 and above iirc)

It's light-year away from being a masterpiece, but an enjoyable read nonetheless.

PS: lesbian <<less
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XellossMetallium rated it
November 2, 2015
Status: c7
I can see why translators dropped this. Some plot developments are a bit problematic. To be fair the "problematic point" in the story, that would be

underage with adult sex

Should be read for what it is: a risky choice from the author but still a part of a fantasy story where it could be justified by the alternate-world morals and the "reincarnation" trope. Still, it is what it is: a questionable choice from the author.
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Lolistalker rated it
November 2, 2018
Status: --
I don't care about the underage s*x or whatever, I have no problem with that (if it was written well, which it isnt)

My main problem with this WN is that the MC is not really likable, the comedy which is the cornerstone of this story isnt that great, the relationship is weird, the hero and the maou is meh, the way the story is presented is also childish

No offense if you enjoy this, you do you, but my overall view is that this is a novel of poor quality,... more>> if the premise doesnt interest you and the first few chapter doesn't capture you then just don't bother, ther are plenty of WN with better quality to waste your time with <<less
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AvERaGeNP rated it
September 9, 2018
Status: c32
The main priority of the author seems to be accommodation for his characters. Most of the time we will read about toilet, bathroom, and well "yuri". I gotta admit it was fun reading the yuri segment at first but gets stretched out really fast later on. The yuri part just becomes a device to fill in the void for the novels lack of plot. Novel has an interesting premise but sadly its not executed well. Most of the time you will only be reading about toilet and bathoom ffs and... more>> when you think the plot is finally going somewhere but it isn't? And its back to toilet and bathroom. Also its ridiculous how op MC party is and its completely takes out the tension from any fight. Despite everything translation is good. <<less
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Sensei_Soriel rated it
December 7, 2017
Status: c7
I've read all translated chapters. While the resume was interesting, it was only that. You expect the MC, who's been reincarnated as a thief girl, to harass the hero and the demon lord, but all the MC does is being a douche.

Clearly, don't read this if you don't want to be disapointed.
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kawaii12345 rated it
January 24, 2020
Status: c186
I am ashamed I stuck with with this as long as I did. It's just that bad. I made it to chapter 39 then skipped to 170 and read to the end, and I can honestly say I didn't miss anything. It was just that bad. What's worse it didn't have to be that bad at all.

The premise starts off pretty well. You have three gods playing their usual game of screw with the mortal realm. The god of war has his champion a meathead hero. The god of magic... more>> has his, a focused schemer. The god of thieves isn't happy with that so he decides to throw a monkey wrench into their plans, and reincarnates a shut in neet to screw with their plans, and puts him into the body of an 8 year old girl.

At that point you kind of get the idea the god of thieves lives up to the maxim that criminals really aren't the smartest people in the world. This is the absolute high point of the novel. It does not get any better than this, and every chapter from this point on, it demands you swallow turd after turd. You can start with how the 8 year old became available for occupation by the neet from Japan. Which is a prime "WTF" moment, to how Eiji overturns the plot, and then work on how an 8 year old girl is going to be a lesbian dominatrix. Yeah read that last part not only is it unbelievable it makes you cough up a little bile.

Once the setup and harem gets established the reader is treated to a continuous stream of "People in the past were idiots" scenes. Duh gee Tennessee we can build all these complex mechanical devices and we have magic, wasn't it nice this guy from another world is the only person to ever think of combining the two ? The story demands you believe that these people who have magical lights never came up with the idea of indirect lighting, and they never thought of using magic stones that get hot, for heating, cooking etc.

When you get to the point where the MC invents s*x segregated bathing, dropping the novel is a minor desire. Banging your head into a wall as a reminder to avoid this kind of crap in the future.

As bad as the world is, the characters are worse. There's no effort at all to make them believable. The same goes for the story line. There's not one point where you think wow that's a clever use of materials that had been introduced into the story. No it's all wow how lucky can you get, that just fell in for you.

Bottom line, the story is a stroke fest, and if it isn't your particular and very specific stroke avoid it like hell because otherwise it's garbage. <<less
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Si Kucing
Si Kucing rated it
January 22, 2019
Status: c80
Can't exactly remember which part I stopped reread this a couple of times but I guess it's 80ish? The farthest i've been? Anyway.....

The opening plot is cliche there's god a and god b fighting indirectly yadda2, represetative pf each side hero and demon king yada2.... but what makes me interested is the our MC here is an agent sent by god c in order to disrupt their plan (iirc don't need to destroy the hero v.s demon king just put the whole scenario off the rail or things like that).....

I... more>> was expecting a lot.... when the MC began by uncovering the fellow guild member who killed her parents I was thinking to myself "looks like I won't get bored for a while"..... but then.... the MC got a f*cking 4 women as harem member in just a few chapters..... like.... uuugghh.... I'm seeing the f*cking same thing again.... women fall for MC like flies being burn by flamethrower.... and for no f*cking sensible reason (except one that has severe androphobia.... guess that one were also fast..... but at least there are valid reason well.... w/e).....

After passing the harem making chapters...... I was expecting a harrasment to both party that I can either enjoy, laugh at, or entertain me in anyway..... but the harrasment rarely happened and othwr times, it's town developement and other shit..... sure it's making the story more alive as ppl in it living not just following a script.... but as it approach 80ish chapter... u're met with more town developement entertainment making (one of harem member become some sort of idol I think?) And is jt just me.... or the town where the MC live now almost split between man and wome side (no not as in conflict but as in activity) as story develop it slowly got derailed from harrasing the hero to entertainment, living standard, bath, yuri, bath and more yuri......

I don't know whether the MC succed in putting the story off the rail in tje end..... but I think the author had succesfully pull his own story off the rail as he focuses more on MC, her harem, and town development......

The weirdest thing in this novel is the fact that the harem member could calmly accept being sexually dominated by an 8 year old child..... not minding the yuri..... but are they pedos too?

And the peeking punishment were way too ridicilous....... sure I think it is an appropriate way to punish them, severely like striping them naked and set as an example in public is harsh but still acceptable..... but hanging them upside down? And w/o time limit like.... it might go for hours especially if there's no guarentor? That's f*cking too harsh.... I mean they did peek but it's not like they took picture of them and then spread it, or did they later sexually harass u in public by recalling what they did see, or push u down and r*pe u.... they just peek for God's sake..... just strip them naked and put on a public display for half an hour..... if that guy's not an M or an exhibitionist he would later on think a dozen times before peeking again but no..... in this novel peeking is grievious offense and nit only the stripping, hanging naked till guarentor came....... they f*cking confiscated ur entire possession u had.... yep..... ur equipment, ur wallet, whatever ure wearing is confiscated....... seriously.... what the f*ck is wrong with the MC for giving out such punishment for peeking.... and I think that townspeople a lil touched in the head for seeing such punishment as appropriate......

1/5 for the sole idea of reincarnating as someone whose mission is to harass both hero and demon king and put the entire scenario off the rail <<less
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gagoga rated it
May 31, 2020
Status: c40
I like Yuri. I like TS. I like tensei's/isekai stuff. And BECAUSE I LIKE THEM, I must say this story is so Bad that it actually Made me wanna write One of these reviews. For One, the harrassment doesnt happen 'til tour way tires of the story, and when it does it's all so mild that You feel the writer doesnt Even want to write about it. The protagonist is a shitty person (and no, it's not funny either). He/she basically builds the harem through her face, the interactions are... more>> all minimal and with every new girl there is Even less (i mean, the last One just throwed herself at her). When You picture a medieval isekai World, normally homosexuality is either banned ir not verte popular, yet the protagonist keeps finding hot, cute and colorful lesbians in the first town, and they all fall for her at first sight (or at least that's how I convinced miself of how she was pulling that off) The battles are... So so. The MC isnt that cheated. Her harem does most of the fighting. The harrassment is all ocasional and coincidental wich also leaves a Bad taste in the mouth. There are lots of scenes and commentaries repeated through the chapters that it felt like reading a Bad wuxia novel. If I had to say something good it would have to be... the details of the clothes? XD <<less
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gsaeyx rated it
March 24, 2020
Status: c8
I thought the premise is interesting. So I started reading it.

I saw from the reviews that there are lolicon yuri elements, but lolicon is fine with me, and who doesn’t like a good yuri?

... That’s what I thought.

... more>> First, MC builds a harem in the first 8 chapters and f*cks with all of them.

SHE’S f*ckING EIGHT. That’s fine with me, but it’s on the edge of “f*cked up”.

By the way, she’s top.

An eight years girl going top against a 16-years-old. Damn.

What made me break was that the best element (Harassing the other heroes) isn’t as often.

The yuri scenes made me question my existence. Why? I like a good yuri, but this is a shitty yuri. If you”re trying to make porn, at least make good porn!

I dropped this on c8 when the harem expanded. I rate this a lolicon out of 62.

or 1/5 stars. <<less
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Winter2150 rated it
February 3, 2020
Status: --
This novel is not a masterpiece, but it's entertaining enough in my opinion.

Some people are uncomfortable with the underage girl having sexual relations with older women theme going on, but lets be honest here, pretty much every 2nd or so isekai and/or reincarnation novel features some loli imouto or even lets the protagonist reincarnate as a kid to justify him having relationships with other kids or the cute little boy has some ara ara sessions with the older sister types etc, so I don't really see anything different here.

The alleged... more>> sexual content is not even explicit in any way. For all we know the only thing that's happening is some hugs, petting and some mild SM :P

I get that the humor and story might not be for everyone, but personally I enjoyed the weird and cute little story and interactions between the character.

For those, who fear the mild R15 content I recommend scrolling down like 4-5 lines of text to get back to the rest of the story since those sections are really short and mostly implied. <<less
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Jarked rated it
January 15, 2019
Status: c9
Im 10 chapters in and the story isnt THAT bad. I've read much worse.

The 'loliporn' sh*t is making me feel as uncomfortable as all hell. I mean, just because the aggressor is the underage one... doesnt make it any better. I kinda get the feeling that the only reason this is an Isekai story is because the author wanted to write loliporn and thought "In a backwards-ass world, there is NO age limit!".

Gonna keep reading, but skip the pedobear sections.

Nope! Couldnt do it.
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November 2, 2018
Status: c66
I fairly like this, a lot. Instead of becoming hero or demon lord while retaining memories. MC is reincarnated without proper memories and as one of those who for a good reason are fed up with the demon AND hero party. Surely, MC is OP in certain and many ways but is helpless against the OPness of the hero and the demon lord. The only advantage are his wits (which they lack) and that makes the comedy (or breaks it), which is obviously the focus, fairly enjoyable.

While it is odd... more>> for a 8 year old to be in a sexual relationship with other women and being dominant at that, it is not really explicit anyway. Only early it is used a lot to assemble the cast which was ultimately charmed by Ellis through her cuteness and subverting their expectations by showing her devilish side.

The work itself is currently following to intervened lines apart from the character arc, on one side there is the city-building and getting in the way (or exploiting) the warring parties. Both are made out to be quite enjoyable, dialogue and not info dumps, all one needs is an open mind. <<less
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Nermie01 rated it
July 16, 2018
Status: c19
I had started reading this because I check out basically everything yuri/shoujo ai, and the premise was interesting. The opening bits are amusing, and I don't dislike the main character. However, the blatant sexual relationships the MC has (being in the body of an 8 year old little girl, and having s*x with young women who are around 16) leaves much to be desired. I'm not trying to talk down about lolicon themes, even though it's not my taste I have enjoyed some stories that involve them. However, there is... more>> a... reasonable age limit for that sort of thing, in my opinion. If the MC was physically 11-12, that would be ok with me. 8 years old is WAY too young. It leaves a squicky, unpleasant feeling behind knowing that this literal prepubescent child is engaging in sexual acts (that's why 11-12 or so is 'ok' to me, because puberty generally starts kicking in around that age).

Regardless, the content as far as the story isn't bad, but nothing really to write home about. The writing style is a bit dry and awkward. It gets points for an interesting setting, but major demerits for the contents. Not really recommended. <<less
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