Final Boss


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“Had that night been quiet and windless… If she had never appeared in front of me…”

Whenever he recalled the past, Clyde felt endless regret. If he had known that being a Suzerain would be so troublesome, he would have never picked up that troublesome Bloodkin. In fact, he would never have even left that secluded Death Canyon.

“Big Brother Clyde, don’t be so dejected. You are now a well-known Suzerain, a hero of the entire continent, the Human Race’s Savior!”

“Lucifer, enough. I just want to return to my quiet life.” Clyde, an Evil God, had yearned for a quiet life, but by chance— or fate— he had met a young a mysterious Bloodkin Lolita named “Lucifer.” Under her guidance, Clyde embarked on his destiny, rising from the unknown as a nameless wanderer to become a Suzerain of a fief before taking the throne of the entire Ximengsi Continent.

There was just one problem: he who would be the torch of the human race wasn’t even from this dimension.

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Becoming the Final BOSS is Really Not My Real Intention
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AndyDarren rated it
October 10, 2019
Status: c13
Dissapointed. Started of a little interesting but after 13 chapters it's clear to me that this is not much more than a porry written wannabe ero novel with an op protagonist. The author made the MC literally the strongest being in existence to the point where any "fights" consist of one line mentions of the MC one-shotting everything and everybody. All that's left for this novel is the MC fulfilling his lust with every more beautiful than the last female that he meets that somehow ALWAYS involves someone tied up... more>> in turtle shell bondage with red rope, a red ballgag in their mouths and a black blindfold over their eyes. This is supposed to be a medieval world of swords and magic btw.

I would say spoiler alert but there isn't really anything to spoil. In the latest free chapter (13), the MC walks into the residence of the now demonic former owner of his newly bought feif where he discovers him surrounded and being served by many female adventurers in bondage who he's forced into slavery to do his bidding and after one-shotting him he decides not to free the wrongfully enslaved women but rather keep them for himself because he wants maid-servants but has no money. <<less
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