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Mo Ke, a good-for-nothing loli-loving shut-in virgin, found himself in the unlikely role of a hero one day when he decided to take an uncharacteristic stroll outside of his lair on Valentine’s Day. Under the glaring headlights of an oncoming truck, he dove into the middle of the road to save the love of his life, a random loli, and his nemesis, a random pretty boy, in the process heroically sacrificing himself for the two brats.

He passed away into the darkness only to find himself reincarnated into a different world with the knowledge that he did something productive for once. A world of swords, magic, devils, elves, a host of other fantastical races, and of course, humans.

Join Mo Ke as he embarks on a journey born of jealousy, desperation, determination, and s*upidity, to evolve, find his lost pee-pee, finally return home and destroy the world with an army of devils???

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metazoxan rated it
August 22, 2017
Status: c106
There are two things you need to know starting off. First don't let the boring description fool you. It literally only describes his life before reincarnating in the first chapter. It doesn't hint at what the actual story is like. Second... THIS IS NOT GENDER BENDER!!! The MC does question if he reincarnated as a girl but he's not. The author even made a short announcement on his site at one point to clarify this point. But more importantly this is what the novel is actually about.

First off this is... more>> an actual reincarnation story, not a transmigration one where the MC is just teleported to another world with his clothes still on his back. He's born as an actual baby and you see his reaction to being a baby again. Too few novels of this type bother to cover the MC's infancy at all. The story does start to drag a bit until chapter 10 as it follows the MC's childhood. At this point a major event occurs


You see in chapter 10 he comes across a devil girl being attacked by goblins. he manages to save her but at the cost of his own life. The girl can't save him but she does let a crystal absorb into his soul which allows him to reincarnate as an imp in the demon realm she is from and he is born from an egg meaning this is again actual reincarnation not transmigration.

So now the story has shifted from a general "reincarnation story" into a "reincarnates into a monster story". This makes is a very interesting take on that type of story.

He is a reincarnator from earth but he was first reborn as a human instead of a monster. His time as a human humbled him and made him not expect an easy life as a reincarnator and also gave him combat training and survival skills that a modern person of our world generally wouldn't have.

This was actually a really clever way to explain how the MC can fight and survive as a weak imp. Even if you go with the idea "He's smarter" the fact is still a normal person would just lack any fighting ability at all and would still die despite being more self aware.

Plus this mixes a "try to return home" element into the story rather than just the MC trying to survive as a monster.


For those reading this that don't want it spoiled I'll just say the novel can be separated into 2 different stories almost with the massive shift that happens at chapter 10.

One of the pluses of this novel is the MC does not start out with any cheat not does one just fall into his lap. The story time skips as he struggles but fails to become strong.

Besides the initial slow pace another issue is the MC's inferiority complex can be a bit annoying but given his situation it is understandable. But if you especially hate that attitude you may not like the first 10 chapters. Although I strongly encourage you to at least wait until after the shift in chapter 10 before deciding because his attitude does change.

As the story progresses it starts to show a few other pros and cons worth mentioning.

For pros the author does take time to make sure to introduce new characters fairly regularly and does put some creative thought into how the MC builds up his power. However a major con in the story is it's repetitiveness. Without going into major spoiler territory all I can say is that for 20+ chapters every fight the MC gets into is identical. Even if the MC gets a power up it's immediately followed by a stronger enemy that causes the battle to turn out EXACTLY like it did before. This goes on for far longer than it should and can be tough to sit through.

HOWEVER, I will stress that it does improve after moving past the first two survival arcs. After that a lot of new characters start to get introduced at once and it adds some much needed new flavor into the story. Additionally around chapter 100 the story takes a break from the survival theme due to spoiler reasons. The important part is not only does this help keep things from being repetitive it also gives a much needed break from the endless chapters of desperate survival.


Overall I really enjoy this series. It definitely shows signs of effort and the fight scenes shown so far have strategy and thought put into them even if they do get repetitive for a time. It truly feels like the MC is thinking before he attacks rather than relying on plot to win. Also things don't always work out for him. <<less
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jacobpaige rated it
November 22, 2017
Status: c61
I'm all for non-OP MCs, but that doesn't mean I have any interest in reading about severely under-powered MCs who are a burden to everyone around them and rarely contribute in a meaningfully positive fashion to anything.

The first ten chapters of this story are very frustrating and only the assumption that he wouldn't be useless forever got me to carry on. The chapters after that were actually pretty good, but by the time we got to chapter 57-58 this was an unmistakably 1 star series. I persevered on, hoping that... more>> the MC was just carrying the idiot ball to make the new character look badass and that things would improve rapidly, but no, the MC seems to be a permanent waste of space in this story.

And while it's true that the author goes to extraordinary lengths to keep him weak by constantly destroying the items that he needs to power up or having them stolen by entities that the MC isn't willing to kill, that's not really the reason that the MC is worthless. It's because he's also a coward who actively avoids participating in battles until the enemies force him to, even when his participation at the start would prevent him from ever being in danger in the first place and would save his allies from death or dismemberment. And even when he's forced to participate, he's as likely to freeze up and force someone to save him (likely getting them killed or worse in the process) as he is to make incredibly s*upid decisions about how to fight, usually resulting in massive losses for his own allies.

I honestly can't remember the last time he had a positive impact on his allies (or his own) ability to survive. Normally, I'd count his support role as a crafter, but his creations pretty much always wind up in enemy hands, being used against his own people. Which is basically entirely his fault for never, ever learning from his mistakes and either redesigning the equipment to punish people for trying to steal it, or adjusting his tactics to make the thefts less likely to happen, or even just focusing a bit harder on hunting weak enemies to strengthen his people faster so that they're not always so incredibly under-powered.

And speaking of how under-powered his allies are, this is also his fault. There's basically two items that can be used to level up, and they work best if used in conjunction, but the MC refuses to use the more powerful of the two. As a result, he needs roughly 100x as many of them to rank up. This means that all of this item gets redirected to him, thus stunting the growth of all of his allies. Even worse, at the point that I dropped this series, 2/3 of this item was being stolen from the MC by parasitic entities that the MC wasn't willing to kill, with special emphasis on stealing anything that was above the lowest possible grade for the area. This was 100% avoidable by the MC, but he chose to ignore it, allow the thefts to happen, and allow his own rank to continue to stagnate, thus decreasing his ability to contribute even further while also wasting the efforts and sacrifices of his allies in gathering those items for him in the first place. <<less
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ninthlite rated it
September 5, 2017
Status: c55
The first ten chapters were a 5/5 for me. We had a reincarnator who reincarnated and still was a loser, execpt he had a desire to improve himself. The story was three dimensional, the conflict was our character not having talent, what drove him was his inferiority to his sister and the local genius. Each of the characters in this portion of the story were unique, the sister, the father, and the talent. His motivation was the fact that his sister refused to leave for the academy until he made... more>> a breakthrough in his cultivation. Altogether we had desire to stop holding his sister back, envy, anger, and passion.

However the arc after his child stage is pretty bad. He becomes a devil and leads a army of nameless imps for at least forty-five chapters after his child arc. The arc so far feels aimless and full of filler. His motivation is surviving?? His desire is surviving??? The conflict is surviving??? His emotions are non existent?? On top of the story being monotonous because the passion/desire is gone, as well as notable motivations, the surviving part of the arc is extremely boring and repetitive. Each chapter feels like its some half assed page from a diary where he lists how his nameless army of imps fights day to day. None of the imps have personalities, nor do any of them even have real names. The closest thing, is that the MC calls people by their physical features (i.e One-Eye), however most of them he just calls by numbers. I guess the author decided to just not make names for anyone if he was not going to give them personalities either.

The survival itself is boring as sin. There is no tension in here, the MC rarely fights himself. The author fails to make conflicts seem noteworthy, or any deaths meaningful. Then the same gag is repeated chapter after chapter of the MC looking like a beautiful she-devil (execpt he is a man!!! LOL HOW FUNNY IS THAT!!!! THEY THINK HES A GIRL BUT HES A DUDE!!!! LOL), The joke was not funny the first time, and the author keeps beating a dead horse.

chapters 0-10 5/5

10-50 1/5

So far I'm giving it a 2/5 stars in hopes the story will improve from here on. <<less
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NeurogamiPrime rated it
January 14, 2018
Status: c141
I am sorry to say that this novel is unbelievably boring. The premise is good and the first 40 or so chapters are interesting and engaging as we follow a man who has lived a very disappointing first life expecting to make up for it with hard work and determination in his second, only to find that even when he tries his best he is still a "loser" and that he hasn't really changed from his previous life and has continued to just be a drain on the people around... more>> him. Plot goes on and the MC experiences yet another change in his way of life and becomes a Devil. He immediately adjusts to this new form though with one very large concern over his appearance. He quickly becomes both cruel and scheming in order to survive in this new environment. This is where the character development ends and this is at roughly chapter 25. From this point on we meet a large amount of one note side characters who come and go from the story without leaving much of an impact on the readers. Very lengthy arcs about war and army building that seem to go on just a bit too long without anything really changing for the main character except for him to grow his army. Army building can be interesting when the people in the army are interesting to learn about, but this is not the case as almost all the characters who show up seem to just be who they are on the surface at the moment of meeting them. Some of the larger battles still draw in some interest since there really is some tension in learning what happens since they show early on that these one note side characters with names are not guaranteed to live through the battles. Unfortunately these are not enough to actually keep me entertained for long. Also it seems as if the 100 chapters since the MC becoming a demon has actually caused the MC to actually regress in his character growth back into just being a worthless pervert drain on the people around him who tries his best. The novel seems to be making a serious point of showing that no matter how you try to improve yourself, you never really change, which seems like an odd message to be pushing in this sort of novel. I have to give it 2 stars. And it only gets the second star since the first 25 or so chapters were really really interesting. <<less
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MazinKeima rated it
March 20, 2018
Status: --

Hard working? More like meathead. Determined? More like he couldn't think up a better way to do it. MC is actually s*upid and everyone who read this know it. I have been tricked by someone saying "it actually get better" but it didn't. He reincarnate TWICE but that didn't help him at anything. He train his sword for years but forget about it the moment he reincarnate into "spell caster" type, he didn't even bother crafting a sword for himself... more>> when he learn how to create weapon.

The story is insanely repetitive as all that ever happen is 2 s*upid mobs armies crash against each other because MC don't know anything other than a head on crash, saying I'm low on troop need to recruit then proceed to pick a fight against random army that appear out of nowhere. MC actually experience shitload of traumatizing event such as his subordinate kill before his eye, his follower r*ped and pregnant, etc. And after all that NOTHING CHANGE. Personality changes my butt it is still the same garbage "potato" MC even after 100+ chapters

All in all quite garbage, the only reason it isn't 1 star because it still got some good moments.

Edit.1 Oh and I forget to mention author love r*pe. It is really disturbing how much r*pe there is in this novel. <<less
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MdragonWYL rated it
September 14, 2017
Status: c157
I am still reading the raws.

Don't get why the hate for gender bender.

I have to thank the people who put the gender bender tag at the time, I was able to find this novel because of the tag.

Came here for the gender bender, stayed for the story and plot.

But rest assured for people who.... (read the spoiler maybe...)

... more>>

For the people out there who hate gender bender, rest assured the author stated that he / she have no intention of having the MC being a girl. The reason he look like a girl is... guess by yourself.



The MC is not a male and not a female in the first place but somewhat is considered a female currently. Not all devil is the same as the skill they got when they 'levelled up' is related to one of the 7 deadly sin usually a devil will have 1. Still reading but he seems to be going to have a harem (not a reverse harem), although I am not a harem fan, but the story is interesting enough for me to give 5 star.



The reason why I give 5 star is,

    • MC have flaws.
    • MC have feelings.
    • There is some plot armour but not extreme to the point that the MC have S rank luck.
    • He don't have grandpa but he have grandma.
    • There is the I am a male joke/ not a female joke.
    • The story itself isn't bad.
    • Not everyone dies.
    • The MC does fight.
    • The author doesn't write himself to a corner. Every situation the author create for the MC have the cause and after effects.
      <<< This is for people who want to drop the novel when they see sh*t happens situation.

It is debatable about the gender bender tag, but personally I feel that the tag is needed.

Reading author notes is important.<<< contains some spoilers.

Hope that I did not drop a huge bomb.


Review is subjected to changes as I read further on. <<less
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Daxter rated it
March 29, 2018
Status: --
So to all the whiny people who dont like this story due to the MC I have something to say

Somehow you are expecting a man who was known for hiding in his house, known for not engaging with other people, known as weak and incompetent and you expect him to become superman basically overnight? Are you people braim dead or something? At least try to be smarter then Big 5 or One Eye and use the grey matter stagnating in your brain. In BOTH prior lives he was completely inept... more>> and incompetent and yet somehow from the ger-go he is supposed to be some bad-ass demon who fights and kills? I dont see it. He suffered from two lives of failure itakes fracking sense for him to be weak and pathetic for a while. Its not easy changing your personality on a whim and the fact that you expect him to ia s*upid and absurd in the extreme. I for one really like this story <<less
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sythcake rated it
June 17, 2018
Status: --
A complete shitshow! Characterization is pure cring, the author tried to pull off a self conscious otaku but it quickly devolved into a pathetic approval seeking sob type of protagonist..

Plot is just random bs straight out from some low quality dungeons and dragons session..

Encounters don’t even make any sense, the usual shounen type bs of meeting strong as fuk enemies and suddenly pulling out some op sh*t out your ass in a moment of desperation.. The worst part is that those enemies are uncalled for as the MC has a... more>> clear advantage above others and yet he still fails to stay ahead of the competition which is just forced as f*ck..

The motivation of the MC are even more ret*rded, disturbing even..

Overall, don’t waste your time on this bullcrap <<less
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Polkageist rated it
February 15, 2018
Status: c109
Okay I think this is my first review on this site, so please bear over with me.

Okay let's start of with how I feel about the start of this light novel. I actually really liked the start, except from how the MC is a huge lolicon. Our MC gets a quick visit by Truck-kun, so nothing new there, though I like Truck-kun, so I can accept this. Then starts his new journey in a new world, which is actually pretty interesting. He see his actual thoughts and how he wishes... more>> and strives to become a better swordsman, despite not seeing any results for years. And I mean YEARS. Eventually he runs away from his home, both due this his embarrassment, but also because he doesn't want to hold his sister back. Then stuff happens, he dies, and get reincarnated for the 2nd time, this time as a devil. I actually find the start of this quite interesting, as I haven't seen many setting where the MC becomes a devil or someone from the "evil faction" after reincarnation (except Kumo-chan, who is awesome and funny).

But! This is where the story begins to go down a long, long hill. The MC recruits other devils and strives to exit the Hell in which they find themselves. And at some point the MC finds out he looks like a woman, but is adamant that he's a guys. Let me just tell you. This joke was funny the 1st time, but it keeps going and on and on and on and is still going on to this chapter where I find myself. Not only did the author decide the kill the horse and kick it, he then set fire to the horse and roasted marshmallows over it's dead corpse, while he says he's a man for the millionth time. This is really an example of poor writing, or maybe my humor's just terrible.

Getting back to the story. Eventually I had to take a LONG break from the story after the 2nd Hell arc, but I decided to pick it up again. I have to say some of the Hell arc was really interesting for me, especially how the MC needs souls for his evolution, and how he gains special magic. I'm a sucker for magic, especially if it's special in any way. However, it seems like the MC forgets he can even use it most of the time, and on top of that he keeps using the same god awful strategy he's been using for the majority of his fights, despite how it's shown time and time again how bad it is.
At some point the MC and his gang reaches the 3rd level of Hell, and this has to be the worst part of the story so far, together with a small bit of the 2nd level of Hell. This arc is pretty much just a copy & paste arc. MC engages opponents with horrible battle tactics, gets overwhelmed, gets help from random allies, some subordinates die and some join, terrible joke of how he's a man despite his beautiful female appearance, lack of male genitals, and his scent of a lust demon (which can only come from females). Continuing from here is exploration of the 3rd level of Hell. Now just repeat that for a couple of time and you have yourself this arc.

Despite the sad 3rd level of Hell arc, it actually becomes a little interesting after this. The MC gets summoned by a summoning circle from Earth, and finally sees the outside world after such a long time. After he takes care of the one who summoned him and his henchmen, he start on a journey to return to his sister and father, after all this time. I have to say that he still seems to have forgotten his magic, and that the author still uses that terrible jokes after his return from Hell. And sadly after these 109 chapters the MC is nowhere near being OP yet, which irritates me a bit. I don't understand how he has this unbreakable will to escape Hell, fully aware that he has to become much stronger to do so, yet doesn't seem to actively do anything to become stronger. He's not really a week sobbing pushover, but by no accounts is a strong at all, since he gets frightened way too often, and rarely uses his magic (which is his strong point in case you missed it).

Overall I'll give this a 2/5 (I actually want to give it 1, 5/5 but I can't, and I don't think it deserves a 1/5 either) because of the interesting premise in the start and how he didn't give up despite many years of failure. However, the rest of the series really went downhill from that point onward. Yeah it has a few gems, but that's not nearly enough for me to give it a better rating. Also, there's that annoying joke WHICH JUST DOESN'T STOP!! I'm honestly only still in this ride for the moment he turns into the devil you see in the illustration.

TLDR; The story was interesting in the start, but it quickly went downhill after around 10 chapters. The rest of the currently chapter are really boring and has little in way of character progression (except the side stories actually). There are a few gems here and there, but mostly it's not worth your time and energy. Also, there's this horrible and immensely annoying joke the author keeps using, BUT YOU'll KNOW IT WHEN YOU SEE IT if you decide to read it anyway. Trust me.
I give it 2/5 (1, 5/5) because of the interesting premise and start, but everything else drags the story severely down. <<less
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write rated it
January 1, 2018
Status: c120
The first few chapters were slow and in a weird direction that was at least unique in sense wasn't terribly hard to continue reading. Story then begins to pick up in a strange way that follows first tiny arc that at least to me is unique in sense of writing style felt refreshing from normal reads. Problem is story gets terribly boring. Author has somehow found a way to remove plot armor by adding in terrifying slow pace with every stop to MC raising his own power, therefore removing him... more>> from front lines and removing the need for plot armor. As a nearly useless person doesn't need plot armor.

After reading to 50~ chapters I probably skimmed about 70-80% of chapters near end and believe I even ended up skipping a few long winded battles. Ended up finally giving up and just skipping to 95~ if you can believe it after skipping nearly half of story guess what happen? Story picked up! And where huge holes should be MC had a weapon and a technique I didn't know where they came from and he got a tiny bit more powerful... Yet I could follow the story perfectly fine because few chapters later all the new stuff became unusable so nothing really changed and story could be read without any problems. With story picking up I kept reading just to realize less than 10 chapters later story just stops again...

I have to add the gender bender tag is probably one of most annoying things about this story. Not for any other reason than how it is added to story and repetitive attempts to use it as a comedic crutch. With first two little arcs being 3.5/5 for uniqueness. Lowered score as ending of second of the two was beginning of end of anything good. Rest of novel just goes down hill to end being my 1 star rating and dropped.


Apart from large amount of skimming and even skipped chapters from around 55-95 everything read shows MC trying to get back to his family and nothing about Yi yi or demon who from what I read but was nearly at beginning so might be confusion on my part followed MC when he became a devil showing up in story again which are huge plot holes in my opinion.

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Moxxmix rated it
November 17, 2017
Status: c96
The story is fairly decent at the start, and, despite some dark elements, manages an interesting alternative reincarnation story.

And then, somewhere around chapter 60, you enter the maze. The maze has lots of new and interesting characters, however it also shows in incredible stark contrast how the MC, who was doing "OK" as the leader of some quirky and dimwitted imps, is at the bottom of the barrel in intelligence when in the company of even the most average of individuals (and that's being a bit generous).

Not even the bottom... more>> of the barrel. He reached the bottom of the barrel, and kept digging. Without the ability to point and laugh at the other imps, the author has continually and repeatedly gone to great lengths to make both the MC and the writing itself more and more idiotically s*upid, self-contradictory, and frustratingly non-sensical, while praising the MC and the story itself for the great job he/it is doing. Presumably unironically.

The pre-maze arcs weren't bad, just repetitive. Basically, the exact same scenario repeated 4 or 5 times with different names, and the MC being equally s*upid every single time.

The translation is far better than most — and far better than this story deserves. I can at least be grateful for the quality English text. It only makes me weep more for the horror that the original author inflicted on this world.

Oh, and some people have been griping about the MC's unknown gender. Frankly, that doesn't bother me nearly as much as the the MC's constant whinging about it, or patting himself on the back for being such a "great man".

Giving it 3 stars for an interesting setting, and interesting side characters. The main character and plot is more like a 2, though. <<less
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ReadsWebNovels rated it
September 9, 2017
Status: c688
Ch 688

Alright, I eventually picked it up again. It's still repetitive except for the parts where the MC is summoned to the human world.

Additionally, apparently vol 12 and 13 are so bad that the author recommends you skip them entirely except for a few specific chapters (the TL followed their advice.) By and large, it's a mediocre story with interesting bits sprinkled throughout.

... more>>

At the end of vol 11, the MC gets amnesia and a power reset. Vol 12 and 13 are all slice of life filler tr*sh. Volume 14 and 15 are about the MC regaining their powers and memories. It's even more repetition in an already repetitive novel.


I'm only continuing to read because I'm already this far in. Sunk cost has me hard, and the rare sprinkling of interesting content and lack of absolute tr*sh keep me from becoming completely apathetic or rage quitting. My honest advice is not to start this novel in the first place.

Ch 322

Strong start, but it got really repetitive after the MC enters hell (Like chapter 30...) 90% of the content after this point is the same, and it takes entirely too long for the MC to progress. I was invested before, mostly because I'd already gotten past the worst part, but now that the TL is coming back after a long wait, I can't bring myself to start it back up. <<less
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Goldenzeal rated it
January 19, 2020
Status: c331
There is around 330 chapters as of when I write this.
I personally greatly enjoyed the story and hopes you all will too.

First off the Description is really bad and partly misleading.

The MC is reincarnated ... more>>

twice, first as a human where he learns basic fighting and survival skills and then later as a devil (imp) after chapter 10 where he dies saving what is basically a demon/devil lord's daughter who enables him to be reborn again in hell as an imp as thanks.


And after being displaced into hell by above spoiler reasons he journeys to return home to his new family in the new world.
This is why the description says he is leading an army of devils, as he recruits others to help him return home.

The reason says "destroy the world with an army of devils???" is not because he is seeking revenge or anything.

It is mainly for him to build an army of subordinates to help him get home again.


however around chapter 300 he is forced to take up the mantle of leadership for what should be a crusade against humanity by Lucifer.
there might be ways out of the deal and its made clear that at least initially he don't want to destroy the world, but he have become pretty jaded by this point so he is at least considering it out of spite for something that happened earlier.


Now the characters :
The MC is technically not female so its not really a gender bender story.
but everyone around him believed him to be.
This is because

When he died he was imbued with a soul of a greater demon of lust as a way to be reborn in hell.
All devils who have the mark of lust are female but because of his strange reincarnation he himself only looks female because of the soul of the greater demon is much stronger then him, his body adapted to looking like a lust demon for as long as the soul is there, or until he himself is stronger then her.
This is why he don´t have the peepee anymore and is trying to get it back.

He is described to be a good for nothing and he starts out that way for sure.
He is somewhat s*upid, but not to an extreme level as it mostly comes from the fact he spends little time to consider his actions, usually out of necessity.
he is determined and hardworking because of his goal to return home.
this does however also makes him extremely stubborn and because he considers everyone around him to be even more s*upid then him, he rarely asks for help or listens to others.
the MC does have moment of character growth but the story is pretty slow paced to give more room for character interactions and fairly fleshed out fight scenes so its few and far between.

The MC is not OP but he does have a ace in the hole that nobody we have seen so far have.

He was given a soul of a greater lust demon that shares his body.
this gives the MC an extreme potential of growth as he have more then one "mark of sin" as he himself had one to start with.
but it also offers a interesting interaction that because of his two souls he is always a lower grade of devil then everyone else as the extra soul inside him makes his evolutions slower, even if they are much more powerful witch helps him keep up a little bit.

despite this he actively avoids combat if he can.
this is partly because he is a coward but also because that if his army of imps dies he have a hard time to replace them witch he knows he needs to get back home.
he does however genuinely care for some of his companions even if he is trying his best to tell himself that its only because they are the most useful to him.
The MC is also kind, a trait that is very uncommon among the imps in the lower parts of hell and probably all of demonkind.

To give an example he used a powerful item that could help himself or one of his followers become much more powerful to save the life of a female hell-hound and her child as she was giving birth that he only meet a few seconds earlier.
Even if he did benefited from it later he originally did it out of kindness not expecting a reward from it.

This makes him act like a real leader on rare occasions even if most of the things he does is only to help himself.

The elite followers he recruits along the way all have their own personalities and quirks.
Some are pretty flat by design, For example a few of the imps who have less brain cells then a jar of pickles but most of the important followers are well fleshed out.


This is actually his fault as he don't want to cannibalize other imps witch is the only source of food in the early parts of the story.
So he eats all the souls of the things his horde kills.
Imps needs souls to develop brain power so his original army is pretty s*upid (but very loyal and easy to control) because of this.
As a side effect of this the MC is also physically weak but a very powerful magic user
(for his level at least)


but a large amount of his army are cannon fodder and only the elites of the groups he recruits gets more then a few lines of text. Some (un) lucky cannon fodder characters have character development and story progression centered around them but its only a handful.

He later on recruits other types of devils who aren't as dumb and underdeveloped and some actively tries to seduce the MC for different reasons.
This leads to a harem situation where they want to marry him but he don´t.
(not reverse, devils are OK with girl on girl relationships, but there are a few suitors too)


The biggest reason he wants to get home is to marry his childhood friend who later happens to be a genius demon hunter who is hunting him down for the murder of himself.
(Guess how well that is going to turn out)
And/or the girl who he saved in chapter 10 before going to hell.

He does however open up to the other girls after one of them mind controls him into promessing to marrying her later as his 2nd wife.
You know... Like you do.
(its explained away as him not wanting to go back on his word, even if it was under duress witch he acknowledges)
But we all know its because he wants that demon booty too.

the other girls joins the bandwagon because so far nobody have had any success and suddenly he now have 5+ women of different races who wants to marry him once he gets married or gets rejected by one or both of the other original targets of his affection.


The story as a whole:

it have flaws for sure.
Its slow pace and still manages to feel rushed at the same time, its repetitive at times and somewhat predictable. The MC does s*upid things that few people in there right mind would to name a few.
One of biggest gripes I have with the story is however that at points it feels rushed as the story sometimes progresses super fast compared to what the rest of the story does like its trying to catch up with what the author hand intended the story to be.
Despite this I enjoyed it alot and am allways looking forward to new chapters.

Most of the s*upidity is actually in character as the MC is not the most mentally stable person witch is made fairly clear by his obsession of his childhood friend, yes its not just normal desire to marry a woman.
He is hell-bent to the point of obsession and this takes up a big part of the story witch I don´t really mind as it makes for a good goal for the MC.
The environment of hell is beyond hostile and is also partly to blame but he was never a "normal" person to start with.

The slow pace comes from a lot of text spent on sometimes excessive world building and fight scenes.
But the story would likely be worse without them.

The personal fight scenes are all nicely fleshed out but the early group fights with only low tier imps tend to resolve about the same way (with swarm tactics) for the first few fights as the MC don´t get much power until later on and low level imps only have claws and no skill or magic to fight with and are too s*upid for any kind of tactics.
This makes the early parts of the story pretty repetitive as it revolves around "fight X group, recruit Y imps"
Its only after the first arc in hell where you meet other types of demons then low tier imps that it stops being so repetitive and while its a overused quote it actually does get better later on....
but the argument "that it gets better is later on" is in itself a sign of a flawed story.

There is also a few chapters with other POV that helps explain other characters opinions and thought processes.
Some might not like them but I do.
Thats really the story in a nutshell, its pretty polarizing as its made in a way that some might like and some don´t.
But to me it was a great emotional roller coaster with both happy and sad moments that made me invested in the characters and the story with a few plot twists
This was my first ever review so I'm more than happy for critique as long as its more then "it was bad"

4/5 its not perfect but its still a good story and has at least in my opinion potential to be great. <<less
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novaes rated it
August 4, 2018
Status: c296
EDIT: Many chapters later, the MC is still helplessly s*upid. Everything is suffering. Changed to 1.5 stars because I can't like nor recommend it, even though I want to.

All in all it's better than most of the stuff that I've seen here, but it's not amazing. I'll try and describe it without going into the plot too much, since I hate spoilers, even minor ones.

There are some darker themes, for those of you who are weak to that sort of thing, but they are glossed over handily so they don't... more>> get pointlessly uncomfortable. The protagonist has a lot of Japanese-style quirks, but they aren't too over-the-top (unlike the vast majority of actual Japanese novels). As for the story? I have to admit, it has been one extended exercise in frustration and annoyance. The main way the plot seems to progress is via the power of s*upidity, and it can be quite the ordeal to read, but if you can deal with being frustrated with a few dark themes popping up here and there, you might be fine with it.

In the end, I don't regret reading this far, but I can see why some people have given up trying to read it.


lol @ hard working protagonist tag, if you read this you know what I mean :D

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Sherrynity rated it
September 4, 2017
Status: c2
I got hooked from the first chapter. How should I put it..... this guy was just a weak minded yet kind man who tried his best to live, only to be thrown away by his peers. Yet even so, it's charming to see how, despite knowing he was a piece of tr*sh (in society's PoV) hikkikomori otaku, he retained his goodness even till the end.

Sure, for some reader, his self-depreciating attitude might pisses them off. But... how should I put it... All of us have been there at some point... more>> in our life, haven't we?

I might edit my review later. <<less
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Viator rated it
June 23, 2018
Status: c110
Honestly I find the story kind of boring and repetitive. MC is mainly for comic relief, and doesn't really grow after a point. The author goes out of his way to make the MC weak and useless without any gratifying moments, and recycles the same gender confused jokes "I'm a man!" "No pee pee" ect. I give it three stars because I think the story has merit. It just seems to be executed poorly for my personal taste.
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DestroKind rated it
November 1, 2017
Status: c92
As of now, just completed the Fourth Volume and I have to say that while some may think its repetitive,

its only the begining as I can tell as ... more>>

Protagonist Gets Summoned to human world, (haven't read raws but idk if he'll go back to fetch his troops, I hope he does)


and also the pacing is actually alright as its not speeding him to become OP nor is it making it so he'll be weak forever so I quite enjoy his struggle to become stronger.

Also The first 10 chapters or so can be considered a throwaway so don't listen to those guys who say they''ll rather enjoy a novel based on the story of the first ten chapters cus I certainly didn't like it

Btw here's the direct link to the raw if you needed it, it even has a illustration of him as his latest form as of C92!

Link: http://book. Sfacg. Com/Novel/50650/MainIndex/

Illustration: http://book. Sfacg. Com/Novel/50650/100276/1420660/ <<less
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Granlie rated it
August 30, 2017
Status: c26
I'd rate this 4.5, I gave it the better end of the stick.

Translation is Above amateur, some spelling mistakes but it is very skillfully done and easier to follow than a lot of other light novels.

Some tags are minimally present, if you're here for the genderbender for instance it is halfway into the chapters and slowly creeping. I have a feeling it will be fully present in maybe another 10 chapters.

Some of the beginning chapters are strung out a bit with repetition, for me this is fine because they... more>> are medium sized chapters and when I started reading it had about 9 more chapters before it took off. If it only had say 7 chapters I probably would not have continued this novel.

Now about the Novel, the MC is very smart compared to a lot of other novels but is not as quick witted as he could be, in the further chapters he's a bit dead to the outcomes in the later chapters. Ex.

People keeps treating him like a female so you'd think he'd check on it by looking at the waters reflection or something. He's learned about the stages of demon's land but it completely stupefied him when he ended up in this predicament.


On contrary to the story line,

I really want to know what's going to happen in the future as the Demon princess declared the MC as her fiance, and him now being a female demon. I'm predicting that he will meet her in the last stage before he tries to go to the human world again. Also predicting that in the later stages of demon evolution change he'll gain more of a human like appearance.


The two things I am most disappointed about in this novel is the lack of using the MC's name frequently and that it should be used with colons as someone is talking because I legit forgot the name as it rarely turns up, something like Mo ke, idk. Also that in later chapters 14+ a lot of influential side characters are given s*upid names that you'd think would be a bit more thought out, even if it was like four or so. Anywho that's just a small issue, but the second issue was that they were being killed off too easily and some of them were said to have stuff done to them but somehow turned up again.

If you guys like stable progressing novels, a smarter MC, are able to follow along easily and a journey that's sure to pack a punch in the future I would recommend this novel.

Also this novel is updated quite frequently which I enjoy.

I expect good things... <<less
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Suzzie rated it
August 25, 2017
Status: c17
If you like novels where the main character gets reincarnated as some kinda monster and gets to evolve than this novel is for you. Its basically kind of a lighter version of the goblin kingdom at the moment. Starts out with him getting reincarnated as a human and through unfortunate events he dies and gets reincarnated again as a monster. The only problems is that even though the main character has 4+ decades of actual knowledge, he still acts like a child. Because of the slow pace, most of the... more>> action won't take place until after about 7-8 chapters


so basically this guy gets reincarnated as a baby. His parents are killed or pretty early and he lives with his dad's friend. He soon falls in love with his sister but some bit*h called sares comes outa nowhere and she starts to fall for him. Anyways, he decides to run away but gets caught in some conflicts with the goblins and dies. He than gets reincarnated as an imp in some hell-like place. There he kills and gets stronger while other imps are declaring their loyalty to him

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shadowjr rated it
October 13, 2017
Status: c52
Not one person seemed to mention the fact that something horrible happened to the main characters servant. The story could have been 4.5 stars or even 5 stars if his servant wasn't captured and had horrible things done to her.


she was tortured and r*ped by multiple people. I mean the translators offer up a skip but the fact that the servant got pregnant and had the baby is a heavy reminder of what happened.

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