Is the Strongest in Another World a Hero? A Demon Lord? No! it’s a Fairy ~desu!


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A girl who drowned in the sea while asleep and then was reincarnated in another world realized that she was fairy. Why not a human? There was no explanation? Realizing she had already died it was then an agreeable fairy that appeared before her. She was then taken to the land of fairies. “Well, anyway, since I have been reincarnated into this world I want to travel around to all places!” She decided to go on a journey with her friend but the world is quite a troublesome place. Fine, let’s bring em all down!

This is a story of a certain fairy who guides everyone to their happy end. Murder is definitely a NO desu!

Associated Names
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Isekai Saikyou wa Yuusha? Maou? Ie, Yousei Desu!!
yōsei san ga sekai o happi-endo ni michibiku yō desu
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New Monk3yofchaos rated it
June 18, 2020
Status: c88
Read it if you want something chill. There's really nothing bad about this if you've read the synopsis; it's all fun and games (with some serious moments)

The insane heroes for one


And yuri + isekai? Hell yeah let's go!

Just read it and if you don't like it, you probably are on the wrong genre anyway so no hate, except for this one dude with 1 star review down there. Like really? Sexism? What the heck man. Talk about projecting
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Synchrotron rated it
April 13, 2018
Status: c47
Not for readers that hate "sweet" novels.

... more>>

Based on my understanding, my conjecture is that this novel will be comparatively similar to the "I said make my abilities average!" novel. The MC is so ridiculously strong that she tries to remain on the "power graph" and stay as strong as common sense dictates, which is most likely all for naught.

Edit: I'm seriously wrong. This goes beyond that. The MC here doesn't give AF about her surroundings, I like it. It is practically a comedic novel that is better than the novel stated above. Some events are also more than what meets the eye, quite splendid. It has this unpredictability too when you rely on cliche events. And this novel is too gosh darn sweet that I'm puking rainbows when I read it so beware.

Also the First MC I know that is a personification of Space and Dimensions. Makes me think she got truck-sama's power XD


Welp, it is an incredibly light-hearted read. A noice break for those 'Why so serious?' novels.

The MC doesn't really hide her ridiculous abilities btw. And don't forget the 'Yuri' tag. <<less
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silla rated it
May 29, 2018
Status: c9
A female fairy protagonist in her garden of lilies, nice. Feels fresh from the start.


Especially in the first arc, with all those easygoing fairies in the town. Naming ceremony suddenly turn into a concert. Well, just the translator said. Fairies was creature of curiosity and entertainment seeker.


And the comedy was good. The protagonist just throw some random joke sometimes.

The yuri element are in a good portion in the story. As expected of Yurikatrans sama.

I feel like this novel.
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MyRAMEN rated it
June 18, 2018
Status: c3
It was unique, I could say that at least. A person reincarnated as a special type of fairy, but that was pretty much it... The book itself was really lighthearted, but was comedic. MC though felt like a blockhead or program. It felt like the typical cliche. The side characters were worse though. Everyone's intelligent felt like they were in Kindergarten. I only gave this a three because I couldn't help but smile most of the time, but for the book itself, a unique idea but wasn't written that interesting.... more>> For the genre itself really just focused on fluffiness and yuri I think. Read it if you like cliche lighthearted novels of isekai <<less
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BowmanW rated it
April 16, 2018
Status: c5
Fairies have always been one of my favourite fantasy creatures and this novel depicts this mythical creature well. Furthermore, the 5 chapters that have been released so far are quite interesting and fun. The writing quality is good and the translation quality is decent as well. So far, I do not see any problems with the novel. I will edit my review as more chapters are released.
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aratacchi rated it
November 21, 2018
Status: c27
This is the kind of LN which doesn't want to show you any extreme goriness towards "human like creature". So, you won't find any scene or plot where a human lost their life around protagonist, maybe they will still lose a limb or two.

In general the story is interesting eventho it has a generic isekai plot which has an over powered MC. But, in this LN you'll find a strong female lead, lives around other female charater as close friend or companion and of course since it's all about girl,... more>> it has a sweat yuriness in it. You still can find male character but it's just as a side character tho.

The thing that make this LN different from other generic isekai LN is its shoujo ai part. So you'll find yuri plot, any kind of female to female relationship including loli plot! The MC herself looks like an perverted being toward her own gender, but not really that pervert. It's just that kind of pervert which she will feel blessed when seeing a cute girl, get hugged by a cute girl, or get kissed by a cute girl! And she doesn't want more than that since those things already make her suuuuper happy. It's overflowing with soft and fluffiness feeling and sometimes funny! <<less
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Renaxan rated it
October 17, 2018
Status: c19
First thing, im not fond of yuri. I'm okay with it but mostly im prefer to avoid it. But this novel actually manage to get into my daily read.

---- This novel contain yuri and sweet moment, and lolis yuri ----

Story about MC reborn to isekai as fairy, has cheat, become ridiculously op yet try to conceal it because it would make thing harder if she's well known. She's not hiding her ability tho.

Other character like queen, arena and others well explained and make things to the story make the story... more>> has good comedy interaction inside it.

World building still vague, but its just not explained yet I think. The author just revealed some info of the world and thus its well done. Plot.. Its yuri, romance, slice of life all things inside tag are true. Also someone need add loli tag too.

Translation quality are good and overall this novel quite enjoyable and straighforward, make it feel like and pleasant to read. 5/5 for enjoyment. <<less
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LordBored rated it
April 1, 2019
Status: c3
This novel is very fun and entertaining with adorable comedy and just the right amount of action. Some people may not like isekai novels but I assure you that its very entertaining with plenty of comical aspects. Btw I tend not to judge a book on cliches because its kinda hard to come up with completely original content when all original content is mostly used up. I judge a book on how much it entertains me.
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Lucilius rated it
November 12, 2018
Status: c10
Eh, not much to say. I enjoyed it to a degree. Translation is decent but I can't tell if majority of the grammatical errors is because of the author itself or from the translation but eh it's easy enough to go through. Thoughts on this basically is, it's nice and fluffy. It's only unique sense is that the MC is just a fairy and that's pretty much it, other than that it's your typical cliched overpowered MC story with its typical isekai tropes to add to it.

If you don't mind... more>> those kind of cliches and tropes, and just want something light and funny. Go ahead and read it, it has its moments but I have to drop it on my case since it was just getting harder to go through because of the grammar and its predictable plot. <<less
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Glue rated it
December 21, 2019
Status: c48
The story is fluffy and simple so far. Moderate yuri with little ecchi so far. Person living a terrible life and dying a tragic death is reincarnated as a fairy. She wakes up with an apology letter on her from the deity the reincarnated her and no direction. That's roughly the start.

The author does a good job of portraying how a generic Tinkerbell or Puck would act, and how they think and function in there society. That's about the most standout thing. Without spoiling anything, it's pretty generic with Yuri.

Alright,... more>> that said, the editing will be rough for the first 10 ~ 15 chapters. It's hard to tell whether it's poor translation or not when you read:

"That way, I pick up the necessary parts and quickly stored it keep storing it on my space magic."

"In my previous life, I have been doing sewing on some of my part time jobs."

It does get much better after that, but the initially impression is rough. <<less
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Rizkid rated it
July 2, 2018
Status: c1
Mofu mofu and yuri alert.

Its isekai with fairy, very slice of life with no real danger. Like kuma kuma bear
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ryosuke08 rated it
April 14, 2018
Status: v1c4
Lighthearted, Funny, thus far the MC isn't a blockhead who doesn't know her own strength, a good light reading to heal your heart from all the violence you tend to read in lots of WN/LN.
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frungy rated it
February 21, 2020
Status: c39
This was a painful attempt to read.
  1. Translation bad enough to make your eyes bleed (Slowly gets better, but is never "good")
  2. Story makes very little sense, everything that happens is completely random and illogical. One example of this is the stories selling point "MC is a fairy!", which is only really used it wave away her absurd power levels (It's fairy magic!), and to wave away sudden weird behavior changes that lead to otherwise impossible situations.
  3. Extreme levels of sexism everywhere. Every female is perfect and every male is either irrelevant, exists to prop up the MC, or is the stand-in character for everything bad in the world. In addition, the MC herself seems to be a straight-up man-hater for no apparent reason which really screws with any attempt to make a "light and fully story" when a large percentage of the people she meets are male. Or how in a game-like world with a "status" which essentially makes every human being completely equal in combat potential, there's somehow no female adventurers, which just causes (surprise) more completely pointless sexist dialogue to reinforce this s*upid story element.
  4. The "Yuri" elements doesn't really exist either, and seems entirely contained within MC's mental delusions, with little to zero description of any actual words or actions of love or affection ever exchanged. Not to mention that the target of her affection is an actual 3 year old child?! (Making it a fairy doesn't make it any better, heck, fairy's probably mentally mature even slower than humans do as evidenced by some of the older fairy's)
  5. Other reviews say no violence, but MC is perfectly happy slaughtering monsters by the hundreds, calmly beating people up, and

    anyone who says the fight with the dragon makes any sense in a "light and fluffy" story is delusional when it leaves her with bleeding/broken stumps in place of her arms and legs, uses attacks that cause the dragons insides to literally explode one after the other, and finished with her straight up punching a hole through its head with a melee blow.

Reading this I felt like I was constantly playing the straight-man role in a comedy routine saying "What the heck?!" every couple sentences. It gets really tiring, real fast.
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SovietWeeb rated it
October 22, 2019
Status: c79
Read this story back when there were 4 or so chapters out and kind of forgot about it. Now it has 79 chapters and man, do I love all of them.

The story is really more lighthearted and is just about the MC being OP and the other women that surround her. The action also isn't bad and is pretty good.
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