The Villain Who Became Pregnant With The Alpha’s Child


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A villain is a person who does all kinds of evil to the main characters.

He transmigrated as ‘Sung Eun-Yul’.

But the past is the past, and he has to live happily with his child.

While living a new life, he faced Kang Ha-Joon, the novel’s main character, that suddenly appeared.

“I think I’ve heard your voice somewhere. Have we ever seen each other?”

You heard it well. This is the Omega who spent the night with you.

……He can’t say that!

He desperately avoids him to maintain his present life.

Kang Ha-Joon continues to be interested in him, who was not seen even in the original work.

“I’ll do everything you want, so give me three months.”

Even though he was narrowing his distance, he proposed a three-month cohabitation.
On the best terms to pay off the remaining debt.

Eventually, Sung Eun-Yul closed his eyes and accepted Kang Ha-Joon’s offer…….

“I’m looking forward to tomorrow.”

Why do… Why do you look so happy?

Associated Names
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알파의 아이를 가진 게 악역이었다
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New leleix rated it
November 14, 2023
Status: c24
My main issue is the ML seems like the real villain so I am not into the romance at all. The translation confused me a bit, but unless I'm mistaken, ML--while engaged--decided to treat MC (OG 'villain') like a s*x toy, presumably MC got attached and tries to scare off ML's fiancé by bullying him (it's not specified how.) MC was an orphan and in ML's own words had nothing but money, so ML decides to financially ruin him and drive him to su*cide.

Then, post-isekai-ing point: ... more>>

ML was expecting MC to have killed himself (THAT WAS HIS INTENT--like I don't know what was done to the fiancé but the fiancé seems perfectly fine now so whatever MC did before the isekai-ing, trying to drive him to su*cide was an insanely disproportionate response) but when he goes back to check if MC's dead, sees that he didn't off himself, and went, "wow, what a tough omega, I'm impressed, okay I'll stop tormenting him after driving him to ruin." And also for some reason that inspires him to not get married which is why that side of the plot has changed. And then 5 years later sees that omega had his kid so thinks they should be together and comes in all, "you're my omega and my child, let's do this." Bich WTAF.


It also feels like a bit of a lie to give this villain/ess labeling when frankly the plot of the isekai'd novel either makes no sense or the 'villain' must've been barely a blip in beginning of the story. I would think most of the plot had to take place after the 'villain' is dead, because the engagement was an arranged marriage with seemingly no romantic entanglement on ML's part.

Or maybe ML marrying fiancé immediately after driving 'villain' to su*cide is the HEA even though he's never been in love with the fiancé? It's very weird... This would've been way less moronic if the one who drove MC to ruin had just been the gangster/loan shark that's in love with the fiancé. They were both involved in doing it, so...

What was the point of making ML such a horrible monster? I am absolutely not rooting for him and it grosses me out that it's written as if we should.

The resulting plot is no different from every other 'terrible alpha trying to win back omega that ran away while pregnant years ago' plot so don't mistakenly think it's more. <<less
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
September 18, 2023
Status: c8
This looks promising. Sadly, I cannot find ways to read the original novel. I read somewhere that it needs passport to log in. T_T

I love this story so much. I just hope the translator would update this.

I am waiting!

This is underrated because I'm the first who rated this novel!!
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Marca rated it
November 3, 2023
Status: c23
The feel is a bit different than in other ABO stories. The MC transmigrated into an ABO novel into a villainous character that after having a one night stand with the male lead became pregnant. The villain was about to kill himself, and then he became our MC. That is still pretty standard. But. In the original novel, after the villain kills himself, the male lead alpha gets with the male lead omega, but here they don't. It was mentioned that it had something to do with our MC surviving,... more>> but what exactly, who knows.

About the characters:

The MC is a strong person who tries to make the best of the situation at hand. For now all of his choices were pretty logical. We will see how it goes.

The ML on the other hand is annoying. I'm not sure if he will change or apologize but he did some pretty scummy stuff to the MC with not really any good reason sooo.


He was the one who took all the money the MC had and after that was waiting for him to kill himself. Like right outside the inn the MC was in. He was surprised when the MC came back out alive.


The translation is readable but pretty confusing sometimes. <<less
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
ylial rated it
October 24, 2023
Status: c70
My actual Rating is around 4.3 and rounded up to 5 stars

The story is good but a little cliché slice of life that you can predict what will happen in most of nxt chapters.

Still this is better for me than those novels with too much drama/MC maltreated too much or those with r@p3.

You can read the raws on ridibooks and it is very cheap 100 won only per chapter, you can even use international bank cards like MC or Visa etc. You can also read one chapter for free for... more>> every 24hrs. Lastly, you can even mtl the novel when u'r using the chrome browser <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
October 13, 2023
Status: --
So far I've read 20 chapters since at this moment only 20 chapters was translated.

Translation was good so I have no comment on that.

Okay, so title it self was already an eye catching. It make us reader to be curious on how the story will develop.

So far for 20 chapters, I love it, it's addicting that I want to finish reading it now. Sadly it still on the process of translating. It really make me want to learn korean language not just korean but also chinese since there is a... more>> lot of Chinese BL novel.

Anyway I will still not rate eh since I haven't read the whole story <<less
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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