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Su Jingxuan has been the villain cannon fodder for countless lifetimes, and finally one day he got the opportunity to turn over₁ and become who takes the mission to help the cannon fodder counterattack.

Since then, his greatest wish is to f*ck over the group of damn halo protagonists and find his lover to live a bullish and happy life.

So…… All the people who stand in the way of his wonderful wishes are big bastards who should be pulled out and chopped up to death.

Cannon Fodders: Let’s go up together and hack this little bastard to death first!

A certain man: Who dares?!

Cannon Fodders (silence): . . . . . .

1 | – Change his fortunes

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The Great Villain Is God At Teasing
The Villain, he is super flirtatious
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PuddleDuckling rated it
June 26, 2022
Status: Completed
#I'll edit this and add the arc summaries at the end once I've finished them#

This is definitely going to be a case where my dislike list is longer than my like list, but overall the novel wasn't bad. It was just your bog-standard cannon fodder counterattack novel with mysterious identities and pasts on both the ML's and the MC's sides.

It also read to me as a half-formed novel that really needed a redraft, as there were a lot of things that went unaddressed or forgotten about that (to me) seemed... more>> important to know or needed addressing to fill a plot hole.

Also, the title has nothing to do with what occurs in the plot.

But otherwise, I would be willing to read this again.

Main Premise:

MC = Su Jingxuan

ML = Jiang He

Su Jiangxuan, like many counterattack MCs, has been f-ed over by fate in his reincarnations, as they were all either cannon fodders, villains, or people that had no direct correlation to the 'protagonists' of the worlds but still had a bad ending as a consequence of them.

Our MC remembers most of his reincarnations' pasts and, whilst he'd tried to fight against fate intially, in his most recent life he'd given up trying to go against fate. However, in this life, he'd had his lover who had tried to protect him from his fate but had ended up dying alongside our MC.

MC feels that this is likely to be his last life as he feels that his soul is one death away from dissipating and is sad that he won't be able to see his lover again. However, he ends up getting dragged into a castle-type room where he meets a black-robed ma who, despite being hostile towards the MC, offers him a chance to see his lover again on the condition that he fulfils the wishes of the cannon fodders.

MC, whilst distrustful of the black-robed man, agrees as he really wants to see his lover again, and if trusting this weirdo will allow it, then it's a risk worth taking.

However, as the MC travels through the world's, and with his interactions with the black-robed man inbetween worlds, our MC realises that the black-robed man is familiar with both himself and his lover to a strange degree. But whilst the man seems to hate the MC, he restrains himself from hurting him, and also has a respectful and worshipful attitude towards the MC's lover.

What I liked:

    • I know insta-love isn't for everyone, but I quite liked it. And there was no MC differing about trying to figure out whether the ML was his lover. The MC always recognised the ML on sight as the ML always looked the same and the MC felt the ML's aura/magnetic pull. I also like how the ML always seemed to be instantly drawn to wherever the MC was like how

      in arc 1, the ML feels the need to return to China otherwise he'll miss an important 'treasure' so he immediately hops on an aeroplane to get there.

      And how this inexplicable 'intuition' on the ML's part is continued in pretty much all the arcs, except maybe arc 3 and the last arc/epilogue? As the ML was where the MC was for plot reasons in arc 3. And then in the last arc the ML technically hadn't been the MC's lover yet

      because of time travel reasons.

    • Also, the ML (despite the pull towards the MC) always seems to try to make the MC work for his attention (or at least pretends to) and then regrets it later as he realises he could have been lovey dovey with MC earlier, lmao. (Though this element isn't as developed as it could be, and only briefly appears.)
    • The MC is also really shameless and it's quite funny to read.

      MC immediately jumps the ML (quite literally) in the first 3-seconds of seeing the ML in the first arc before realising the ML doesn't remember him, lmao.

      This is especially true when the MC is around the ML, as he still (somewhat) tries to follow the personalities of the original hosts, but it never quite works as the MC's personality is just that overpowering.
    • MC also doesn't rely on the ML to fulfill his revenge missions, and even asks the ML to stay out of it (which he does... mostly). So the ML mostly acts as a deterrant for the protagonists and antagonists as his identity tends to be quite high-up/strong.
    • What the MC's identity (s) were. I honestly hadn't seen it coming. I had initially thought the black-robed man was hostile to the MC because he'd stolen the ML from him or something along those lines. And yet it's revealed that they're

      brothers. Though Qi Yan (black-robed man) was unaware of this fact. (Elaborated on later in epilogue summary)

      Though, how this reveal is handled later is a bit underwhelming.
What I disliked:

    • MC has his cunning moments but some of his resolutions, or the way he deals with the antagonists in each arc, come across as a bit hand-wavey. Sometimes things seem to happen out of nowhere, or we never see what caused the face-slap to occur.
    • MC saying he got clues about why he was transmigrating/who the ML really was, and yet never elaborating or explaining what he'd discovered, what it meant, or why it was important. So I couldn't keep up with his thought process, at all.
    • Also, in arc 4

      we have that moment where the ML becomes his dragon form for a bit, and the protagonist of that world, Yan Junfeng, becomes a white-haired immortal to try and coax the og!host's soul out of the MC's body, as it turns out they're from MC's original world.

      And I know that they're there to act as exposition, and to also mirror the original relationship between the MC and the ML, as well as

      Qi Yan and Ji Beiyan

      , but we never see them when the MC returns to his original world. So I don't understand why they seemed so familiar with the MC and the ML. Or why that event occurred in arc 4 as you could remove it and it wouldn't make much difference.
    • It was also unclear why or how the ML fell in love with the MC. As

      I know they spent several months together when MC was Xiao Jiu and the ML was locked up by the Emperor, but the ML mostly ignored the MC during this time, and refused to react to MC's attempts at interaction/conversation. And whilst I know the MC basically told the ML about himself and the fact that they were lovers, that doesn't explain why or how the ML fell in love with the MC. As surely, if he'd recognised that the Jiang He in the MC's mouth was himself, the fact that the ML had no knowledge of their lover's relationship should have just had him thinking the MC was weird. And then when the MC left, they had no interactions prior to MC's death as Xiao Jiu. The ML only really interacted with the MC when he was Ji Xuan, and that happened a thousand years after Xiao Jiu's death, and at that point the MC didn't remember him. So the ML's sudden affection and possessiveness of Ji Xuan just seemed really weird.

    • The use of flashbacks in the last arc/epilogue was also badly handled, as we kept jumping between present MC and past MC, and it was never entirely clear as to when the shift occurred. (But that might just be because of the MTL, so take this with a pinch of salt.)
    • Also, we didn't get a satisfying resolution between the black-robed man

      Qi Yan

      and the MC.

      We know that Qi Yan adored Xiao Jiu, but was really hostile and malicous to Ji Xuan, both before his death and when Qi Yan found Su Jiangxuan to complete the tasks. Yet when Qi Yan found out Ji Xuan was his brother at the end, there was only a paragraph or so of Qi Yan being teary and asking for forgiveness, and then the MC just forgave him, and then nothing else was said or done about it???

      It was really underwhelming, and I felt it could have been handled better as it was such an interesting dynamic/relationship to have considering everything that had happened between them.
    • Another plot hole/inconsistency that really bugged me was the fact that we know the MC had been reincarnating

      after his death as Ji Xuan

      as that's when the black-robed man finds him. And yet when the MC

      becomes Ji Xuan a second time, it's only been several months after his death

      so I don't understand why the MC was reincarnating before then, or why the black-robed man didn't look for the MC when he first died


      as Ji Xuan.

      Same with why the ML appeared in the MC's last reincarnation prior to MC beginning the tasks. Where was the ML before that?
    • Also, I was unclear as to why the MC had to begin the tasks. I know he was trying to 'save' the ML or something, but we're never told why the ML needs saving or what the consequences would be if the MC doesn't/fails.
    • Overall, the ending seemed really rushed as nothing really happens? Most of it is just the author explaining what had occurred and (sometimes) why. So it was a bit boring to read.
Things I'm undecided on:

    • I can't decide whether the novel mostly focused on the MC flirting with the ML, or if it was a good balance between plot and shameless CP scenes. This is mainly because I couldn't always tell why certain plot points occurred, and sometimes it seemed as if the MC and the ML were just sitting on the side whilst the author did the face-slapping instead of the MC?
Arc List:

    • Arc 1 = [BL] Modern Entertainment Circle - Chapters 1 - 21.
    • Arc 2 = [BL] Ancient China Imperial Harem (Gers, no CP mpreg) - Chapters 22 - 40
    • Arc 3 = [BL] Zombie Apocalypse - Chapters 41 - 58
    • Arc 4 = [BG] Modern Jewellery Competition - Chapters 59 - 83
    • Arc 5 + Epilogue = Cultivation - Chapters 84 - 101
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