Transmigrated Into a Big Boss to Snatch Away the Cannon Fodder


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Rong Qing transmigrated into the role of a big boss inside a book. Passionate, rich, and extremely good looking.

Yet this kind of big boss character, there were a total of six in the original book. All were embraced and hugged left and right by the original book’s main character Xiao Ziqi.

How can this be in accordance with the values of an upright modern society?

Rong Qing immediately sharpened his (metaphoric) sword and prepared to battle against the other big bosses. He will let them learn that although love was precious, making money was even sweeter!

During this process, he also accidentally picked up a little wolf pup cannon fodder from the original book and started his sweet, yet hilarious new life…

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231 Reviews

New Pop_up_ninja
Nov 22, 2023
Status: Completed
I love this novel.

Rated 5 but that's because it is very much to my taste. It's probably more of a 4 or 4.5, but I just love it so much.

The MC is so shameless and just loves to show off, but he isn't subtle about it. He owns the fact that he enjoys bragging and doesn't hide it at all. He likes to have face and will act like a spoiled brat if his face is being torn off, but everyone knows he is actually harmless and basically just let's... more>> him do whatever. But he also knows when to stop. He doesn't take things too far and it's very good comedy. I love him so much.

The ML is the doting kind. He's very cute and accepting of the MC and mc's troublesome personality. He's understanding of the MC when the MC is essentially stringing him along. There is a reason for it and the ML accepts that although he doesn't know what the reason is.

[sspoilerHonestly, its actually hilarious and also frustrating for me as a reader that the mc's ban on marriage with the ML is due to age but right in the last few chapters of the main story he finds out hes been s*upid because the legal age to marry overseas is younger. I mourn for the ml, MC and myself having to wait for them to get it together[/spoiler]

If you want to read something fluffy, cure, and humorous, definitely give this novel a read. <<less
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May 16, 2020
Status: Completed
Five stars! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ I'm quite satisfied with the ML and MC's romance. I just had to laugh at the MC cursing at himself why he stopped himself from doing the pa pa pa with the ML

It's going to be revealed in the beginning chapters but this mini spoiler will move slightly forward.

The MC wanted to wait for the ML to reach an "appropriate age" since the ML in the novel is just 19 or 20 (?) so the MC wanted to wait for 2 more years. The MC will be 30 years old once the two years passed. There's an 8 year gap (?) between them.

Rong Qing is the proud bottom. He often curses silently about the seal since he can't eat the ML hahahahaha

So it was later revealed that the MC didn't have to wait that long since they could've gotten a certificate already with the ML's age.

The MC mourned his non existent s*x life since he "wasted two years waiting" ?


I do think that the MC and ML waiting for years before they got married is a good step. Since the fans of the ML got used to their "bro chemistry" and the slow exposure of the media is slowly letting the people accept their pairing.

I like the MC's company. His cute employees especially in the Lawyer's department ? It's funny once any scandal arises since the MC's company will surely send you a lawyer's letter in minutes. ? (They're like: "Yes! More scandals = more bonus! Need to send letters fast.)

I also like how the MC "wakes up" the brainwashed male leads. After the whole ordeal they were like: "It's better to earn money!! I'll never get close to the white lotus!!"

And that the MC created a GC solely for them and he teases them and slaps them with his wealth. (RQ: "See this daddy's money? That's why you should just work hard now.")

The MC is always straightforward. He's not afraid to chase the ML and same with the ML although he was pretty shy at first.

They're both virg*ns so it's understandable.

The original white lotus protagonist was irritating at first but as I read his ending, it made me think about the other side of the coin since the white lotus has a golden finger.


A system that can gain one's good feelings. He always does this to any people whom he can see as "profitable"

But after the system left him, everything back fired. I can't help but think: "what if the system just used him?", "where did the system go?"


The novel is pretty sweet and fluff. There's a lot of comedy invovled and the MC's body is OP in the business world. Like really OP.

There are a lot of side CPs.

Beware for you might be spoiled about future pairings and characters in the story.


The ML's older brother x Yan Zheng (?) not sure about the name. MTL people.

Chu ke (young director) x Brother A (I think it's the bodyguard (?)

Gou something x Mu something (MTL changes their names sometimes.)

And my favorite!

Secretary He x _______ (next spoiler)


The novel is inly up to Chapter 155 (?) the rest are extras.

There's an Extra about Secretary He and his cat sweet pea. (I love it. I love it. I love it. Good things must be said 3 times.)

This is going to be a major spoiler. It's also interesting.


So apparently, Secretary He was a junior to Rong Qing —the original one.

There used to be a time when Rong Qing was still normal. He was the beloved senior of Secretary He.

One day Secretary He decided to leave his cat to a pet store/vet. Unbeknownst to him, that pet store was actually a bad one. An abusive owner who dupes people and operates illegally.

Sweet pea escapes but you'll notice right away that it's not a pure cat anymore.

It has another soul of a human occupying it.

A few days later, Secretary He notices that Rong Qing (His boss and senior) is acting differently. He's like a machine that works non-stop and increases his work load. It's like him but not him.

After finding his cat once Secretary He returned, he quickly notices the subtle difference. It seems that his cat can understand him.

Soon, Secretary He fell ill because he couldn't help but overthink about ehy his senior and his cat is acting strange.

It was later revealed that the original Rong Qing (his soul) is now occupying sweet pea. He changes back into a cat whenever the Rong Qing (human but now acting 'robotic') is near.

Once Secretary He and Sweet pea decided to go overseas it was determined that the farther away they were from the human Rong Qing, sweet pea can maintain his human form.

Sweet pea's human for you might ask? A carbon copy of Rong Qing.

It was revealed that whenever sweet pea transform back into his human form, he can't remember his past. He knows that he used to be human and told Secretary He that he can no longer go back to his original body because a system informed him that it was just a coincidence that he's still alive.

Quick summary:

Original sweet pea (cat) = dead

Original Rong Qing = human form (currently occupied by a system till it finds another soul substitute) ; soul is currently attached to sweet pea's body.

Now, here's where it gets interesting. Do you remember Secretary He asking for his yearly annual leave just to tour his beloved cat?

It's basically just Secretary He touring the world with his lover, Rong Qing (the original one) since right now, sweet pea is free to transform as long as they don't meet up or get close to Rong Qing's original body.

So, Secretary He x (Original) Rong Qing


It's really, really interesting. I like it.
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Rania want to QT
Rania want t
Jul 25, 2020
Status: c127
I don't know where to start, *take a deep breath to calm down the anger* OK! Let's do it (/>_<) /


  1. Translastion : 5/5 (Good job! No offense but _ you're wasting your skills Guys!)
  2. Comedy : 5/5
  3. ML : 4, 5/5 (I liked the charracter development)
  4. Ships sailing: Very satisfing
  5. Face slapping : Oh, my!
  6. Description : 4/10
  7. Canon fodders : Thumps up!
  8. Fluff : 5/5


    1. Main villain (forget the name 'cause MC nicknamed him 'white lotus') : decent at the begining. In the middle he became a classic third rated 'original protagonist' kind of existence.
    2. Supporting characters : some doesn't have deepth AT ALL, some happened to have but it dissaspear in selected times.
    3. ML : I mention it again since I dislike how overly tolerant he's to the MC! I get that each couple have they own way in getting along but Lin Ji took it too far by being THAT submittive and always say that Rong Qing is lovely and cute! Like THE FUDGE that's just having a "Princess Syndrom".
    4. The MC doesn't use any of his original skill like he didn't have any since the start and doesn't feel the slightest guilty in declaring the original owner's as HIM's. I know that shameless MCs (I also like them but they need limits even if it only showed to only themselves or their spouse) are a trend but have some F*CKING shame, DUDE! The only moments he show shame (like an actual human being) is when 'his image is destroyed' Even his self-awarness is non-existent as he only brag without restraint as an adult! And everyone doesn't dare to reliate! No one point it out directly!
    5. How naturally shown is "men are better than women" during the second half of the novel.
    6. Lastly (finally) nothing is showed about the MC's original life aside from 3 things. Name, sexuality, gender. Oh! And also the hinting that he wasn't that rich.

Honestly Lin Ji is tooooooooo good for the spoiled Rong Qing.

Ah! I feel refreshed that I posted all this ranting~ (my first language isn't english)
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Jun 29, 2020
Status: c116
I love how Rong (MC) always calls himself Daddy (like every time) and I can't help myself smiling because of that. He also like to flaunt his wealth coz why not? He's really wealthy and even he takes over the body he still works. And oh don't skip the seal! Most novels always go with the s*xual thing, I mean yes it's human's nature and needs but bruh, not always right? Lin (ML) is also unexpected for me. Unexpected because I thought he's like every other ML that is overbearing,... more>> tyrannical and cold you know the usual type of ML? He may not be like that but I really like his character, how supportive he is to Rong, how much he loves Rong and his way of capturing Rong! (Feeling myself eating fvcking dog food everytime.)

I read many novels about celebrity/entertainment where their fans actually don't think too much, but here the fans of Lin is really loving and caring. They don't actually engage in useless argument and wait for the perfect time to fight back. Clearly supports ML behind! I also love the lawyer team and the pr team (lol) fighting for the reward! Ugh and Mr. He and Sweetpea. (Okay, sorry, my bad, but I ship them!) (i also have cats~) I JUST LOVE THEM OKE?

Some peeps say's this novel/story is not unique, I actually don't care. For me this is unique enough in it's own way. You can hate me, but not my love for reading. Ugh I actually made twitter just to read this!

So much love for the translator! Infinite (Hanji) ! ♥♥ <<less
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Aug 02, 2020
Status: c126
This story is cute, sometimes funny, and sometimes fluffy. However, there are, indeed, some major issues:

  • MC: He has major personality issues. For one, the person he transmigrated to is nothing like his own personality. In reality, MC's some whiny b*tch kid who loves flaunting wealth and looks that don't belong to him. Oh, wait, he gets all of the CEO's memories, but the author forgets about that and constantly speaks of the other people as side-characters. As well as that, he constantly complains about the no-sex-before-marriage seal when he made the promise himself. He's also prejudiced towards people as well (such as crossdressers, females, and hermaphrodites). He somehow constantly gets used to spending money like water.
  • ML: Eh. There's not much to say about him, since he's rather plain and typical,
  • Romance: Quirky CEO shou x Shy puppy gong —> Tsundere shou x Wolf/Blackbelly gong. Typical,
  • Villain: Appears when the author remembers him. Typical everything-belongs-to-me jealous type. Defeated way too early/easily. Literally so st*pid that it hurts to talk about. We figure out stuff about him waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too early as well,
  • Side characters: Too 2D to talk about. Many unnecessary add-ins, a random side-couple that I could hardly give a half about. I swear, thy only exist to act dumb and make the MC-ML duo look good,
  • Plot: Nonexistent,
Overall,... more>> it's a drag. But the translator's great, aside from some minor typos. <<less
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Aug 15, 2020
Status: Completed
Meh, this was a real struggle to read. There's nothing exceptional about the plot nor any of the characters.

MC suffers from a serious case of narcissism, believing that he's so charming and svelte, when in reality... he solves his problems by throwing money around. Self-awareness doesn't exist in this guy's dictionary. On the other hand, ML is naive and suffers from low self-esteem but later turns into a black bellied gong.

There's humor, but it's of the cringe-worthy variety and only serves to supplement the poorly written and otherwise lackadaisical plot.
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Jun 17, 2020
Status: c90
So by chapter 90, ML is now an unofficial


chicken clan killer


This story is most for sht and giggles, so plot is pretty slow (or nonexistent) and the romance is starting to bud. Side characters are often left behind, but this story is pretty sweet and funny. Our MC loves money and the CP is honestly really cute.

Just remember that this story can sometimes have plot holes, but it's hilarious and mostly a comedy, so if you enjoy fluffy romcoms, this is for you.
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Jul 04, 2020
Status: c174
If you're looking for a fluffy gay romcom that's heavy on the comedy, look no further. This story is a joy to read, with an MC whose the typical "cool, icy, lofty CEO" on the outside but internally? Say hello to a flamboyant, money loving daddy! MC really is endearing and from the beginning I was honestly hooked. The ML is nothing to sneer at either, he's very cute in the beginning and later on simply becomes very charming when chasing MC! It's refreshing to see the younger actor lover... more>> position be the one whose the gong and the lofty, cool older CEO be the shou! In all honesty the story is a very fun time, MC and ML are mutually attracted and "chase" each other whole heartedly. While they can't become an actual couple yet because of plot reasons, it doesn't stop the story from being utterly hilarious and the netizen commentary is great!

That said, sometimes the MC can get very cringe-y but it could be due to your level of secondhand embarrassment tolerance. It's also very very heavy on the comedy side (75%) and romance side (20%) but not so much on plot (5%). The plot is there and it is interesting, but literally just used as a background for shenanigans and jokes. If you're looking for a more dramatic or plot heavy story, I would suggest another as quite literally even the plot or romantic progress will literally be thrown aside in the name of comedy. I highly doubt this would make anyone's top ten masterpieces of literature list, but it's absolute a fun story to read. <<less
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May 02, 2020
Status: c0
I'm still a few chapters in. But I gotta Say I love this Translator? She/He love to updates in Mass which is very appealing to me. The translator just finished translating "Tyrant Pampering Big Wife Diary" which is also a good read, you should try reading it.
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Apr 19, 2021
Status: Completed
Hello, this is my first time writing a review. I wanted to address some of the bad reviews. I understand that everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

I want to mention that this novel is a light-hearted read with comedic undertones. It does not have a deep plot, strategically scheming characters, suspenseful situations, world building. If you're looking for a novel like that then this would not be a satisfying read for you.

This story focuses primarily on the MC and his interactions with other characters. Remember that he transmigrated into... more>> a harem book where all the members have some brain problems concerning the white lotus. MC's main goal is to make all the harem members come to their senses even if he's spouting bullsh*t

like that one situation which was about surrogacy. And problems such as the child wanting to find their birth mom and why the child has two fathers.

The translator even understood that the MC was spouting nonsense to bring that harem member into their senses. I also understood that as well.

The MC's personality is quirky, arrogant and shameless. The best way to compare him to is to a sassy peacock/diva that always wanted to show off. Imagine transmigrating into a super good looking, super rich and super competent CEO. He was the big boss in the book. His closet is composed of designer brands, garage full of expensive cars and owns multiple villas. It would be weird for the MC to suddenly wear cheap clothing, he probably doesn't even have any of them in his closet. It's like a princess wearing clothing of a pauper. People would question that change especially if the original was known as the richest man in that book-world. And all the expensive items from clothing, jewelry and cars would sit in dust to rot. It makes sense to just use them since MC became the original, he owns everything now, why shouldn't he use his own stuff.

There's also the concern over how the MC would lust after the ML.

I mean the MC did make an agreement with the original soul to find a romantic partner and get married before doing the deed. I don't see a problem with the MC deciding on choosing ML as the person of his romantic interest.

Most stories would choose and chase the cannon folder as the ML. It's just that in this story it has more shameless antics from the MC when he is chasing the ML. No one is forced into anything so emotions are purely develop. The way MC is lusting after the ML reminds me of fan-girls chasing after their favorite idols. There are a lot of descriptions such as ahhh look at that face, ahh look at that body, that clothing suits them etc.. Doesn't it sound similar to fan girls idolizing their favorite celebrity?

I have never read a story like this before with a MC that's so shameless and somewhat of a diva/ peac*ck behavior and always calling themselves daddy LOL. It's hilarious to me especially with such a familiar trope (transmigration and acting) that has been repeated countless times. So, this story was somewhat fresh and sweet inducing. It's funny when the MC gets embarrassed from his own shameless antics when he tries to make the ML feel embarrassed. It certainly makes me giggle in embarrassment as well. <<less
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Jul 25, 2021
Status: Completed
This review is basically me just ranting.

This was suppose to be my cup of tea....... Richass sugar daddy Uke, cute and doting/caring seme, comedy, fluff, slice of life~ sadly it's kinda disappointing.

It's slice of life so yeah overall story doesn't have any plot. The story is focus on MC Transmigrated into Big Boss (aka rich man) and starts his journey of love and earnings money.

I was actually very into the premises of the story. It rare to find uke as Sugar Daddy. It's so rare and interesting but then the start up kinda blew me up

Like Hello, MC just transmigrated and he basically had no reaction as if this was suppose to happen or he already knew. Leaving that aside the next moment he just end up spending 30 million on ML like WTF. Instead of checking his info or trying to understand his surrounding the first thing he did was to spend 30 million on stranger just because he kinda like his looks and he had money..... like bruh, you didn't even knew who you yourself was properly and how much money you had and it wasn't actually his money but the original owner money....... the logic toh. How could he just casually spend the money that too on a stranger and it wasn't even his money. Plus, it hinted later that he wasn't rich in his original world so how the hell he do that right next moment after his Transmigration.


Leaving that aside the story was actually interesting at the start. The comedy was gold too and it was fun to see MC interaction with his so called friend and ML and MC dealing against the white lotus but then in the middle part the story it kinda changed for me as I started to find MC annoying.... very annoying.

At first MC's arrogant, temperamental, childishness and tantrum..... was cute but then it went on too much to the point where he sometimes started being unreasonable. He kinda started remind me of those rich noble daughter, who is selfish and like to show off, like to torment their friend for fun, want everyone to praise her and admire her, like to blame unreasonably on others and throw tantrum even if it was their mistake just because of their so called pride of being rich....... the kinda of character that make to want to beat atleast once. I Honestly was expecting MC to be cool badass rich man but SHIT!!


- MC being showoff..... actually I don't have much problem with it.... he can as he has Money but seriously being too much show off..... especially showing off just to torment his friends, thought it had positive effect on them as his friend was also Rich people but that not always the cases. It can have negative effect Like imagine your richass friend invite you only to show off his money and torment you, making you feel the level of gap in finance/level between you too. And seeing your torment face bring happiness/smile on their face....... f*ck, would they still be called friend??

- Throwing tantrum on others like seriously, he act like he owned everything. For every thing that didn't go his way or embarrassed him, he would shift the blame on others like his so called friend. He didn't even leave his lover. Blame at others and glare at them every single time just because his shitty pride can't admit his mistake because it'll destroy his so called tyrant CEO image....... f*ck your Shitty Image. He act like a brat.

Plus just ranting but he also act like those guy who are gay but deny it. In their cases it pretty understandable as it mostly incurred to those who were actually straight but then got bend and now going through identity crisis but in his case He himself admitted he was pure Bottom. He was Bottom from his previous life and he remind us that everytime through his inner thought but then when people suspect him to be bottom he goes on guard, act like a cool tyrant gong just so he could save his Image and His Top dignity..... like you aren't even a top, what dignity are you trying to save. Honestly I thought he was proud to be bottom and probably doesn't care about what people give a sh*t about.... I mean he told Old man Song he got bottomed but then to others he hid...... hid like being a bottom would tranish his image...... What wrong with Bottom Tyrant Ceo?? Not that I am saying he should tell other he's bottom, I just hoped he didn't care about that and was okay with other seeing him as bottom but no..... I am indeed very disappointed on that.


Overall conclusion MC is so f*cking annoying that he kinda ruined my mood about the story. He's the most annoying MC (uke) for me in BL novel I have read so far.

On contrast to that I find ML very sweet and pleasant. He's so respectable man..... loving MC despite everything. If this ain't true love then what is?? Though actually I don't ship them.

I personally was more into He Qian. His character is very interesting and his relationship with his cat ︎︎is very sweet(◜𖥦◝) I wouldn't mind reading this story again but Secretary He as main character.

Though MC and ML relationship is actually very healthy. The journey was actually kinda torment for me because of MC. I usually enjoy the pursuing period but well not in here. This is probably the first time where I actually don't feel like ship the CP.

Their relationship may be health but it was totally not equal. If look through Seme POV their relationship was like ship in unknown area where iceberg can rise and struck ship anytime and it was all in MC hand as to when the iceberg may appear suddenly.

For example, when ML mistakenly saw what MC ordered and when ML heard MC laugh at office and many more. You can clearly see that in those situation MC end up glaring at ML making ML so insecure of their relationship being break anytime.

Also there was also the time MC got jealous of ML being close to director and he got little angry and wanted ML to appease him like it wasn't even ML fault and then he left ML and went to his friends place and ate by himself, Leaving our ML hungry alone and when ML found out that MC already ate something, MC tried to blame his friend indirectly, the friend whose place he entered like it was his own home, destroyed friend peaceful time, did what he wanted and what ate want and then later blame his friend........ I feel so sorry for CEO GAO.

With MC personality of being spoiled tantrum throwing person unreasonably, it's good that ML was Patience as Monk and was able to read MC mind to make his mood better, even though he had do things totally out of his character or personality. But like seriously, if...... I said if, in future ML end up cheating on MC (which is actually not possible but if), I wouldn't be surprise at all.


Though it look like things might have changed a bit after their marriage but well who knows.

The Ending was ok.... they got married and had good s*x life.

There were many times when the story went off like as if author forgot about it.

like ML parents....... ML mom went back because he wanted to reconcile with his son with his husband. ML mom went to grab ML dad but then after that chapter they didn't appeared at all...... not until ML wedding..... like seriously?? Did author really forgot about that??


Also I Honestly feel MC is kinda too OP. Way too OP unreasonably to the point that it kinda unpleasant for me.

At the beginning they said MC was one of the Big Boss...... well, it doesn't look like that to me. He's more of like Biggest Boss among all the Boss. Like seriously, he can control everything. News and rumours and controlling negative online comments. No one dare to write an article about him. Every business industry are scared to get on his angry side. Even the netizens doesn't dare to write negative things on his presence....... well, it would have being fine if it was only in china but no his influence is also very strong in foreign country...... isn't he way too op, to the point that even foreign reporters doesn't dare to write article about him. using his money and his lawyer team just to sue people who Honestly wrote what they felt but it might be negative about him or ML....... does government doesn't exist there?? WTF are they doing?? Letting their citizen getting sued just for a negative comments.

I know this is fiction but is it even acceptable to make someone that much OP in ordinary Modern world?? To the point that no one can voice against him even if he does something wrong in future.


Overall, it was good I guess..... I Honestly can't say anything as MC character greatly effected my impression on this novel but well, some people might enjoy this pure slice of life RomCom Novel.


Thanks to the translator for translating this novel ❤️
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May 24, 2020
Status: Completed
Regret. Endless regret.
I was too tempted and I started reading.. Then I binged it all in a day! It's so good and funny omg! I want more! I'm dying! Why didn't I wait! Aaah MC is the best shou MC I've ever seen hands down! He's a shou and he knows it! He wants a gong but he can't have s*x till he's married! All the side characters are the best! (My fav is the two rich second gen omg this has the best rich second gen characters ever)... more>> And the ML! I barely see a ML that isn't domineering CEO type but it's the MC shou that is the CEO type!! The ML is the actor he wants to raise!!! I love it!!! Aaaahhh why didn't I wait a bit more?! QAQ now I gotta find other inferior stories to appease me until more chapters come out

update (102) : Still hilarious. Honestly more interested in CEO Rong flaunting his wealth with the side characters than the actual CP at this point lololol

update (138) :

I did not expect our antagonist- the original story MC - to end like that. They barely did too much with each other yet at the same time I'm weirdly satisfied. Our MC and ML are happy and that happiness doesn't revolve around oc-MC. Plus it's pretty interesting and novel how it went down ah

Almost to the end! I'm both sad and excited. This story is still great and mainly focuses on the cute romantic comedy aspect instead of faceslapping now which some people might feel is a bit meh but I think it's very nice, the fast pace is slowing down but it's still humorous and sweet.

update 160: it's done! The main story is done and it's great!! That's all I'm gonna say! I'm loving the extras btw

final update: This was a fun and wild ride. I love the comedy, the characters the side pairings (I sort of wish there was an extra of Chu Ke and A but other than that I'm legit so happy with everything). This is definitely one to go back to. Translator, you did amazing as well ??? <<less
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May 09, 2020
Status: Completed
Y'all this is so great to read. I love the slow romance and the way all characters interact with sach other. Thd MC is so pure that it affects ths whole story in a good way.


The MC is one of the most likable MC in the bl umiverse. He's strongheaded and is responsible. I like how he doesn't act feminine snd instead acts like a fluffy cute overbearung CEO. He's rich, kind, and is great at socializing.

... more>> Ml

I thought the ML would be the bottom but as I reach the middle part I've been having doubts about my guess. The ML is a wolf deep inside waiting patiently to ravage the MC. He's literally patient because he loves and respect the MC so much. He's also so cute when he asked for advice how to pursue the MC despite the big difference in their social standing and financial standing.

Cons of the story

  1. Not too serious. Other bl lover might doesnt like fluffy bl and unfortunately this one is so fluffy that there's non angst that much.
  2. Story setting/build up. The story doesnt have a direct flow of the story which will make other readers might find it boring.
Sorrh guys thats all cons I can think about

Pros of the story

  1. Fluffy. This is overwhelming fluff and cute
  2. Cute romance. So the romance here gradually developed, the MC doesnt realize in some chapters that he likes the ML until he gave more attention to the ml. While the ML on the other hand doesn't know how to properly interact with the MC because of the circumstances they started with.
  3. Great side characters. The other characters are so lovable,

    the MC and other supposedly-victim-to-white-lotus had a group chat that makes me laughany times when they interact

  4. Extra chapters/Side story. The side story is so cute, other side characters had their own short story of love here and it's filled with fluff.
I don't get why this got low ratings from the reviews but trust me when I say that this is a great story.

I highly recommend it to everyone <<less
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Jun 19, 2020
Status: c92
Honestly this story is so cute, and the translator is an MVP, I love how f*cking silly the story is. Like imagine bringing the guy you're crushing on home, and then he finds your f*cking butt-s*x research?? I'd die, I'd simply commit a crime of mu*der, and I love the fact that the MC would too! I love everything about this story, and I can't wait to see the translator's hard work!
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May 19, 2021
Status: --
I kinda liked how everything was going, but after MC showed ML's.... nudes/pictures to his friend, I felt disgusted. Not to mention that he even had his subordinate to frame it like??? wtf?? what if someone walks in and just sees it? dropped. might pick it up if I see a review that will change my mind. the whole thing just turned me if I see a review that will motivate me to read it again. Translation is top notch though!! so ill give an extra star
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Jul 24, 2020
Status: Completed
So...I read this in between my dog blood novels LOL. It served as a buffer because this is a feel-good type of novel.

There was a really good couple dynamic. CEO/president x famous actor, with the CEO being the shou and the actor being the gong. Rong Qing (MC/shou) is Lin Ji's (ML/gong) number one supporter, and I love how wholesome their relationship was especially since before Rong Qing, Lin Ji had no one to support him both emotionally and financially in the entertainment industry. It made me so sad thinking... more>> about everything he had to put up with because everyone took Xiao Ziqi's (White lotus/antagonist) side, and when Rong Qing finally began showing his cordial favor for Lin Ji, it made my heart melt. It felt good seeing Lin Ji getting the recognition he worked so committedly for.

I really like Lin Ji because unlike other ML's, he's considerate and is willing to communicate with Rong Qing instead of impetuously reaching false conclusions on his own. Every time he has his doubts, he always goes to Rong Qing and sweetly asks him if he's done something wrong or if there's a misunderstanding. Overall, he's never thinking the problem is completely Rong Qing or willing to implicate him. He's always asking himself, "Am I also the problem?" and "How can I solve it?" From this, you can see how responsible and mature he is, even though he's, like, ten years younger than MC. Also, they had some pretty steamy and heart-touching moments. I felt my soul leave my body when Rong corp's annual party was being held and broadcasted, and Rong Qing and Lin Ji made sure no camera was on them before making eye contact across the room, and when they looked at each other, "Lin Ji lifted his hand and kissed the back of it while looking at Rong Qing adoringly." @#$%^& My heart!!!

On the other hand, Rong Qing is the one who is older in age, yet more immature in personality, and I love it! He's so funny and whenever he exposes himself (for being thirsty for Lin Ji), it's always so funny because his first thought is to mu*der whoever witnessed his embarrassing moment and then mu*der himself, which is honestly relatable. The way he flaunts his money is exaggerated, but that's kind of the whole point. It adds to his bubbly, unashamed character.

The side characters are really something. Each have their own distinctive traits, but they all have one thing in common (other than being rich LOL) : They're hilarious! Song Xian is such a cinnamon bun, and Gao Jiaxuan may be the most relatable one out of all of them, considering he's kind of the bucket everyone kicks around that wants to be more than a bucket RIP. My favorite, although he doesn't appear much, is Gongsun Zibai. He had a charm to him that I really liked, and the fact that he is always so considerate of his family (especially the little ones) was really sweet. Plus, his first appearance in his novel was iconic. He kicked ass lol... literally. He kicked his nephew's ass for not wanting to spend his birthday with the family. Mu Cheng, on the other hand, is just badass. A badass with a moped. It was really funny how the side characters knew what was up between Rong Qing and Lin Ji but pretended not to know 99.99% of the time.

I could not stop rolling my eyes and bursting into laughter at the running gag throughout the entirety of the novel. Every time a character gets mentioned while other characters are talking to each other, it'd switch over to a scene of the mentioned character sneezing. I see this often in Chinese novels, but this was my first time seeing it done repeatedly as a joke over and over again.

One thing I felt was underdeveloped with this novel was the situation with Xiao Ziqi. His influence on the plot was minimal, if not insignificant, even though he could be considered an antagonist, mainly because ALL his plans were thwarted by Rong Qing in a very simple manner. And the way he was dealt with in the end was... certainly not mild considering his ending was quite gruesome, but it was anticlimactic. I expected much more. Plus, he disappears for quite some time in the middle of the novel, so when he reappeared near the ending only to meet his end??? It felt messy and trivial to me.

Another thing I would've liked to see more of is Lin Ji's relationship with his parents, especially since they've been estranged from each other for, like, ten years. I would've liked to see them work it out, and it seemed like they genuinely cared for their son but didn't know how to show it in an appropriate way. And it seems like Lin Ji's family is

also a wealthy business family

so I wanted to know more about that too.

All in all, this novel feeds us good dog food and sweet moments. It's a feel-good novel with drama that is resolved quickly and efficiently (mostly thanks to He Qian, the all-purpose assistant).

Here's a little snippet of a cute moment I liked from Lin Ji's POV:

"But when Rong Qing knelt down and proposed to him; when Rong Qing said he wanted to get married; when he saw all the things that Rong Qing silently did for him; the loneliness that accumulated over all these years was instantly swept clear.

The extravagant sense of having his wishes and dreams come true made him deeply remember this moment in his memories.

He will... treasure this person for a lifetime."

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May 02, 2020
Status: c30
This novel is refreshing because it subverts a trope we all know and love and does it so well. The characters are well rounded and funny, this isn't the kind of novel where it takes everything seriously but is the kind that touches (lightly like a love pat) serious topics with a light hearted tone without making you uncomfortable. And most of all it doesn't take itself seriously, the author delivers on the fluff and comedy really well that I can't help but wish to be a little gong being... more>> raised by a CEO shou lol <<less
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Oct 08, 2020
Status: Completed
This novel is totally my style

Transmigration ☑️

MC does the faceslapping immediately not wasting a second. ☑️ Inner monologues of MC that is super hilarious ☑️

Extremely wealthy MC and love flaunting his wealth planting lemon forest for everyone.☑️

MC calls himself daddy, cause he can, and calls fellow shou 'sister'.☑️

Fluffy and sweet interactions of MC and ML ☑️

Younger Seme <---- I mean, come on! The real reason is this. From embarrassed blushing to seducing younger seme☑️


MC and ML exchanges sexy photos, ofc wolf pup is always embarrassed. MC had ML's sexy photo printed life-sized, in pillows to all his mansions


When wolf pup started to seduce pursue MC and MC keeps panicking till MC fainted /it really happened in the novel hehehe/

Online people slandering ML in a post.


MC :*pings Lawyer Team* the end of the year bonus depends on how diligent you guys are (no one messes wolf pup who is under daddy's protection!)

MLfan: my coworker just recieved a court letter from CEO Rong's lawyers while at work, ahhh Tyrant keep being friends with my family's Lin ge ge!!!

ML: but I don't want to be just friends.


So many cute moments between MC and ML. Light and hilarious novel really worth to read and reread.
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Aug 09, 2020
Status: Completed
I found this funny at first but it quickly got repetitive.

The MC is a easy-going, money-loving and a pretty narcissist person. ML is the typical calm and steady type. The romance is bland. The villain was taken care of "off-screen" and was pretty anti-climatic. Don't get me started on ML's parents. The main story for me is 2 stars.

I found the extras a lot more interesting. Hence the 3 stars.

OTT style of writing with an insane number of ! As expected!!
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Jun 08, 2020
Status: c79
I am a little less than halfway through the novel. The author called this a "happy, silly, and sweet novel." It is an apt description. If you have ever read fanfic, you might have encountered the "crack" tag. It is one of my favorite tags, because I love to laugh. This story falls under that category. It is silly and makes you laugh.

... more>>

The MC is transmigrated into a CEO. MC loves to flaunt his money, but it is in a kiddish way like "Look I've got this new toy you don't have." MC first pursued the ML, but when the ML realized the silly charm of the MC (and that MC was not malicious), ML reciprocated. The MC who had been trying to keep his domineering CEO aura was flustered and bewildered by this change. Basically, what I am trying to say is the story gets real cute.


Also, I would like to thank the translators. They have been extremely quick about updating. <<less
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Jun 23, 2020
Status: c94
Hilarious! I love that MC decides to educate all the white lotus' harem members. ML is adorable, too. I really like the netizens' speculation about Overbearing CEO x Young Actor. Also, the translator is awesome! Updates regularly and often and great translation quality.
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