The Transmigrated Villain, and the Reborn Heroines


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Zhang Mu transmigrated as a wicked villain in the urban novel. Moreover, he had to play his role to relive his life!

That was to say, he was supposed to be infatuated with the heroine and had to target the protagonist at every turn to hit him in the face.

With his jealousy, he drives the protagonist’s justice and resources.

As long as he successfully completed the plot, he could return to the real world and receive a considerable reward.

However, something went wrong with the plot…!

The heroine was messed up!

Zhang Mu: Don’t pester me! I’m the wicked villain and have a crush on the heroine!

The Iceberg heroine: Husband, I love you too.

Zhang Mu: …

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Redmi rated it
April 10, 2024
Status: c22
A surprisingly decent novel. MC got transmigrated into an urban king of soldiers novel as the main antagonist. And of course, he got a system installed for all his troubles.

Mission: Make sure the main antagonist character follow exactly the events in the urban novel, become an arrogant young master who will eventually be done in by the Chad Chinaman main protagonist.

Reward: A ticket back home, billions of yuan and immortality.

This should have been an easy job for the transmigrated main antagonist who knew the novel inside out. But what happened... more>> next are numerous betrayals, not only by majority of the main heroines in the novel, but also by the system. The main antagonist has to fight hard to survive the mission, and his only ally is the main protagonist who is also an unwitting victim of all those betrayals.

This novel is a parody of many of the cookie cutter urban king of soldiers novel out there. The main storyline is just average, and this novel are carried by the low-dogmatic transmigrated main antagonist. In fact, the main antagonist (and to a much lesser extent, main protagonist too) is the only thing that makes this novel decent. The less said about the 2 dimensional heroines, the better.

The translation is kinda ok too in quality, not many mistakes has been spotted after reading all available free chapters. <<less
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