I, The Villain, Can Issue Tasks to the Heroine!


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I, The Villain, Can Issue Tasks to the Heroine!

What would it feel like for a villain to issue tasks to the heroine of a novel?

Transmigrated into a novel world, Su Hang became a small villain and was bound to a God-Level Task Issuing System. He can issue tasks to the novel’s heroine to alter the plot.

Then, an absurd scene occurred.

The original aloof ice-cold female CEO confessed to Su Hang, the villain, right before the Protagonist.

The female lead, indifferent to the Dragon King Son-In-Law Protagonist, wept bitterly to let her give birth to at least five children of Su Hang.

For a moment, all the Protagonists couldn’t help but become furious and question why.

The female lead replied, “It’s all just the Master’s task.”

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New bozakir rated it
January 28, 2023
Status: c15
I don't have anything against this genre in principle, where someone transmigrates into a Villain and starts hunting protagonists. Some of them are entertaining and some of them are interesting enough to read.

This is neither. Dude transmigrates and instantly identifies with the loser and acts like it was himself that chased someone for 3 years and got offended for it. He gets a super powerful system issues a dumb order "confess your love to me". And when target behaves accordingly he start acting like as if he is gendo or... more>> lelouch level mastermind and that was some sort of genius plan.

It feels like this is written by a highschooler or at the very least, someone with zero actual relationship experience. Punishments, tasks and rewards are unimaginative. I don't know if it is to keep things lighthearted to go with the "comedy" flow but since the story is not funny at all, it just feels dull. <<less
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Deguredolf Hitanyalier
Deguredolf Hitanyalier rated it
August 24, 2022
Status: c1

Tbh, it feels like I'm reading a well written Conscious Mind Control NTR plot from the 6-digit website, It's kind of frustrating to read because imagine reading the novel with the perspective of the original protagonist of the world instead, it shows some bastard taking advantage of your future fated loved ones like a typical NTR doujin plot.

I know it's a villain plot but I recommend not reading this if you hate seeing the scumbag MCs forcing the innocent Heroine, if you read this in the perspective of the world protagonist, you'd want this sh*t stain villain protagonist dead from the start.

I mean take a look at the Synopsis it's already frustrating to read this.

I can only see this story as a villain protagonist as an fat and ugly bastard who was blessed with some mind control app.

I usually just really hate these plots with actual villain protagonist with a system.

And this is also personal but I just really hate when I see a prideful and arrogant heroine who hasn't actually done anything bad or evil gets dominated by unfair means, IT'S FRUSTRATING.

If this is some kind of Stockholm Syndrome, I'm done with this.

But since I've only read one chapter so I'll just continue reading.

Yeah don't read this, I don't understand why the MC is just making the Heroine's life complicated when he's just supposed to survive the plot.

I don't like this, this just be thrown into a pit dumpster of dog sh*t

It's just a forceful romance full of lies

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AngelKnighz2lips rated it
June 17, 2022
Status: c1

First chapter, completely hooked!


... more>> Although the novel is similar to another story "All my girlfriends have a system" (is what I think is the title), this one here takes it very differently. Why? The protagonist is transmigrated into a story world as a side-villain character upon which coming into that world, he takes the advantage to completely use the system that's been placed onto him! Moreover, I feel that this story should put "Multiple POV" due to the fact that it also tells the heroine's point of view regarding the protagonist.

I really want to say more, but any more than this will feel like a spoiler as so many things happened in just one chapter!



The protagonist was very proactive and engaging towards the situation he was placed to so suddenly, while the heroine is just as calm as a lake.

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