The Time-Limited Leader Makes the Raid a Success


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I can be the main character even though I’m not a hunter. Kang Moo-hyuk succeeded in all the raids with his genius and rose to the position of Strategic Team Leader despite not being a hunter.

But one day, he got diagnosed with a terminal illness called “mana addiction”, and even got involved in a power struggle within the guild. With only a few days left to live, he decided to do everything he every wanted and set his passions ablaze. And he chose the tier 1 “Taesung Guild” to do so.

But how can Kang Moo-hyuk grow the guild with Joo Se-ah when the rest of its members are amateurs?

Associated Names
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Against the Clock: The Team Leader’s Pursuit of Glory
시한부 단장은 레이드를 성공시킨다
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New AAA-BBB-CCC rated it
April 10, 2024
Status: c87
A very unique take on the hunter genre. The worldbuilding is great, the author really expands on the inner workings of hunter society. Nothing feels like it’s out of place or forced. It portrays hunters and guilds as a business first, which really works well with the South Korean setting, with chaebols, guilds, and associations interfering with each other to keep their power and squeeze the most money. Every character has their own ambitions, goals, and principles which makes the political battles much more entertaining. The main character is incredibly... more>> smart, but he really relies on others to survive, so he’s not a mary sue. The other characters and even the villains also show intelligence, making them feel like a real threat.

TL;DR, A great strategy and politics novel where every character feels real. The MC is really smart, but can’t predict everything. <<less
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YutA rated it
June 21, 2023
Status: c625
I want to encourage more readers to read this because I can assure you all that the author really has great writing skills.

I want to recommend:
- Those who like strategy & guild politics type of novels!
- Those who are okay even if the MC isn't OP (though his brain is OP) :P
- Those who are less into romance (no heroines fixed so far)
- Those who are less into action (MC is not a hunter so he wasn't included in the action but acting as the raid command operator)
- Have a bit bromance

The main character has been sentenced to a terminal illness and he is unable to accept the reality and deny the approaching death but then he believes that there will be a way to cure his rare disease. I believe it's not a disease but maybe a blessing imo. The MC is a realistic person and uses his brain a lot and also other characters' development is amazing.

For example, I really like hunter Noh Song-rin. The author wrote him as a rough-looking guy and has a criminal record at first, but actually he has a cute side of him and became smarter as time goes on and here's one of my favourite dialogue:


Kang Moo-hyuk asked Noh Song-rin, who he hadn't been seen for a while:

"Where have you been?"
"I went to the department store for a bit."
"The department store?"
"Yes. Here's some chocolate."
"Today is Valentine's Day."
"Really? But I thought valentine day was for women to give to chocolate to men."
"I know, but... You mentioned craving for something sweet last time. This one is expensive."
"I don't like sweets."
"But, for your sincerity..."
"It's okay. I'll just eat it."

When Kang Moo-hyuk tried to take the chocolate set, Noh Song-rin pulled it back, unwrapped it, and poured it into his mouth. Then Noh Song-rin grumbled while chewing on chocolate, wondering why he didn't like it.


The story isn't finished yet so I don't want to spoil too much. Overall, this is a great read and worth the time. My rating will be 10/10.
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