The Supernatural Tales of Xieji Hospital, the private hospital on Tonghua Middle Road


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Every city has malice and grievances which cannot be eliminated, and the place where they gather is the city’s chasm. Those who trespass into the chasm would realise that they will never be able to resolve those grievances. All they can hope to do is to find a way out before they are devoured by it.

General summary: Two men were trapped in a hospital that had a sudden blackout. Relying on a flashlight and a record book, they have to source clues from the book’s entries about the hospital’s paranormal history to find an escape route.

Suspense √ Horror √ Puzzle solving √ Pseudo detective work √

Men flirting with each other in dangerous situations…… ☓

The original plan was to leave the romance ambiguous, but the main characters started writing their own slowburn love story while running away from danger together.

CP: So obvious there’s no chance of ever boarding the wrong boat.

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