Grocery Store No.514


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Ling Hua’an possessed peculiar eyes. He couldn’t see the living, but he has the ability to see ghosts. He runs a small supermarket with his profit obviously earned from the living people. But in fact, his massive income actually comes from finding out the cause of death of the wronged souls and helping them enter the cycle of reincarnation.

There is a saying that has been circulating in the Underworld:

The grocery store’s door is open. Ghosts must not come in if they have no money!

Jiang Chengyan is the captain of the criminal investigation team of Yuncheng Municipal Bureau.

He is busy everyday, and often works overtime. His dinner would mostly be instant noodles he had bought from the supermarket near the gate.

But every time he went out shopping, he would always sense the gloomy atmosphere surrounding the market. But he’s a firm atheist, so it‘s reasonable for him to go. (Actually, I think the supermarket owner is quite a good-looking fellow and has good disposition.)

By an incidental chance, Ling Hua’an suddenly received a huge order. If he could do it, he will no longer have to worry about food and clothing in his lifetime. But it’s quite difficult, thus, Ling Hua’an naturally approached Jiang Chengyan.

Afterwards, Jiang Chengyan who is a firm atheist, had his three views broken, and it was really sweet…

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April 15, 2021
Status: c31
Haven't pressed the official rating but wanted to write a review first but so far, I would give this:

5 stars!

I just passed the first arc but the story kind of hooked me more than I expected. Don't be deterred by seme protag tag because it's a shifting POV story with a case-based approach and I'm really liking it so far.

First arc spoiler that really tugged on the heart string (probably because it involved very personal relationships) : ... more>>

the victim was a gay man who married and had a child but he had an extra-marital affair with a man. There are no winners in this situation. No right and wrongs, it's a grey area. But I found all the characters to be very pitiful and it was actually VERY SAD in the very end when the lovers were separated by life and death. I've read countless, and I do mean countless, police type books and sometimes, I'm amazed how cases like these, no matter how predictable it can be at the end, can still really tug at the heart strings.


Minor plot spoilers regarding the main characters involving the case:

they act separately for this case. As in, Cheng Yan has no idea Hua An is even involved in anything, to him, Hua An is just the convenience store owner. Not sure when it will be revealed because I do like it better when they work hand in hand knowingly (since will get more screen time together) than Hua An just randomly dropping the hints to Cheng Yan.


Romance BIG SPOILERS (not sure if this is make or break for some people, NOT as scary as what I'm writing) :

there are other people around the main characters that express interest in them. For example, that forensic person next to Cheng Yan, Su ke? Definitely interested. And then Hua An's partner friend, Yan Yu too. BUT In recent chapter, Hua An mentions that the friend is not interested in him, but just in a family sense (but he sure darn acts interested to me!). But fret not with these love rivals because they are clearly only interested in each other and it's actually very cute. Especially how Cheng Yan kept coming back, small jealous moments and actively making moves like going to Hua An's house to cook. Like, he's actually DOING SOMETHING.


I hope the story gets better as it goes along to the next arc and I may update as it moves~ <<less
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Common_people rated it
April 19, 2021
Status: Completed
A good novel!! Supernatural story about a blind man gong and a police officer shou. There's no greentea bit*h but some sad boy who can't have the main cp. The gong looks like an ice beauty, some what distance, hot and cold toward the shou. But, he is kind and soft to the people he loves. He is a Sly fox who like to fishing his shou to fool him. But it's actually a good thing. Our shou can't be honest with his feeling without being pressure. He is not... more>> tsun type, just shy, a bit coward and zero EQ when he face his feeling. He is Fierce when solving criminal case, but act like a Kitty infront of his husband.

They working together to solve the case and to solve their each other family problem.


our gong blindness because of he wants to see his dead father, and Yan Jun give it. And actually both main Chara are a remnant soul of two God.


Like others supranatural story, there Will be some big war with evil.

I like how the romance thing between the main cp. There's no misunderstanding, there's a lot of fluff, some sad thing in the near end. <<less
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IrregularPerson rated it
December 7, 2021
Status: c28
It certainly is an interesting story, I just thing it's particularly lacking. Having read Detective Conan, it is like suspenseful, and the police regulations are more prominent than Detective Conan. It's not a crime-fantasy, but there are supernatural aspects.

I think the Blind Protagonist could have been executed better...

... more>>

The part which is lacking, the MC's personality is witty but kind of frustrating? It falls into the problem with mainstream series, with the cold and morally gray protagonists. There isn't much excuse for why he denies assistance so often aside from his personality (I would mind if he was just being 'cute' to one of his friends, but there is no difference between his best friend, his family member and his love interest), for one thing his disability is an inconvenience, there is no way to write around it. And you can still make it a positive reading experience.

There are two things about it: it's jarring to read how the MC doesn't care much about his own well-being. The example of having several burn marks from preparing food. Even clumsy people would still try to take precautions once they done it, and for it to happen several times. And that leads into another thing, there is some leeway for the love interest who is just getting to know him, but his own family member and best friend treat him delicately. Equality is about making it so that everyone has equal opportunities and to make things accessible to a person regardless of their being. You'd think he be comfortable receiving assistance from his younger sibling, though the author does make it a 'cute' relationship.

There is a strange thing about it too. This book was published in 2020. Where are the seeing-assistance apps? (I do like how he utilizes ghosts but I really do feel the Blind Protagonist thing was just added lightly.) And another discrepancy that is different from reality, unless our MC is deliberately written to be clumsy, but that doesn't seem the case as he seems resourceful enough to catch himself. In certain circumstances, a person's proprioception (sense of space), would gain familiarity with their surrounding with active engagement. I don't see why he needs to be assisted to places, though it's seems to be a personality trait of MC's best friend, making him a considerate stalking horse.

It isn't the worst, but there is no shame in asking for assistance. In fact a person should be ready to utilize it. Another point would be gained if MC gained his unique constitution, and his disability but it seems he has always been that way. There is also a twisted feeling. I like shameless protagonists, and being pushy in love is fine- but I suppose that's just because I'm used to dead fish seme protagonists. I just don't like the clumsy written aspects of his disability, because he's looking to pursue a relationship (which is really sweet) but making the other party concerned about MC's well being sounds like a more worrisome relationship.


Anyways, having just read one arc. It's too critical to say that it's a slog and a frustrating to read, for example "it happens" but that doesn't make it entertaining. It isn't terrible. But the flow of the story feels like missed potential as there were some aspects the author doesn't know how to effectively use. As the first case concluded in c28, the conclusion was... a Detective Conan ending. Well minus the ghost's departure, I don't feel awfully invested in the case. Perhaps that author does make improvements as other aspects of the story is perfectly fine.

This isn't a story about crime, it's about life. So don't expect to get a kick from being a detective. But I do like the aspect that the MC remains to be involved with his own personal investigation, even being the miraculous bridge to get new information with his supernatural quirks. <<less
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Kisaki_Tsubasa rated it
November 23, 2022
Status: Completed
First of all. They need trigger warnings for this story. I, myself don't mind, but some people might. The story has suicide, infanticide and child sexual abuse. So don't read if you're not ok with that. The "it was really sweet... " in the description is really misleading.

Ok. The fact that I finished reading this story when the translation hasn't been completed yet means I read the raws, which means the story is interesting enough. The story goes through a few murder cases from beginning to end and later... more>> develops into something bigger, which I can appreciate. The thing is that I have so much beef with this story that I don't even know where to begin.

Actually, I do know where to begin. I've been wanting to rant about this for quite a while now. What I really can't stand about this story is how karma and the rules of the underworld work. They are ok at first glance, but so many things are so wrong.

Don't worry, nothing here is a spoiler. What I'm complaining about is mostly the "world building".

Like for example, in this story, it is said that people who die due to someone purposely harming them become resentful ghosts. Ok, that's fine, but then it says that those resentful ghosts lose their memories the moment they become ghosts because of the resentment, and in order for them to enter the reincarnation cycle, they need to find out the truth behind their death and clear their resentment. Ok, that's fine. But here's the catch. There's a time limit to do so. If the ghost can't let go of their resentment by the time limit, they're doomed to wander the world for eternity and lose themselves. LIKE B WHAT? I don't know if that's what is truly believed in Taoism but why include that in the novel? As if the murder victim didn't have enough after being stripped of their life and everything they had and knew, if they can't let go by the time limit, then they're f*cked???

On top of that, the novel really emphasizes how everything is karma, so if you do something bad, you'll get retribution for your actions, and if you do good, you'll get good things in life. But what? Does that mean that the murder victims deserved to be killed? No, I'm not blowing things out of proportion. Most of the murder cases had a reason behind the murder where the victim did something that caused them to be killed.

Not only that, apparently despite having forgotten their memories, resentful ghosts instinctively want to haunt and harm the person who killed them (well, duh, they're angry because someone robbed them of their life). Their resentment is actually harmful to living beings and the more resentment they have, the more harm they can cause. And the younger the victim, the bigger the resentment. A living being exposed to a ghost's resentment for a long time will weaken, then eventually fall sick and ultimately die. The thing is, that once a ghost takes a life, they're doomed and will lose their right to reincarnation. Take a moment to think about the implications. It's even difficult for a level headed adult to control the urge to harm the person who harmed them in the first place, imagine a child ghost or a baby ghost even. Remember? The younger the ghost, the bigger the resentment. Meaning, a baby ghost is guaranteed to just go on a rampage. Meaning, the most innocent ones are the ones who are doomed the fastest. How the f*ck is that even fair?

Oh and the whole discovering the truth behind their death and letting go of their resentment is only for the ghosts who are lucky enough to find the spirit guide of their area to help them. The ones who aren't as lucky will be taken to an island in the underworld and will have to go through a very painful process to wash away their resentment. Because having been killed was not awful enough. And yes, there's still a time limit and yes they can still fail. And if they fail, they're stuck in the island to suffer for eternity. LIKE WTF? Why do you have to be ok with the fact that someone murdered you??? And be ok with it by a certain amount of time??? That's so toxic!

Another way "karma" works in this novel is that you'll receive retribution for the result of others' actions just because you're involved in it, regardless of your intentions or how active you are, as long as the results bring harm to other people. For example, if someone kills one of your loved ones in order to hurt you, the person's death automatically becomes your fault too, so you'll get retribution for it. Like GTFO

I've been ranting for a while now and this is becoming an essay, but I still have so much more to complain about. At the beginning, each case ended quite properly with careful details but later while the story focused more on the main characters' stories and not so much about the cases and victims, the side characters started fading into the background. No, they were not just dropped and forgotten about, but you were left to assume what happened to them instead of actually having a proper account. Or like the MC's and ML's relationship was totally fine, but then they had to add this whole layer of their "origin" to the story (won't say much to not spoil) and I'll just say that it was just sick. I hated that part. It was freaking awful.

I could keep on going, but even I myself am tired for complaining so much, so I'll end my rant here for now... *sighs* <<less
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