The Story of Hero Among Heroes ~The Founding Chronicles of Arestia


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The Arcadia continent where numerous races such as Elves, Beastmen and Demons, with Humanity as the lead.

An Era of War where nation fought nation, particularly a country known as the Holy Arcadia Empire.

Ares Schwarzer, who was born among the aristocrats of The Holy Arcadia Empire, possessed a deep secret.

He was born with the memories of heroes from the past, a God of War, a Master Swordsman and a Genius Alchemist.

This is a story of a man who ruled the warfare of the Arcadia Continent, supported by the predecessors’ knowledge and skills and many fellows, gradually called the “Hero of Heroes”

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Eiyuu no Naka no Eiyuu no Monogatari ~Arestia Kenkokuki~
英雄の中の英雄の物語 〜アレスティア建国記〜
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New Darxen rated it
October 4, 2019
Status: c30
I give up, try to give it a chance but there is simply nothing remarkable.
I will be as clear as possible.

The first 10 chapters are only an explanation of everything that surrounds the protagonist, how incredible is and how he is worshiped by everyone, then each chapter that focuses on development is followed by another chapter (s) explaining the characters involved, so that of 30 chapters only 7 (or less) shows a development and the others are of presentation of each thing since the author can not make "exposition"... more>> instead of explaining everything.

It can be said that instead of read chapters of how the MC is acquiring his power or interacts with other characters gradually, here it is only explained by the character to present in turn how got to know the MC and worship him.

Then follow what is already personally something that generates disgust and fatigue, despite not being Isekai, the MC is the typical Japanese protagonist who does not want to stand out and is cowardly and useless with the opposite sex.

Maybe the novel improves, I don't know, but I wasted time reading a biography of each character before even knowing the MC, but when this is presented is another hetare more, as if I can have motivation to read another MC that is self-underestimated by no reason beyond being written by a Japanese. <<less
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Casul_Reader rated it
December 10, 2018
Status: c27
Giving this novel a second try, I kinda wish I didn't.

It's getting pretty f*cking annoying. The actual story keeps getting cut short by f*cking POV switches about minor characters giving us a tale as to how amazing our MC is and how much he's changed their lives for the better. To be honest I'm hesitating to say that it even has a main story, cause they way things are it's more of a collection of short stories about the Super Amazing Chad MC That we might as well call Jesus 2.0 and well, it's fine if you like stories like that, but it gets pretty f*cking annoying for me if you do it 5 times each chapter for the whole story.

The writing, whether it's the fault of the translator or... more>> the author himself, is difficult to read. The flow feels terrible, almost as if it's trying to sound poetic but end up sounding f*cking pretentious and annoying. Based on the works I've read from the translator, I'd like to believe it's the fault of the author himself and that the translator is just doing his best to salvage this hot garbage. TL;DR The story is only ever telling and almost never showing. If you like reading a different character recount tales of the Super Amazing chad MC each chapter then go ahead read it. If you find it annoying then avoid and don't waste your time.

Here are my thoughts from when I've only read 12 chapters.

In my opinion, its an alright novel so far if you're into the whole "legendary man character", but for me, I don't like the way everything's been presented.

Having an arc then giving some hints as to the kind of legends it makes years later on adds some nice flavor to stories, but having it every chapter?

That just gets annoying for me, it ruins any flow the chapters have. To have at the starting chapter, okay that'll be be great to generate intrigue, but when its being forced on you for each chapter on end, that's just too much man.

I also don't like the whole feel of the story, it's too "praisey" if that makes sense. In that they praise the MC for stuff he does too much. I don't mind if you praise him, but heavens above why do you praise him so constantly for stuff we haven't even seen him do, it just ends up feeling weird to read for me.

I feel like this could be a good example of a novel being "Show, don't tell, " in where the author is only ever telling us things, but never really showing us. There's some parts of actual story in the chapters but they all feel disconnected, like the author brings up a side story every time a new character gets introduced and okay sure that's fine, but if it spans the whole chapter, the original story gets lost because of it.

I might be wrong as these are just the first few chapters.

But then again, If I get too annoyed at the first few chapters, I won't be too inclined to read the rest of it. You might disagree and if so just make a review your own.

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Aharlequin rated it
September 9, 2019
Status: c78
You can describe One word, about this novel, it's " bedtime Story ". I am not criticism about this novel, this novel is good. If you love POV or if you are fan of SC, this novel is for you. Too much POVs make this novel unreadable for others. As review said, story goes exactly like that and fun to read. Not that much plot trick or plot armor. MC is straightforward overpowered so very simple plot. And greatest weakness is having a lot of POV and story is in... more>> a cycle and not f*cking reach to it's main point. But Story is go on fast pace. So as I said, this one is like " bedtime Story ". If you love Fantasy genre, you should read it. <<less
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Kightray rated it
November 20, 2018
Status: c32

it started of well for first 5 chapters but its been like instead of telling a story the pov just keeps on switching to random people talking about greatness of MC which is good for 1 chapter but now it just feels a badly written plot, will see for a few more chapters for now I'm leaving it at 3 stars as there maybe better chapters later on

Edit: it still continues with the monologue, 2 stars now

... more>> C 63

Now the story has really started to clear up and becoming quite

4 stars now <<less
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