The Righteous Player(s)


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Annan transmigrated to a new world – the Land of Dense Fog. He had become a rare elite NPC who possessed the player’s system.

However, he had the heart of a player.

I like to stir up matters, and unbridled. But, I’m a kind player. The ally of justice who is favored by this world.

I’m on a main mission. As the righteous player, I’m following my destiny to eradicate you, the evil NPC!

Dear player, I’d recommend you to stop running away. The mission is completed. I’m the righteous NPC now to punish you, the evil players…

In the long dark night, the crimson moon hangs high in the sky.

Hoarse whisper patrols the streets. The brass steam engine is emitting blood mist.

Your brain is in ecstasy; your eyes are enchanted.

With cracked skins, it sprouts new flesh.

In the gray mists, shirek cries come from the flesh wall that consumes thousands of corpses…

“Stop crying, our players don’t bite. They just want to play with you.”

The Solitary Schemer, Number 1 Player, Land of Dense Fog’s Savior, Leader of 13 Saints, Friend of 12 Upright Deity, Pioneer King, “The Righteous One,” Gatekeeper of Forth Disaster, Crownless Deity, the great Annan advised kindly.

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Trolltractor rated it
March 25, 2021
Status: --
For all of you chumps who immediately slam the 5 star and bookmark to artificially inflate the ratings, please. Stop it. The phrasing of the majority of sentences is extremely poor, and there are many logical inconsistencies which, if you think about it, are absurd.

Here are some examples, which are not spoilers, as they are from the first few sentences in this jumbled word-mush.

"A line of glimmering words quietly hovered in front of Annan; each alphabet was ablaze with bright red flames like candle lights." --- seriously? wtf?

"But the moment... more>> he clicked on it, he suddenly felt that someone attacked the back of his head with a brick. He fainted as soon as his eyes went dark." --- ok champion, enough with your eyes in the back of your head.

This one I put in a spoiler because it is a bit long:


His body seemed to have fallen apart; his spirit was exhausted. He was in a state where a person with severe motion sickness was tied to the seat, and was forced to endure a two hours drive. After vomiting the stuff in his stomach, he was in a daze. Even lying on the beach, he had the illusion of walking on the ground with his feet.

Annan didn’t want to move, think, or talk. He could only lie quietly on the beach, watching the last few digits dropping as if time was gradually lost...

After he woke up, thirty-two minutes had passed. *After all, he had been counting.* He finally felt a little thirsty.


Wow- the guy is absolutely plastered, he is seeing fairies, can't tell up from down and falls asleep. He knows exactly how many minutes had passed because "he had been counting". Anyone else see the issue here?

In my opinion, the author/translator has butchered the plot with excessive sophistry- dressing himself up in a suit top, while forgetting to put on his pants. As such it is not suitable to read unless you like to remove your brain from the premises of your head.

I am rating this a 2 because despite how tr*sh it is, it didn't physically give me a headache reading-although I probably didn't stick around long enough for it to do so. <<less
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hawlol rated it
April 21, 2021
Status: c33
Lots of tell don't show and info dumps:

Character says something? Here are some paragraphs explaining why he said that. Character did something? Here's why too. Arrived at a new location? How about a full chapter of explanations about the place, even if it's the middle of a battle. MC is making a decision? Yes, a long introspection explanation of why he chose it will follow. And of course, lots of mandatory system info dumps.

As usual, it makes the novel boring to read, even if the premise and plot are interesting.... more>> Translation is also crude, even lacking meaning in several sentences. It's MTL with some editing, and it shows. But I've seen worse and it's at least readable for the most part.

While the MC has a skill to make him not feel some things (explained at chap 1, so not a spoiler), he still comes out a bit too psychopath, killing subdued ppl for xp, being a complete utilitarian, seeing everything and everyone as a means to and end, etc.

The plot sounds nice with some mystery added to it but it moves at snail pace due to the problems above.

So yeah, it's ok for when you have nothing else to read, but nothing that might impress or hook <<less
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Hawk73 rated it
April 14, 2021
Status: c28
Very entertaining so far. I feel like the other reviewer was extremely harsh because the translation of the first few chapters was a bit rough.

The novel this reminds me of most so far is TNE, except the MC is thrown in without any foreknowledge of the game. Is is also like Praise that Orc, but I suspect that there may be some nation building and deeper plots to look forward to as in RTW and Lord of the Mysteries, which is why I recommended all those novels.

All in all, this... more>> far it is a pretty interesting, though it is more on the potential of this series than of what has happened as of yet. The MC is a bit of a blank slate, but we don’t know what will happen going forward if more will be revealed about how past.

The reason I’m only giving 4 is because the characters seem somewhat shallow and the world building so far has been left on the to-do list, so it’s hard to get really invested in this novel although it shows some promise. <<less
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Makeshift01 rated it
May 28, 2021
Status: c61
In my opinion, the curses and power system in this novel is a little complicated. There's a lot of information that's being fed to you when it comes to the powers and curses that it's a bit confusing at times, so I've got to say that it comes as an annoyance when reading.

The type of novel this falls under is something I'm interested in, the MC is reincarnated into a new world that is similar to that of a game with 'Nightmares' that are similar to dungeons and filled with... more>> magic and curses. It also features bringing players from Earth to work for the MC as he's building his faction in this new world.

The translation itself has a little bit of a difficulty to read, but it's far from being completely illegible. But there are a few things that become difficult to understand and the immersion breaks off a bit. From the looks of things so far, the MC is going to be using his new identity and the players from Earth to build a faction. There's also a bit of mystery involved as the 'Nightmares' or instance dungeons require more than just killing mobs and bosses like in a game. They require you to find clues and piece together a way to clear it in order to purify them, the more secrets you uncover after completing the 'Nightmare' the more it's purified and the more you receive.

Overall, the novel is good for me but I wish the descriptions for the curse effects were a bit more coherent. And since it's still pretty much the beginning of the novel there's not much depth for the characters so far other than knowing that the MC values rationality and efficiency. <<less
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dinoanna rated it
July 1, 2021
Status: --
Excellent novel with cunning/scheming MC with a lack of negative emotions. MC's backstory/memories are slowly revealed along with the world story. We can also see his growth in developing the game as well as his charisma. He's neither an anti-hero nor a hero but he's probably tilted towards being a hero. The mystery is well done and even as someone who doesn't really like horror or dark novels, this was a great read. I highly recommend this, and you should give it a try even if you're put off by... more>> the genre. No hints of romance until he meets the dragon monk Kafni (although it appeared and disappeared abruptly and will likely be only at the end of volume 3) and it's probably single heroine (which is great) and the romance (at least what was shown currently because there wasn't much) is slow but nicely written.

PS I'm reading this through mtl and raws so some information might be inaccurate but overall it was a great read. <<less
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