The Reason I Have To Be A Villain


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I had possessed a villainess.

That villainess was called the great madwoman of the Kingdom of Maconia, but I cheered because Rene Blair, the evil woman, had a lot of money!

Although she was a character who died in the beginning of the novel, I thought I shouldn’t do anything bad.

I’m going to be nice to everyone from now on. Or live without being involved with the original characters.

So I tried to do well.

[Today’s mission: slap the waitress on the cheek] Until the crazy translucent mission window popped up.

‘I’m going to be the maid from now on,’ I said.

Either way, I’m a maid from my own mouth.

I raised my palm, muttered as if I had it memorized, and then I hit my cheek.

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악녀가 될 수밖에 없는 이유
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8 Reviews

Jan 15, 2022
Status: c21
The pace and characters seem a bit dull at the start. I couldn't see where the story was going but it had a good plot setting so I kept reading. You just have to read on when the novel is teetering between boring and "creating background", elsewise you'd never know because many novels are hidden gems with slow starts.

But dang, yall, chapter 14 had me so happily shook, I laughed evilly. Author, you created such an attractive scenario that it's hard to wait for the updates.

Ah, for you, who is... more>> looking at reviews on this novel... it's an interesting "possessed the villainess" take. I have seen very few versions that guide the MC to complete vicious daily tasks with an illness punishment. If you are curious and want more "possessed the villainess" novels then definitely give it a try until ch 14.

For those of you looking for a deep villainess fantasy story... nope, turn back, this is not the novel you are looking for. This is what you call scraping the top and just playing with cool settings.

Author wanted to join the villainess craze and created something unique. I read on because I am currently having fun reading these shallow novels with unique settings. The created novel world is in good condition and the villainess's settings are unique, exactly all I need. In fact, ch 14 showed that the Author still has tricks to reveal hahahaa <<less
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Jan 17, 2022
Status: c16
I really like the pace of this novel! It's not too fast nor slow and it gives off similar vibes to other game reincarnation novels. The main difference it has from the rest is that there are actually plot twists that the author put that made my jaw drop since ... more>>

One of them was that other characters actually also have the pink translucent mission the MC lmfao even I did not see that coming!


If you like to read novels just for the unique plot and the crazy antics the MC will do then I recommend this one. It doesn't have a serious story vibe about villainess monarchy plots you see on most reincarnation/transmigration novels but I assure you you might like it if you're into surprising plot twists and other character revelations. <<less
8 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
May 01, 2022
Status: c1
Its fine. Story was very mildly frustrating. While things happened the MC actions smd thoughts felt stuffy. Not sure how to describe it just that the MC's thoughts snd actions never felt very well thought out by the author. Action scenes were padded with words but not clear. Not bad but authors writing style just makes me frustrated.
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Feb 12, 2022
Status: c163
idk how to start but BUT THIS IS INTERESTING omg like I didn't expect the twist! I unexpectedly can't predict what will happen next unlike other rofan novels where you can easily know what will happen in the later chapters. Seriously, I just cl**ked this one, searching for something unique because I was so bored reading the same plot over and over again after reading tons and really I'm soooo glad that I found this gem.

I read it until the end and my review will stay the same. Overall it... more>> was a good read. There will be plot twists and all but there are some loopholes that may arise to unanswered questions. And yes, I have so many questions, I hope that the author will clear those questions up in the side stories, well, if there are.

  • ML


6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Jun 08, 2022
Status: --c40
My review?
    • The story
- It starts with our MC getting into the body of Rene, a villainess. It's kind of like a game? The main character sees a game pop up which tells her she must do an evil act. If the MC doesn't do at least one of the three evil tasks she's given, something bad will happen to her. (Such as getting a fever or even worse.)



Okay so it turns out that there are two (?) other guys who also have this window pop up thing. The reason Rene died was I believe because one of the guys had to kill her.


- You know, sometimes I remember the OG Rene and feel bad..


If our MC has the pop up window thing in front of her and has to do evil things so she doesn't get sick or hurt, I'm guessing the OG Rene also had this and had to be a 'Villainess' because of it. Am I being too dramatic? I don't know. It just makes me feel kinda sad for her. She got hated on because of it and I doubt many people liked her because of her evil acts..


It's a really interesting Story witch has so much potential. I just hope it updates soon.

(Tbh I've read a couple chapters ahead (currently on chapter 40)

but I don't want to give out any spoilers that haven't been translated. It's a good story so I do recommend giving it a try!)

    • Characters
Well, I don't really have too much thoughts on the characters themselves so I'll just quickly say what I think of them?

- MC - Surprisingly I don't have much thoughts on the MC. (Not in a Bad way ofc) I do like the MC (Well I guess I like every MC so don't trust me on this part?)

- OG FL - So at first I honestly didn't think I'd like her. So many OG Fl's are portrayed to be bad so I thought maybe she'd be the same. But, not even after a chapter of her introduction and I like her! Shes really cool. I don't know how to explain it in words

Anyway, I do like her!

- MC Brother - I feel like at some point he did (and does) care about Rene. But I wouldn't be surprised if he disliked her too. Considering OG Rene was a villainess who, I'll just say didn't do exactly 'good things', might have been annoying towards him. I'm not going to defend him (?) but if I'm being honest, if he does (or did) hate Rene, I feel like it would be to some point understandable. I feel like later on he'll probably become a better brother than he was. (Hoping for that development bc I imagine him as a hot dude so-)

- Other Characters -

Is it weird I didn't pay too much attention to the other people? Of course I don't know the two other guys well enough to say anything about them so I'll just not say anything for them. (I might update this or make another review later on though!)

    • Translation
- As expected of Pink Muffin TL, the translations are always good and everything is easy to understand!
    • Conclusion (?)
- Well I think those might be all my thoughts for now. I'm probably gonna update this (if I can) or write a new review about how I feel later on. - The story is really good so I do recommend reading this! - The characters are likeable and nothing to really dislike about them./imo

Rating a 4.5 Starts because I wont lie, there are some flaws here and there but not to the point it's annoying. It's a good story so I would really recommend reading~!

And that concludes most of my thoughts on the story so far!
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Mar 11, 2023
Status: c46
This was.... surprisingly really good.


  • the MC actually gets through really tough moments without a man's help, so far! I love that. It's so refreshing after reading so many stories of female characters who are described as strong/smart/etc but still end up saved by a love interest when push comes to shove.
  • the setting of the story is really interesting, and I enjoy how it is used.
  • i really like the tsundere brother.
  • no angsty petty jealousy amongst male leads. Refreshing!

  • the core of the mystery is kind of revealed early on so there really is not that much to speculate about, as a reader.
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Jan 18, 2023
Status: c30
Wow... just wow. I gave this novel a chance after seeing the reviews about the plot twist and I honestly am so glad I did. It seems the novel tried to trick the readers into thinking that it’ll be your average villainess-turns-nice-girl transmigration series but it’s far from that. Please give it a shot until chapter 14 because everything after that starts to escalate and makes you want to know MORE. So many twists and turns and FINALLY theres a novel where characters actually question the identity of the newly... more>> possessed MC instead of brushing off their new 180 degree behavior. Side characters are also realistic and incredibly interesting, even the maids have their own mystery. The male lead candidates also are not boring especially the og female lead, who’s not your typical sweet angel or 2D enemy for the main character to shine through. Missions and their penalties also are way more hardcore than I expected. <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
May 07, 2022
Status: c21
It's the first time I write a review because I'm too lazy to make any but please someone, any translation team, please pick this project. I'm freaking curious with what happen next, I'm even try to find the spoiler on the spoiler page but seems like no one read this series. If I'm being honest it may be not the most interesting book that I've read but it's strangely make you won't stop cl**ked the next page. Once again I beg anyone please translate this series 🙏
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